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«PART B 1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution: In pursuit of the Vision and Mission of the institution, this year also ...»

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Performance related activities are taught and organized through this club. Mr. R. Priyakumar, Assistant Professor of English, as the Co-ordinator of the club, shows personal care, commitment of the same in improving the skills of the students. The members, the students from various disciplines, play active role in bringing laurels to the institution.

NCC The National Cadet Corps of our college, under the supervision and care of Captain Dr.P.Sundarapandian, has emerged into a new force. Apart from regular training given to cadets, some other voluntary intensive skill based programs are arranged for them.

1. Cadet CUO M.K.Vigneswaran participated in the National Integration Camp held at Jammu Kashmir. Only 8 students were participated from Tamilnadu including our cadet.

2. Yoga practice held on 02.09.09

3. Glass Painting coaching on 06.09.09

4. Trekking from Devipattinam to Thiruolukkam Parai from 02.10.09 to 04.10.09

5. Two of our cadet got training in the Special National Integration Camp held at Nasik.

6. Seminar on Anti Dowry Awareness on 22.12.09

7. Tree Plantation on 23.12.09

8. Combined Annual Training camp for 37 cadets from 24.12.09 to 02.01.10.

9. Environmental awareness Cycle Expedition from Virudhunagar to Ramanathapuram from 08.01.10 to 13.01.10 under the leadership of Captain Dr.P.Sundarapandian.

10. Polio awareness and Polio drops campaign on 07.02.10


The National Service Scheme, with its 5 Boys and 2 Girls’ Units, does yeomen services to the society and also the campus in creating awareness programs and also cleaning programs. It has obtained so many awards and laurels to the college.

1. Blood donation awareness lecture on 22.07.09 by Mr.R.Selvam and Dr.P.Sundara Pandian.

2. Guest lecture by Thiru. Athi Narayanan, Principal, KVS Matriculation School,Virudhunagar on 29.07.09

3. Awareness camp about 108 Ambulance on 06.08.09

4. International Literacy day celebrated on 08.09.09.

5. New world without Aids guest lecture by Tmty. Thirumalai Selvi, Virutchem NGO on 10.09.09.

6. International Day of Peace seminar on 15.09.09.

7. International Ozone Layer Protection Day on 16.09.09

8. Cycle Expedition from Virudhunagar to Cutrallam on 19.09.09 and 20.09.09.

9. Guest lecture by G.Sethuraman,NSS Programme Coordinator,M.K.University in the 40th Year celebration of NSS.

10. One day special camp on 20.12.09

11. Seven day special camp from 24.12.09 to 30.12.09 at Kadambankulam village.

12. National Integration Camp held at our college from 11.01.10 to 17.01.10. District Nehru Yuva Kendra orgainsed this camp. District Collector inaugurated the camp.

13. Kalai Pongal festival on 14.01.10. 500 students participated.

14. Seminar on “Health is Wealth”, special lecture by Thiru Idayam V.V.R.Muthu and Major.Kasirajan.

15. Seven days special camp at Vatchakarapatti from 11.02.10 to 17.02.10.

16. Eight students participated in the National Integration camp held at Pathinamthitta, Kerala from 24.02.10 to 02.03.10.

17. NSS-Girl’s units have conducted many programmes on Yoga, Meditation, MehandiDrawing, Nutritious food and Disciplining the Mind.

18. Girl’s units special camp held at Kumaralingapuram and Valliyur from 25.09.09 to 01.10.09.

19. Teachers and officers newly recruited:

1) Number of Teachers newly appointed : 1 (Under regular category)

2) Number of Teachers newly appointed : 10 (Under Self finance Category)

3) Number of Non-teaching staff appointed : 10 (Under regular Category)

4) Number of Non-teaching staff appointed : 7 (Under Self finance Category)

20. Teaching – Non-teaching staff ratio:

2.1:1 (193:85)

21. Improvements in the library services:


1. One Intel processor core 3MB Cache, RAM 2GB and Hard Disk 250 GB with LCD Monitor.

2. Scanner is purchasing for scanning and delivering the data through intranet.

22. New books/journals subscribed and their value:

899 books have been purchased for the library worth about Rs. 3,11,315/-. The added books are received through UGC merged scheme, Major/Minor research projects and from our college Management.

