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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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As a result, Mr. David Kerr, Office of Naval Intelligence, contacts SAIC Rice by telephone, advising that a thorough search has been made of the Marine Corps records with the following results: There are only four persons on active duty by the name of J. Evans, and twelve on inactive duty... He said that there was only one officer, Lieutenant John Stewart Evans... who might be associated with Oswald’s reference. He further advised that there is no record of a “Hidell” either on active duty or inactive; and that the only similar name is John R. Heindel, age thirty-eight, born in Louisiana, who is not active, his record being available at the Federal Records Center, St. Louis.

2:15 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) An anonymous telephone call is received at the Dallas FBI office. The caller warns that Oswald will be killed during the transfer to the county jail later this morning. There is no significant change of plans. The sheriff’s office and FBI officials in Dallas receive almost identical telephone warnings that Oswald will be murdered as he is transferred. The switchboard operator later identifies the caller as Jack Ruby. Dallas FBI SAC Shanklin calls the Dallas Police Department in an attempt to reach Chief Curry with news of the threat. He will not reach Curry until 8:15 AM - hours later.

In Washington, President Johnson signs National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM) # 273. This cancels former President Kennedy’s planned troop withdrawal from Vietnam. This document also subtly changes the United States objective from simply assisting the South Vietnamese to assisting them “to win” against the Communists, and authorizes plans for expanding the war into Vietnam.

This eventually leads to an undeclared war that kills fifty-eight thousand Americans, causes domestic riots and demonstrations, engenders lasting hatreds between classes and age groups, and, according to many, nearly wrecks the American economy.

Robert McNamara will later write: “... President Johnson made clear to (Henry Cabot) Lodge on November 24 that he wanted to win the war and that, at least in the short run, he wanted priority given to military operations over ‘so-called’ social reforms. He felt the United States had spent too much time and energy trying to shape other countries in its own image. Win the war! That was his message.” In Columbia, S.C., William Somersett and Joseph Milteer have breakfast together. Milteer says to Somersett: “They did not have to worry about Lee Harvey Oswald because he doesn’t know anything.” 5 - 6 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Terrance W. McGarry, a UPI reporter is awakened by his wife in Dallas. She makes her husband get up. “If anyone shoots that guy [LHO] and you knew ahead of time that is was going to happen, you will never forgive yourself.” McGarry is convinced that someone will try to kill LHO during the transfer today. PKHBS 7:30 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Stephen Alexander, a television cameraman, will tell the FBI that he is present in various parts of the police basement from this time until LHO is shot, at about 11:30 AM; “at no time was he asked for identification by any police officer,” and he doubts that any other newsmen are asked to show their credentials. Ed Haddad, a radio newscaster, says that there is “no security set up as far as he could notice” and that “Oswald could easily have been slain on Friday or Saturday, for anyone could move freely throughout the building.” AATF 8:15 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) FBI SAC Shanklin reaches Police Chief Curry by phone and informs him of the Oswald death threat. AOT Elnora Pitts, who does some housecleaning for Jack Ruby calls his house, as he does each Sunday morning, to make sure Ruby wants her to come this day. A male voice answers the phone that does not sound, to Pitts, like Jack Ruby -- even though the speaker identifies himself as Ruby. The speaker also has no knowledge of the weekly cleaning arrangement. Ruby is actually outside the Dallas Police building.

8:30 - 8:45 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Immediately after his arrival at the building on Sunday morning, Jesse Curry speaks by telephone with Sheriff J. E. Decker about the transfer. When Decker indicates that he will leave to Curry the decision on whether the sheriff’s office or the police will move Oswald, Curry decides that the police will handle it because “we had so much involved here, we were the ones that were investigating the case and we had the officers set up downstairs to handle it.” After talking with Decker, Curry begins to discuss plans for the transfer. With the threats against Oswald in mind, Curry suggests to Batchelor and Deputy Chief Stevenson that Oswald be transported to the county jail in an armored truck, to which they agree. While Batchelor makes arrangements to have an armored truck brought to the building, Curry and Stevenson tentatively agree on the route the armored truck would follow from the building to the county jail. WC 9:00 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) In Columbia, SC Joseph Milteer goes outside of the Wade Hampton Hotel to get some coffee. He returns with same and also with a quantity of change which leads FBI informant William Somersett to conclude he has made a long distance call. “Oswald has not said anything and he will not say anything.” Milteer tells Somersett.

