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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Also by this evening, Guy Banister and his investigator Jack Martin have spent hours drinking in New Orleans. Banister accuses Martin of going through his confidential files, then beats him over the head with a.357 Magnum revolver. The fracas starts, according to Martin, when he asks Banister: “What’re you going to do, kill me like you all did Kennedy?” Neither Guy Banister’s name, nor David Ferrie’s will appear in the Warren Report. But then, the names of Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante or Sam Giancana will not appear either in the Warren Report nor in any of its twenty-six volumes of evidence. O&C 7:10 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) The New Orleans FBI Bureau chief, Harry Maynor, contacts SAC Shanklin in Dallas “to determine if he could supply information that might make it unnecessary to determine the whereabouts of all Klan members, etc. and to determine if sufficient information was then available to definitely tie Oswald into the assassination of the President.” Shanklin replies that “Oswald was probably a good suspect but they have been unable to develop information connecting the rifle with Oswald.” Shanklin replies that “Oswald was probably a good suspect they have been unable to develop information connecting the rifle with Oswald.” The Fourth Decade/May 1996

LBJ makes a telephone call to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

7:16 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) FBI memo states that “Clark Anderson has called from Mexico City and advised that the U.S. Ambassador feels there is probably more to this matter than a “lone nut” shooting the President and orders the CIA to make available the photos believed to be taken at Mexico City of Oswald to the FBI at Dallas. Anderson advised SA Eldon Rudd is proceeding to Dallas in the Naval Attache Plane, C- 47. It is due to arrive Love Field at approximately 2 AM, 11/23/63. Anderson stated that the photos are ‘deep snow stuff’ and requested that they not be made available outside the FBI.” 7:25 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) LBJ telephones J. Edgar Hoover. He orders the FBI to make a full investigation and then report to him. Up until this moment, the FBI has been controlling the case without legal jurisdiction. Never Again!

7:29 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) LBJ writes John and Caroline Kennedy a letter in the Executive Office Building in Washington, DC.

7:30 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) SS Agent Richard Johnsen of the White House Detail gives bullet #399 to SS Chief James Rowley at the Executive Office building in Washington. The bullet has reportedly traveled, in Johnsen’s coat pocket, to Washington from Dallas.

In Washington, Dr. James J. Humes arrives at the morgue in Bethesda hospital to conduct an autopsy on the body of JFK. “ I was summoned from my home late in afternoon of that day by the Surgeon General of the Navy and the Commanding officer of the Naval Medical Center, and the Commanding Officer of the the Naval Medical School, and much to my surprise, was told that the body of the late President was being brought to our laboratories and that I was to examine the President and ascertain the cause of death... I was in the morgue from 7:30 in the evening until 5:30 in the morning. I never left the room.” Dr. Humes is in his scrubs in the hospital’s new morgue, built only four months earlier. He has selected Dr. Boswell as his assistant. Dr. Humes notices an unknown man carrying a large, old-fashioned “Speed graphic” camera. The pathologist tells the unknown cameraman, “Get out!” Then Humes asks, “Who is in charge here?” A man in full military dress answers, “I am. Who wants to know?” Humes says that the man was “some general respresenting the military section of the District of Columbia. I told him what my assignment was and asked him about the chap with the camera. Well, seconds later, this chap with the camera was sent away.” Dr. Finck will testify that they are “told not to” trace the path of the bullet through JFK’s body, and therefore did not.

Detective Roy Standifer, an acquaintance of Jack Ruby will later testify that they exchange greetings in the third floor hallway of the Dallas police building during this time period.

7:40 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) Lee Harvey Oswald’s third interrogation session begins. No notes or recordings are made. Oswald is still not represented by council. Six Secret Service agents and four FBI agents who are present at the interrogations of Oswald will never be questioned by the Warren Commission. Jesse Curry will later be quoted in The Warren Commission Report as saying: “we were violating every principle of interrogation... it was just against all principles of good interrogation practice.” 7:56 PM (Nov. 22, 19163) In Washington, the Kennedy children are returned to the White House.

