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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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that in the past they have added steps on the back of the car and usually had an agent on either side standing on the bumper; that I did not know why this was not done - that the President may have requested it; that the bubble top was not up but I understand the bubble top was not worth anything because it was made entirely of plastic; that I had learned much to my surprise that the Secret Service does not have any armored cars. The President asked if I have a bulletproof car and I told him I most certainly have. I told him we use it here for my own use and, whenever we have any raids, we make use of the bulletproof car on them. I explained that it is a limousine which has been armor plated and that it looks exactly like any other car. I stated I think the President ought to have a bulletproof car; that from all I understand the Secret Service has had two cars with metal plates underneath the car to take care of hand grenades or bombs thrown out on the street. I said this is European; that there have been several such attempts on DeGaulle’s life; but they do not do that in this country; that all assassinations have been with guns; and for that reason I think very definitely the President ought to always ride in a bulletproof car; that it certainly would prevent anything like this ever happening again; but that I do not mean a sniper could not snipe him from a window if he were exposed. The President asked if I meant on his ranch he should be in a bulletproof car. I said I would think so; that the little car we rode around in when I was at the ranch should be bulletproofed; that it ought to be done very quietly. I told him we have four bulletproof cars in the Bureau: one on the West Coast, one in New York and two here. I said this could be done quietly without publicity and without pictures taken of it if handled properly and I think he should have one on his ranch. The President then asked if I think all the entrances should be guarded. I replied by all means, that he had almost to be in the capacity of a so-called prisoner because without that security anything could be done. I told him lots of phone calls had been received over the last four or five days about threats on his life; that I talked to the Attorney General about the funeral procession from the White House to the Cathedral; that I was opposed to it. The President remarked that the Secret Service told them not to but the family wanted to do it. I stated that was what the Attorney General told me but I was very much opposed to it. I further related that I saw the procession from the Capitol to the White House on Pennsylvania and, while they had police standing on the curbs, when the parade came, the police turned around and looked at the parade. The President then stated he is going to take every precaution he can; that he wants to talk to me; and asked if I would put down my thoughts. He stated I was more than head of the FBI - I was his brother and personal friend; that he knew I did not want anything to happen to his family; that he has more confidence in me than anybody in town; that he would not embroil me in a jurisdictional dispute; but that he did want to have my thoughts on the matter to advocate as his own opinion. I stated I would be glad to do this for him and that I would do anything I can. The President expressed his appreciation.

Very truly yours, J. E. H.

John Edgar Hoover Director 4:30 PM Earl Warren meets with LBJ at the White House. LBJ browbeats Warren into accepting the head position of the Commission.

The Chief Justice reportedly leaves the Oval Office in tears.

5:41 PM LBJ calls Allen Dulles to say he wants Dulles to serve on the commission. Dulles agrees to do so.

6:52 PM LBJ calls Gerald Ford and asks him to serveo n the commission. Ford agrees to do so. LBJ then releases the press statement and text of the executive order prepared by Abe Fortas. The news just barely manages to make the Saturday morning editions of several major East Coast newspapers. TKAT Theodore H. White interviews Jacqueline Kennedy concerning the assassination. He arrives at about 8:30 PM in Hyannis Port, Mass. and stays until 2 AM talking with Mrs. Kennedy. Mr. White eventually donates his papers pertaining to this interview to the Kennedy Library in 1969, stipulating that they remain sealed until a year after Jacqueline Kennedy’s death. She will die on May 19, 1994..

During the discussion, Jackie says: “I want John-John to be a fine young man. He’s so interested in planes; maybe he’ll be an astronaut or just plain John Kennedy fixing planes on the ground.” AC Vol. 1, Issue 3 8:55 PM LBJ telephones Senator Richard Russell and informs him that he has announced the formation of the commission and Russell will be a member. This is before Russell has agreed. Russell finally concludes by saying: “I think you did wrong in getting [Earl] Warren and I know damned well you did wrong in getting me, but I hope to do the best I can...” Life magazine publishes an issue showing selected frames from the Zapruder film. BT The French press continues to show tremendous interest in the details of the assassination. It carries a headline that reads “Oswald cannot have been alone in shooting.” A correspondent of the evening newspaper Paris Presse writes from Dallas that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has said that Oswald had an accomplice beside him at the window who helped him to fire. AOT A letter is delivered to Arnold Johnson, an official of the Communist Party, a week after the assassination. The letter is from LHO and is postmarked November 1, 1963 - exactly four weeks before it arrives at Johnson’s address in New York City. LHO writes in the letter that he has attended a right-wing meeting at which General Walker has made a speech and then a meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union. Johnson considers the four-week delay in the delivery of the letter to be “beyond all normal procedure.” The lateness, it should be noted, covered a period of three weeks BEFORE LHO’s arrest and cannot be attributed to his sudden notoriety on Nov. 22. Johnson will testify: “... something odd about the whole letter...For instance, you have a different kind of ink in two places here. It seems that way to me. But that’s pretty hard to say with modern pens. The way he signs his name and the way - that could be a problem, because he didn’t always sign it the same...I would just as soon leave that to a handwriting expert...It may be worthwhile to check it with a handwriting expert...” There is no indication that the letter was submitted to handwriting analysis or that any inquiry was made into the four-week delay in its transit. AATF November 30, 1963 Joseph Campisi visits Jack Ruby in the Dallas County Jail.

