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«A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences ...»

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High concentrations of broiler CAFO units in NWA led to land applications causing soil test P concentrations above those recommended for agronomic production.

Although P reacts with various cations forming secondary soil minerals, high STP concentrations were shown to increase DRP concentrations in runoff water. The only clear solution for reducing continued soil P buildup is to export PL and BS out of NWA to areas that are nutrient deficient and currently add large amounts of inorganic fertilizer for crop production. However, PL and BS organic materials are not conducive for turf or crop production in their current form. Agglomeration into a homogenous product similar to commercial fertilizers may offer end-user acceptance. Additives, such as N or DCD, can be incorporated to achieve desirable fertilizer analysis and reduce N loss. Similarly, different binding agents added during agglomeration may allow for physically stable granules to be formed and may offer additional slow release nutrient characteristics.

Water quality concerns will only improve after a sustainable and synergistic market for exportation of excess nutrients from NWA to nutrient deficient areas are established.

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–  –  –

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–  –  –

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