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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Also, around the end of this month, RFK returns from a trip to the Far East. Since he has been sent there by LBJ, he enters the Oval Office to report. After a brief discussion on the trip, LBJ abruptly tells him, “I want you to get rid of that Paul Corbin (one of Kennedy’s political staff whose loyalties Johnson distrusts). “I don’t think I should,” RFK replies, “he was appointed by President Kennedy, who thought he was good.” “Do it,” LBJ snaps. “President Kennedy isn’t president anymore. I am.” RFK bristles: “I know you’re president, and don’t you ever talk to me like that again.” January 28, 1964 Lyndal Shaneyfelt tells the Warren Commission staff that a clear print of the Zapruder film could provide more precise information. The first generation Secret Service copies were never requested by the Commission staff or FBI, or offered by the Secret Service, whose agents are present. Asked later why the Commission never subpoenaed the original film, Rankin replied (according to Mark Lane) that it was “private property.” January 29, 1964 Marina Oswald is shown photographs of a Russian camera and an American camera with a Realist trademark.

She says that the cameras appear to be the ones owned by her husband, Lee Harvey Oswald.

January 30, 1964 Dallas FBI Agent Bardwell Odum contacts Ruth Paine to inquire into whether the Paines owned a Minox camera. Ruth recollects that her husband had a Minox which he had dropped into salt water several years ago; she is sure that he has thrown it away but she will ask him about it and get back to Odum. She also states that the police took a Minox camera case along with a light meter belonging to her husband, Michael, which may or may not have been a Minox light meter.

January 31, 1964 Ruth Paine calls FBI Agent Bardwell Odum to tell him that her husband, Michael, still has the camera and that it was in a coffee can in the garage. If this is true, one would have to conclude that the local police not only did a poor job of searching the Paine’s garage the weekend of the assassination but also fabricated the Minox camera on both its original inventory list and joint DPD/FBI list.

February, 1964 Edward Benavides, brother of Domingo Benavides (who witnessed Dallas police officer J.D. Tipn pit’s killing), is murdered, the victim of a gunshot to the back of the head. Some assassination researchers believe Edward so closely resembles his brother that his unknown assailant killed him in a case of mistaken identity.

Benavides’ father-in-law J.W. Jackson is not impressed by the investigation. He begins his own inquiry. Two weeks later, J.W. Jackson is shot at in his home. As the gunman escapes, a police car comes around the block. It makes no attempt to follow the speeding car with the gunman. The police advise that Jackson should “lay off this business.” “Don’t go around asking questions; that’s our job.” Jackson and Benavides are both convinced that Eddy’s murder is a case of mistaken identity and that Domingo Benavides, the Tippit witness, was the intended victim.

This month, RFK personally authorizes the FBI to place bugs and wiretaps on Marina Oswald’s residence. No conspiratorial contact is ever overheard.

Also this month, Dealey Plaza witness Jean Hill tells interviewer Mark Lane: “For two years I have told the truth, but I have two children to support and I am a public school teacher. My principal said it would be best not to talk about the assassination, and I just can’t go through it all again. I can’t believe the Warren Report. I know it’s all a lie, because I was there when it happened, but I can’t talk about it anymore because I don’t want the FBI here constantly and I want to continue to teach here. I hope you don’t think I’m a coward, but I cannot talk about the case anymore.” During this month, Maurice Bishop asks Antonio Veciana to contact his cousin, a Cuban intelligence officer stationed in Mexico City, and offer him a large amount of money if he publicly acknowledges that he had met with Oswald. Veciana attempts but cannot make the contact before his cousin is recalled to Cuba.

February 3, 1964 Marina Oswald’s first testimony before the Warren Commission. She has been coached for one week prior to her testimony by the Secret Service on what to say. She testifies, among other things, that she saw a box of ammunition “in New Orleans and on Neely Street.” But two months earlier she told law enforcement officers that her husband did not have any ammunition in his possession.

THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- (Feb. 3 - Mar. 3) Jury selection. 168 prospective jurors, 58 by the defense, 1 for illness, 18 peremptory challenges made by the defense, 11 peremptory challenges made by the prosecution.

February 4, 1964 Lobbyist Robert Winter-Berger and House Speaker John McCormack are in McCormack’s Washington office discussing public relations when LBJ barges in and begins ranting hysterically about Bobby Baker. LBJ says: “John, that son of a bitch [Bobby Baker] is going to ruin me. If that cocksucker talks, I’m gonna land in jail... I practically raised that motherfucker, and no he’s gonna make me the first President of the United States to spend the last days of his life behind bars.” Chief Justice Earl Warren replies today to a reporter’s question regarding whether testimony taken by the Commission will be made public: “Yes, there will come a time. But it might not be in your lifetime. I am not referring to anything especially, but there may be some things that would involve security. This would be preserved but not made public.” AATF Marina Oswald today testifies before the Warren Commission: “In the police station there was a routine regular questioning, as always happens. And then after I was with the agents of the Secret Service and the FBI, they asked me many questions which had no bearing or relationship, and if I didn’t want to answer they told me that if I wanted to live in this country, I would have to help in this matter, even though they were often irrelevant. That is the FBI...” AATF February 5, 1964 Nancy Jane Mooney, formerly a striptease artist who has been employed by Jack Ruby, gives an affidavit to authorities which substantiates Darrell Wayne Garner’s alibi for the night of January 23, 1964, when the shooting of witness Warren Reynolds occurred. The Dallas police drop all charges against their chief suspect, Garner, on Miss Mooney’s assurance.

February 8, 1964 Marina Oswald leaves Washington, DC and returns to her manager’s home in Dallas (Jim Martin).

H&L February 9, 1964 After conferring with Robert Oswald, Marina Oswald moves into Robert’s home at 1009 Sierra Drive in Denton, Texas. She stays for only two days before moving out. H&L February 10 - 14, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Change of Venue Hearing. Judge Brown postpones decision until after an attempt has been made to select a jury. (Change of venue not granted) February 12, 1964 A verbal message is sent to LBJ from Fidel Castro - delivered first to Adlai Stevenson by Lisa Howard of ABC News in Havana - then to LBJ. Castro has asked Howard to tell LBJ “that I earnestly desire his election to the presidency in November... though that appears assured... Seriously, I have observed how Republicans use Cuba as a weapon against the Democrats. So tell President Johnson to let me know what I can do.” Castro even invites LBJ to take “hostile action” against Cuba if it will be to his political benefit. He also urges LBJ to continue the U.S.-Cuban dialogue that JFK had initiated in the months before his assassination.

How LBJ responds to this message is so far unknown, but U.S. efforts to normalize relations with Cuba fade as the year progresses. This incident remains a secret until August, 1999.

February 13, 1964 Nancy Jane Mooney is arrested by the Dallas police for “disturbing the peace,” the charge being that n she has had a fight with her roommate. Less than two hours after being placed in a jail cell, according to the Dallas police, Nancy Jane Mooney hangs herself.

On this day, according to witness Richard Giesbrecht, he overhears a meeting between two men at the Winnipeg International

Airport. He identifies one of the men as David Ferrie. According to author Paris Flammonde:

“Ferrie indicated that he was concerned over how much Oswald had told his wife about the plot to kill Kennedy. Additionally, they discussed a man named Isaacs, his relationship with Oswald, and how curious it was that he would have gotten himself involved with a “psycho” like Oswald... Isaacs seemed to have allowed himself to be caught on television film near the President when JFK arrived in Dallas, and, at the time the conversation was taking place, was under the surveillance of a man named Hoffman, or Hochman, who was to “relieve” him and destroy a 1958 model automobile in Isaac’s possession...[Ferrie said,] “We have more money at our disposal now than at any other time.”... The conversation moved to another area and the two began speaking of a meeting to take place at the Townhouse Motor Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 18. They mentioned that the rendezvous would be registered under the name of the textile firm. It was noted that no meeting had been held since November 1963... Ferrie mentioned that an “aunt” (or “auntie”

