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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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July 25, 2002 Dr. C. James Carrico, the first physician to tend JFK in the Dallas emergency room immediately n after he was mortally wounded, dies of colon cancer today. He is 67 years old. Carrico is president-elect of the American College of Surgeons at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, a son, two siblings and six grandchildren.

September 26, 2002 (GILFORD, N.H.) A law professor who was a counsel to the commission that probed n President Kennedy’s assassination is killed when his plane crashes into a lake during training flight. His instructor is also killed. It is not known who was at the controls of the Piper twin Comanche when it crashed into Lake Winnipesaukee, said Richard Eilinger of the Federal Aviation Administration. Wesley J. Liebeler, 71, and flight instructor Alan Emerson, 58, were the only occupants aboard.

Liebeler was a law professor at George Mason University in Virginia and one-time counsel to the Warren Commission, said longtime friend Eleanor Silliman. He was a licensed pilot getting additional instruction from Emerson. Eilinger said Liebeler’s body had been recovered, along with a 10-foot section of a wing. Divers resumed looking for Emerson’s body Thursday. The cause of the crash was under investigation. “I saw the plane going over and all of a sudden it started to dive, then it went into a spin, then I couldn’t see it,” said Dave Gladu, who was sitting in a car along the lake at the time of the crash. Liebeler, a leading authority on antitrust law, was also a professor emeritus at the University of California-Los Angeles, where joined the faculty in 1965. Previously, Liebeler practiced law with Carter, Ledyard, & Milburn in New York. In 1964, he was assistant counsel to the President’s Commission to Investigate the Assassination of President Kennedy. Liebeler’s survivors include his wife and two sons, according to Silliman.

October 16, 2002 Jim Leavelle, retired Dallas homicide detective, who helped investigate JFK’s murder in 1963, loans the suit he was wearing the day LHO was shot by Jack Ruby to The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas. The scene is captured in a Pulitzer-winning image by photographer Bob Jackson. It shows Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby lurching forward with a revolver, Oswald grimacing in pain and a startled Leavelle, gripping Oswald’s belt with his cuffed hand, trying to pull him away from the shot.

