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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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A lot of news people, but nobody too concerned with security.” Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry advises Gordon Shanklin, head of the FBI office in Dallas, that he has received information from an individual in North Carolina as to the location of the purchase of the rifle used in the assassination. An hour from now, FBI assistant Director A. H. Belmont advises Shanklin to tell Chief Curry that the sale of the gun has been traced to Chicago. There is no more discussion about information received from North Carolina. H&L [EVENING] -- Nov. 23, 1963 Cliff Carter, President Johnson’s aide again calls District Attorney Henry Wade in Dallas. He tells Wade that LBJ feels that any word of a conspiracy -- some plot by foreign nations -- to kill JFK will shake the nation to its foundation.

Wade then goes to the Police Department at City Hall to see Captain Will Fritz -- to make sure the Dallas police don’t involve any foreign country in the assassination.

The CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center develops stills of the Zapruder film, enlarges them, mounts them on a large board which CIA Director McCone then takes to show to LBJ. The CIA later has a U-2 photograph LHO and Marina’s residences in Minsk. These photos are given to Richard Helms. McCone meets with LBJ to discuss information from the CIA in Mexico City.

Additionally, the CIA cables AM/LASH’s case officer, telling him to break off contact with AM/LASH because of the president’s assassination. The Agency also wants the planned arrest of Sylvia Duran called off, saying, “The arrest could jeopardize U.S. freedom of action on the whole question of Cuban responsibility.” Dan Rather, now an obscure Texas journalist, is given a private showing of the Zapruder film after which he narrates what he has seen on TV. He describes the head was going forward. Years later, he retracts this statement. The film then remains in a vault until 1969. (Life magazine buys the film from Zapruder for $150,000.00, and will print various of its frames over the years. However, Life will not allow the film to be seen. Zapruder reportedly gives the first year’s payment installment to the family of slain officer J.D. Tippit.) Hughes Rudd: Dick, ah, Dan Rather just came into the studio, ah and we’ve just been discussing this statement just made by Texas Attorney General Wagoner Carr about a full and complete investigation that is going to be carried out and so on... what do you have that’s new, anything?

Dan Rather: Well I’m not sure that this is the proper context in which to put it... but as you may know Hughes I, I... have just returned from seeing a... a movie... which clearly shows in some great detail the exact moments preceding, the exact moments of, the President’s assassination which clears up some of the points that had been rather vague up until this time. Now may not be the time or the place to discuss that, perhaps Dick us...

Richard Hotelett: No I think it is... us, Dan... I think it fits right into the context of what we’ve been saying.

Dan Rather: Well let me tell you then, give you a word picture of the motion picture that we have just seen. The President’s automobile which was proceeded by only one other car containing Secret Service Agents... the President’s open black Lincoln automobile... made a turn, a left turn off of Houston Street in Dallas onto Elm Street,this was right on the fringe area of the downtown area. This left turn was made right below the window from which the shot was fired... as the car made the turn completed the turn went below the window from which this shot was fired... went on past the building keep in mind the window was on the sixth floor... it got about 35 yards from the base of the building that is if you had dropped a plumb line from the window to the sidewalk to the President’s car was around 35 yards from that spot... President Kennedy had just put his right hand up to the side of his right eye, it appeared that he was perhaps brushing back his hair or rubbing his eyebrow. Mrs. Kennedy was not looking in his direction. In front of them in the jump seat of the Lincoln... were Governor and Mrs. Connally. The Governor as was the President was on the side of the car of the building in which the assassin was located. Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Connally were on the opposite side, two Secret Service men on the front seat. At almost the instant the President put his hand up to his eyebrow... on the right side of his face, with Mrs. Kennedy looking away... the President lurched forward just a bit, us, it was obvious he had been hit in the movie but you had to be looking very closely in order to see it. Mrs.

