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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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9:30 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) New Orleans FBI chief, Harry Maynor, contacts Alan Belmont at FBI headquarters about how much he should continue to persist in efforts to locate Klan members who might possibly have been involved with the assassination. Belmont gives a somewhat ambivalent answer, being “somewhat reluctant” to authorize direct interviews with such suspects, unless their “whereabouts” can not be determined by other means, and unless such interviews can be done without “any repercussions from such contact.” It is perhaps worthy to note that J. Edgar Hoover has already identified LHO as being the sole assassination suspect [lone nut]. There is great reluctance on the part of agents to go against Hoover’s assumption. Any leads or revelations to the contrary can now only embarrass the FBI Director.

9:47 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) LBJ arrives at The Elms and Lady Bird meets him at the front door. In the terrace room, LBJ lifts a glass of orange soda to a photograph of Sam Rayburn and says: “Mr. Speaker, I wish you were here tonight.” (LB) 10:00 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) Jack Ruby visits a Dallas synagogue for religious services.

Around this time, Abraham Zapruder and Erwin Swartz deliver one copy of the film to the Secret Service office in Dallas with the understanding that it is to be sent immediately to FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., by courier jet plane. Erwin Swartz says that he personally delivers the original film to Stolley at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas on either November 26 or 27. BT Secret Service Report: At 10:10 P.M., Deputy Chief Paterni, ASAIC Boring, and representatives from Dr. Burkley’s office at the White House, William Martinell and Thomas Mills, inspected SS-100-X.

10:30 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) A Cubana Airlines flight from Mexico City to Cuba has been delayed for four hours and ten minutes, awaiting a passenger. The airfield at Mexico City has been particularly clogged with Cuban diplomatic personnel. The passenger arrives and boards the private twin-engine plane. He gets onto the flight directly without having to go through customs. Once aboard, he enters the cockpit of the aircraft and remains there during the entire flight to Havana. No other passengers see him well enough to be able later to identify him. He is believed to be one Miguel Casas Saez. According to the CIA, Casas was born in Cuba, is either twentyone or twenty-seven, 5’5” in height, weighs 155 lbs., speaks the Russian language and is an ardent admirer of Raul Castro, the brother of the Cuban premier. He is also believed to be part of the Cuban intelligence service. Using the name of Angel Dominiguez Martinez, Casas is believed to have entered the USA in early November in Miami. (One source in a CIA document reports that Casas was on “a sabotage and espionage mission” in the United States. Further CIA sources in Cuba report that Casas was in Dallas, Texas on the day of the assassination.) The HSCA will later conclude the following: It had been alleged that the flight was delayed 5 hours, awaiting the arrival at 9:30 p.m. of a private twin-engined aircraft. The aircraft was supposed to have deposited an unidentified passenger who boarded the Cubans flight without clearing customs and traveled to Havana in the pilot’s cabin. The Senate committee reported that the Cubana flight departed at 10 p.m. This committee checked the times of key events that night by reviewing extensive investigative agency documents. It found the following facts: The Cubana flight was on the ground in Mexico City for a total of only about 4 hours and 10 minutes and thus could not have been delayed five hours. The Cubana flight had departed for Havana at 8:30 p.m., about an hour before the arrival of the private aircraft reportedly carrying a mysterious passenger, so he could not have taken the flight. The committee found that extensive records of flight arrivals and departures at the Mexico City airport were available and deemed it doubtful that the alleged transfer of a passenger from a private aircraft to the Cubana flight could have gone unnoticed, had it occurred. The committee concluded, therefore, that the transfer did not occur.

Jack Ruby has the Nichols parking garage attendant sign a receipt that Karen Carlin was given $5 at 9:30 PM.