At 9:00 (CST) senior officers of the Dallas Police Dept. begin issuing detailed orders for LHO’s transfer. While the 10:00 transfer is now off, it is obvious to all that LHO will be transferred within hours.

Policemen supposedly clear the Dallas Police headquarters basement of all but police personnel. Guards are stationed at the top of the Main and Commerce Streets auto ramps leading down into the basement, at each of the five doorways into the garage, and at the double doors leading to the public hallway adjacent to the jail office. Then, Sgt. Patrick T. Dean, acting under instructions from Talbert, directs 14 men in a search of the garage. Maintenance workers are directed to leave the area. The searchers examine the rafters, tops of air conditioning ducts, and every closet and room opening off the garage. They search the interior and trunk compartment of automobiles parked in the garage. The two passenger elevators in the central part of the garage are not in service and the doors are shut and locked;

the service elevator is moved to the first floor, and the operator is instructed not to return it to the basement. WC William Lord, ABC news correspondent, tells the FBI that he enters the police basement at this time by public elevator from the third floor and that no one asks him to identify himself; he does not observe that anyone is responsible for identifying those who enter the basement. AATF The Warren Commission estimates that 40 to 50 newsmen are present in the police basement when LHO is shot. Twenty-seven press representatives are listed as present in the police report on the so-called abortive transfer; the FBI interviews at least another 17 reporters, which brings the number to 44. The Commission states that “Many newsmen reported that they were checked on more than one occasion while they waited in the basement. A small number did not recall that their credentials were ever checked.” According to Sylvia Meagher, 14 newsmen report that their credentials have not been checked, or not checked on some occasions. Fourteen is almost onethird of the total 44 newsmen - something over 31 per cent. Meagher suggests that 14 is not a “small number” but a large proportion, and that the Warren Report minimizes what is clearly inexcusable recklessness and irresponsibility on the part of the Dallas police in protecting a prisoner whose life has been threatened by unknown men. AATF 9:30 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Ray Rushing, a preacher from Plano, Texas, has a short conversation with Jack Ruby during a ride in an elevator at the Dallas Police headquarters.

10:01 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) J. Edgar Hoover calls LBJ at the Executive Offices. They speak in context of Hoover’s five-page report (sent over to Johnson by special courier service) on the assassination. LBJ specifically asks about LHO’s visit to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City in September. Hoover admits that he is confused. He informs LBJ that the voice on the tapes (supposedly made while LHO was calling the Cuban and Soviet embassies ) is NOT Oswald’s. “In other words,” Hoover explains, “it appears that there is a second person who was at the Soviet Embassy down there.” “The case as it stands now isn’t strong enough to be able to get a conviction.” The knowledge that someone impersonated Oswald is held very closely. Hoover does inform James Rowley, the head of the US Secret Service, but only a handful of people in the FBI will be privy to this particular detail. (PROBE Sept./Oct. 1999, John Newman) Marguerite and Marina Oswald and the two children are being “detained” by the Secret Service at the Executive Inn in Dallas.

Following Lee Harvey Oswald’s death, they will be moved to the Inn of the Six Flags, several miles outside of Dallas. Before this time, no protection has been afforded to the family of Lee Harvey Oswald.

10:19 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Karen Carlin places a call to Jack Ruby at his apartment. BT 10:20 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Chief Jesse Curry tells a press conference that Oswald will be moved in an armored truck and gives a general description of other security precautions. Apparently no newsmen are informed of the transfer route, however, and the route is not disclosed to the driver of the armored truck until the truck arrives at the Commerce Street exit at about 11:07 a.m. When Chief Curry learns that the truck has arrived, he informs Captain Fritz that security controls are in effect and inquires how long the questioning of Oswald will continue. At this point, Fritz learns for the first time of the plan to convey Oswald by armored truck and immediately expresses his disapproval. He urges the use of an unmarked police car driven by a police officer, pointing out that this will be better from the standpoint of both speed and maneuverability. Curry agrees and the armored truck now becomes a decoy. WC 11:00 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Deputy Chief Stevenson requests that Capt. O. A. Jones of the forgery bureau bring all available detectives from the third floor offices of Dallas Police headquarters to the basement. Jones instructs the detectives who accompany him to the basement to line the walls on either side of the passageway cleared for the transfer party. A ccording to Detective T. D. McMillon, “...

