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«This is Tarrin Lupo – thank you for purchasing my e-book. This is “How to Make a Living Outside the System – a Practical Guide to Starting a ...»

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This is Tarrin Lupo – thank you for purchasing my e-book.

This is “How to Make a Living Outside the System – a Practical Guide to Starting a Black

Market Business”. First of all, I’d like to dedicate this book to all the liberty activists, who

instead of trying to work inside of the system to change it, (which amounts to beating your head

against the wall – ineffective and painful) have decided instead to simply step out of the system,

and create a better model with a counter-economy.

Thank you for all you’re doing.

There are other books out there covering black market businesses, but they are very different.

Other books typically focus on how to stay invisible and under the radar. We will discuss a little bit of that strategy, but there is a new and better way to do it.

I like to look to nature for answers and there is a great example of this strategy I would like to share. A new form of activism that is also a way to run a black market business is on the rise and having great success.

My advice, “Become a poisonous frog” with your activism. Everyone has seen pictures those bright yellow and neon green frogs that live in the rain forest. They don’t even bother with trying to hide in the backgrounds or with camouflaging themselves. Why aren’t these amphibians hunted into extinction? The frogs are poisonous and advertise that fact to the world with their bright colors.

This is the strategy I promote in this book. I will teach you how to advertise yourself as being to poisonous for the authorities to mess with. These are non violent ways to convince the local gang of thugs that your business is not worth the time, money and embarrassment you will cause their department if they choose to mess with your way of making a living.

Now the question is, why start a business in the first place? When you’re young, the idea is simple: you can step out, for example, and create a lemonade stand. You can step outside the system without having to do much at all. You buy the materials. Maybe it costs ten dollars to acquire those materials. You sell cups of lemonade. All you have to do is figure out the math!

And hopefully you can make a twenty dollar profit. And you set up the stand, and you use your sales skills to try to bring in people to buy stuff. And that’s all there is to running that business.

I wonder what your experience would be like as a child, if you had set up the lemonade stand and a jealous competitor ratted you out to the officials, or the people in your development got mad because of zoning laws. Bureaucrats then sent men with guns, who call themselves police, to shut you down. I wonder what kind of taste for owning your own business that would put in your mouth after that experience. This is what happens when you try to run a business in the “legitimate” world. And I hate using that word, “legitimate”, but that’s kind of what it means, though: the legal worldwhere people are normally doing business.

You have to look at the fundamental reason, first of all, why people participate in this…and the reason why they run businesses in a “legitimate” world is to cap competition. Here is what I’ve personally observed after living in an area without any zoning for a long time. The successful businesses will get a leg up, and develop their businesses, and get them going really well; then they start influencing local politics, and city councils, etc., run for mayor, basically do all they can to use the power of politics and the force behind government to lock out their competitors.

They’ll put all these regulations in place so that if you want to start the same type of business that they’re running, you’ll have to pay these licensing fees and inspection fees. You’ll also have to beg permission for approval of your sign; you’ll have to pay sign fees, advertising fees, B & O Taxes, and all this other stuff that the first businesses didn’t have to pay because they were “Grandfathered” in. They don’t have to do all this; it is actually just a protection racket to keep new businesses from starting up that don’t have much money – and can’t afford to compete against established businesses that don’t face the same costs.

At first, when people start a business, they just want to have fun or, maybe, they’re broke and they have to make some money. Or, if you are like me, you simply can’t work for someone else and you have been fired from every job you ever had. That’s the type of people who will usually start their own businesses. What will happen is they’ll go in with a great idea and then get bogged down with bureaucracy. Just try to open a business and you too will see that you can’t just open your doors. You have to do two to three months of begging, paperwork, zoning, waiting for meetings, bribing the right officials, correcting some arbitrary code violations… you can’t just open up and have a business flowing.

This makes for a tremendous amount of strain, and only someone with a lot of money and patience can afford to not be producing revenue for that long. You also spend all that money on fines and extortion fees they call permits and licenses. So we have to look at this system as a protection racket – for that’s what it really is. If you understand that, you’ll see the reason that a lot of people and communities simply ignore all those rules, and take a risk and step outside the system. I will not sugar coat it, there is risk, but you can minimize the risk considerably.

This book, as opposed to other books out there about underground economies, strives to address the issues from a liberty perspective. I don’t think that your friends, neighbors, politicians or anyone have any right to tell you how to make a living to feed your family. Nobody does -- PERIOD! If you’re not stealing or being violent, then you should be able to contract with whomever you want, in any kind of agreement you so mutually desire, no matter what some community or politician says.

So to you activists and entrepreneurs who take the risks, I dedicate this book, and it is you whom I want to encourage and embolden to start businesses and enterprises. My goal is to share my experiences so that you can avoid some of the big, expensive mistakes I’ve made and start your own businesses at a near-immediate profit. I would love to see businesses start up in such a number that the state simply can’t control them. In great enough number, small, and especially mobile businesses, can’t be pinned down or tracked by the police. To do this would be to put into practice a better system that would remove the shackles of government and regulations.

Sean Smith ~ Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ http://www.beachbodycoach.com/smizzith75 It’s better for you, as a business person, but it’s also better for your customer! You can operate so much more cheaply if you remove the government middle-men sticking their fingers in your business. It’s good for both parties, it’s good for the economy, and it’s good for everyone except the bureaucrats that make a living off interfering with you.

