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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Stark says that Officer J.D. Tippit is not in the store at this time. [J.D. Tippit will reportedly be seen in this same store at 1:11 PM. He will reportedly make a phone call and then leave hurriedly.] WM Dub Stark says that LHO returns a short time later an buys another ticket to the Dick Clark Show. This time, Officer J.D. Tippit is in the store, but does not speak with LHO. H&L 7:55 AM. (Nov. 22, 1963) LHO and Wesley Frazier arrive at the parking lot next to the TSBD. It is raining. LHO leaves the car and walks ahead of Frazier into the building. LHO is out of Frazier’s sight for a few moments before he enters the building. Those who see LHO enter the TSBD will later say he does NOT enter the building carrying a package. Wesley Frazier tells Police that LHO carries a long package into the TSBD, but PSE (Psychological Stress Evaluator) tests indicate that he is lying.

There are 13 employees working on the 6th floor of the TSBD building today, laying a tile floor. The floor crew starts work in the west end of the large room which constitutes the 6th floor -- working eastward. Little by little, the cardboard boxes of school books are being inched toward the front windows of the building. LHO begins filling orders involving books published by Scott Foresman & Company.

Two employees working on this floor have facial resemblances -- Billy Nolan Lovelady and Lee Harvey Oswald.

8:01 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit, in police car #10, leaves the police station for patrol.

The following people see LHO in the TSBD: Wesley Frazier, Bonnie Ray Williams, Danny Arce, Roy Truly, Jack Dougherty 8:15 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) JFK calls James Chambers Jr., president of the Dallas Times Herald and asks “Can you get me some Macanudo cigars? They don’t have any over here in fort Worth.” Chambers says “Sure.” JFK then says “Well, get me about a half a dozen.” Chambers never gets to give the cigars to JFK. PKHBS Jack Ruby is reportedly seen by DPO Hansen on the Harwood sidewalk by City Hall where Dallas police officers assemble to get their assignments for JFK’s visit.

8:30 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) SS agent Sorrels meets Agent Kinney and Agent George W. Hickey, Jr. outside hotel in Dallas. They then drive out to Love Field.

LHO reportedly enters a Jiffy store located at 310 S. Industrial. Fred Moore, the store clerk says “identification of this individual arose when he asked him for identification as to proof of age for purchase of two bottles of beer. Moore said he figured the man was over 21 but the store frequently requires proof by reason of past difficulties with local authorities for serving beer to minors. This customer said, sure I got ID and pulled a Texas drivers license from his billfold. Moore said that he noted the name appeared as Lee Oswald or possibly as H. Lee Oswald. As Moore recalled, the birth date on the license was 1939 and he thought it to have been the 10th month.” (Interview of Fred Moore by SA David Barry 12/2/63) 8:45 AM, (Nov. 22, 1963) A light rain is falling. JFK emerges from his hotel in Fort Worth and strides across the street to greet a crowd waiting for him in a parking lot. Going downstairs, JFK sees his driver, Muggsy O’Leary and tells him: “Mary Gallagher wasn’t here last night to help Jackie. Mary hasn’t any business in motorcades. She’s supposed to reach hotels before we do, and so far she’s batting zero. Get her on the ball.” At 8:53, he is telling the crowd that Jackie is “organizing herself,” she hears him say this from her bed in the hotel.

While showering this morning, JFK takes off his Saint Jude and Saint Christopher Medals and leaves them hanging on the shower head. When later “sweeping” the room, Secret Service agent Ron Pontius finds the medals and puts them in his pocket, with intentions of returning them to JFK after the Dallas motorcade. Pontius eventually gives the medals to Marty Underwood who, at last report, still retains them.

Desmond FitzGerald, a senior CIA officer, meets today with (AM/LASH) Rolando Cubela in Paris, France. FitzGerald delivers assurance of full support of the U.S. government in the overthrow of the Castro regime, which includes the murder of the highest officials. FitzGerald presents Cubela with a deadly pen which, when filled with poison, can be used to murder Castro. The pen is a hypodermic needle so thin that the victim will not feel its insertion. (By March 1964, FitzGerald will have been promoted to chief of the CIA’s Western Hemisphere Division.) John McCone’s executive assistant Walt Elder sees Desmond Fitzgerald during the weekend, and FitzGerald tells Elder he has met with Rolando Cubela. He does not tell him that he gave him a poison pen to be used against Castro, nor that he pretended to be an emissary of Bobby Kennedy’s (Richard Helms had told him not to worry, that he would approve that lie). No mention of assassination was made.