10:45 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) Oswald, who has been placed in a cell on the fifth floor of the Dallas City Hall, places a long distance call to Raleigh, North Carolina. According to one of the switchboard operators, Mrs. Troon, she and a coworker (Mrs. Swinney) have been alerted that law enforcement officers -- she believes they might be Secret Service men -- will be arriving to listen in on an Oswald telephone call. Two men eventually arrive, show identification and are shown into a room next to the switchboard. When Oswald places the call, at about 10:45 PM this evening, Mrs. Swinney manages the call with Mrs. Troon listening in. Oswald is informed by Mrs. Swinney, as she has been instructed, that the number doesn’t answer. The call is then disconnected without ever really having been placed. Later, Mrs. Swinney tears the page off her notation pad and tosses it into the trash can. Mrs. Troon later recovers the note and retains it as a souvenir. (That slip of paper will turn up seven years from now in a Freedom of Information suit brought by Chicago researcher Sherman H. Skolnick (a civil action filed in Federal District Court in Chicago, April 6, 1970, No. 70C 790). It shows a collect call attempted from the jail by Lee Harvey Oswald to a John Hurt at 919-834-7430 and it gives an additional telephone number in the 919 Area Code, 833-1253.) The call is made to Raleigh, North Carolina to a man named John Hurt. The note lists two alternative numbers, which do appertain to published subscribers of that name. One of the two John Hurts served in U.S. Military Intelligence during World War II. Professor Blakey, Chief Counsel of Congress’ Assassinations Committee, will eventually conclude: “It was an outgoing call, and therefore I consider it very troublesome material. The direction in which it went was deeply disturbing.” Victor Marchetti, author of THE CIA AND THE CULT OF INTELLIGENCE, alleges that Oswald’s attempted call to Raleigh is an effort to contact a “fake cutout.” He explains that all intelligence agents work through “cutouts”, middlemen who are called if an agent is in a scrape. Therefore, according to Marchetti, Oswald thought he was working for a spy agency, most probably the CIA.

There are two John Hurts listed in the 1962 Southern Bell telephone directory for Raleigh, North Carolina. John W. Hurt is listed as living on Old Wake Forest Road and has not been traced by researchers. John David Hurt is listed as living on New Bern Avenue. This Mr. Hurt, who served as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence officer during World War II, was contacted by researchers but denied that he ever received or made a call to LHO in the Dallas jail. John David Hurt is now deceased. AUTHOR’S NOTE: Detailed information regarding the Raleigh telephone call was initially uncovered by Grover Proctor and Bernie Reeves and first reported in The Spectator, Raleigh, N.C.

Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden was the duty officer for the Secret Service’s Chicago office on the weekend of the assassination.

He states that the Secret Service office in Dallas contacted him late on the evening of the 23rd and requested a report on any phonetic spelling of “Hurt” or “Heard.” Gerry Patrick Hemming states that the CIA had access to “call forwarding” during the 50s and 60s. According to Hemming, “Call Forwarding,” at this time, was a secret service available to various intelligence agencies. It is possible, therefore, that Oswald’s Raleigh call was forwarded once it was routed through Raleigh, N.C. Hemming suggests that the call was possibly routed to either the Elizabeth City or Nags Head area of North Carolina.

The Warren Commission Report merely states that: “Between 4 and 4:30 p.m., Oswald made two telephone calls to Mrs. Ruth Paine at her home in Irving; at about 5:30 p.m. he was visited by the president of the Dallas Bar Association with whom he spoke for about 5 minutes. From 6 to 7:15 p.m. Oswald was interrogated once again in Captain Fritz’ office and then returned to his cell. At 8 p.m. he called the Paine residence again and asked to speak to his wife, but Mrs. Paine told him that his wife was no longer there.” The telephone call to Raleigh, NC is not mentioned by the Warren Commission. WC 10:59 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) In Washington, LBJ returns home to The Elms. As he drives up, he acknowledges the greetings of the people waiting for him. The Secret Service men who accompany LBJ carry their guns in the open. Mrs. Johnson says that the whole event is like a nightmare. NBC News/Nancy Dickerson 11:00 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) Jack Ruby is back at Dallas Police Headquarters armed with about a dozen sandwiches he has bought to give to officers. He has no trouble gaining access. LHO is escorted into an assembly room for a press conference and passes within three feet of Ruby, who is standing near the entrance. H&L In Washington, Arthur Schlesinger comes into the White House to join others who are now gathering there. “What kind of country is this?” Schlesinger asks through tears. “Those who preached hate and violence, the far right. This was their doing. Our fault was that we had never taken them seriously.” 11:26 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) Captain Fritz signs a formal complaint that charges LHO with the murder of JFK. H&L 11:45 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) The alleged assassination rifle is released to the FBI by the Dallas Police. Special Agent Vince Drain personally takes the rifle from the Dallas Police Dept. On Saturday morning (tomorrow) it will be examined at the FBI Laboratory in Washington, D.C., by FBI finger print expert Sebastian F. Latona.

