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«This is Tarrin Lupo – thank you for purchasing my e-book. This is “How to Make a Living Outside the System – a Practical Guide to Starting a ...»

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Sean Smith ~ Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ http://www.beachbodycoach.com/smizzith75 Finally, the aspect that seems to appeal to so many readers is that the book becomes available instantaneously, no waiting. No driving to the book store, no ordering and then waiting. Instant gratification.

One of the things I really love about eBooks like the one you’re reading is that you can follow the links in the eBook right away, too. And, unlike a real book, authors can edit eBooks like this one. You can’t do that with a “real” book without great additional expense. On the production side, as a writer, when you write an eBook, is that you don’t have to deal with a publisher! You don’t have someone censoring your work, you don’t have to deal with running out of copies, and you don’t have to risk losing your shirt on books that people may or may not purchase. If you write an eBook that flops, all you’ve really wasted is your time. You really haven’t spent that much to produce the book.

Most people who purchase eBooks like this one realize that they are buying something ten to thirty pages long – they’re short – the price point on them is cheap, usually $10.00 (all mine run for $6.95), and the only thing challenging about producing them is the marketing. How do you get people to actually buy these books? There are a variety of ways. You can actually get an online eBook publisher who will take your book and market it for you, and give you a cut of the sale. Let’s say you sell the book for seven or eight dollars, they might take two or three bucks out.

There’s also a world of “affiliates”, which I will explain. You go to a website like http://www.clickbank.com and see that it is a group of private individuals that will agree to affiliate with you, or sell your book on their website for a large cut. This is nothing but found money! In other words, you would have never sold your book, had it not been for their website.

You’re not doing any of the work to sell the book. Unfortunately, in order for your book to also be profitable to the affiliate, it’s going to have to cost (and be worth) $50 or $60. If you’re an expert in your field, this works like a charm! You have to be able to write for a niche that is willing to pay for your knowledge, almost like a consultant, but in book form. Then the affiliate may take as much as a 50% cut – sometimes as much 75%.

Let’s do the math again, to give you an example. Let’s say I’m using the affiliate to sell my book at a $40 price point. If you offer the affiliate 75% to sell the book, you only get $10, but you’re getting $10 for something for which you didn’t have to do any additional work. At this point, the affiliate is doing the hard work! A go-between company, like Clickbank, takes care of all the transactions, all the money, protects both buyer and seller, acting almost like a broker, to make sure everything is kept honest.

Or, you can copy my model. What I did is create a website with a lot of free information, hundreds of pages of it, but on every page it ties back into the fee-based product, the eBook I’m trying to sell. This model essentially says, here’s a ton of really good information for free, but to get my best stuff, you’re going to have to pay a premium.

A small premium, but a premium nonetheless, and that’s your profit. In this model I give a lot of good quality information away for “free” so that I can establish that I’m an expert on a subject, so that the potential buyer will trust me enough to buy the very best material.

And I market all this myself. I make a website that gets so many hits. I should explain about return on investment in the making of a website here, so that you don’t go spinning your wheels making a really pretty website that gets no hits. Don’t do that. I make a website that looks like it was made in 1990 and was designed by a kindergartener, and it gets at least 50,000 hits a month! People would die to get this kind of traffic. The secret is unbelievable: the simpler, the better. The site with the most hits in the world is Google. If you look at Google, it’s an empty white screen with a search bar and a couple of buttons. Granted, we’re also talking about the utility of a site like Google, which is massive, but your site can be incredible useful and simple too, and attract massive traffic as well. Many users still have slow computers and internet connections, and they don’t have the time to try and download those pages with fancy flash graphics and audio! Many users bail on pages like that before they’ve even read a word.

Of course there is more to it than this. Maximizing web page for search so that they can be easily found is an art, called Search Engine Optimization. But I use a little bit of a cheat. There’s a website called http://sitebuildit.com that will hold your hand and walk you through developing a website that actually gets traffic. Appropriately, it’s more expensive than simply going to http://godaddy.com and making a website yourself from scratch. Any “Joe” can spend $10 and get a domain name, host and a website. This costs about a dollar a day. With Site Build It, keep your eyes peeled for specials that allow you to set it up for about $100; normally the fee is about $300. The tutorial is comprehensive. You make the website a block at a time, without having to know anything about how to do this. The reason I like it is that it really is like a website in a box;

it’s “Turn-Key”. They do all the behind-the-scenes busy-work that you’d have to pay a webmaster a half-hour a day to do. For example, when you update your site, it updates your RSS feeds, calls the Google web-crawlers, all this other stuff that I don’t have to comprehend or spend my time doing. All I have to do is crank content out. It does all the nuts and bolts stuff for me. So for me, a dollar a day is worth it to me, to market my book!

For some reason, the liberty community has a ton of tech-heads in it, who probably will want to build their own stuff, and you, too, can ignore my advice if you like, but honestly, my site will probably get way more traffic than yours! Others’ technical expertise may exceed mine, but I know what I’m talking about in terms of marketing and driving traffic.

Join Liberty Restoration Project The Liberty Restoration Project is composed of a politically diverse group of concerned citizens who have decided to throw down the arbitrary barriers (such as political parties) that divide us and work together as American Citizens to improve our country, starting as locally as possible.

http://www.libertyrestorationproject.org/ Or, if you want to make your life incredibly simple, just go to an eBay publisher or Amazon, give them your book, let them do all the marketing for you, and keep cranking out books.