But Elder gets the distinct impression that FitzGerald is particularly upset this weekend. Evan Thomas, in his book The Very Best Men, paints the following scene: ‘Elder was struck by FitzGerald’s clear discomfort. “Des was normally imperturbable, but he was very disturbed about his involvement.” The normally smooth operator was “shaking his head and wringing his hands. It was very uncharacteristic. That’s why I remember it so clearly,” Elder said in 1993. He thought FitzGerald was “distraught and overreacting.” 9:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) (New Orleans) -- The last day of Carlos Marcello’s deportation trail begins in a packed courtroom.

(Texas) SS agents Sorrels, Kinney and Hickey arrive at Love Field airport just outside of Dallas. They go directly to the garage and relieve the police of the security of the cars to be used in the motorcade. Both cars are washed, cleaned and checked outside, inside and underneath for security violations.

LHO reportedly returns to the Jiffy Store. Oswald returns to buy two pieces of Peco Brittle at five cents each which he consumes on the premises. Moore remarks to him (Oswald) in the form of a question, Candy and beer? as he considers this to be an odd combination. The man seems to be nervous while in the store pacing the aisles as he eats the candy. (Interview of Fred Moore by SA David Barry 12/2/63) At the urging of his secretary, Abraham Zapruder goes home to get his new move camera in order to film the JFK motorcade which he plans to see later in the day.

JFK enters the Grand Ballroom of the hotel in Fort Worth by going through the kitchen. He is to address the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and special, invited guests. He asks Agent Duncan where Mrs. Kennedy is. “Call Clint Hill,” he says. “I want her to come down to breakfast.” 9:02 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) JFK confers with Gov. John Connally about Senator Yarborough’s refusal to ride with LBJ yesterday. (It is Governor Connally who has postponed JFK’s visit to Texas several times; it is Connally who feels that a Kennedy-Johnson ticket might be defeated in Texas in 1964, and there is considerable political risk in being seen with JFK.) TDKWS 9:05 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) According to Death Of A President by William Manchester, this is the time Richard Nixon leaves Dallas on AA Flight 82. Nixon is legal counsel for Pepsico and has allegedly been in Dallas to attend a company meeting. (CIA agent Russell Bintliff will tell the Washington Star in 1976 that Pepsico had set up a bottling plant in Laos in the early 1960s that did not make Pepsi, but rather converted opium into heroin. One of the immediate consequences of the JFK assassination will be the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam, in theory providing the alleged Pepsico plant with a great deal more business.) JFK is at a breakfast sponsored by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

9:15 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Ruth Paine says this is the time she takes her daughter, Lynn, to the dentist and then runs errands. She has left the television set on for Marina Oswald - who says she watches it all morning without getting dressed. H&L 9:22 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Agent Clint Hill advises Mrs. Kennedy that JFK expects her downstairs in the Ballroom.

9:25 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Jackie Kennedy appears at the breakfast wearing a pink suit and pill box hat. She is warmly received.

9:55 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) At the Texas Hotel in Fort Worth, JFK and Jackie have returned to Suite 850. JFK informs Kenny O’Donnell that the Presidential party will leave at 10:40. Jackie asks: “We have a whole hour?” JFK asks her if she is enjoying the trip. “Oh, Jack,” she replies “campaigning is so easy when you’re President.” 10:02 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) JFK confers with Gov. John Connally.

Between this time and noon today, Michel Roux attends classes with Leon Gachman’s son, Arnold, amid a multitude of witnesses in Ft. Worth, Texas.

At approximately ten o’clock this morning, Harold Norman (a worker in the Texas School Book Depository) will later testify:

“Junior Jarman and myself were on the first floor looking out towards Elm Street. Oswald walked up and asked us, ‘What is everybody looking for? What is everybody waiting on?’ So we told him we were waiting on the President to come boy. He put his hand in his pocket and laughed and walked away. I thought maybe he’s just been happy that morning or something.” 10:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) All traffic into the Dealey Plaza area, including the railroad yard, is supposedly cut off by the Dallas police.

