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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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- a Russian agent RFK has used before to get private information delivered to Khrushchev. Walton’s message to Bolshakov is that RFK and Jackie believe that JFK has been killed by a large political conspiracy. “Perhaps there was only one assassin, but he did not act alone,” Walton tells Bolshakov. He also tells the Russian agent that “Dallas was the ideal location for such a crime.” RFK wants the Russians to know that he will eventually run for President and resume his brother’s quest for detente with the Soviet Union. Bolshakov immediately delivers RFK’s message to his superiors at the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence agency. Author David Talbot suggests that, at this time, RFK seems to be placing more trust in the Soviet government than the one he serves. Brothers Jack Martin is interviewed by the Secret Service today in his “small, run-down apartment,” as his residence is described by the reporting agent. Apparently terrorized, Jack Martin reverses himself, telling Secret Service Agents Rice and Gerrots that he suffers from “telephonitis while drinking and that it was during one of his drinking sprees that he telephoned Assistant District Attorney Kohlman and told him this fantastic story about David William Ferrie being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald.” 11/29/63: URGENT TO DIRECTOR [J. Edgar Hoover] AND SAC, BOSTON [unknown] FROM SAC, DALLAS [J. Gordon Shanklin]




This weapon is the same type weapon which has been allegedly taken from accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of his arrest in the Texas Theater. The serial numbers of the two guns are the only basic difference. The so-called Oswald pistol bears the serial number V510210.

A. C. Greene, editorial page editor of the Dallas Times Herald states: “Within a week after the assassination, everything that was sent to the editor or to the [Dallas]Times Herald came to me. We got literally thousands of letters from all over the world, especially from all over the United States, and a lot of them had money for Jacqueline Kennedy, but most of the money was for Officer Tippit’s wife, and then Marina Oswald. From the Times Herald through me, from various readers all over the world, I sent Mrs. Tippit over $200,000. I sent Marina Oswald about the same amount.” PKHBS At some point during the day, Ms. C.L. Connell of the Catholic Cuban Relief Committee informs the FBI that Sylvia Odio has called her and has said that she knew Lee Harvey Oswald. The FBI will not interview Odio until December 19, 1963. Ms. Connell also states that he is suspicious of someone everyone calls “Mr. Martin,” a contact man from “Uruguay” who has tried to obtain guns for anti-Castroites in the Dallas area. NOTE: When James McCord is caught, along with the group of burglers trying to bug the Democratic National Committee Office in the Watergate he is using the name Edward J. Martin. E. Howard Hunt is using the code name Mr. White.

An ex-political informant for the Los Angeles Police Department, Louis Tackwood, will say at a press conference held several months before Watergate, that he had been indirectly approached by a Mr. Martin and a Mr. White and been asked to incite a riot at the 1972 Republican Convention. CDIA 1:40 PM Hoover calls LBJ. They discuss “Proposed Committee for investigating Dallas affair.” Hoover records that LBJ thinks of him, the Director, as “more than head of the FBI -- I (HOOVER) was his brother and personal friend; that he knew I did not want anything to happen to his family; that he has more confidence in me than anybody in town.” As soon as LBJ appoints his seven commissioners to report on the assassination, Hoover orders his aides to compile secret dossiers on each member of the Commission, so he will have adequate dirt in his files, if a need arises.

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MR. SULLIVAN FROM: J. EDGAR HOOVER The President called and asked if I am familiar with the proposed group they are trying to get to study my report - two from the House, two from the Senate, two from the courts, and a couple of outsiders. I replied that I had not heard of that but had seen reports from the Senate Investigating Committee. The President stated he wanted to get by just with my file and my report. I told him I thought it would be very bad to have a rash of investigations. He then indicated the only way to stop it is to appoint a high-level committee to evaluate my report and tell the House and Senate not to go ahead with the investigation. I stated that would be a three-ring circus. The President then asked what I think about Allen Dulles, and I replied that he is a good man. He then asked about John McCloy, and I stated I am not as enthusiastic about McCloy, that he is a good man but I am not so certain as to the matter of publicity he might want. The President then mentioned General (Lauris) Norstad, and I said he is a good man. He said in the House he might try (Hale) Boggs and (Gerald R.) Ford and in the Senate (Richard B.) Russell and (John Sherman) Cooper. I asked him about Cooper and he indicated Cooper of Kentucky whom he described as a judicial man, stating he would not want (Jacob K.) Javits. I agreed on this point. He then reiterated Ford of Michigan, and I indicated I know of him but do not know him and had never seen him except on television the other day and that he handled himself well on television. I indicated that I do know Boggs. The President then mentioned that (Walter) Jenkins had told him that I have designated Mr. DeLoach to work with them as he had on the Hill. He indicated they appreciated that and just wanted to tell me they consider Mr. DeLoach as high class as I do, and that they salute me for knowing how to pick good men. I advised the President that we hope to have the investigation wrapped up today but probably won’t have it before the first of the week as an angle in Mexico is giving trouble - the matter of Oswald’s getting $6500 from the Cuban Embassy and coming back to this country with it; that we are not able to prove that fact; that we have information he was there on September 18 and we are able to prove he was in New Orleans on that date; that a story came in changing the date to September 28 and he was in Mexico on the 28th. I related that the police have again arrested Duran, a member of the Cuban Embassy; that they will hold her two or three days; will confront her with the original informant;