Tonight, RFK phones Julius Draznin in Chicago, an expert on union corruption for the National Labor Relations Board, and asks him to look into whether there was any Mafia involvement in the killing of JFK. Brothers 8:00 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) Oswald places a telephone call to Ruth Paine (his second call to her today.) JD Tippit’s widow, Marie, remembers: “ The doctor came over and gave me a shot, but I never went to sleep,” she says. “The days and weeks and months that followed were just terrible. You keep on going because you have to. You say your prayers and you feed your children and you read your Bible and you live one day at a time, so it gets to the point where you can live a single day without crying.... I don’t see anything wrong with people crying.” Mrs. Tippit recalls that Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, calls her and all but apologized for the trip to Texas. She says he tells her that if his brother had not come to Dallas, Officer Tippit would still be alive. “I said, ‘But, you know, they were both doing their jobs. They got killed doing their jobs.’ He was being the president, and J.D. was being the policeman he was supposed to be.” The presidential limo arrives in Washington, DC. Special Agent Samuel Kinney, accompanied by Agent Charles Taylor, Jr., drives the vehicle under police escort to the White House Garage. Taylor then specifically writes: “of particular note was the small hole just left of center [of the windshield] from which what appeared to be bullet fragments were removed.” This is completely opposite of what will be reported by FBI agents who also inspect the vehicle. A week from now, it will be reported that a windshield is removed from the vehicle and stored in the garage. In March of ‘64, at the request of the Warren Commission, the Secret Service will send a windshield to the FBI laboratory, which will determine that it contains NO hole but only damage to the outside surface. (The chronology of exactly what happened to the limousine will eventually prove very disturbing to the HSCA. There have been rumors for many years that the Secret Service order up to twenty-one windshields for the limousine soon after the assassination. Dr. Robert B Livingstone, for instance, learns that the Secret Service obtains a dozen windshields from the Ford MOtor Company, allegedly for “target practice.”) MIDP Secret Service Report: At 8:00 P.M. on November 22, 1963, SS-100-X and SS-679-X arrived at Andrews Air Force Base on Air Force Cargo Plane No. 612373 (C-130-E), which plane was assigned to the 78th Air Transport Squadron from Charleston Air Force Base and piloted by Captain Thomason. The plane was taxied to a point just off of Runway 1028, approximately 100 yards from the Control Tower at Andrews AFB, and a security cordon was placed around the aircraft while these vehicles were being unloaded. On the plane accompanying these vehicles were Special Agents Kinney and Hickey.

RFK’s phone logs show that in February 1964, he discusses taking possession of JFK’s death limousine, which has been sent to a Detroit repair shop where, Evelyn Lincoln informs him, the limo is to be “done over” for President Johnson. Perhaps the repair process - which will eliminate forensic evidence - “could be stopped,” Lincoln tells RFK, if he declares that he wants the limousine to be “given to the [Kennedy] library.” Brothers Dallas Police Lieutenant J. C. Day testifies that, by this time, he has completed taking photographs of the partial prints on the exterior of the rifle found in the TSBD. Day has reportedly lifted a palm print from the underside of the gun barrel before surrendering the rifle to the FBI in about four hours from now. This “lifted” print will not be released to the FBI until Nov. 29th - seven days from now - and will be identified as that of Lee Harvey Oswald’s right palm. When he releases the gun to the FBI tonight, Day will testify that “the print on the gun... still remained on there... There were traces of ridges still on the gun barrel.” In fact, when the rifle arrives at the FBI Laboratory, there is no trace whatever of a print or of the lifting of the print. Sylvia Meagher points out that “it is almost impossible to understand how the same fingerprint powder and the dried ridges could have disappeared from the gun barrel under the stock, which provided secure protection against any disturbance.” MANUSCRIPT BY GEORGE DE MOHRENSCHILDT: A excerpt from the manuscript of a book George de Mohrenschildt was writing at the time of his death in March 1977: “Alston Boyd and I drove to my house overlooking Port-au-Prince in the area called Tonton Lyle [Haiti] and a block away from the presidential retreat, then we ate and took a siesta, like any self-respecting Haitian. Then later the afternoon we dressed and went to the reception at the Lebanese Embassy. The usually animated streets of the capital seemed deserted. “I feel trouble in the air,” said my wife Jeann. The air was balmy, the soldiers and the tontons macoutes were absent and we could not hear any shots. We greeted the Lebanese Ambassador and joined the crowd. George Morel, head of the Pan-American Airways in Haiti came up to us immediately. “Didn’t you know your president was killed?” He asked in a strained voice. At first we thought he was talking about the President of Haiti, Docteur Francois Duvalier who was my nominal boss in Haiti. Seeing our blank expression, Morel explained. “President Kennedy was assassinated today. I hoped that it wouldn’t happen in Texas and especially in Dallas. But Morel summarily explained the situation-and it was in Dallas. Gloomily we filed out of the Lebanese Embassy, where people did not seem to be too badly concerned about President Kennedy’s death, got in the car and drove away.” RFK, among his many telephone calls from the seventeenth floor suite at Bethesda, will call the White House ordering that JFK’s personal belongings be removed from his White House bedroom in order to spare Jackie’s feelings when she returns there. Dr.