Everyone -- the cops, reporters, even Ruby and Oswald -- is dressed in dark clothes, but not Leavelle. He wore the now-famous light suit and Stetson hat. Leavelle, 83, has resisted several offers from collectors who were willing to pay thousands of dollars for the suit and hat. The clothes are displayed with an enlarged image of Jackson’s photo of Oswald’s death, which is part of the exhibition “The Pulitzer Prize Photographs: Capture the Moment.” Gary Mack, the museum’s curator, said Leavelle’s suit draws a lot of interest. “People call us and say, ‘That guy in the white suit -- what happened to him?’ “ Mack said. “I’ve known Leavelle since about the mid-1980s, and one day he mentioned to me, ‘You know, Gary, that suit isn’t white.’ “I was stunned. The reality is that it’s light tan, which is sort of a symbol of this whole story: What you think you know about the Kennedy assassination is not necessarily what happened.” Leavelle has always believed Oswald acted alone simply to seek notoriety. He said the interest in his suit can be explained just as easily. “It’s just because it shows up in that picture so much,” Leavelle said Tuesday. “It caught everybody’s eye.” The suit, made by luxury retailer Neiman-Marcus, was given to Leavelle by a friend who could no longer wear it. Fashion police were curious about it, but not because of its origin. “One lady asked me why I was wearing a white suit in the middle of November,” Leavelle said. “But I only had three suits back then. It was my best one.” October 21, 2002 Associated Press reports: Richard Helms, who led the CIA for six years before President n Nixon fired him for refusing to block an FBI probe into the Watergate scandal, dies today. He is 89. Helms dies at his Washington home, the CIA confirms. No immediate cause of death is given but Helms has been in poor health for some time. Considered the consummate operations officer whose advice was sought by many of his successors, Helms played a critical role in many of the CIA’s most controversial and troubling operations, from plotting the assassinations of foreign leaders such as Fidel Castro to overthrowing the Marxist government of Chilean President Salvador Allende Gossens. “The United States has lost a great patriot,’’ CIA Director George J. Tenet said in a statement Wednesday. “The men and women of American intelligence have lost a great teacher and a true friend.’’ The tall, lean tennis enthusiast with the detached demeanor made an effort to be part of the intelligence world after he left the field. Agents often turned to him in times of trouble, said Thomas Powers, who wrote about Helms in his authoritative 1979 book, “The Man Who Kept the Secrets.’’ ``During Iran-Contra, a lot of CIA people suddenly found themselves on the wrong end of an investigation. Helms would call up those people, invite them to dinner or lunch and he would more or less tell them how you live through this, and believe me, they were grateful,’’ Powers said. What Helms carried away from the agency was ``a lifetime of learning to understand how Washington works, what presidents are like, what you can expect at the hands of a congressional committee, and how journalists go after stories,’’ Powers said. “These are things that are hard won information and that Helms had in spade.’’ After a brief stint in journalism, Helms began his spying career during World War II with the Office of Strategic Services. He was well entrenched in America’s nascent spy establishment when the OSS became the Central Intelligence Agency. Helms had a remarkable career in spying’s murky underworld, believed deeply in the CIA’s mission and was one of its biggest boosters. ``I believed in the importance to the nation of the function that the agency served. I still do - without regrets, without qualms, without apology,’’ he told the Rockefeller Commission, which in 1975 investigated allegations of unlawful CIA activities in the United States. Helms became deputy director of the CIA in 1965 and became the first career spy to head the agency after President Lyndon B. Johnson nominated him to the post the following year. First for Johnson and later under President Richard Nixon, Helms headed Operation Chaos, which spied on, poked into and disrupted the private lives of U.S. citizens as the CIA improperly investigated whether the increasingly energetic and powerful anti-Vietnam War movement had links to foreign countries. Under Nixon, the CIA’s role in domestic spying hovered on the extreme edge of the agency’s charter and at times crossed over into activities that were clearly illegal. It wasn’t long before Helms found the CIA sucked into the Watergate abyss.

The burglars who broke into the Democratic Party’s offices worked for his agency. Nixon then tried to enlist Helms’ help in blocking the FBI’s investigation. When he refused to cooperate, Nixon sent Helms packing to Tehran where he served as ambassador to Iran. Helms maintained some bitterness toward Nixon years later, ``but this is a big guy, an adult, who understood that this is Washington, and these kinds of things do happen,’’ said John Gannon, former chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Over the next few years, however, Helms was repeatedly called back to Washington to testify before congressional committees investigating CIA operations. By the mids it become clear that Helms had intentionally misled Senate committees, but Helms defended his testimony by maintaining that his mission was to protect intelligence secrets and that he’d not been obliged to tell the truth to Senate committees that held no CIA oversight power. Federal prosecutors refused to accept Helms’ explanation and sought to indict him for perjury. Helms responded by saying he was prepared to play hardball, go to trial and publicly reveal matters the government wanted to remain untold. The Justice Department backed down. In the end, Helms accepted a plea bargain, paid a $2,000 fine and received a suspended two-year prison sentence. He considered the criminal conviction a ``badge of honor,’’ and President Ronald Reagan later presented him with the National Security Medal for ``exceptionally meritorious service.’’ Richard McGarrah Helms was born March 30, 1913, in St. Davids, Pa. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Williams College in 1935. Out of college, he worked in Europe as a United Press reporter and gained notice for his exclusive interview with Adolf Hitler. Helms’ first marriage ended in divorce and he later married the former Cynthia McKelvie.

December 28, 2002 Dr. Paul C. Peters Sr., a pioneer of kidney transplantation and a worldwide authority on n urological injuries as well as a witness to the death of a president, dies in Dallas. Before developing an international reputation as a gifted teacher, he was thrust into a traumatic moment in American history as part of the Dallas medical team that tried to save the mortally wounded John F. Kennedy at Parkland Hospital in 1963. That role brought Dr. Peters attention, particularly late in his career, in various forums where the JFK assassination was examined or discussed. But his legacy was as a mentor to many physicians and an innovator for transplant and trauma patients, said Dr. John McConnell, his successor at UT Southwestern.