-- gay slang for an older homosexual) would be flying in from California. A name which Giesbrecht thought sounded like “Romeniuk” was mentioned several times; Ferrie inquired about some paper, or merchandise, coming out of Nevada and the other man replied that things had gotten too risky and that the house, or shop, at a place called Mercury had been closed down, but that a “good shipment” had reached Caracas from Newport. It was also agreed that the Warren Commission would not stop its investigation, even if it did decide that Oswald was guilty.” February 14, 1964 A memorandum dated this date from Secret Service Agent Sorrels in Dallas referring to the assassination site states, “This concrete slab and manhole cover is located on the south side of elm Street almost opposite to where the President’s car was located when the last shot that killed President Kennedy was fired.” The concrete manhole cover is located over seventy feet from the limousine’s position at Z frame 313.

February 17, 1964 Jury selection begins in the trial of Jack Ruby for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Marina Oswald is shown a photograph of a Russian camera and an American camera with a Realist trademark. She says the Realist camera is not Oswald’s and that to her knowledge she has never seen that camera. She also testifies that sometime after the attempt on General Walker’s life, Oswald told her that he had gone out to a nearby field to practice shooting his rifle. Yet during the month of December in four separate interviews, she said that he never mentioned any occasions when he went out to practice. She claims that she saw Oswald clean his rifle in January 1963. Yet in one December interview, she stated that she never saw him clean his rifle. (To say she saw him clean his rifle in Jan. 1963 does not conform well with the official chronology which maintains that Oswald did not have a rifle until March of that year. The January rifle cleaning episode is therefore a major discrepancy that must be resolved. When Marina testifies tomorrow, she will move the time period of this reported episode to the month of April, and thus saves the Warren Commission a great deal of trouble.) February 18, 1964 In further testimony, Marina Oswald says that the American camera with which she took the photographs of Oswald with the rifle is grayish in color, a box-type camera, but that she does not know where the camera is now.

An obscure article in a French newspaper causes a brief flurry of investigative activity in Europe and America, directed at Jean Souetre, Michel Roux, and Michel Mertz. US February 20, 1964 Warren Reynolds, the Tippit murder scene witness now recovering from a gunshot wound to his head, is released from the hospital. Three weeks from now, someone will try to abduct his ten year old daughter. At about the same time someone will unscrew the light bulb on the front porch of his home. Last month, Reynolds told the authorities that he could not identify the man fleeing the Tippit murder scene as Lee Harvey Oswald. By July of this year, Reynolds will have changed his testimony and be able to absolutely identify Lee Harvey Oswald as the man fleeing the scene of Tippit murder.

February 21, 1964 Life magazine’s current cover displays the backyard photo of LHO along with the caption: “Lee Oswald with the weapons he used to kill President Kennedy and Officer Tippit.” February 24, 1964 Robert Oswald turns an Imperial Reflex Duo Lens camera over to the FBI. Robert identifies the camera as having belonged to Lee Harvey Oswald. Robert states that he obtained it from the Paine residence in December 1963, several weeks after the assassination.

February 25, 1964 Marina Oswald is shown the Imperial Reflex Duo Lens camera turned over to the FBI by Robert Oswald.

She immediately identifies it as the American camera which belonged to her husband and the one which she used to take the photograph of him with the rifle and pistol.

Also on this date, the Warren Commission finally obtains the original copy of the Zapruder film from Life magazine. Up to this point the staff have been using a second-generation copy (i.e., a copy of a copy) February 26, 1964 J. Edgar Hoover, in letter to staff member W. David Slawson, writes: “The CIA is interested in the scar on Oswald’s left wrist... The FBI is reluctant to exhume Oswald’s body as requested by the CIA.” February 27, 1964 J. Edgar Hoover informs J. Lee Rankin that Jack Ruby had been an FBI informant during the late 1950s.

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