So where do we start? The traditional and old way of doing a black market business was to stay invisible. This is not the approach I really recommend but I will say a few words about it. First we have to talk about privacy. There’s lots of different ways to do this. There’s a book by J. J.

Luna called How to Be Invisible – that will teach you how to “disappear”. It’s a great book.

When I was reading it, I was struck by how many things I was already doing, instinctively, not knowing there was already a guide to living and doing business that way! I used to spend a great deal of study on how to become invisible, or “disappear”, until I found a better way. These days my goal as a liberty activist is to simply live in the open as a free man.

I don’t want to have to live in fear; I also don’t want to make myself an easy target so that I can be easily shut down, either. So there’s a balancing act. That’s something that you’re going to have to personally decide – where you’re going to come down on this. Are you going to come down where you’re completely open, as I am? I don’t care if people know that I am running this kind of business. I’m proud to be an Agorist. [Click here for more info on Agorism and to go to http://agorism.info] Agorist is a fancy word for a person who believes that you should be able to have a free market without government interference. Will you, like me, be a proud Agorist and “wear it on your sleeve”, or will you stay in the shadows praying you never get caught? My mission in life right now is to encourage this system to grow, so I’m open about it and want to show others it can be done.

The alternative representing the other end of the spectrum would be people who are the complete opposite. You’d never know who they are. They could be a friend, family member or neighbor and you would never have a clue. Many folks like this run a business completely anonymously. You can even run a business overseas anonymously, and if you run your business correctly, nobody will ever know who is making what income, including the state.

I’d like to give you a few tips from the book, but in the end, it’s not what I’m trying to focus on.

It’s more practical to focus on how to do this without sneaking around. It’s a process. Many people will become interested in escaping the system while they still have a regular job, with paychecks subject to taxes, workers’ compensation insurance and the like.

How do you transition? How do you go from a life where you’re still really tied into the system, everything documented, to one in which you are completely off the books, outside the system, and you’re not asking permission to make contracts with other people?

Initially, you can do some things to make it harder for the system to track you and also make it easier for you to “disappear”. One small step is to get a private mail delivery box, such as a UPS box – don’t get a government Post Office box. The beauty of private mail delivery boxes is that they have real addresses. This will assist you, at least at a superficial level, in appearing as if your mail deliveries go to a real residential address. Most people on the planet have no idea where I live; they just know my P.O. Box. This is the way I prefer it, for simple privacy reasons and not just for privacy from the government. There are crazies out there, people who stalk, etc., and you don’t want to make it easy for them to harass you.

You can develop this tactic further; you can use another name to further draw the shades against prying eyes. There are a myriad of ways to get around of barriers to privacy. You can bribe your way in if you have to. You can also purchase defunct or abandoned companies. There are people who will sell you crashed companies, L.L.Cs (Limited Liability Companies). All you need is the paperwork and you can set something up pretty easily, without your name ever being on it.

Whenever you set up your private delivery address, you’ll use the name of this old company or someone else’s name. Just pay someone to go and set it up in their name, be it someone you trust or someone that you don’t even know, even an indigent person. It could be a quick thirty or forty dollars for someone – then they hand the key and the box account information to you.

It all depends on your risk tolerance level. There are many different ways of doing it, whether you’re using someone else’s name, the name of “ghost” corporations or corporations you can’t be connected to. You can pursue this idea much more deeply, but this is the idea, the simplest thing you can do. Don’t use your home address. Make it harder for people to locate you, make them do a little bit of work to find you and whatever you’re doing.

The next thing I want to cover is the use of banks and bank accounts. Sometimes you have to use banks. Let’s say you want to run a business through PayPal or you want to take checks.

There are different levels of privacy. Some people refuse to interact with banks at all. There are people who will keep a bank account solely for their Agorist business, in which they keep very little money, maybe as little as $500.00. Then if someone steps in either from government or due to identify theft, only a small amount of money is vulnerable. Most of their money is sitting, hidden, somewhere at home, in cash or precious metals. They’ll have that small account just to be practical. There are also ways to connect bank accounts to L.L.C.s or to whatever vehicle you’re using. Sometimes you can even buy out someone’s failed business or company and at the same time acquire their bank account. Be sure you’re not keeping too much cash in it. There’s a good chance the former owner is not going to wipe you out, but why tempt them.

Also, an amazing amount of transaction power can occur on those anonymous prepaid Visa cards. Mind you there are lots of fees and inconvenience but you can run an entire business through it if you learn how. There are different ways to handle it. This tactic might not be for everyone. Again, you’ll have to take your own personal risk tolerance into account.

Join Liberty Restoration Project The Liberty Restoration Project is composed of a politically diverse group of concerned citizens who have decided to throw down the arbitrary barriers (such as political parties) that divide us and work together as American Citizens to improve our country, starting as locally as possible.

http://www.libertyrestorationproject.org/ There are even ways to start a corporation without any names involved at all. However, I’m not going to go in-depth here about it because I want to emphasize that you should go completely outside the system and creating a legally licensed corporation is just reinforcing and working inside the government system.

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