Captain Jones explained to us that, when they brought the prisoner out, that he wanted two lines formed and we were to keep these two lines formed: you know, a barrier on either side of them, kind of an aisle... for them to walk through, and when they came down this aisle, we were to keep this line intact and move along with them until the man was placed in the car. “ WC Capt. Fritz has completed his questioning of Oswald. A bundle of Oswald’s clothes is brought in, and he is asked what he prefers to wear. “Just give me one of those sweaters,” Oswald replies, and then slips into a black sweater with jagged holes in the shoulder.

He is ready to go. Inspector Thomas J. Kelley of the Secret Service speaks to Oswald quietly out of earshot of everyone else. He tells Oswald that, if he is not guilty, then Kelley would be “very anxious to talk with him to make sure the correct story was developing as it related to the assassination.” Oswald says he will be glad to discuss this proposition “with his attorney” but, for the moment, has “nothing more to say.” Oswald, still handcuffed, is then escorted out of the small office by a phalanx of Dallas detectives.

During this same time, Jack Ruby parks his car directly across the street from the Western Union office, places his keys and billfold in the trunk of the car, then locks the trunk which also contains approximately $1000.00 in cash. He then places the trunk key in the glove compartment of the car. He does not lock the car doors. His dog, Sheba, is left in the car. He is carrying his revolver and $2000.00 in cash and no personal identification.

11:10 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Members of a police detail are heading to the basement in preparation for LHO’s transfer. They see Officer William “Blackie” Harrison coming up from the subbasement. He will later say he has gone down there to get cigars. It has been suggested that Harrison, who had access to four telephones, was the one who calls Ruby and gives him the word that LHO is about to be transferred. Conspiracy 11:17 AM (Nov. 24, 1963) Jack Ruby is at the Western Union office located just down the street from the police station where Oswald is being prepared for transfer. He is sending a twenty-five-dollar money order to Karen Carlin in Fort Worth. Carlin is a stripper who works in his club. Ruby then goes to the police station and positions himself in a place to shoot Oswald.

Ruby’s roommate, George Senator, makes a telephone call from the Eat Well Cafe to attorney Jim Martin in Dallas a few minutes before Ruby shoots LHO, requesting that the attorney represent Ruby for the shooting that has not yet occurred. BT Karen Bennett Carlin, who dances in Ruby’s club using the name “Little Lynn” will be later interviewed by FBI Agent Roger C. Warner: “Mrs. Carlin was highly agitated and was reluctant to make any statement to me. She stated to me that she was under the impression the Lee Oswald, Jack Ruby, and other individuals unknown to her, were involved in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy and that she would be killed if she gave any information to the authorities.” (Shortly after Ruby’s trial, Carlin will be “found shot to death in her Houston hotel.”) In his book, Bloody Treason, Noel Twyman states that, after her testimony, Carlin disappears and has not been seen or heard from since. He then notes that it has been reported that Carlin was not murdered, but may have resurfaced in 1993 via a telephone call. Researchers are trying to make contact with her.

About this time, Jack Ruby’s attorney, Tom Howard, enters the Dallas Police building. He comes through the Harwood Street entrance and walks up to the jail office window. At this time, Oswald is just being taken off the jail elevator. Tom Howard turns away from the window where he sees Oswald emerge from the elevator, waves at Detective H. L. McGee and walks back toward the Harwood Street door saying: “That’s all I wanted to see.” Ruby’s roommate, George Senator, places a telephone call from the Eat Well Cafe to attorney Jim Martin in Dallas requesting that the attorney represent Ruby for a shooting that has not yet even occurred.

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