The following three journals were subscribed newly for the year 2010 in addition to 114 periodicals.

–  –  –

4. IEEE – Computer Society Membership includes computer magazine.

An “Institutional Knowledge Repository” is a way for academic institution to showcase its intellectual process through the systematic collection, organization, making accessible and preservation of its intellectual output. The aim of our College IKR is to develop a true knowledge network for the organization and dissemination of knowledge in digital format created by the institution. Initially scanning of 2007 to 2009 University Examination question papers were undertaken for online service. The college periodical handbooks, magazine, reports, in-house journals and valuable printed books will be scanned soon for digital dissemination; The ‘Institutional Knowledge Repository’ is in our Digital library. It was inaugurated by Dr.S.Vincent, Member secretary, TNSCST,Chennai.

23. Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the action taken on

student feedback:

Feedback by the students about the staff is introduced in various course like MCA, MBA, BCA, B.Sc., MBA., MBA IT&M, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering. Students have directly entered their feedback about the teachers into the computer. Various tables were prepared by using special software and reports were prepared. Remedial actions were carried out on that basis. Such evaluation of staff would definitely enhance the quality of teaching.

24. Unit cost of education:

–  –  –

25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination

results, issue of certificates:

Computers are used for the fast and accurate process of admission and other office procedures and issue of various certificates.

26. Increase in the infrastructural facilities:

Buildings When the Management thinks of widening the scope of the campus through the launch of New Programs and Courses, it has also to plan more on constructing new buildings. An additional storey has been erected with a few class rooms, a laboratory and other necessary facilities on the first floor of KCSR Block to accommodate the students of the professional courses that come under AICTE at the cost of Rs.39, 44,933.

With the funding of UGC an exclusive well furnished Girls hostel was built with a cost of Rs.90 lakhs and the opening ceremony of the same was held on 6th July, 2009.

Replacing the old generators, 2 numbers of new Power supply Generators at a cost of Rs.5, 60,000/-each were purchased and fixed in our college campus. This was done to reduce the noise pollution which ultimately spoils the listening capacity of the students. The management has funded these two power gens.

27. Technology upgradation:

The college offers world class computing facility.

The computational needs of the students, researchers and staff members are met through well-equipped laboratories.

The resources in the Computer Lab are continually updated with the changing industrial trends. This is because college management feels the necessity of computer knowledge in this emerging scenario of Information Technology.

There are 563 computers available in our college campus. Advanced computing facility is provided with the lasts core2-duo processors from Intel.

Centralized computing facilities and consultation to users are provided to meet the needs beyond those met by individual PCs. There are three hi-tech computer labs consisting of core2-duo and IBM based workstations to meet the requirements of regular laboratory sessions that are part of the academic curriculum. All workstations have access to Windows, Linux and Novell platforms.

A special server room is assigned for networking facilities in each computer lab.

There are eight high-end IBM servers to cater to all the Windows-based workstations, and one for UNIX-based workstation and another one for Novell-based workstation.

The Computer lab is kept open from Morning 9 O’clock to Evening 8 O’clock to enable students learn independently a lot.

CAMPUS LAN This network connects together all the computers spread over the college campus.

The network utilizes a mixture of 80211g wireless technology and coaxial cables and switches.

An intranet server with an internal website has also been provided.

They are also considered as the backbone of the new Campus Network facility.

Wi-Fi facility is also provided to the department of Chemistry, Commerce, English, Botany, Management studies, MCA and Microbiology.


A Router gateway to the external world is via a 4 Mbps Wireless link to the ISP provider at the 24/7 environment.

A high speed 512 Kbps BSNL Broad Band connection is also available for internet load balancing.

