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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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“Although there is some uncertainty whether the dent in the chrome on the windshield was present prior to the assassination, Frazier testified that the dent ‘had been caused by some projectile which struck the chrome on the inside surface.’ If it was caused by a shot during the assassination, Frazier stated that it would not have been caused by a bullet traveling at full velocity, but rather by a fragment traveling ‘at a fairly high velocity.’ It could have been caused by either fragment found in the front seat of the limousine.” “The minute examination by the FBI inspection team, conducted in Washington between 14-16 hours after the assassination, revealed no damage indicating that a bullet struck any part of the interior of the Presidential limousine, with the exception of the cracking of the windshield and the dent on the windshield chrome. Neither of these points of damage to the car could have been caused by the bullet that exited the President’s nect at a velocity of 1,772 to 1, 779 feet per second.” Secret Service agents William Greer and Roy Kellerman both state that they did not observe the dent in the windshield trim prior to the assassination. ASCOM Jack Martin is interviewed today by special Agent Regis Kennedy at the New Orleans FBI Office. According to Kennedy’s report of the interview, Martin states that he has seen rifles of the type Oswald had allegedly used against the President in David Ferrie’s apartment, that Ferrie is a well-known amateur hypnotist who could have hypnotized Oswald, that Ferrie is “a completely disreputable person, a notorious sex deviate with a brilliant mind,” and that he, Martin, “suspected him of being capable of any type of crime.” Martin concludes his statement saying that he feels “Ferrie’s possible association with Lee Oswald should be the subject of close examination as he personally believes that he could be implicated in the killing of President John F. Kennedy.” New Orleans Assistant District Attorney Herman Kohlman informs FBI Agent Regis Kennedy that “An unknown police officer had told the Intelligence Division of the New Orleans Police Department that he was in the Civil Air Patrol with Lee Harvey Oswald and that [David] Ferrie knew Oswald.” Later today, the FBI is able to identify Fred O’Sullivan of the New Orleans Police Department Vice Squad as the classmate. In an interview with Bureau agents today, O’Sullivan states that he had persuaded his classmates, Lee Oswald and Ed Voebel, to attend his Civil Air Patrol squadron meetings at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport. Oswald and Voebel had come “to one or two meetings, but did not join.” O’Sullivan states that Oswald thought the Lakefront CAP location was too far away and decided to attend the Moisant Airport CAP squadron instead. O’Sullivan tells the FBI that Ferrie “was Squadron Commander” at the “approximate time” that Oswald came to the Lakefront CAP meetings. He adds, however, that he “could not say for certain that Oswald ever met Ferrie” at the time. He further states that Ferrie himself also subsequently began working with the other CAP unit at Moisant Airport.

Today, a Nicaraguan double agent, Gilberto Alvarado, tells a Mexico City CIA officer that he saw Lee Harvey Oswald recruited to kill Kennedy inside the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City.

The fatal weakness of the Alvarado story is his claim to have seen Oswald in the Cuban Consulate on September 18, 1963, at a time when Oswald had not yet left New Orleans. Faced with this problem, Alvarado will retract his story on November 30. We do not yet know if CIA Director McCone told President Johnson this when he discussed Alvarado with him on November 30 and December 1.

By November 29, Lyndon Johnson will have announced the formation of the Warren Commission. (It appears that the Alvarado story delayed the FBI’s official report on the assassination, originally scheduled for November 29, until December 5.) Lyndon Johnson has a conversation with Congressman Charles Halleck today saying: “This thing is getting pretty serious and our folks are worried about it... it has some foreign implications... CIA and other things... and I’m going to try to get the Chief Justice on it.” Johnson adds that “we can’t have Congress, FBI and others saying that Khrushchev or Castro ordered the assassination:” “This thing is so touchy from an international standpoint.... This is a question that could involve our losing 39 million people.” Days after JFK’s burial, LBJ tells Kennedy aide Ralph Dungan: “I want to tell you why Kennedy died. Divine retribution. He murdered Diem and then he got it himself.” TOD David Ferrie is interviewed by FBI agents today. He recommends Jerry Paradis as a CAP member who will be able to verify whether Oswald had ever been involved in the CAP unit headed by Ferrie. Ferrie tells the FBI agents that he has never known Oswald and that other witnesses can confirm that Oswald had never attended CAP meetings during the period that Ferrie was active with the group. According to the report of his FBI interview, Ferrie states that “during the period he was commander of the squadron, Jerry C.

