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«This is Tarrin Lupo – thank you for purchasing my e-book. This is “How to Make a Living Outside the System – a Practical Guide to Starting a ...»

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We’re going to go through practical steps to get to where we need to be. As I said, the first small step is to protect your identity as I discussed earlier. Next, as far as banks go, if you really want to step outside the system, you should reduce or eliminate your use of banks as much as you can. The more of a paper trail you leave, the more of a target you are. The solution is to live and work in a cash lifestyle. This will be a lot more inconvenient than you are used to. You’ll have to deal with establishments like check cashing services. You’ll automatically lose some business because some customers won’t deal with you if you don’t accept credit card payments.

The flip side is that you’ll have complete privacy and anonymity. Cash is still king.

Let me now point you to businesses that are cash-run and cash-oriented. Hopefully this will give you the impetus to start a cash-run business or you’ll use these ideas to convert a business of your own to a cash-only business. I also wrote another book that relates to this, called Stash Your Swag that teaches you how to properly hide stuff, including cash, which is normally a security risk to keep at home. The book teaches you a variety of free ways to creatively stash whatever you’d like to hide by finding lots of little places to conceal your cash or valuables, allowing you to spread the risk for theft and detection around. There are over a hundred ideas in that book, including ways to hide even bigger sums of cash from bad guys.

Right now I want to talk to you about why you can’t use banks, financial accounts and other institutions and figures inside the system. You’ll find it’s completely the opposite of running a business in a way that you’re used to or have experience running. The fewer books and records you keep the better. You want to make it “disorganized chaos.” You should use a system in which you can limit the complexity to keeping an envelope of cash! When you’re out of cash in such a system, you’re broke. You need to go old school and operate your business more conservatively. You’re not going to be able to “play it big” and borrow money such as a big business operating inside the system would, taking out, for example, a $50,000 loan. You’re going to have to start slowly. The cool thing about this system is that it eliminates debt, reverting to a system of doing business that pre-dates credit. You’re going to use cash for everything. It’s a great common sense approach to keep you out of trouble, and it’s also more realistic. It’s just a little slower. You trade speed and credit for safety, privacy and freedom.

Why, you may now be asking, can’t you trust banks? Banks and accountants will sell you out, that’s why. Banks will allow government officials instant access to any account you have, for any reason they desire. The bank officials are even instructed by the government agents to not even tell you that your information has been accessed, or even to openly deny and lie about it.!

In my experience, even if you’re not “guilty” of anything, I’ve repeatedly seen government agents lock down all accounts of a business. The agents seize your assets, followed by years of legal battles to get back that which was yours, at your expense! You must then protect yourself against these kinds of consequences. The best way to do that is to not get involved with banks in the first place.

When you run an underground business, you very rarely get in trouble with bureaucrats.

Fortunately for you, bureaucrats are lazy! They prefer not to have to chase anyone down and do the hard work involved for the “little fish”. They’d much rather have competitors or neighbors snitch you out. That’s what they’re counting on. They want the case to be brought to them on a silver platter; only then might they dig their teeth in and go after you. Again, the degree to which you employ these approaches will vary with your tolerance for risk.

To re-cap, the old school way is be completely invisible, where barely anyone knows you’re running a business, which is a low risk way. Putting as many layers between your actual identity and the identity of your business as possible is very safe, but complicated. But I try to encourage people to be open about running a business while at the same time making it hard for the state or financial institutions to deal with you at all. Make it so if a bureaucrat does come after you, they’re not going to find crap and you’re not going to cooperate with them. Bring such a negative, public and/or media storm down upon them and whatever agency rock they climbed out from under that they just back off and leave you alone.

A good example of this would be what happened in Savannah. There’s a restaurant business that proudly runs without any licensing or zoning. They do delivery; they cook in their family kitchen, and then they deliver the food. They were openly running their business illegally. One of their customers got mad about an order and decided to snitch them out. The cops set up an illegal sting, wasting their time and taxpayers’ money. The Garden city PD used five cops in this sting to catch this one business with their illegal biscuits and gravy. I’ve got a whole report online at LCLReport.com, if you’d like to watch the video. Just search “Biscuitgate” Because there’s an existing network of independent media, the story got massive press. The police department was so embarrassed about it (since other Agorist businesses and liberty activists made such a stink about it) that the police then made a statement that even though the Last Biscuit is operated illegally, they’re not going to press charges and will let the matter drop.

Now Savannah’s Last Biscuit can now work in Savannah without any fear of licensing fees, or any fear of bureaucrats harassing them, because the bureaucrats are scared of the media!

The police department has given them a free pass! Their competitors are now pissed off, since they continue having to pay all these extortion fees and all the so-called “business licensing” fees. If the competitors could just adjust their perspective however, it would be to their benefit.

“If this lady did it, then I could do it too!” This story could, and should, stand as an example and inspiration to people that they too can break out of the system and be free. Instead they’re going to whine and cry that they’re victims of the system. And yet they don’t have enough courage to stand up and break out themselves!

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Mad Maenad Communications - Mariana Evica http://www.facebook.com/mariana.evica This story serves as a good example of how and why there are two ways to do it. Make yourself invisible if you don’t have all your ducks in a row and you’ve got too much to lose. Or, you can be open about it, defiant, and you will rally other liberty activists around you who will point a huge spotlight on the corrupt system. Many times the bureaucrats will just go scurrying away from the spotlight as fast as possible, like they did in Savannah.

