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«Volume Title: A General Equilibrium Model for Tax Policy Evaluation Volume Author/Editor: Charles L. Ballard, Don Fullerton, John B. Shoven, and John ...»

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Yeung, Bernard, 45n.l3 Value added, definition, 55 Yitzhaki, Shlomo, 192 Vandendorpe, Adolf L., 7n The authors focus primarily on economic efficiency, examining the comparative distortionary waste in alternative tax systems. Yet their techniques, data, and conclusions, all given in detail, have implications broad enough to offer other researchers the means to pursue further questions about the aims and effects of tax policy. Moreover, the possible uses of the approach presented in this book go beyond tax policy and extend to issues of free trade, protectionism, and other large-scale economic phenomena. The authors' comprehensive explication of the nature, structure, and applications of general equilibrium models makes this an essential reference work for economists in a wide range of specialties.

CHARLES L. BALLARD is assistant professor of economics at Michigan State University. DON FULLERTON is associate professor of economics at the University of Virginia. JOHN B. SHOVEN is professor of economics at Stanford University.

JOHN WHALLEY is professor of economics and director of the Centre for the Study of International Economic Relations at the University of Western Ontario. Professors Fullerton, Shoven, and Whalley are also research associates with the National Bureau of Economic Research.

An NBER Monograph For information on books of related interest or

for a catalog of new publications, please write:

Marketing Department The University of Chicago Press 5801 South Ellis Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.

Printed in U.S.A.

Books of Related Interest Behavioral Simulation Methods in Tax Policy Analysis Edited by MARTIN FELDSTEIN These thirteen papers and accompanying commentaries result from efforts to develop simulation models that incorporate the behavioral responses of individuals and businesses to alternative tax rules and rates, as well as efforts to expand computational general equilibrium models that analyze the long-run effects of changes on the economy as a whole.

"[This book] lives up to the scholarly reputation of its editor admirably well.... It provides us a tour de force in simulation methodology of behavioral responses to various topical tax reform proposals."

—Howell H. Zee, Southern Economic Journal An NBER Project Report 1983 510 pages Cloth ISBN: 0-226-24084-3 Federal Tax Policy and Charitable Giving


In this study, Charles T. Clotfelter demonstrates that changes in tax policy—effected through legislation or inflation—can have a significant influence on the level and composition of charitable giving. Clotfelter focuses on empirical analysis of the effects of tax policy on charitable giving in four major areas: individual contributions, volunteering, corporate giving, and charitable bequests. The result is a model for policyoriented research efforts.

An NBER Monograph 1985 336 pages Cloth ISBN: 0-226-11048-6 The Taxation of Income from Capital A Comparative Study of the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and West Germany Edited by MERVYN A. KING and DON FULLERTON This comparative study of the taxation of income from capital in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and West Germany establishes the first accurate framework for such comparative analyses and is the most comprehensive study to date of tax incentives. A collaboration of economic research institutes in the four countries concerned, the project has attracted international interest from those concerned with fiscal policy.

An NBER Monograph 1984 352 pages Cloth ISBN: 0-226-43630-6

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