Paradis was the recruit instructor and took all the squadron recruits through their training.” Ferrie supplies the Bureau with the home and business addresses of Paradis, so as to aid the agents in interviewing him. The committee also interviews Jerry Paradis, the former recruit instructor of the New Orleans Lakefront CAP unit. In confirming that Oswald had attended the Lakefront squadron meetings (in addition to the Moisant CAP meetings), Paradis corroborates the accounts of other Oswald colleagues in the CAP. Paradis, now a corporate attorney, tells the committee that Oswald attended the Lakefront CAP meetings for several weeks or several months. During the period that he had served as recruit instructor, Paradis can recall that Oswald came to “at least 10 or 15 meetings,” attending the CAP sessions “quite a few times. Oswald was a quiet person and rarely discussed anything with him other than CAP business and instructions.” 11:53 PM (Nov. 25, 1963) RFK and Jackie Kennedy visit JFK’s grave alone. She places a small sprig of lily-of-the-valley on his grave.

AOT November 26, 1963 President LBJ takes over the Oval office. Stock Market reopens. The New York Stock Exchange makes a record $21 billion advance, more than regaining the losses incurred the day JFK died.

RFK has a private talk with SS Agent Clint Hill today. There is no record of the conversation. Brothers 11:20 AM (Nov. 26, 1963) CIA Director, John McCone, calls J. Edgar Hoover and they discuss coordination of their intelligence-gathering assets, especially in Mexico City. Hoover says: “We are trying to do it as fast as we can so we can dispel various wild rumors that have been circulating as to whether this man [Oswald] was the right man, etc., that fired the gun. But there is no question that he is the right man.” TKAT Senator Richard Russel has a long lunch (75 minutes) with LBJ today. There is no record of their discussion. TKAT Today, LBJ signs NSAM # 273. This directive cancels the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam (a move initiated by JFK on October 11, 1963 in his own NSAM # 263), commits America to support the Diem government in South Vietnam, and gives LBJ sweeping powers in dealing with the Southeast Asia situation. In 1991 a draft copy of NSAM # 273, prepared for LBJ by William Bundy, is discovered in the archives of the LBJ Library in Texas. It is dated November 21, 1963 -- the day before JFK’s assassination.

Thirty-two years later, Robert McNamara confirms the belief that JFK would have eventually withdrawn the U.S. from Vietnam: “Having reviewed the record in detail, and with the advantage of hindsight, I think it highly probable that, had President Kennedy lived, he would have pulled us out of Vietnam.” U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Thomas Mann sends a cable to the State Department, expressing his fears that Cubans are involved in the assassination. He initiates his own investigation, but is stopped by the White House.

Jack Ruby is indicted for the murder of LHO. Charge: “murder with malice.” Francis Fruge of the Louisiana State Police flies Rose Cheramie to Houston today. In the back seat of the Sesna 180, a newspaper is lying between them. One of the headlines reads to the effect that “investigators or something had not been able to establish a relationship between Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald.” When Cheramie reads this, she starts to giggle. She then says, “Them two queer sons-of-bitches. They’ve been shacking up for years.” She adds that she knows this to be true from her experience, working as a stripper for Jack Ruby. (Probe Vol. 6, No. 5) An inventory of Lee Harvey Oswald’s property taken from the Paine home is made. Listed under item 375 is “one Minox camera.” Later the word “camera” is changed to “light meter.” Motive may have been that the existence of the camera pointed to Lee Harvey Oswald’s intelligence connections. This type of camera is was not available to the general public in 1963. The camera’s serial number is also untraceable.

FBI agents Sibert and O’Neill dictate report on JFK autopsy and memo to Baltimore field office file.

Fred O’Sullivan further advises the FBI that David Ferrie might have had contact with Oswald at the Moisant Airport Civil Air Patrol. According to the FBI report of this interview, “Ferrie transferred and assumed command of the CAP at Moisant Airport at about the same time O’Sullivan thought Oswald might have joined.” O’Sullivan further informs the Bureau that he has only recently learned of Ferrie’s homosexual background. He also notes that Ferrie “had acquired a reputation for being able to hypnotize people,” and that he had once hypnotized a man following one of the CAP meetings.

