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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Within 30 minutes of his act of murder, Jack Ruby chooses to tell four police officers that he had entered the basement through the Main Street ramp, but not one of those officers reports what Ruby has said “until some days later.” Having told the four policemen how he got in, Ruby then becomes uncooperative. When FBI Agent Hall begins to interrogate him at 12:40 PM, Ruby refuses to reveal his means of entry, even though two of the policemen to whom Ruby has already admitted using the Main St. ramp are present with FBI Agent Hall. AATF Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw, in his book Conspiracy of Silence, writes of receiving a telephone call from LBJ as the emergency surgery on LHO is underway. LBJ tells Crenshaw: “I want a deathbed confession from the accused assassin. There’s a man in the operating room who will take the statement. I will expect full cooperation in this matter.” On the phone with Bill Walton, Agnes Meyer, the aging mother of Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham, growls, “What is this - some kind of goddam banana republic?” Brothers In Washington - Jacqueline Kennedy appears at the north portico of the White House, dressed all in black, to watch her husband’s last departure from the presidential mansion. Caroline and John, Jr. stand on either side of her as JFK’s coffin is placed in position by the pallbearers. The casket is taken to the rotunda Capitol Building. FD 1:58 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) Jacqueline Kennedy enters the rotunda of the Capitol. She leaves twenty-two minutes later. FD

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During LHO’s autopsy, Marina enters the room. She stands next to the body of her husband and raises his eyelids to look at his eyes. Four months later, she will tell a French journalist “I had two husbands: Lee, the father of my children, an affectionate and kind man; and Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President Kennedy.” TA Mortician Paul Groody will be asked if he notes a mastoid scar on the left side of LHO’s neck or scars near his left elbow. In 1945 Lee Oswald had a mastoidectomy operation at Harris Hospital in Fort Worth. A three-inch mastoid scar is noted on his Marine medical records. In 1957, Lee shot himself in the arm with a.22 Derringer. Neither the three-inch mastoid scar nor scars from the bullet wounds are now observed by Groody or noted on his 1963 report. TA Researcher Gary Mack has stated that Dr. Carl Dockery photographs the LHO autopsy. He runs out of film and borrows a camera from someone out in the hallway - possibly a photographer. Dockery remembers shooting approximately 150 photographs. They are confiscated by Parkland security and ultimately go to J.C. Price. The photographs have not been seen since. TGZFH With the death of LHO, it is obvious there will be no legal trial of the accused assassin. Deputy Attorney General Nicholas de B. Katzenbach drafts a handwritten proposal suggesting “the appointment of a Presidential Commission of unimpeachable personnel to review and examine the evidence and to announce its conclusions.” It is also after LHO’s death that FBI agent James Hosty is ordered to destroy the note LHO allegedly left for him. Dr. James J. Humes will also burn his original handwritten notes of JFK’s autopsy in the fireplace of his recreation room.

2:19 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) Jacqueline Kennedy and Caroline kneel at JFK’s catafalque in the Capitol’s Rotunda. FD 2:25 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) Networks announce Lee Harvey Oswald’s death.

Less than two hours after Oswald dies in Dallas, J. Edgar Hoover telephones the Johnson White House, saying: “The thing I am most concerned about... is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.” Hoover also calls SAC Shanklin and orders Oswald’s Dallas FBI file sanitized.

Carousel Club stripper, Janet Conforto -- better known as Jada -- is driving home to New Orleans when she hears of the Oswald shooting. She immediately calls a Dallas Times Herald reporter with her Ruby recollections, then heads back to Dallas for publicity.

She will appear on network television this evening in an interview with Paul Good. WFAA-TV keeps a video of that interview and the Warren Commission eventually publishes a transcript. Within 10 days Jada is in New York where FBI agents James Rogers and Edmund Fanagan interview her and write: “She had no knowledge of any association between Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald (and) had never seen Oswald in the Carousel Club, or at any place. (In an interview over thirty years later, her son confirms Jada’s information and says she died in a motorcycle/bus accident in the late 1970’s.) 2:50 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) Eugene Rostow calls Bill Moyers. Rostow says: “In this situation, with this bastard killed, my suggestion is that a presidential commission be appointed of very distinguished citizens in the very near future, bipartisan and above politics - no Supreme Court justices, but people like Tom Dewey and, you know, Bill [sic] Storey from Texas, and so on, a commission of seven or nine people - maybe [even] [Richard] Nixon, I don’t know...” TKAT This afternoon in New Orleans, G. Wray Gill visits David Ferrie’s apartment and speaks to his roommate Layton Martens. Gill tells Martens that when Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested by the Dallas Police, he was carrying a library card with Ferrie’s name on it.

