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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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January - 1964 This month, Richard Nixon calls together his veteran strategists, Bob Finch, Bob Haldeman, and Steve Hess, for a meeting at the Waldorf Towers. They agree that Nixon’s best stance, for the time being, is to lay low. The consensus is that their man is not in a position to run openly for president but that he might turn out to be an acceptable compromise between the party’s left and right should this summer’s convention in San Francisco reach a deadlock. K&N January 4, 1964 JAMA reports that a bullet was removed from deep in JFK’s right shoulder during the autopsy. MIDP January 6, 1964 Texas District Attorney Henry Wade says today that an intensive investigation shows no evidence whatsoever of any collusion between Jack Ruby and Dallas police officers in the slaying of LHO. AOT James Rowley sends a memorandum to Rankin today regarding JFK’s presidential limo. Rowley states that Secret Service Agent Morgan Geis of the White House Garage detail requested permission to clean the blood from the back seat of the presidential limo on November 23, 1963 because the odor was becoming bothersome. According to Rowley, permission was given to remove bloodstains on Sunday evening, November 24, 1963. Questions regarding the current whereabouts and condition of the limo - particularly in terms of evidence - are beginning to create some concern. MIDP Secret Service director James Rowley states: “Special Agent Gies, who was responsible for the care and maintenance of this vehicle, believes that this damage was on the car prior to November 22nd, 1963, and it is his recollection that this damage was in New York at the Empire Garage (Lincoln-Mercury dealer) on November 1961. Gies thinks the damage was done while he and employees of the garage were removing the header on the leatherette top...If this was the case, no effort was made to repair the dent prior to the assassination.” Paul Michel, service director of the Empire Garage, was present and assisted with the November 1, 1961 repairs. Michel does not remember any damage occurring at that time, though he states that it was possible that some damage did occur, since a crank had broken off near the top of the windshield. By this point in time, repairs to the limousine are underway and the windshield trim has probably already been lost. From this point on, it is evident that the Secret Service, the FBI, and the Warren Commission ignore the damage to the windshield trim and downplay its evidentiary value whenever they can not avoid mentioning it. Repairs to the limousine include: a permanent, nonremovable top; bulletproof glass; titanium body armor; a steel plate in the rear floor to protect against bombs; bullet-resistant tires; an explosion-proof gas take; a supplemental air-conditioning unit for the passenger compartment; and a new high-compression engine. ASAOM After a long and harrowing morning spent working with their D.C. lawyers preparing a defense against trumped-up libel charges by the State of Alabama for alleged misstatements in a 1960 money-raising ad Dr. Martin Luther King and several of his staff and a few women of assorted hues repair to the Willard Hotel near the White House. The FBI has bugged the hotel room and, after eleven reels of tape of nondescript, informal chatter and glasses chinking and heavy-duty ethnic jokes, just as the festivities are reaching their height, auditors for the Bureau catch King ripping loose, his rich voice unmistakable above the soft, wet sounds of fatigue and abandonment. “I’m fucking for God!” he breaks forth. “I’m not a Negro tonight!” J. Edgar Hoover, upon hearing the tapes, exclaims: “This will destroy the burrhead!” Deke DeLoach comments: “The fact that King and twelve acquaintances of his went to a hotel and hired a hundred-dollar-a-night call girls and most of them had something to do with her while they were drinking Black Russians - that was the subject of that tape...None of us ever played that tape to any reporters, I only heard fifteen to twenty minutes of that tape when [William] Sullivan brought it to my office. I told him to shut it off; I wanted to hear no more. But Sullivan had a fetish for doing things against Dr.

King. He got Lish Whitson, the retired head of the old espionage section, to fly to Miami and mail it to Coretta King. Mr. Hoover was horrified when he found out about it.” Sullivan will later insist Hoover was behind the whole travesty. According to Sullivan, Hoover, “who had always been fascinated by pornography,” arranged through Alan Belmont to have a box dropped off which contained a compilation of Martin Luther King’s remarks as well as a letter intended for Coretta King. The letter urges King to “look into your heart.