If you’re marketing your own books, more than likely, you’re not going to make a lot of money at first. You could, but your average book you might make you about $20 a day. But over time, this really adds up! Again, you only have to write the book once, and it can go on selling for years and years. And you can have many books out there. If you’re going to use affiliate marketing and you’re capable of writing something truly unusual, you might make hundreds of dollars a day, and then your book might be phased out. Some writers of books that use affiliate marketing make a ton of money in the beginning, and then after that, purchase of their book drops off. It greatly depends on what your book is about. It’s far better to keep it realistic, and know that most people don’t write for this affiliate market.

The secret is to keep cranking out books! Twenty different books at $20 a day is a real living real income, residual income. Residual income is very different from a 9 – 5 grind where I work for two months, get my paychecks and have to keep working to get those paychecks. With a book, you work really hard, you don’t make much, but once it’s up and running, it continues to make money for you and you never have to do a damn thing to it! It just sits there, and sells, and sells, and sells, and the money slowly trickles in, and it starts to really add up. Could you use an extra $20 a day?! I could! Imagine if you had an extra $400 a day from a bunch of different books!

So eBooks are a really great solution to creating income and freedom. And if you set it up correctly, within a couple of years you could have a lifestyle where you can really be free. You could live anywhere you want in the world, and your account is just filling with money, day by day. It’s almost like a retirement plan. It can work out far better monetarily for you, the author, than traditional publishing.

Just to give you a little anecdote, I have a friend who published a book of poetry. It was all over Barnes & Noble for a while, but she only made about a dollar a book! With my eBook, if I sell it for $6.95, I make about $6.50 after PayPal fees. To make a comparable profit, my friend needs to sell six books to my one! So even though she probably outsells me, conversely, I probably make more money than she does. Especially because, in the long run, my book will still be actively selling after this print run is over for her, because she has to pay for a whole new printing, additional marketing, etc. I don’t have to do that. If my book doesn’t sell, no big deal, it doesn’t cost me a thing. I just have to write a new book!

There are so many benefits to eBook publishing. The two primary benefits are that you can be traveling all around the world, and not tied down to one geographic location to create income, and that that income is residual. The other black market occupations I discussed are wonderful ways to stay off the books, but if you’re washing dogs for a living and there’s no more dogs to be washed some week, you’re more likely to be eating dog food than raking in the dough, without a back-up plan. So, if you’re going to be an active part of the underground economy, you probably want to have more than one source of income.

The last great thing about an eBook is it allows you to experiment. The eBook you’re reading right now is an experiment. Say you don’t want to deal with selling an eBook, well give it away for free and make it sponsored by advertising. Newspapers and magazines have done this for years, but you rarely see it in books these days. I am leveraging the power of FREE! Free is extremely powerful and I expect over the next few years it will be read thousands upon thousands of times. The way I made money on this book was to sell ads on each page. As a matter of fact there are a few spots left for sale (hint, hint)! For just $25 your ad could be seen thousands and thousands of times over the years.

Use some common sense in your transition into an Agorist lifestyle. If you’re reading this, you’re probably starting to get a little bit excited about launching yourself beyond the reach of the state, and I really have to encourage you to keep both feet on the ground! Don’t quit your job! I know the reason you’re interested in starting a black market business is that you can’t stand your boss, you’ve had enough, etc., but you can’t just stop working without completely destroying your life. You have to ease into this. It doesn’t mean you can’t make this transition or that you can’t sometimes do it quickly. You may be able to. I’ve seen it happen.

I have a buddy who makes baklava out his house, and when he started to devote real time to it, within a few months he had already paid off his credit cards, and if he keeps at it, he’ll probably make at least enough to live comfortably, if not exceed his previous “regular” income. He has one of the greatest quotes of all time: “It’s sad, and speaks to today’s society, that when cooking and selling baklava out of your house is now considered activism.” It really puts things in perspective, when in this country you can’t even cook and sell food out of your house without it being an act of civil disobedience.

In the end, my friend is a great example for anyone wanting to start a black market business: he did something. And you can too. Just keep your normal job, and start a side job on the weekends. Go to the flea markets, start a dog washing business, cut hair, anything, find a need and fill it. Keep building this second, side job, and begin thinking about what your tipping point should be. Have a threshold at which point you can say, “Ok, I’m making this much money, I can now give up my regular job.” And then, again, transition into it.

Make sure, as well, that you keep cash close to you and on hand, so that no-one can raid a bank account, coerce you into paying fines, sue you, or glance at your books and know you’ve got money. It’s extremely difficult to collect money from people that don’t have money in bank accounts. How do I know this? I used to be a landlord with some rental properties and I had people dead-to-rights who had come in, trashed the place, racked up thousands of dollars in owed rent and damages. I sued them, had a judgment against them, but was unable to collect that money. You simply can’t collect money from a dead-beat if they don’t have money on the books. Unlike my irresponsible deadbeat tenants, you can use this information consciously and to your advantage.

Harness Social Media & Web Strategy!

● Grassroots Campaigns ● Entrepreneurs ● Direct action!

Learn how to leverage Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to grow your base, raise money and build awareness!

Mad Maenad Communications - Mariana Evica http://www.facebook.com/mariana.evica We live in a messed up society. You and your actions can be declared illegal just because you have the guts to stand up for what’s right and dare to make a living without a politician or bureaucrat’s blessing. It’s precisely because our society is so messed up that I don’t have any qualms teaching you how to beat their system. Go ahead and let them try to find you. Good luck collecting any money! If you minimize risk with the methods I’ve suggested, you should be able to shelter yourself from the iron fist of government. Even if you own your house (which might typically be imperiled and threatened as an asset, were the government to catch on to your black market business), there are ways of moving such assets out of being held in your own name. And if your business isn’t held in your name, that’s even safer, as I explained before.

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