The Warren Commission will determine that LHO does not bring his lunch to work with him today, even though it is alleged (at a later interogation session) that he says he did. If LHO did not bring his lunch to work, this is the time he might have purchased a sandwich from a caterer who stops by the TSBD about this same time every morning. AATF Two Secret Service men leave the hotel in Fort Worth to drive to Dallas (36 miles) in order to set up the presidential seal, flags, and JFK’s prosthetic chair at The Trade Mart.

Three radio operators report for duty at Dallas Police Headquarters. Two of them man Channel One of KKB 364, and one mans Channel Two.

The White House switchboard has been set up in Dallas at the Sheraton Hotel - near the Southland Life Building in the downtown district.

OF HISTORICAL NOTE: The official White House transcripts of what JFK said each day continue with this note: “After the breakfast at the Texas Hotel in Forth Worth the President flew to Love Field in Dallas. There he acknowledged greeters for a brief period and then entered an open car. The motorcade traveled down a 10-mile route through downtown Dallas on its way to the Trade Mart, where the President planned to speak at a luncheon. At approximately 12:30 (CST) he was struck by two bullets fired by an assassin.

The President was declared dead at 1 P.M. at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas.” Also today, George Herbert Walker Bush, now president of Zapata Offshore and chairman of the Harris County Republican Organization, which supports Barry Goldwater, calls the FBI to report a threat on JFK’s life. Bush advises the FBI that a man named James Parrott has been talking of killing JFK when he comes to Houston. Tomorrow, FBI agent W. T Forsyth will report that he “Orally furnished information to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency about the reaction of the Cuban community in Miami to President Kennedy’s assassination.” H&L Note: In Dallas today, the concept of Republican and Democrat is painfully giving way to the ideology of Conservative against Liberal.

Texas Democrats are at bitter odds with each other - creating the perfect climate for the far Right to enter the arena virtually unchallenged. The headlines of today’s Dallas Morning News read: “Storm of Political Controversy Swirls Around Kennedy Visit,” and “Split State Party Continues Feuds.” In the 1960 election the Kennedy-Johnson ticket lost in Dallas while managing to carry Texas only by a disturbingly small margin. The “Kennedy camp” clearly realizes that LBJ may very well be a liability on the ‘64 Democratic ticket - particularly in light of the scandals now swirling around him. (LBJ must also be equally aware of this political reality.) In fact, though few realize it on this date, Dallas is already well on its way towards evolving into a seat of extreme conservative philosophy and burgeoning Republican politics. Besides LBJ, it is historically significant that Texas will also eventually send two more presidents to the White House - both from the same family: Bush - and both will be inextricably connected to oil interests as well as the Republican party. Both men - father and son - will also take the United States to war in the Middle East. While many influential Texans are today extremely apprehensive about the ramifications of a possible “Kennedy legacy” [Jack, Bobby, Ted], it is the “Bush dynasty” that will eventually emerge to take control.

10:30 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) FBI informant, William Augustus Somersett receives a call in Miami from Joseph Milteer in Dallas stating that JFK will be there later that day and will not be visiting Miami again. Milteer then hangs up the phone and reportedly joins the crowd gathering near the corner of Elm Street in Dealey Plaza.

J.D. Tippit and Anglin take a coffee break at the Rebel Drive-In. WM

At his hotel suite in Fort Worth, JFK says “You know, last night would have been a hell of a night to assassinate a President...

There was the rain and the night, and we were all getting jostled. Suppose a man had a pistol in a briefcase.” He also sees a full-page advertisement in the Dallas Morning News: “WELCOME MR. KENNEDY TO DALLAS.” It asks why he has allowed “thousands of Cubans” to be jailed and wheat sold to those who are killing Americans in Vietnam: “Why have you scrapped the Monroe Doctrine in favor of the Spirit of Moscow?... Mr. Kennedy, we DEMAND answers to these questions and we want them now.” JFK says: “We’re heading into nut country today.” The 112th Military Intelligence Group at 4th Army Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston is told to “stand down” rather than report for duty in Dallas, over the protests of the unit commander, Col. Maximillian Reich. Nevertheless, Lt. Colonel George Whitmeyer, the commander of the local Army intelligence reserve, will be in the police pilot car which will precede the motorcade in Dallas, and an Army Intelligence officer is with FBI agent James Hosty 45 minutes before the parade, on Main Street.

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