You area complete fraud and a great liability to all of us Negroes...a dissolute, abnormal moral imbecile...King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is. You have just 34 days...There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation...” The package is opened in Atlanta, days after King has returned from Oslo, where he has just received the Nobel Peace Prize. B&JE January 7, 1964 In an interview with FBI agents, assassination eyewitness Howard L. Brennan reverts to his earlier inability to make a positive identification of Lee Harvey Oswald as the gunman who fired from the window in the Book Depository.

Lisa Howard will die this year - an apparent suicide.

n In a letter to Allen Dulles, RFK today says: “Allen, as you know, much of the important material of the Kennedy administration does not exist in written form.” January 8, 1964 Press reports on the return of RFK to work. The FBI ceases to send an official car to pick up Kennedy during his travels.

January 10, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Date set for second bail hearing. Postponed.

January 11, 1964 J. Lee Rankin explains the function of the Warren Commission to The New York Times: “We think it would be wise to reassure this country and the world not only that we can protect our President but that accused criminals can be treated fairly.”

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January 13, 1964 An FBI report to the Warren Commission, dated this day, continues to reflect an erroneous wound description in JFK’s body given in its December 9, 1963 report which it even knew by December 23 to be erroneous.

January 14, 1964 J. Edgar Hoover writes the Warren Commission admitting that the original description of JFK’s assassin broadcast by the police was “initiated on the basis of a description furnished by an unidentified citizen who had observed an individual approximating Oswald’s description running from the TSBD immediately after the assassination.” January 17, 1964 J. Lee Rankin requests access to photographic evidence of the assassination from J. Edgar Hoover, who complies. AOT January 18, 1964 Marina Oswald is questioned about Richard Case Nagell for two hours by a Secret Service Agent.

January 20, 1964 Yuri Nosenko, the KGB agent who has contacted the CIA initially in June of 1963, defects to the US after landing in Geneva as part of a Soviet disarmament delegation. He claims to have been the KGB official who had personally handled the case of Lee Harvey Oswald during his stay in Russia. He claims that the KGB found Oswald not very bright and even mentally unstable and that the KGB had never debriefed Oswald about his military back ground nor ever considered recruiting him as an agent. Nosenko undergoes hostile interrogation at the hands of the CIA and is kept in solitary confinement for 1, 277 days. He is given two lie detector tests and fails them both, but sticks, in the end, to his story. He is believed by the CIA’s Richard Helms and J. Edgar Hoover. It is still believed, in some counterintelligence circles, that Nosenko’s defection was contrived by the KGB for two purposes: to allay suspicions that the Soviets had anything to do with the JFK assassination and to cover for Soviet “moles”, or agents deep within U.S. intelligence.

Eventually released by the CIA and given a new identity, he is relocated to North Carolina. As part of Nosenko’s interrogation, a list of forty-four questions concerning Lee Harvey Oswald are drawn up to be presented to Nosenko. William Sullivan informs J. Edgar Hoover that the CIA plans to ask Nosenko about Oswald. Hoover blows his top and protests directly to the CIA director. He states that the FBI is the agency charged with investigating the Kennedy assassination. Nosenko is never presented the questions on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Also today - Warren Commission lawyer Melvin Eisenberg, quoting Chief Justice Earl Warren speaking about his meeting with LBJ prior to chairing the W.C., says: “The President stated that rumors of the most exaggerated kind were circulating in this country and overseas. Some rumors went as far as attributing the assassination to a faction within the government wishing the Presidency assumed by President Johnson. Others, if not quenched, could conceivably lead the country into a war which would cost forty million lives. No one could refuse to do something which might prevent such a possibility. The President (LBJ) convinced him (Earl Warren) that this was an occasion on which actual conditions had to override general principles.” THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Second bail hearing. Judge Brown orders that neurological tests be conducted on Jack Ruby. Melvin Belli withdraws motion for bail.

The government’s case against Jimmy Hoffa for jury tampering is tried beginning today before federal judge Frank W. Wilson in Chattanooga.