Gill instructs Martens to tell Ferrie to contact him and Gill will represent Ferrie as his attorney.

How does G. Wray Gill have this information? In the Dallas Police Department’s inventory of Oswald’s personal effects, no mention is made of the library card. Further complicating the subject is the fact that Marina Oswald is asked if she knows a “Mr. David Farry.” Jack Martin telephones a friend of New Orleans Assistant District Attorney Herman Kohlman and tells him that he suspects Lee Harvey Oswald has conspired with David Ferrie to assassinate JFK. Martin then informs Kohlman’s friend that Oswald and Ferrie have known each other since 1955, when they served on the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol together. It was then, according to Martin, that Ferrie taught Oswald how to fire a high-powered rifle with telescopic sight. Martin adds that Ferrie is passionately anti-Kennedy and he, Jack Martin, has once overheard him discussing with Oswald the necessity of assassinating JFK.

Also later this afternoon, David Ferrie places a call to his roommate in New Orleans, Layton Martens, and, according to his FBI testimony, is shocked to learn from him that he is being accused of having been involved in the assassination of JFK. Ferrie immediately heads back to Louisiana. On the advice of attorney G. Wray Gill, Ferrie spends this night in Hammond, at Southeastern Louisiana University, visiting a friend who is conducting research in narcotics addiction.

3:00 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) Jack Ruby is removed to the Homicide Bureau, where he is question by Captain Will Fritz in the presence of FBI Agent C. Ray Hall for about an hour. In his undated report of that interrogation, Fritz states, “Claimed he came in off of Main Street down ramp to basement of City Hall”; C. Ray Hall, however, describing the same interrogation, testifies that “Ruby did not wish to say how he got into the basement or at what time he entered.” The Warren Commission will accept Hall’s statement as correct.

AATF 3:35 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) Dean Rusk, George Ball and Robert S. McNamara depart after meeting with LBJ. With the exception of two phone conversations with national-security advisor, McGeorge Bundy, the second at 5:30 PM, all other entires in the President’s activity log are social, conversations for the extending of sympathies and expressions of thanks or kindnesses. Never Again!

Aristotle Onassis has arrived in the USA, and is now a private guest in the White House - paying his respects to Jackie Kennedy.

4:00 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) J. Edgar Hoover meets with Walter Jenkins, LBJ’s administrative assistant. Hoover believes that the bureau should deliver an investigative report to the attorney general, leaving the president to decide what part of a Justice Department report to make public. TKAT In a memo for the record, J. Edgar Hoover begins by stating: “There is nothing further on the Oswald case except that he is dead.” AOT As the televised rerun of JFK’s funeral reaches the moment when Jacqueline Kennedy and her children kneel by the president’s coffin and the widow inclines her head to say good-bye, FBI bugging technicians catch Martin Luther King muttering, “Look at her.

Sucking him off one last time.” J. Edgar Hoover immediately sends Courtney Evans over with a transcript for RFK, deploring this “vilification of the late President and his wife.” B&JE 6:30 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) An anonymous male caller tells an FBI agent in the Bureau’s Dallas office that Lee Harvey Oswald has had a rifle sighted, or prepared for the mounting of a sight, at Irving Sports Shop, on Irving Boulevard in Irving, Texas. Similar calls are received by the Dallas police and a local television station.

Abe Fortas is having dinner with LBJ at The Elms. The two engage in a discussion about how the investigation of JFK’s murder should be handled. Fortas thinks poorly of Nicholas de B. Katzenbach’s suggestion for a presidential commission, primarily because there is no legal precedent, and also because he is leery of getting LBJ involved in an investigation of his predecessor’s murder.

