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«by Hannah Knox Damian O’Doherty Theo Vurdubakis Chris Westrup EBK Working Paper 2005/20 Enacting Airports: Space, Movement and Modes of Ordering ...»

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A pseudonym.

As Mol and Law (1994:643) argue, ‘the ‘social’ does not exist as a single spatial type. Rather it performs several kinds of space in which different operations take place’.

TOBIAS is an Airport Information Advise System Fulchester Airport Information & Travel Help Here we discover another case of the intrusion of artifice and media into ‘real’ organization, the copy back-forming the ‘original’ to create spirals of simulacra and the hyperreal.

As Koolhaas commented on Euralille, his large development in Lille, the nearest stop to Eurotunnel,.

‘What is important about this place is not where it is, but where it leads, and at what pace -- in other words, is to what extent it belongs to the rest of the world.’ (Goldhagen, 2002)

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