Kennedy did not appear to be aware that he was hit but Governor Connally in the seat just in front of the President... seemly heard the shot... or sensed that something was wrong... Governor Connally whose coat button was open turned in such a way to extend his right hand out towards the President and the Governor seemed to have a look on his face that might say,”What is it? What happened?! and as he turned he exposed his entire shirt front and chest because his coat was unbuttoned... at that moment a shot very clearly hit the part of the Governor. He was wounded once with a chest shot, this we now know... as the Governor fell back in his seat... Mrs. Connally immediately fell over the Governor, us, I say fell, she threw herself over the Governor... and at that instant the second shot the third shot total but the second shot hit President Kennedy and there was no doubt there,his head... went forward with considerable violence... Mrs.

Kennedy stood up immediately her mouth wide open... the President slumped over against Mrs. Kennedy almost toppling her over as she was standing... Mrs. Kennedy then threw herself out of the backseat of the car onto the trunk of the car almost on all fours stretched out over the trunk of the car... there was a Secret Service man standing on the back bumper... it would appear that Mrs. Kennedy was either trying to get herself out of what she knew instinctively was danger or perhaps was trying to grab the Secret Service man and pull him into the back seat of the car for help at any rate Mrs. Kennedy was prone, face down on the back of the car on the trunk... the Secret Service man leaned over put his hands on her shoulders and shoved her back into the car he seemed to be in danger of perhaps rolling or falling off the back. A Secret Service man in the front seat of the car was already on the telephone perhaps he had been on the phone all along it was not clear and the car sped away.

Richard Hotelett: The car never stopped did it!

Dan Rather: The car never stopped, it never paused.

Hughes Rudd: How long did all this take, Dan? In a matter of seconds.

Dan Rather: Well, the complete scene that I just described to you covers exactly 20 seconds that is from the time the car made the turn until the car disappeared onto an underpass.

Richard Hotelett: Is it clear, is it that the President was hit twice ?

Dan Rather: It was very clear that the President was hit twice. He was hit, Governor Connally was hit and the Gov.... the President was hit again.

Hughes Rudd: How long a time did the actual three shots take from the first shot until the final shot, Dan?

Dan Rather: Not more than five seconds and I... am inclined to think slightly less than that perhaps.

Hughes Rudd: There [sic] must have been very grim pictures to watch, especially today.

Richard Hotelett: What was the source of these pictures, Dan?

Dan Rather: An amateur photographer, had an 8 millimeter color us camera he had positioned himself up off the side walk on an old street lamp base, he was above the heads of the crowd and was facing the automobile.

Richard Hotelett: Of course he was focused on the automobile so there’s no indication of where the shots came from.

Dan Rather: No, he was focused on the automobile with his back or side to the window from which the shots came. Only the automobile was shown in the film.

Regarding possible alterations in Zapruder’s film, Dr. David Mantik writes in Murder In Dealey Plaza that: “After the initial weekend, there is no record of a screening [of the Zapruder film] again until 25 February 1964. This provides a rather long time interval (two months) for completion of alterations. It is not likely that the work was completed overnight, or even within the first few days. Only several frames were published in Life magazine within the early weeks. These must have been retained unchanged, but most frames were not published at all in these early issues of Life.” 6:28 PM (Nov. 23, 1963) White House press secretary Pierre Salinger announces that the Kennedy family has decided that JFK will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. PKHBS

–  –  –

The Soviet news agency, Tass, tonight accuses the American police of trying to implicate the Communist Party in the assassination of JFK and says the case against Lee Harvey Oswald is suspicious. PKHBS In Dallas, Jesse Curry announces that the interrogation of LHO is finished for the day. He also announces that LHO will be transferred from the Dallas city jail to the Dallas county jail - probably sometime tomorrow morning. Regarding his reluctance to give the exact time of the transfer, Curry finally tells reporters “If you come here by ten o’clock tomorrow morning, nothing will have happened.” Terrance W. McGarry, a reporter from UPI and another UPI reporter, Curt Gans talk over drinks later. “The more we talked about it, the more we were convinced that somebody would try to kill Oswald.” PKHBS 7:40 PM (Nov. 23, 1963) Ted Kennedy calls LBJ. LBJ says: “God Almighty and his wisdom work in mysterious ways... and we’ll unite together.” Ted Kennedy then concludes conversation by saying “Well, thank you, anyway.” 8:15 PM (Nov. 23, 1963) Lee Harvey Oswald is now back in his cell. He has been questioned less than 3 hours during this day.

