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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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4:34 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) Coffin containing body of JFK enters the White House. At one point, Bobby Kennedy opens the casket and looks at the body. He remarks that it doesn’t look like his brother anymore and reconfirms the family’s desire to have the casket remain closed. William Manchester will eventually write: “His eyes full, the Attorney General turned to Bill Walton and whispered, ‘Please look, I want to know what you think.’ Walton looked as long as he could, with a growing sense of outrage. He said to Bob, ‘You mustn’t keep it open. It has no resemblance to the President. It’s a wax dummy... Don’t do it’.” Arthur Schlesinger will eventually say: “It is appalling,... At first glance it seemed all right, but I am nearsighted. When I came closer it looked less and less like him.” And also according to Manchester, Jacqueline Kennedy says, “It wasn’t Jack. It was like something you would see at Madame Tussaud’s.” RFK finally takes a sleeping pill and goes to the Lincoln bedroom to try to get some sleep. Once Charles Spalding closes the bedroom door, he hears RFK sob: “Why, God? Why, God? Why?” Brothers 5:00 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) Klein’s identifies Lee Harvey Oswald as C2766 (rifle) buyer 6:30 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) FBI Agent Drain arrives in Washington with Oswald rifle.

6:50 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) Sunrise -- storm warnings.

Shortly after Lyndon Johnson awakens this morning, one of his first official acts as President is to fire Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln, President Kennedy’s personal secretary, informing her that she is to have her desk cleared out by 9:00 AM. He then orders President Kennedy’s personal effects to be removed from the White House -- including Kennedy’s famous rocking chair in the Oval Office. Once this is completed, Johnson has a gold framed portrait of himself hung in the White House. He declares next Monday (Nov. 25) as a national day of mourning for JFK.

In today’s Dallas Morning News there is a story quoting Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade as saying that preliminary reports indicate more than one person was involved in the shooting of JFK. Cliff Carter, LBJ’s aide calls Wade three times to say that “LBJ feels that any word of a conspiracy - some plot by foreign nations - to kill President Kennedy would shake our nation to its foundation.” Also today, New Orleans attorney Dean Andrews calls his secretary from his hospital bed to say that he will be representing LHO. Andrews says he was asked to take the case by a man named Clay Bertrand (a.k.a. Clay Shaw) 7:00 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) LBJ calls Pierre Salinger and says: “Pierre, I know how much President Kennedy meant to you, and I know how you must feel now. But I want you to stay on the job. I need you more than he ever did.” Salinger tells LBJ that he will stay.

7:30 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) An FBI report states that on this date, and at this time: “A snub nose thirty-eight caliber Smith and Wessen, Serial number 893265, with the word “England” on the cylinder is found in a brown paper sack in the general area of where the assassination took place.” An FBI document released in 1978 will report that on 11/23/63 “Patrolman J. Raz brought into the Homicide and Robbery bureau, Dallas PD, a brown paper sack which contained a snub-nosed.38 caliber Smith and Wesson, SN 893265.. had been found near the curb at the corner of Ross and Lamar Streets and was turned in by one Willie Flat” This location is several blocks north of Dealey Plaza. By the end of the month, records will indicate that the FBI is carrying on an investigation of the handgun, but there is no record as to what is finally concluded about this mysterious weapon.

8:00 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) RFK takes a solitary walk around the South Grounds of the White House. RK Richard B. Stolley, representing Life magazine, meets with Abraham Zapruder to view his film. Secret Service agents are also present during the showing. BT Secret Service Report: At 8:00 A.M. on November 23, the security detail was relieved by Special Agents Hancock and Davis and White House Policeman J. C. Rowe. SA Gonzalez relieved SA Hancock at Noon and at 4:00 P.M., Messrs, Fox and Norton, Protective Research Section, photographed the Presidential limousine. At 4:30 P.M., SA Gonzalez contacted SAIC Bouck and Deputy Chief Paterni and, at their request, the flowers, torn pieces of paper, and other miscellaneous debris were removed from the floor of the car (SS-100-X) and taken to the Washington Field Office. At that time, the special detail securing the Presidential limousine and the follow-up car was discontinued.