FBI Agent Alan Manning interviews Mrs. Evelyn Harris. In his summary of that interview, he writes: the daughter of Mrs.

Lucy Lopez, a white woman married to a Mexican, worked at a sewing room across the street from the TSBD. Her daughter and some of the other girls knew Lee Harvey Oswald and also were acquainted with Jack Ruby. They observed Jack Ruby give Oswald a pistol when Oswald came out of the building.

Also today, (at 11:30 AM) the FBI’s New York office receives a telephone call from Mrs. Jack Tippit, of Westport, Connecticut. Mrs. Tippit tells FBI Agent James McCarthy about a telephone call she has just received from a woman with a foreign accent. The woman had read an article in the newspaper that identified her husband, Jack Tippit, as a relative of slain Dallas Police Officer J. D.

Tippit. After reading the article she decides to call the Tippits. The woman tells Mrs. Tippit that she is from New York and has come to Westport, CN to make the telephone call, so that the call can not be traced back to her as she is in fear of her life. The woman refuses to identify herself and asks Mrs. Tippit not to say anything to the press, as “they” would know who she was and would kill her. The woman says, “She knew Oswald’s father and uncle who were Hungarians and Communists.” The woman continues, “Oswald’s father and uncle had lived at 77th and 2nd Avenue in Yorkville, New York City, that while living there they both were unemployed, got their money from the Communists, and spent all their time on Communist activities.” “Harvey & Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald” The “hot line” from RFK to J. Edgar Hoover is disconnected. By the time RFK returns to work next month, the FBI Director is no longer speaking to him. AOT December 1, 1963 This is the date that had been reportedly designated as the day there was to be a coup in Cuba. This secret plan known as the “Plan for a Coup in Cuba” was fully authorized by JFK and personally run by Robert Kennedy. It was to include a “palace coup” to eliminate Fidel Castro, allowing a new Cuban “Provisional Government” to step into the power vacuum, and would have been supported by a “full-scale invasion” of Cuba by the US military, if necessary. The plan has been abandoned because of JFK’s assassination. Officially declassified in 1999, “AMWORLD” is the cryptonym the CIA used for the plan in its classified internal documents. US Marina Oswald tells the Secret Service that she has never seen a rifle with a telescopic sight until after the assassination and that she has never seen her husband with a pistol at any time. (If Marina actually snapped Lee Harvey Oswald’s backyard photograph on March 31, 1963, she would have to have seen both weapons at that time -- since Lee Harvey Oswald displays both of them in the picture.) In the FBI report of S/A Alan L. Manning, dated today, the following information is included: “...some “girls” who worked “...

at a sewing room across the street from the Texas School Book Depository Building... knew Lee Harvey Oswald, who apparently spoke Spanish well, and ate with them at a nearby restaurant. They were reportedly acquainted with Jack Ruby.” The unidentified “girls,” the report continues, “all of Spanish descent, were watching the Presidential parade from a window of the sewing room. They reportedly observed Jack Ruby walking up and down the street near the Texas School Book Depository Building and when Oswald came out of the building, they saw Ruby give him a pistol.” (This report doesn’t seem to have been officially followed up by either the Warren Commission or the HSCA.) Orville Nix voluntarily turns over his film to FBI agent Joe B. Abernathy, requesting it to be returned immediately. Upon receipt of the film, the FBI field office has a copy of the film made at Jamison Film in Dallas. This copy is forwarded to the FBI laboratory in Washington, D.C. BT

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Also, on this day, assassination witness Jean Hill meets her boyfriend J. B. Marshall (one of the motorcade’s motorcycle escorts) Marshall has just returned from a ten-day camping vacation. According to Hill, they make love and then Jean tells him about seeing a shooter on the Grassy Knoll. Marshall tells her: “... citizens who mind their own business have a habit of living longer than citizens who don’t.” It seems to Jean that, from this moment on, the romance begins to fade and a barrier goes up between the two.

Later this week, Jean will meet with J. Gordon Shanklin, special agent in charge of the Dallas office of the FBI. He will urge her to temper and even alter her eyewitness account. J.B. Marshall then privately advises her: “These people have only just started with you, and they’re liable to make a lot more trouble for you before they’re through. They’ll invade your whole life if they feel like it, and there’s not a thing you can do to stop them.” There is around-the-clock surveillance of her home by the FBI. She begins to be followed by agents in unmarked cars virtually every time she leaves her house.

Today, Rolando Cubela returns to Cuba from Prague.

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