and will also try a lie detector test on her. The President then inquired if I pay any attention to the lie detector test. I answered that I would not pay 100% attention to them; that it was only a psychological asset in investigation; that I would not want to be a part of sending a man to the chair on a lie detector test. I explained that we have used them in bank investigations and a person will confess before the lie detector test is finished, more or less fearful it will show him guilty. I said the lie detector test has this psychological advantage. I further stated that it is a misnomer to call it a lie detector since the evaluation of the chart made by the machine is made by a human being and any human being is apt to make the wrong interpretation. I stated, if Oswald had lived and had take a lie detector test, this with the evidence we have would have added that much strength to the case; that there is no question he is the man. I also told him that Rubenstein down there has offered to take a lie detector test but his lawyer must be consulted first; that I doubt the lawyer will allow him to do so;

that he has a West Coast lawyer somewhat like the Edward Bennett Williams type and almost as much of a shyster. The President asked if we have any relationship between the two (Oswald and Rubenstein) as yet. I replied that at the present time we have not; that there was a story that the fellow had been in Rubenstein’s nightclub but it has not been confirmed. I told the President that Rubenstein is a very seedy character, had a bad record - street brawls, fights, etc.; that in Dallas, if a fellow came into his nightclub and could not pay his bill completely, Rubenstein would beat him up and throw him out; that he did not drink or smoke; that he was an egomaniac; that he likes to be in the limelight; knew all of the police officers in the white light district; let them come in and get food and liquor, etc.; and that is how I think he got into police headquarters. I said if they ever made any move, the pictures did not show it even when they saw him approach and he got right up to Oswald and pressed the pistol against Oswald’s stomach; that neither officer on either side made any effort to grab Rubenstein - not until after the pistol was fired. I said, secondly, the chief of police admits he moved Oswald in the morning as a convenience and at the request of motion picture people who wanted daylight. I said insofar as tying Rubenstein and Oswald together, we have not yet done so; that there are a number of stories which tied Oswald to the Civil Liberties Union in New York in which he applied for membership and to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee which is pro-Castro, directed by communists, and financed to some extent by the Castro Government. The President asked how many shots were fired, and I told him three. He then asked if any were fired at him. I said no, that three shots were fired at the President and we have them. I stated that our ballistic experts were able to prove the shots were fired by this gun; that the President was hit by the first and third bullets and the second hit the Governor; that there were three shots; that one complete bullet rolled out of the President’s head; that it tore a large part of the President’s head off; that in trying to massage his heart on the way into the hospital they loosened the bullet which fell on the stretcher and we have that. He then asked were they aimed at the President. I replied they were aimed at the President, no question about that. I further advised him that we have also tested the fact you could fire those three shots in three seconds. I explained that there is a story out that there must have been more than one man to fire several shots but we have proven it could be done by one man. The President then asked how it happened that Connally was hit. I explained that Connally turned to the President when the first shot was fired and in that turning he got hit. The President then asked, if Connally had not been in his seat, would the President have been hit by the second shot. I said yes. I related that on the fifth floor of the building where we found the gun and the wrapping paper we found three empty shells that had been fired and one that had not been fired. that he had four but didn’t fire the fourth; then threw the gun aside; went down the steps; was seen by a police officer; the manager told the officer that Oswald was all right, worked there; they let him go; he got on a bus; went to his home and got a jacket; then came back downtown, walking; the police officer who was killed stopped him, not knowing who he was; and he fired and killed the police officer. The President asked if we can prove that and I answered yes. I further related that Oswald then walked another two blocks;

went to the theater; the woman selling tickets was so suspicious - said he was carrying a gun when he went into the theater - that she notified the police; the police and our man went in and located Oswald. I told him they had quite a struggle with Oswald but that he was subdued and shown out and taken to police headquarters. I advised the President that apparently Oswald had come down the steps from the fifth floor; that apparently the elevator was not used. The President then indicated our conclusions are: (1) he is the one who did it;

(2) after the President was hit, Governor Connally was hit; (3) the President would have been hit three times except for the fact that Governor Connally turned after the first shot and was hit by the second; (4) whether he was connected with the Cuban operation with money we are trying to nail down. I told him that is what we are trying to nail down; that we have copies of the correspondence; that none of the letters dealt with any indication of violence or assassination; that they were dealing with a visa to go back to Russia. I advised the President that his wife had been very hostile, would not cooperate and speaks only Russian; that yesterday she said, if we could give assurance she would be allowed to remain in the country, she would cooperate; and that I told our agents to give that assurance and sent a Russian-speaking agent to Dallas last night to interview her. I said I do not know whether or not she has any information but we would learn what we could. The President asked how Oswald had access to the fifth floor of the building. I replied that he had access to all floors. The President asked where was his office and I stated he did not have any particular place; that he was not situated in any particular place; that he was just a general packer of requisitions that came in for books from Dallas schools; that he would have had proper access to the fifth and sixth floors whereas usually the employees were down on lower floors. The President then inquired if anybody saw him on the fifth floor, and I stated he was seen by one of the workmen before the assassination. The President then asked if we got a picture taken of him shooting the gun and I said no. He asked what was the picture sold for $25,000, and I advised him this was a picture of the parade showing Mrs. Kennedy crawling out of the back seat; that there was no Secret Service Agent on the back of the car;

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