Tonight in the White House, Milt Ebbins, who has flown in from Los Angeles, sees RFK standing alone in the East Room next to JFK’s casket. RFK is crying. Years from now, Peter Lawford - who is also present in the White House - will tell a friend that during this weekend, RFK reveals that he thinks JFK has been killed by a powerful plot that has grown out of one of the government’s secret anti-Castro operations. RFK reportedly tells Lawford and other family members that there is nothing he can do at this point, since they are facing a formidable enemy and they no longer control the government. Brothers 10:00 PM (Nov. 23, 1963) David Ferrie and his two companions check into the Driftwood Motel in Galveston, Texas. Ferrie then leaves the motel and stays out until early morning.

10:44 PM (Nov. 23, 1963) A call is placed from Jack Ruby sister’s apartment to The Bullpen, a restaurant owned by Ralph Paul, a longtime backer of Jack Ruby. Paul later says he has already left the restaurant, but a waitress remembers Paul taking a phone call from Jack Ruby and saying something about a gun while talking on the phone.

11:44 PM (Nov. 23, 1963) Breck Wall, a friend of Jack Ruby, receives a long distance call from Ruby at the Galveston number of a Thomas J. McKenna. This is the last long-distance call Ruby is known to have made before shooting Lee Harvey Oswald at Dallas Police Headquarters the following day.

12:00 Midnight (Nov. 23, 1963) Joseph Milteer and William Somersett arrive in Columbia, SC and register at the Wade Hampton Hotel. They have traveled from Jacksonville, Florida by automobile and are to meet with representatives of the Association of South Carolina Klans (ASCK) in furtherance of Milteer’s plan to establish a new party, the Constitutional American Parties (CAP.) Nov. 24, 1963 “I, James J. Humes, certify that I have destroyed by burning certain preliminary draft notes [underline added] relating to Naval Medical School Autopsy Report A63-272 and have officially transmitted all other papers related to this report to higher authority..”

Dr. Humes also writes a separate certificate:

“I, James J. Humes, certify that all working papers associated with Naval Medical School Autopsy report A63-272 have remained in my personal custody at all times. Autopsy notes and the holograph draft of the final report were handed to Commanding Officer (J.H. Stover, Jr.) U. S. Medical School, at 1700, 24 November 1963. No papers relating to this case remain in my possession.” “The original notes which were stained with the blood of our late President, I felt, were inappropriate to retain to turn in to anyone in that condition. I felt that people with some peculiar ideas about the value of that type of material, they might fall into their hands. I sat down and word for word copied what I had on fresh paper.” Dr. Humes Testifying before the Select Committee, Dr. Humes will eventually say of the autopsy: “I feel it also was hampered by our inability, No.

1 to never have seen, after about midnight of that night, the X-rays, to never have seen at any time until a year or two after the Warren Commission the photographs which we made. I think had we had those opportunities, some of the confusion and difficulties which seem to have arisen might not have arisen.” A Nicaraguan, Gilberto Ugarte Alvarado, goes to the American Embassy in Mexico City and tells them that he was in the Cuban Consulate on September 17 and saw Oswald paid $6,500.00 by Cubans who discussed the assassination with him. This story is later demolished.

1:15 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) (Sunday) J. Edgar Hoover urges secret transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald. Parkland Hospital is warned to prepare for possible emergency.

1:30 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) The Secret Service has learned that “Lieut. J. Evans” and “Sgt. Robert Hidell” are listed as references on Oswald’s application for employment with the William B. Reily Company and have instituted inquiries to trace those names.

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