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«May 17, 2016 Curriculum Vitae - Yan Chen CONTACT INFORMATION Address: School of Information Phone: (734)764-9488 University of Michigan Fax: ...»

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41. Chen, Yan and Jacob Goeree. “Nobel 2012: Economics - Stable Allocations and Market Design.” Nature vol. 492 (December 6, 2012): p. 54-55.

42. Chen, Yan. “Does the web trade time saved for quality?” The Economist online op-ed, March 8, 2013.


1. Chen, Yan, Fangwen Lu and Jinan Zhang. “How am I driving? Social Comparisons and Driving Behaviors.” Under revision for resubmission for Journal of Public Economics, 2016.

2. Chen, Yan and Onur Kesten. “Chinese College Admissions and School Choice Reforms:

An Experimental Study.” Under review, 2016.

3. Chen, Yan, Ming Jiang, Onur Kesten, Stephane Robin and Min Zhu. “Matching in the Large: An Experimental Study.” Under review, 2016.

4. Ai, Wei, Roy Chen, Yan Chen, Qiaozhu Mei and Webb Phillips. “Recommending teams promotes giving.” Under review, 2016

Media Coverage:

• New York Times: “Measuring the Benefits of Tech Tools.” April 30, 2013.

• The Economist: “Net benefits: How to quantify the gains that the internet has brought to consumers.” March 9, 2013.

• Philadelphia Inquirer : “Naughty? Blame the hormones.” October 16, 2006.

• The Boston Globe: “School assignment flaws detailed. Two economists study problem, offer relief.” September 12, 2003.


2014: Xiamen University International Workshop on Experimental Economics, 12/14/2014 2014: Tsinghua Theoretical and Behavioral Economics Workshop, 6/25/2014 2014: Southern Ontario Behavioural Decision Research Conference, 5/2/2014 2013: Asia-Pacific Economic Science Association Meetings, Tokyo, 2/16/2013 2012: Fourth International Behavioral Operations Management Workshop, Chengdu 2012: CEBERG Invited Lecture, Canadian Economic Association Annual Conference, Calgary 2010: Asia-Pacific Economic Science Association Meetings, Melbourne 2010: Third Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium, Maastricht 2010: Sino-German Workshop on Advanced Topics in Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Chengdu 2008: International Economic Science Association Meetings, Pasadena


2016: Case Western (3/18), NSF/CEME Decentralization Conference (4/1-3), University of Maryland - College Park (4/19), World Bank (4/20), UC Irvine (4/22), Concordia (Montreal Economic Theory Series, 5/6), UCSD (5/10) 2015: UCSD Workshop on Morality, Incentives and Unethical Behavior (3/14), John Ledyard 75th Birthday Conference (4/11), Cologne (4/27), Goethe University Frankfurt (4/29), Jerusalem Bounded Rationality Workshop (6/29-30), Kansai (7/11), Kyoto (7/13), Monash (7/20), Melbourne (7/21), Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics - Experimental Economics (8/13-14), NYU (11/19) 2014: Pittsburgh (4/23), Carnegie Mellon (4/24), Purdue (4/25), North Carolina State (4/30), Guelph (5/1), Kiva (5/9), NSF/NBER Decentralization Conference (Palo Alto, 6/11), Berlin Behavioral Economics Seminar (7/9), Facebook (8/19), Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics - Psychology and Economics (8/21), Vanderbilt (8/25), Z¨rich (8/29), u Texas A&M (10/13), Stanford (10/28), Wikimedia Foundation (11/14) 2013: Penn State (4/22), University College London (5/28), University of Essex (6/1), Tampere University (6/4), University of Munich (6/11), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (7/25), UT-Dallas (10/14) 2012: University of Arkansas, Chapman University, University of Western Ontario, Tsinghua University, NSF/NBER Decentralization Conference (Caltech) 2011: Columbia University, Florida State University, Arizona, UCSB, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, NBER Market Design (Cambridge, MA) 2010: IUPUI, University of New South Wales, Virginia Commonwealth University, Xian Jiaotong University, Ohio State, UCSD 2009: National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica, Georgia State University 2008: UT-Dallas, National University of Singapore 2007: Pittsburgh, Edinburgh, Innsbruck 2006: NYU, Hawaii, Williams College, Simon Fraser, UC Davis, Yahoo! Research 2005: UCSD, UCSB, Penn State 2004: George Mason, Ohio State, Simon Fraser, UBC

Selected seminars prior to 2004:

Bonn, Bielefeld, Caltech, Case Western, Harvard, Minnesota, Mississippi, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers, Saarland, St. Galen, Texas A&M, UCSD, Wisconsin, Washington University at St. Louis, Z¨rich u TEACHING

• Award for Excellence in Instruction, School of Information, University of Michigan, 2013

• List of courses taught:

Research Methods (graduate) Doctoral Foundations (graduate) Matching Mechanisms (graduate, 7-week course) User-Generated Content (graduate, 7-week course) Information Economics (graduate, 7-week course) Microeconomics for Information Professionals (graduate, 7-week course) Game Theory (graduate, 7-week course) Experimental Methods (graduate) Choice and Learning (graduate) Advanced Topics in Theory - Positive Political Economy (graduate) Government Expenditure (graduate) Positive Political Economy (undergraduate) Intermediate Microeconomics (undergraduate sessions) Experimental Economics (undergraduate) Experiment Design (undergraduate)


• University:

– 2009-2010 Barbour Fellowship Committee – 2007-2008 International Council

• School & Departmental – 2015-2016 Dean Search Advisory Committee (chair), Doctoral Committee – 2014-2015 Dean’s Advisory Committee, Diversity Committee (co-chair) – 2013-2014 Metric Committee, Diversity Committee (co-chair) – 2012-2013 Faculty Search Committee (chair) – 2011-2012 Dean’s Advisory Committee, Doctoral Committee (Fall), MSI Admissions Committee (Winter), Director of STIET – 2010-2011 Doctoral Committee, Faculty Search Committee, Director of STIET and SI REU Site – 2009-2010 Doctoral Committee, Director of STIET and SI REU Site – 2008-2009 Dean’s Advisory Committee, MSI Admissions Committee, ICD Faculty Coordinator, Director of STIET and SI REU Site – 2007-2008 MSI Admissions Committee, ICD and IEMP Faculty Coordinator – 2006-2007 Doctoral Committee, Dean’s Advisory Committee, IEMP Faculty Coordinator – 2005-2006 Doctoral Committee, Research Committee – 2004-2005 Doctoral Committee, Master Thesis Committee – 2003-2004 Curriculum Committee, IEMP Faculty Coordinator – 2002-2003 Curriculum Committee – 2000-2001 Graduate Admissions Committee (Economics) – 1999-2000 Graduate Program Committee (Economics) – 1998-1999 Graduate Admissions Committee (Economics) – 1997-1998 Ad hoc Reading Committee (Economics) – 1996-1997 Executive Committee, Graduate Program Committee (Economics) – 1995-1996 Graduate Program Committee (Economics) – 1994-1995 Undergraduate Program Committee, Commencement Marshal (Economics)


• Economic Science Association – President, 2015 - 2017.

– President-Elect, 2013 - 2015.

– Executive Committee, 2006 - 2009, 2012 - 2014.

• ACM-Electronic Commerce – Senior Program Committee, 2014, 2010 – Program Co-Chair: ACM-Electronic Commerce, 2011 – Program Committee: ACM-Electronic Commerce, 2009, 2006

• NSF CeMENT: Mentor for Behavioral and Experimental Economics Group, 2006-2014

• Management Science Meritorious Service Award, 2013

• Economics Review Panel, U.S. National Science Foundation, 2009 - 2011

• General Conference Chair and Program Committee Chair: The 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of the Economic Science Association, August 3-5, 2007, Shanghai.

• Reviewer: National Science Foundation, SSHRC

• Referee for – American Economic Review: Excellence in Refereeing Award, 2008 – American Political Science Review – Econometrica – Economic Inquiry – Economic Journal – Economic Theory – Experimental Economics – Games and Economic Behavior – Information Systems Research – International Journal of Game Theory – International Journal of Industrial Organization – Journal of Behavioral Decision Making – Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization – Journal of Economic Theory – Journal of Labor Economics – Journal of Mathematical Psychology – Journal of Political Economy – Journal of Public Economic Theory – Journal of Public Economics – Management Science – National Tax Journal – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – Quarterly Journal of Economics – Science – Review of Economic Design – Review of Economic Studies

• Member: the American Economic Association, Econometric Society, Economic Science Association


1. Iman Yeckehzaare: current

2. Yingzhi Liang: current

3. Ark Fangzhou Zhang: current

4. Jiang Jiang: current, co-advisor with Yusufcan Masatlioglu

5. Ming Jiang: 2015, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

6. Roy Chen: 2012, National University of Singapore

7. Tracy Xiao Liu: 2012, Tsinghua University

8. John Lin: 2011, TrueCar.com

9. James Leady: 2011, co-advisor with Scott Page, University of Notre Dame

10. Kan Takeuchi: 2007, co-advisor with Emre Ozdenoren, Hitotsubashi University


1. Collin Raymond: 2012, Oxford University

2. Doug Smith: 2011, Federal Trade Commission

3. Lekha Yadav: 2011

4. Anna Osepayshvili: 2010, Google

5. Benjamin Chiao: 2010, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

6. Tapan Khopkar: 2008

7. Yu Wang: 2007, University of Texas at Dallas

8. Sherry Xin Li: 2006, University of Texas at Dallas

9. Ning Nan: 2006, University of Oklahoma

10. Hong Yuan: 2005, UIUC

11. Yuri Khoroshilov: 2005, University of Ottawa

12. Peter Katuscak: 2004, Charles University

13. Robert Gazzale: 2004, University of Toronto and MobLab

14. Jay Wang: 2004, UIUC

15. Anna Dodonova: 2002, University of Ottawa

16. Qichun Xu: 2001, University of Michigan

17. Qi Chen: 2000, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

18. Carol McAusland: 1999, University of Maryland

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