9:00 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) FBI receives JFK clothing from Secret Service.

LBJ arrives at the White House. He goes at once to The Situation Room for his first intelligence briefing.

–  –  –

The Zapruder Film is now shown at Abraham Zapruder ‘s office by the Secret Service to a small press corps including Dan Rather of CBS and reps from the Saturday Evening Post and the Associated Press.

Two reporters from Life Magazine knock on Mrs. Ruth Paine’s door. After Marguerite Oswald, Marina, and their children dress, they are taken to the Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas. H&L Ted Kennedy tells his father the news of JFK’s death RFK finds Evelyn Lincoln sobbing outside of the Oval Office, now occupied by LBJ. “Do you know he asked me to be out by 9:30?” she asks RFK. “Oh, no!” RFK exclaims. RK Also, at this time on Nov. 23rd, an unidentified man shows up at the Crescent City Garage in New Orleans. Adrian Alba partly owns and operates the place. On this particular morning, Alba is not present. The stranger tells an employee that he is one of Alba’s “very best friends” and that he has come to borrow some of Alba’s gun magazines which are displayed in the garage’s waiting room.

The stranger is admitted without further questioning and spends a few minutes browsing over the magazines. The employee, thinking the man is his boss’s friend, pays no more attention to him.

Lee Harvey Oswald is known to have spent hours browsing through Alba’s gun magazines while working in New Orleans at the William B. Reily coffee company, located next door. Alba testifies that Oswald was talkative on the subject of guns and questioned him about the relative merits of various weapons. Alba further testifies that Oswald’s special interest seemed to be in how one goes about ordering guns and how long it takes to get them delivered by mail order. Ultimately, investigators find two mail-order coupons for the very rifle supposedly in Oswald’s possession in Dallas. In at least one case, the jagged edges of the coupon taken from Oswald’s effects will perfectly match the space where a coupon has been ripped out of one of the magazines found in Adrian Alba’s waiting room. It is an ad for, among other items, the infamous Mannlicher-Carcano, being offered by Klein’s Sporting goods in Chicago -- the company identified as the supplier of the alleged assassination rifle. FBI laboratory examination of the JUNE 1963 issue of the “American Rifleman” found in the garage yields Oswald’s thumb print. This same magazine has a Klein’s ad coupon torn from it -- a coupon that is found among Oswald’s possessions.

All this doubtlessly constitutes prime evidence, EXCEPT that records later produced by Klein’s will show that Oswald ordered his rifle from the FEBRUARY issue of “American Rifleman.” This fact, plus the knowledge of the presence of the stranger in the garage waiting room seriously pollutes the evidence gathered here.

9:20 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) In Washington, LBJ meets with Dean Rusk. FD CIA Director John McCone briefs LBJ. The CIA has information on foreign connections to the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, which suggest to LBJ that Kennedy may have been murdered by an international conspiracy. A CIA memo reports that Oswald visited Mexico City in September and talked to a Soviet vice consul whom the CIA knows as a KGB expert in assassination and sabotage. The memo warns that if Oswald has indeed been part of a foreign conspiracy, he might be killed before he is able reveal it to U.S.