January 21, 1964 In a secret executive session today, the Warren Commission has to deal with the problem of Marina Oswald giving evidence that LHO was a Soviet agent. Senator Richard Russell says: “That will blow the lid if she testifies to that.” Isaac Don Levine is helping Marina Oswald write a story for Life Magazine (which never gets published.) Allen Dulles, the original director of the Central Intelligence Agency who was fired by President Kennedy, decides to see Levine. Dulles says simply: “I can get him in and have a friendly talk. I have known him.” January 22, 1964 The Warren Commission is hurriedly called into secret session because of the explosive news that Texas authorities are in possession of information that Lee Harvey Oswald had been an undercover informant for the FBI.

DULLES: Oh, terrible.

BOGGS: The implications of this are fantastic, don’t you think so?

WARREN: Terrific.

RANKIN: Now it is something that will be very difficult to prove out... I am confident that the FBI will never admit it, and I presume their records will never show it. DPATDOJ The CIA leaks to Commission members that Lee Harvey Oswald had contact with a KGB officer, Valery Kostikov, while in the Soviet embassy. The Agency says Kostikov’s responsibilities include “assassination and sabotage.” (Reports of this meeting are not made public until 1975.) Richard Helms writes RFK a warm note, attaching a tribute to JFK that has been written by an editor of the London Sunday Telegraph. Brothers In executive session today, J. Lee Rankin tells the members of the Commission that although the FBI says it never evaluates, only reports facts, on whether or not there had been a conspiracy, “they are very explicit there was no conspiracy,” but “they have not run out all kinds of leads in Mexico and Russian, and so forth, which they could probably [say] “is not our business...” Asked to repeat himself by Dulles, Rankin says, “They haven’t run out all the leads on the information, and they could probably say - that it isn’t our business.” Never Again!

January 23, 1964 David Belin writes letter to J. Lee Rankin “on interrogation of Oswald by Dallas Police Department.” ( By 1976, this letter is missing from National Archives.) Also, on this day, Warren Reynolds is shot. In Nov., 1963, he had been situated at a car lot a block west of the place where Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit was shot. Reynolds observed Tippit’s assailant run by. (Two days earlier [Jan. 21, 1964] Reynolds had had an initial interview with the FBI.) At 9:15 PM, Reynolds walks down to the basement of the auto dealership at which he is employed.

He flips on the light switch, but the basement remains dark; the bulb has been removed. Thinking the bulb is burned out, he proceeds downstairs to the basement fuse box and, as he reaches for the fuse box, is shot in the head with a.22 caliber weapon. He survives but is finally frightened into identifying Oswald as Tippit’s killer. Since the Dallas police determine that Reynolds was not robbed of anything, the motive of his assailant becomes most relevant. Darrell Wayne Garner is arrested by the Dallas police after stating publicly while drunk that “Warren Reynolds had received what he deserved.” Garner, the “prime suspect” according to the FBI, later admits that he was on the scene the evening Reynolds was shot. He also admits that he called his sister-in-law and “advised her he had shot Warren Reynolds.” Garner is held on a charge of assault to murder, but an alibi witness, Nancy Jane Mooney, also known as Betty MacDonald comes forward on February 5, 1964. Miss Mooney is a former striptease artist who one once employed at Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club.

January 24, 1964 Attorney general for the state of Texas, Waggoner Carr and other Texas officials who claim they have learned that Oswald had been FBI undercover agent #179 are summoned to Washington to give their testimony in a top-secret session. On the basis of denials by J. Edgar Hoover and other FBI officials, the Warren Commission will conclude that Oswald had not been in the FBI’s employ.

Also on this day a U.S. T-39 is shot down while on a reconnaissance mission. Its crew of three is killed.

( January 26, 1964 The New York Times reports that a bullet had lodged in JFK’s right shoulder. MIDP January 27, 1964 There is a top secret executive session of the Warren Commission during which an incontrovertible fact is established. THE NONFATAL POSTERIOR WOUND ON JFK’S BODY WAS LOCATED IN THE PRESIDENT’S BACK, AT A POINT LOWER THAN THE ANTERIOR NECK WOUND. The obvious trouble with this fact is that Oswald was firing from the sixth floor of the TSBD. He was firing from a downward angle. If the neck wound was indeed an exit wound, it would be extremely difficult to explain why it was higher than the entrance wound in the back.

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