George Burkley is banished from the morgue shortly after JFK’s autopsy begins, so he joins the Kennedy group in the suite. In 1982, Burkley will tell researcher Henry Hurt that JFK was the target of a conspiracy. He will refuse to elaborate. Brothers Between 8 and 9 o’clock tonight in Texas, Waggoner Carr (Attorney General of the State of Texas) will testify: “I received a long-distance telephone call from Washington from someone in the White House. I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. A rumor had been heard here that there was going to be an allegation in the indictment against Oswald connecting the assassination with an international conspiracy, and the inquiry was made whether I had any knowledge of it, and I told him I had no knowledge of it. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t been in Dallas since the assassination and was not there at the time of the assassination. So the request was made of me to contact Mr. [Henry] Wade to find out if that allegation was in the indictment. I received the definite impression that the concern of the caller was that because of the emotion or the high tension that existed at that time that someone might thoughtlessly place in the indictment such an allegation without having the proof of such a conspiracy. So I did call Mr. Wade from my home, when I received the call, and he told me... that he had no knowledge of anyone desiring to have that or planning to have that in the indictment; that it would be surplusage, it was not necessary to allege it, and that it would not be in there, but that he would doublecheck it to be sure. And then I called back, and--as I recall I did--and informed the White House participant in the conversation of what Mr. Wade had said, and that was all of it.” 8:15 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) FBI agents James W. Sibert and Francis X. O’Neill note that the first incision is made on the body of JFK, thus officially beginning the Bethesda autopsy. (This time notation is seriously questioned by some researchers.) Sibert and O’Neill also indicate in their report that some type of surgery has already been performed on JFK’s head area. No surgery on his head has been performed at Parkland Hospital.

David Lifton writes: “... if the [Zapruder] film was altered, or the body [of JFK] was altered, or both, then some Secret Service officials or agents were very likely involved - at the operational level - in the murder of JFK.” TGZFH Autopsy on JFK at Bethesda Hospital. Among those who participate in or witness the autopsy of President Kennedy’s body are the following individuals: Dr. Thornton Boswell, Bethesda’s chief of pathology; Dr. George Burkley, chief medical officer of the White House and President Kennedy’s personal physician; Dr. Robert Canada; Jerrol F. Custer; Dennis David; Dr. John Ebersole; Dr.

Pierre Finck; Dr. Calvin Galloway; Dr. James J. Humes; James E. Metzler; Paul K. O’Connor; Edward Reed; Floyd A. Riebe; and Jan Gail Rudnicki. Many researchers believe that many more people were in the autopsy room, including a number of civilians who sat in the gallery overlooking it, than have been identified in official reports. A Dr. George Bakeman is listed in the autopsy report as being among those present in the room when the president’s body is examined, but no information exists regarding who he is. FBI agents Francis O’Neill and James Sibert also witness the autopsy.

The three military physicians who perform JFK’s autopsy are clinical pathologists with little experience in gunshot wounds.

Neither Navy Cdr. James J. Humes nor Navy Cdr. J. Thornton Boswell has practical, firsthand experience with bullet wounds. Army Lt.

Col. Pierre Finck does have some such experience, but he later says he was hampered in his autopsy procedures by officials in the room.

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