The next thing I want to talk to you about is how to choose what business to be in and how to get into it. Then we’re going to talk about different methods and media that you can use to promote your business.

Your first consideration is this: what kind of business do you want to run?

One of the many ideas I will present to you will resonate with you or be a launch pad for your own, creative idea. It’s important to know that if you’re a liberty activist, it’s actually safer to do things in the open – once you have some back-up. When possible, ground your business in the existing liberty community and organizations. If you don’t already have activist friends, get involved with social media! Sites like Facebook, MySpace, MeetUp and other boards provide a virtual community bringing together geographically far-flung people of like mind. One great site, http://agorism.info is a great primer in free-market-anarchy, promoting the freedom of the Agora (Greek for market-place) and provides multiple examples of using what amount to black market techniques in direct action – hence the motto, “Anarchy! Agora! Action!” or “A3” approach to real change. Even Craigslist is prime internet territory for the independent contractor to connect with people willing to do business apart from the meddling of the state.

Surrounding yourself with even a virtual community of like-minded individuals allows you have both a market-place and a consumer base. They will support you if you will support them.

I always go to my list of black-market entrepreneurs first, and give them first crack at any business I want to do, even if it costs me more money, but it’s an investment in a community that in turn supports me. If I ever get in trouble, I know they have my back. Additionally, you get the satisfaction of supporting independent businesses. You want to see them do well! For me, it’s not just about making a buck outside the system; it’s also about encouraging others to break out of the system, too.

So, are you going to employ a skill-set you already have in this new business, or will you acquire new skills to better your chances? Just using the skills you already have is sometimes enough to launch a small side business and begin your black-market entrepreneurism.

For example, if you do computer repair for a private company or the government, put an ad on Craigslist advertising the same or similar services and you can very easily get your feet wet, little by little, without having to abandon the safety net of full-time employment all at once.

The Anarcho Teaching of Yeshua aims to dispel some of the myths regarding the teachings of Yeshua; namely the myths that those who follow His teaching (Christians) should be subservient to the government and / or use governmental force to impose their beliefs / convictions on others.

Available now at http://www.amazon.com/Anarcho-Teachings-Yeshua-Darryl-Perry/dp/0984203729 To re-use another example, if you know how to run a restaurant, know how to cook, and are willing to work out of your home, you can very easily start a food delivery business like Savannah’s Last Biscuit Company. What these two examples have in common with many other similar sole-proprietorships is that they are cash-generating business.

Other examples:

–  –  –

Although these occupations are service-oriented, almost anything can be turned into a blackmarket business with some small adjustments. If your occupation is more highly regulated, your risk of detection and harassment is higher. In dealing with things like alcohol, tobacco (and of course, fire-arms), government regulation and interference has made both the risk of harassment by goons greater, and the price of the regulated product higher! Prohibition has never worked.

Government interference and taxation of regulated and prohibited products has contributed to massive problems and astronomically inflated cost for people doing business in these industries.

Government interference seeks to countermand the sovereignty each individual has over his or her own body; liberty says you own your life and your body. You should be able to do whatever you want to your body, eat or ingest anything you so desire as long as it doesn’t endanger others.

Government says, “I’m going to get in your way and make money (diverting your revenue) while I’m doing it.” As long as any participating human beings are in a mutually consensual contract or agreement, they should be free to engage in any activity, whether for fun or profit, that they desire.

Stripping, prostitution in all its forms, the purchasing, selling and using of drugs – all these activities which the state calls criminal, you should be able to engage in without fear of being George's Famous Baklava -- made by an Agorist.

Civil disobedience never tasted so good!

http://mandrik.com/ locked up in a cage. Mutual consent should be the guiding principle between sovereign individuals. I don’t really care what other people are doing, and I don’t want others to care what I’m doing, either.

The higher risk and the socially frowned up professions will want use a combination of the privacy techniques and the open activism style. Keep your business invisible but work and support the activist’s community. If you support them, they will support you even if it is socially unpopular.

Of special note here is that if you’re going to engage in occupations like prostitution, you have to take special precautions to shield your identity and your location for safety from overzealous clients too. Did you know cops can ‘legally’ do anything they want to a prostitute like even having sex with them first? Yep, sex workers are treated like second class humans and their civil liberties by authorities are abused with frightening frequency.

Using pre-paid or disposable cell phones or free Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VOIP”) phone communication software like Skype can help you avoid detection and keep you free from harassment from uniformed thugs (“law enforcement”, the Vice Squad, etc.).

I have a friend who has a black market cigarette manufacturing business. He buys the tobacco cheap, rolls the cigarettes mechanically, and sells the cigarettes. Without all the taxes and regulatory costs, they can market and distribute the cigarettes for less than half the price of “regular” tobacco products. They maintain very high quality ingredient and manufacturing standards to assure that their product tastes just as good and is as satisfying a smoking experience as smoking a name-brand smoke. That’s pretty bold, not just because of risk of harassment from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, but not from a moral standpoint. Why not buy cigarettes from people you trust. As long as you’re not saying that you are licensed by the state. You have to be honest about your business. The only people who will rat you out are competitors and busy-bodies. That’s why you try to keep yourself anonymous to an extent. Or, as some well-supported activists do, go ahead and make it public and do it in the open. Go ahead and let them find out about you, and then make such a stink if you get pestered by law enforcement or government goons, that they’ll leave you alone.

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