Dallas police Lieutenant J.C. Day has received orders from Chief Jesse Curry “to go no further with the processing” of fingerprints on the rifle taken from the TSBD. The rifle is to be immediately turned over to the FBI - and will be taken to the FBI Laboratory in Washington, D.C. Day has been photographing and reportedly lifting prints from the rifle since 8 PM last evening. No one has been with Day during this procedure, so there are no witnesses to corroborate Day’s account of what was actually done. LHO’s palm print has supposedly been lifted by Day from a portion of the gun barrel underneath the rifle’s stock. The FBI will not be informed about the existence of this print until seven days from now. Though they supposedly know of the print’s discovery, NO mention of this print will be made by Will Fritz or Jesse Curry in their news conferences - even when asked if fingerprints have been found on the rifle. LHO’s palm print has been “inked” during his fingerprinting sessions earlier today. FBI expert, Sebastian Latona, will eventually note 12 points of identity between the lifted print and LHO’s inked palm print. However, Sylvia Meagher points out that: “An arrested person having his fingerprints and palm prints taken holds his inked hand flat, on a police record form. A person who handles a rifle curls his hand around the barrel. The curving of the hand would almost certainly, it seems to me, distort the lines and loops so that the resulting print would differ markedly from a print made by the flat of the hand. Nothing in Latona’s testimony suggests that the lifted palm print had any characteristics indicating that the print was made by a curved hand. On the contrary, Latona found 12 points of identity between the lift and a palm print made by a hand in a flat position.” AATF

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Of the 26 people present at the JFK autopsy in Bethesda, Maryland, 22 were never shown the resulting X-rays or autopsy photographs.

Only 4 doctors were allowed to see them. In fact, NONE of the doctors even remotely agreed with the photographs or x-rays.

Dr. Pierre Finck will eventually admit that this is not “a complete autopsy under the definition used by the American Board of Pathology.” For instance, the tracing of the alleged track of the alleged nonfatal bullet is not done in order “not to create unnecessary

mutilation of the cadaver.” Finck’s statement sees odd considering:

“the chest cavity of the President” was laid open” “the usual Y-cut incision was made” - a procedure that lays open the “rib cage - so you can get the vital organs of the body.” According to Jerrol Custer, the hospital technician who made the X-rays of JFK: “The next day I was placed in a room in the X-ray department with a portable X-ray machine and films, and was told to take X-ray films of bones of the skull with bullet fragments on them. I was ordered by Dr. Ebersole to complete this duty -- so that a bust of the President’s head could be made. These fragments were brought to me the next day by Dr. Ebersole.” Jerrol Custer, May 1993 Secret Service Agent Francis X. O’Neill leaves the morgue at Bethesda. He says he sees the fully clothed body of JFK in a coffin. The work of both the autopists and the cosmeticists has been concluded. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, on the other hand, testifies that about 1 o’clock AM, he sees an apparently naked JFK turned onto his stomach and is asked to verify a bullet hole in JFK’s back.

Following JFK’s autopsy, Robert Bouck, an employee of the Protective Research Section of the Treasury Department, signs a receipt that reads “One receipt from FBI for a missile removed during the examination of the body.” This corroborates the memo written by FBI agents Francis O’Neill and James Sibert that a bullet was removed from JFK’s body during the autopsy. Officially, no such bullet exists.

Secret Service agent Elmer Moore will later tell one Jim Gochenaur how he was in charge of the Dallas doctors eventual testimony in the JFK case. One of his assignments, as liaison for the Warren Commission, seems to have been talking Dr. Malcolm Perry out of his original statement that JFK’s throat wound was one of entry, which would have indicated an assassin in front of Kennedy.

But another thing Gochenaur related in his Church Committee interview, Gochenaur described the tirade SS Agent Moore went into the longer he talked to him: how Kennedy was a pinko who was selling us out to the communists. This went on for hours. Gochenaur was actually frightened by the time Moore drove him home.

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