The first survey plat of Dealey Plaza is made by Robert H. West, Dallas County Surveyor on this date. The survey is made for Time-Life, the new owners of the Zapruder film, and will never be introduced as a Warren commission exhibit.

SS Agent Robert I. Bouck issues receipt to Dr. Burkley for JFK autopsy report and related material.

FBI (Dallas) report is generated regarding Mrs. R. E. Arnold’s assertion she had seen Lee Harvey Oswald on the first floor of the Depository between 12:15 and 12:20 PM. This apparently catches J. Edgar Hoover’s eye, as he will have different agents obtain a contradictory statement from her on 3/18/64. At that time, she will state, “I did not see Lee Harvey Oswald at the time President Kennedy was shot.” She will not be called as a Warren Commission witness.

The alleged murder weapon (Oswald’s rifle) is again sent to Washington. The four cartridge cases, supposedly found at the Tippit murder scene, are only now turned over to the FBI by the Dallas police. (There is speculation that the cases originally found were of a different ammunition type from those later produced in evidence.) Marina Oswald refuses to be interviewed by two FBI agents because one of them is Agent James Hosty, who she is familiar with. She has been taken to the Six Flags motel, halfway between Fort Worth and Dallas. Agent Mike Howard remembers a call from LBJ to the motel, ordering: “Nobody talks to those people, not even Washington. Nothing is to happen to that family.” At one point, Howard instructs one of the local police guards to remain outside the motel as a “final line of resistance.” Howard hands the cop a submachine gun and orders him, “If anyone comes up that walk, you take care of ‘em one way or the other.” This protective entourage will remain at the motel for five days.

The Chicago Tribune, quoting a Nov. 25th report from the Mexico Newspaper, EXCELSIOR says today that Lee Harvey Oswald crossed the border at Laredo,Tex. on Sept. 26 and drove to Mexico City. The United States customs service at Laredo confirms the crossing. A spokesman says,”There are records to establish this.” The records also show Oswald reentered the United States on Oct. 3.

The New York Herald-Tribune reports: U.S. Customs official Oran Pugh says that Oswald had been checked by U.S. Immigration officials on entering and leaving Mexico; Pugh admits that this is not the usual procedure but that “U.S. Immigration has a folder on Oswald’s trip.” The Warren Report will not mention the newspaper stories in the sections which deal with LHO’s trip to Mexico City.

Today, there is an announcement by the state of Texas concerning its intention to conduct an independent inquiry into the JFK assassination. Three days from now, Texas A. G. Waggoner Carr announces that there will be NO inquiry. AOT Today is the first time that the name “F. Vaughn Ferguson” appears in the White House Garage log. Mr. Ferguson is a Ford Motor Company employee. Ferguson will create interoffice memorandum detailing reconstruction work done on the Presidential limousine. He will also testify that he is the individual who drives the limousine to Dearborn, Michigan on December 20, 1963. However, Ferguson also testifies that his work on the limousine actually began on November 23rd. There is no official record of his presence in the White House Garage until today.

November 27, 1963 At 1:00 AM this morning, according to a Dallas police memo, FBI Agent James Hosty picks up a “notebook recovered from room of Lee Harvey Oswald at 1026 No. Beckley on 11-22 from Capt. Will Fritz, along with Oswald’s billfold and 16 cards and pictures, and a 6.5 rifle hull recovered at [the] Texas School Book Depository.” The FBI will make a transcript of the contents of the notebook, and the Warren Commission will be provided with a copy. Two of its pages, however, the cover and a page that contains a notation concerning Hosty are retyped. (One page is removed entirely with a razor blade.) The Hosty notation is deleted from the

retyped page -- and is the only deletion from the transcript. The original notation reads as follows:

–  –  –

A Dallas grand jury today indicts Jack Ruby for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Joseph Milteer is arrested by the FBI near his Valdosta, Georgia home and then released after vigorous denial of having made any threat against the President. (Milteer was tape recorded on Nov. 9th by FBI informant William Somersett.) FBI agents Sibert and O’Neill interview Secret Service agents Kellerman, Greer, and Gerald Behn at the White House.

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