Email and Internet services are thus brought to the user’s desktops

28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:

A Router gateway to the external world is via a 4 Mbps Wireless link to the ISP provider at the 24/7 environment.

A high speed 512 Kbps BSNL Broad Band connection is also available for internet load balancing.

Email and Internet services are thus brought to the user’s desktops The free net connection is available to teachers and students, and with the 4 MBPS high speed they can reach the far and wide of the resources at their reach. And moreover the staff are available for the students whenever they are in need. This shows the strong relationship between them.

29. Financial aid to students

Details of Government scholarships :

To uplift the downtrodden and underprivileged sections of the student community the college has taken steps to get scholarships for all SC/ST students and economically backward BC, MBC and DNC students from the Government of Tamilnadu. The details of scholarships

received for the year 2009-10 under various heads are furnished below:

–  –  –

Indira Gandhi Scholarship for single girl child Rs. 2000/-month for Education • Rajeev Gandhi Scholarship for SC,ST Rs 8000/-month • 50 endowments are there, formed by various management members, towards honouring • the excellence in education of our students.

30. Activities and support from the Alumni Association Felicitation function was organized for honouring retiring staff, staff who had completed 20 • years of service, University Rank holders, Ph.D., awardees, N.S.S. /N.C.C award holders.

Dr.K.Sankaranarayanan M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D., Alagappa University and Old Student of our college was the chief guest.

OBA day was celebrated in our college campus. On the same day, we jointly organized a • Blood donation camp with Dhanaswamy – Parimala Devi Medical Trust Blood Bank, Virudhunagar. 30 members of our association donated blood.

Annapoorani Ramiah Memorial Inter-University Elocution competition was held on • 17.09.2009 in our college campus. Students from 14 different colleges affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Alagappa University participated in the competition. Our college bagged the Annapoorani Ramiah Ever Rolling cup and shield.

An Inter-Department cultural competition OBA-Fantasy 2009 was organised on 15 to 17th • September 2009 in our college. Students from all the departments of our college participated in the competition. Totally 19 competitions were conducted. Nearly 150 students from various departments of our college participated in the Inter Department cultural competitions.

31 Activities and support from the Parent-Teacher Association:

Parent – Teacher Association meeting was held on 15.03.2010 and a discussion was made on the ways to improve the employability of the students. The suggestions made by the parents were taken into considerations. Department of Management studies organized Parent Teachers Meet on 05/07/2010

32. Health services:

Department of Biochemistry conducted an Anemia detection camp on 17.03.2010 for girl students and lady staff members (both teaching & non-teaching) of our college to analyse the Haemoglobin content and to create awareness among the girl students and staff regarding the impact of hemoglobin on anemia.

Department of Biochemistry conducted a Counseling programme on 31.03.2010 on “The Impact of Haemoglobin on Anemia” for girl students and lady staff members (both teaching and non-teaching) of our college. Dr.M.Pitchaikali M.B.B.S, D.G.O., Assistant Surgeon, Government Hospital, Virudhunage counseled the students

–  –  –

Other than the campus, our students also help the needy patients during emergency by donating their blood.

Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai has sanctioned an amount of Rs.1,35,000/- for Phase I of TNSCST Water Purification System for Government Schools (Virudhunagar District), a Programme of DST, Government of India. Dr.A.Sarathi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry has been selected as the Programme Co-ordinator. The Chief Educational Officer, Virudhunagar District Dr.Nagaraja Murugan has selected 10 Government Schools of Virudhunagar District. Water samples were taken from the Schools and sent to M/s.Chennai Mettex Lab Pvt. Ltd., Chennai (Accredited by NABL, DST and Government of India) for complete analysis. The sample reports were received and analysed and a consolidated project report was sent to TNSCST.

The National Cadet Corps of our college organized Yoga practice on 02.09.2009.

awareness and Polio drops campaign on 07.02.10.

The National Service Scheme of our college organized Blood donation awareness lecture on 22.07.09 by Mr.R.Selvam and Dr.P.Sundara Pandian.

Awareness camp about 108 Ambulance on 06.08.09.

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