TKAT After dinner at The Elms, LBJ receives three distinct proposals about what to do in the wake of LHO’s murder. On one point everyone is in agreement: some kind of report and process must take place that will convince the American public that Oswald was the actual assassin. Already TV commentators such as ABC’s Howard K. Smith are suggesting that “we don’t know if Oswald really committed the crime and perhaps we will never know.” TKAT 8:50 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) Bill Moyers telephones LBJ.

LBJ then calls Katzenbach to say he wants the matter left to ordinary legal processes, namely, an FBI report to the attorney general and simultaneously a Court of Inquiry in Texas. TKAT 8:55 PM (Nov. 24, 1963) President Johnson calls J. Edgar Hoover from his private residence. The topic of the conversation is not known. The FBI, however, immediately begins lobbying the Washington Post in a successful effort to kill the Post’s planned editorial endorsement of the appointment of a presidential commission. AOT & Never Again!

Attorney Jim Martin, George Senator (Ruby’s roommate), attorney Tom Howard and newsmen Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe meet together in Jack Ruby’s Dallas apartment.

On this date (Nov. 24, 1963), a long-distance telephone operator in Mexico City monitors an international phone call and alerts U.S. authorities. She has overheard one of the voices on the line saying: “The Castro plan is being carried out. Bobby is next. Soon the atomic bombs will begin to rain and they won’t know from where.” The telephone numbers are traced. One of them belongs to Emilio Nunez Portuondo, the Cuban ambassador to the United Nations during the Batista regime. A British publication, which will eventually have access to House Committee files, identifies Portuondo as having been an “agent” of the CIA’s Cuban specialist in Mexico City

-- David Atlee Phillips. The other number is traced to Jose Antonio Cabarga of Mexico City. According to Portuondo, “Carbaga is in close contact with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and is a good investigator who could develop information in the event the plans to assassinate the President were formulated in Mexico City.” The Washington office of the Secret Service fails to send an agent to interview Carbaga and the case is closed. CDIA


Author Theodore White will later write: “The magic Camelot of John F. Kennedy never existed. Of all the figures of the New Frontier,” he believes JFK to be the “toughest, the most intelligent, the most attractive - and inside, the least romantic.” Pierre Salinger will say: “Camelot is a fraud.” Roger Hilsman will say: “Camelot was an invention of my good friend Teddy White, using Jackie’s romanticism after the president’s death. If Jack Kennedy had heard this stuff about Camelot he would have vomited.” K&N On this morning, while David Ferrie is still in Hammond, the FBI learns that Ferrie’s library card has apparently been found on Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of his arrest. Ray Comstock, from Jim Garrison’s office, enters Ferrie’s apartment after midnight with no search warrant.

10:25 AM (Nov. 25, 1963) LBJ calls J. Edgar Hoover about editorial in Washington Post regarding a proposed Presidential Commission and plans to set up such a commission. LBJ is agitated. Today, the White House announces LBJ’s order for Hoover to investigate the assassination. AOT 10:40 AM (Nov. 25, 1963) LBJ calls Joseph Alsop and, speaking of the opposition to his suggestion of an FBI report and a Court of Inquiry in Texas, LBJ says: “Now, if we have another commission - hell, you gonna have people runnin’ over each other, and everybody agrees.” TKAT

–  –  –

The body of Lee Harvey Oswald is being held at Miller Funeral Home in Fort Worth, Texas - prior to his funeral. Funeral home director Paul Groody says that the FBI comes and fingerprints Oswald’s corpse. Oswald had been fingerprinted three times while alive and in Dallas police custody. There is no explanation for this postmortem fingerprinting. FBI agent Richard Harrison confirms that he personally drives another Bureau agent AND the Oswald rifle to the Miller Funeral home. Harrison says he understands that the other agent intended to place Oswald’s palm print on the rifle “for comparison purposes.” Later this morning, LHO is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas. The two grave diggers are told that they are preparing a plot for a “William Bobo.” The Lutheran minister who ends up presiding over the funeral is practically forced to do so by the National Council of Churches in Dallas. Reporters are pressed into service as pallbearers.

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