January 4, 2003 Dr. Fouad A. Bashour dies of a heart attack at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. He is buried at Hilln crest Memorial Park. Dr. Bashour was born Jan. 3, 1924, in Tripoli, Lebanon, to a family of physicians and dentists who were educated in the United States but returned to their native land to practice.

January 22, 2003 BOSTON (AP) - In 15 hours of previously classified tapes, President Kennedy and his advisers are heard pondering the crises of the day: overseas conflicts, foreign relations and a weakened economy that could spell trouble for his re-election hopes. The new tapes are the second release of recordings that Kennedy made in the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room. The John F. Kennedy Library and Museum is in the process of declassifying some 248 hours of tapes for use by historians, researchers, scholars and journalists. Despite often-poor sound quality, the tapes - 135 hours of which have been released - provide a glimpse into what Kennedy was thinking, and what his advisers were telling him. Many of the concerns and debates Kennedy and his advisers engaged in over foreign policy and life at home four decades ago mirror those faced by the Bush administration today. Among the highlights are conversations between Kennedy and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Earle Wheeler after his return from Vietnam. Wheeler advises the U.S.

maintain the current level of support to the South Vietnamese, and informs the president that ``the Viet Cong are not bleeding in this war. The South Vietnamese are bleeding.’’ In later discussion, an unidentified voice asks a question that the country would ponder years later: ``How are you going to get out once you’ve gotten in?’’ Kennedy also is heard lamenting what he views as softening support by French President Charles DeGaulle and other European leaders. “They put out some pretty vicious stuff out of Paris every day,’’ Kennedy says. “They either attack us for trying to dominate Europe or they attack us for withdrawing from Europe or that we won’t use our nuclear force or that we’ll get them into a war and they’re not consulted.’’ The practice of recording conversations and meetings in the White House began in 1940 with Franklin Roosevelt, who wanted to ensure he was being accurately quoted by the media. The practice ended with Richard Nixon in 1974, after his own tape recordings exposed his administration’s illegal and unethical activities against perceived political enemies. In the Kennedy tapes, a meeting on Dec. 6, 1962 shows that his mind was on the economy, and what a recession might mean for his re-election bid. He notes that the economy had played a role in the previous election. ``I think it ruined Nixon in ‘60,’’ he says. Kennedy tells unidentified advisers he’s concerned about the economy and asks them what steps he should take. “If you are running for re-election in 1964, what is it you worry about most - recession? That is what I’m worried about,’’ he says. ``I don’t think the country can take another recession. Otherwise, we are liable to get all of the blame for the deficit and none of the advantage of the stimulus in the economy.’’ February 26, 2003 The Discovery Channel features a documentary entitled “Death at Dealey Plaza” as an episode in their regular “Unsolved History” series. The program examines several of the more prominent amateur photographers present in Dealey Plaza for the assassination of JFK. The broadcast features assassination researcher Gary Mack, who acts as a host of sorts for the proceedings by interviewing witnesses and generally moving things along. The main theme of the program is that ordinary American citizens who happened to be present while history was made documented the final 45 seconds or so of the life of the 35th President in a nearly continuous manner.

April 24, 2003 The John F. Kennedy Library releases 17 pages of an original and previously sealed 1964 oral-history interview given by Barbara Gamarekian, an assistant to JFK’s press secretary Pierre Salinger, speculating that JFK had a liaison with an unpaid summer intern - an 18-or-19-year-old college student named Mimi. Gamarekian has already confided some details to Robert Dallek, author of the newly published book An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy 1917 - 1963. People May 15, 2003 The John F. Kennedy Library and Museum opens a special exhibit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the September 12, 1953, wedding of Jacqueline Bouvier and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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