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«The London School of Economics and Political Science Wine In Their Veins: France and the European Community’s Common Wine Policy, 1967-1980 Maria ...»

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Historians who have previously worked on wine-growers in France have lamented that ‘We know little about the living and working conditions of grape growers, about their states of mind, precisely because the written evidence largely ignored them’61– certainly it is true too that farmers by and large did not engage with the written record. The primary sources presented in this thesis have attempted to address this gap. Transforming an industry in a country where the industry was unevenly distributed, and in certain quarters, where people Ibid., 11.

involved resisted change and distrusted policymakers, was a quagmire for the French government; indeed, ‘the question was: how does one transform a rural country with a large peasantry and where small, private businesses proliferate around a modern industrial state, without destroying the fabric of society?’62 The response the French chose was to use the machinery of the European Community to deal with an ailing agricultural sector, much as Alan Milward asserts that France, along with other Western European countries, did with the whole of their agricultural welfare systems. But this thesis has argued that the wine sector was distinct in a few important ways from the other markets, that it was not necessary for wine to have been included under the Common Agricultural Policy, and that the heavy influence of the French over the course of the wine policy negotiations meant they could have forced an exclusion for wine to be made. That they continued to seek the European Community, despite the political importance of wine in France and its place in the French cultural psyche, spoke volumes about their need to unburden themselves of the national wine sector. This was not without consequence – the reaction from the Midi was angry and even violent to what vignerons from there saw as abdication of state responsibility. Though initially scattered, their movement in response to the changes in wine policy quickly became, by 1980, both more locally and regionally organised and outward looking, even if with mixed results as to effectiveness. The pervasive idea of the isolated and independent French rural farmer, particularly those who could not reform or adapt to modern pressures, is challenged by this thesis.

In William Shakespeare’s Othello, Cassio shouts, ‘O thou invisible spirit of wine, if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil.’ Perhaps this was the sentiment felt at times Elie Cohen, 'France: National Champions in Search of a Mission,' in Industrial Entreprise and European Integration: From National to International Champions in Western Europe, ed. Jack Ernest Shalom Hayward (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995), 27.

by those involved in the complications of creating and then maintaining the Common Wine Policy. But Iago is quick with a reply to Cassio: ‘Come, come, good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well-used; exclaim no more against it.’

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«GENDER INFLUENCES ON ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE IN WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES by Ronda Brown A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Training and Development Approved for Completion of 4 Semester Credits TRHRD-735 Field Problem in Training and Development _ Dr. Sheryl J. Johnson, Research Advisor The Graduate College University of Wisconsin-Stout May, 2003 The Graduate School University of Wisconsin-Stout Menomonie, WI 54751 ABSTRACT...»

«Financial arms races Remarks by Andrew G Haldane, Executive Director, Financial Stability and member of the Financial Policy Committee Based on a speech delivered at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Berlin 14 April 2012 The views are not necessarily those of the Bank of England or the Financial Policy Committee. I would like to thank David Barr, Evangelos Benos, Karen Braun-Munzinger, Emma Butterworth, Pavel Chichkanov, Mark Cornelius, Antony Ford, Sam Harrington, Gene Kindberg-Hanlon,...»


«Essays in Finance and Welfare by Isaac Issa Hacamo A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in the GRADUATE DIVISION of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Committee in charge: Professor Annette Vissing-Jørgensen, Co-chair Professor Adair Morse, Co-chair Professor Enrico Moretti Fall 2014 Essays in Finance and Welfare Copyright 2014 by Isaac Issa Hacamo Abstract by Isaac Issa Hacamo Doctor of...»

«“The Psychology of Human Misjudgment” Speech at Harvard Law School by Charles T. Munger June 1995 Transcript by Whitney Tilson, Tilson Capital Partners (feedback@tilsonfunds.com) Note: I’ve done some light editing and added web links. Table of Contents Introduction by Moderator Page 1 Munger’s Opening Remarks Page 1 24 Standard Causes of Human Misjudgment Page 2 1) Under-recognition of the power of what psychologists call “reinforcement” and economists call “incentives” Page 2...»

«Economics Discussion Papers 2016-3 NEOLIBERALISM, TRADE IMBALANCES, AND ECONOMIC POLICY IN THE EUROZONE CRISIS Collin Constantine Severin Reissl Engelbert Stockhammer Kingston University Kingston University Kingston University London, UK London, UK London, UK 17 February 2016 Abstract This paper analyses the causes of the Eurozone crisis. In doing so it carefully surveys authors from different economic schools of thought. The paper discusses competing explanations for European current account...»

«NBER WORKING PAPER SERIES AFTER MIDNIGHT: A REGRESSION DISCONTINUITY DESIGN IN LENGTH OF POSTPARTUM HOSPITAL STAYS Douglas Almond Joseph J. Doyle, Jr. Working Paper 13877 http://www.nber.org/papers/w13877 NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1050 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138 March 2008 Josh Angrist, Janet Currie, Carlos Dobkin, Randall Ellis, Michael Greenstone, Rick Hornbeck, David Lee, Doug Miller, Roberto Rigobon, Jon Skinner, Tom Stoker, and Tavneet Suri provided helpful...»

«Annual Report 2014 Upstream Operations by country The exploration and production of oil and gas is Repsol's main growth driver. The project portfolio is managed with a view to achieving profitable, diversified and sustainable growth, with a commitment to safety and the environment. The pillars of its strategy, defined in the 2012-2016 Strategic Plan, are based on increasing production and reserves, by increasing its presence in countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation...»

«Ref: SL13-031/94162 – FINAL – 08/05/2013 Unfair Trading Practices in the Travel Distribution Sector ECTAA Response to Commission Green Paper on Unfair Trading Practices (COM 2013 37 Final) ECTAA welcomes the European Commission’s efforts in assessing the need to adopt a European approach to Unfair Commercial Practices. In this paper, ECTAA aims to outline comments from the perspective of European Travel Agents and Tour Operators that ECTAA represents at EU level. ECTAA regroups the...»

«THE JUDICIAL EXPANSION OF AN OLD TOOL TO COMBAT PREDATORY LENDING IN NEW MEXICO Adriel D. Orozco* “The language of the [Unfair Practices Act] evinces a legislative recognition that, under certain conditions, the market is truly not free, leaving it for the courts... to stop and preclude those who prey on the desperation of others from being rewarded with windfall profits.”1 Justice Edward Chavez I. INTRODUCTION States across the country are struggling to reign in the exploitative...»

«BRANDED GATED COMMUNITIES: MARKETING AND CONSUMER PERSPECTIVES A Ph.D. Dissertation by SACHFER OMERAKI Department of Management Bilkent University Ankara August 2010 To Ali, Azize and Seçkin BRANDED GATED COMMUNITIES: MARKETING AND CONSUMER PERSPECTIVES The Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of Bilkent University by SACHFER OMERAKI In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in THE DEPARMENT OF MANAGEMENT BĐLKENT UNIVERSITY ANKARA August 2010 I...»

«DARIUS MAHDJOUBI, P.Eng. SCHUMPETERIAN ECONOMICS AND THE TRILOGY OF ‘INVENTION-INNOVATION-DIFFUSION’ INTRODUCTION The R&D-based Linear model of innovation is structured on three consecutive stages: Basic Research, Applied Research and Development. ‘Keynesian Economics and the Linear Model of Innovation’ of this series, studied the role of innovation in the Keynesian economics, the dominant economic doctrine in the wake of the Second World War. That report concluded that that the Linear...»

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