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The results clearly demonstrate that increased milking frequency is a factor contributing to the elevated levels of FFA in automatic milking systems. It is also a factor difficult to avoid since more frequent milking increases the milk yield which affects the economic performance of the milk producer. However, other experiments in this thesis (paper II and III) showed that the feeding of cows affected the stability of MFGs during pumping of milk. Similar, spontaneous lipolysis such as caused by increased milking frequency could presumably be lowered trough feeding of cows.

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The average diameter of the MFG was positive correlated to the diurnal fat yield. The results clearly indicated that this can be ascribed to a limitation in production of MFG membrane resulting in that the MFGs became larger when the fat synthesis increase. The average diameter of the MFG was also affected by the diets offered and milk from cows fed saturated fat supplements contained MFGs with a large average diameter and had an increased fat content.

The highest degree of coalescence of MFGs upon pumping of raw milk occurred in milk with the highest fat content and largest average diameter of MFGs. This suggests that the use of saturated fat supplements for dairy cows should be limited, since it will result in milk with a large average diameter of MFGs and a high fat content.

Milking an udder half four times daily significantly increased the level of FFA in milk compared with milk from the udder half milked twice daily.

Furthermore, the average diameter of milk fat globules increased upon increased milking frequency. The results suggest that limiting the milking frequency in automatic milking systems will increase the milk quality in regards to FFA.

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