10:00 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) Richard B. Stolley of Life magazine negotiates with Abraham Zapruder to purchase print rights to the film for $50,000. Zapruder turns “original” over to Stolley. Life will later purchase all rights for a total of $150,000. BT F. Vaughn Ferguson of the Ford Motor Company arrives at the White House garage in response to a telephone call to his home from the Secret Service. The “bubble top” is in a stall in the garage with two Secret Service agents guarding it. Ferguson is permitted to see only the windshield of the limo. “Examination of the windshield disclosed no perforation, but substantial cracks radiating a couple of inches from the center of the windshield at a point directly beneath the mirror.” Ferguson is told to make arrangements to replace the windshield. MIDP 10:01 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) J. Edgar Hoover calls LBJ. Hoover tells LBJ that the evidence the FBI has against LHO “at the present time is not very, very strong.” Hoover goes on to say that “I think that the bullets were fired from the fifth floor, and the three shells that were [found] were found on the fifth floor. But he apparently went upstairs to the sixth floor [after having] fired the gun and to throw the gun away, and then went out.” An FBI report is sent to LBJ later today that corrects the errors contained in Hoover’s oral report. TKAT It is reported that the tape recording of this telephone call between LBJ and Hoover contains a 14-minute gap - much like Nixon’s Watergate tape gap, only shorter. It may also be that the original looping belt has been replaced by a blank belt. Johnson’s daily diary, available at the LBJ Library web site, notes the Hoover call, which occurred after briefings from National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy and CIA Director McCone. According to the diary, the call from Hoover was followed by a brief call from Bundy (untaped) and a call to labor leader George Meany. The Vice-Presidential recording system in place at the time of these recordings used an IBM machine which recorded magnetically on wide looping belts. This is a different system from the “Dictabelt” system used by JFK and later by LBJ.

10:30 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) LHO is checked out of the jail and brought to Captain Fritz’s office for interrogation.

10:49 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) Jackie Kennedy takes her two children into the East Room. They stay in the room alone except for the priests and the honor guard for about ten or fifteen minutes until the rest of the Kennedy family comes in.

11:25 AM (Nov. 23, 1963) In an interview, Jesse Curry states something to the effect that FBI agents had recently interviewed LHO, had him under surveillance, and had prior knowledge of his activities. When J. Edgar Hoover hears of these remarks, he immediately has C. D. DeLoach contact SAC Gordon Shanklin in Dallas. Shanklin is instructed to get a public retraction from Curry or lose his job with the FBI. Curry retracts his statements in a subsequent statement to the press. H&L

–  –  –

12:00 PM (Nov. 23, 1963) Carousel Club employee Larry Crafard leaves Dallas without telling anyone and hitchhikes to Michigan with $7.00 in his pocket. He is located by the FBI several days later in a remote part of that state.

–  –  –

David Ferrie will tell the FBI that on this afternoon, he spends two hours at the Winterland Rink in Houston, Texas, skating and talking with Chuck Rolland (the owner) about the cost of installing and operating his rink. Later, Rolland will tell FBI agents that Ferrie had called from New Orleans the afternoon of November 22 only to obtain the skating schedule at Winterland, and “at no time did he discuss the cost of equipping or operating an ice skating rink.” Furthermore, Rolland will inform the agents that Ferrie does not skate at all while at his rink, but spends the entire stay at Winterland making and receiving calls at a public phone. From Winterland, Ferrie and his two friends go to another Houston skating rink, the Belair. Witnesses will later tell FBI agents the trio does not skate there either.

Eventually, Ferrie and his companions will check out of the Alamotel in Houston and drive 100 miles to Galveston. First, however -David Ferrie calls Carlos Marcello’s Town & Country office from the Houston motel.

A postman walks up to a WFAA cameraman on the street and hands him a 30.6 cartridge wrapped in a postal receipt. “Give this to Bert Shipp,” the postman says. “He will know what to do with it”. Shipp is a well known television personality and perhaps this is why the postman thinks of him. “Where did you get it?” The cameraman asks. “I found it in the bushes outside the School Book Depository Building,” says the postman. Shipp at first doesn’t take it seriously. The carttridge shell lies on Shipp’s desk for months.

Some law enforcement people hear about and have a look at the shell. Finally, a member of the Dallas Police Department comes by the television station and picks up the cartridge. The police keep the cartridge for awhile and then Patrolman George Butler gives it back to Shipp,. Police tell Shipp as far as they are concerned; he has one of the shells that had come out of Oswald’s rifle. It must have flicked out the sixth floor window and landed in the bushes below. The only problem with that is there is no logical way the shell could have flicked out the window. And there are no bushes below the window---only cement.( Neither could a 30.6 shell be fired from the MC.).

Engraved on the mystery bullet is “FA 41.” This means the bullet was manufactured in 1941 at Frankfort Arsenal in Illinois. It was part of 1941 military ammunition.

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