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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Hoover demands, however, that the chief counsel conceal the fact from the public, raising the specter of “national security.” Marina Oswald is questioned by the FBI about the type of camera that she allegedly used to take the backyard photographs of LHO. H&L February 28, 1964 Norman Redlich writes in a memo dated today: “Marina has repeatedly lied to the Secret Service, the FBI, and this commission on matter which are of vital concern.” Peter Dale Scott notes that the Commission “chose to ignore the abundant indications that Marina, faced with no-so-subtle threats of deportation back to the Soviet Union, frequently changed her story to meet the latest demands of her interviewers.” March - April, 1964 Sometime during the next two months, Felipe Vidal Santiago is executed in Cuba. Before his n execution, he reportedly tells his interrogators that in early November 1963 Colonel William Bishop picked him up in a car in Miami and drove him to Dallas where he gave him a room in a second-class hotel. While in Dallas, he said he attended a meeting with a few wealthy people in the Dallas Petroleum Club. One of the men present at this meeting, according to Bishop, was General Edwin Walker. The assassination of John Kennedy was a topic of conversation during this meeting. Santiago said he returned to Miami four days later.

March, 1964 Bill Chesher dies of heart attack. Little is known about Chesher other than that he allegedly had information n linking Lee Harvey Oswald with his murderer, Jack Ruby. Chesher never shared this information with anyone.

March 1, 1964 The press openly asserts that J. Edgar Hoover has given FBI reports to LBJ for use against political foes, including those testifying against him in the Bobby Baker case. In only a few days from now, LBJ is publicly stating that he intends to waive Hoover’s retirement. AOT March 3, 1964 CIA director McCone privately speculates that Oswald may have been a mind-controlled Soviet agent.

March 4 - 14, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Verdict in the trial of Jack Ruby. The decision of the jury after less than an hour of deliberation: 1.) Jack Ruby is sane. 2.) Jack Ruby is guilty of murder with malice. 3.) Jack Ruby should die for his crime. Judge Brown confirms the death sentence. Belli fired.

Richard Helms phones RFK to congratulate him on the Jimmy Hoffa conviction and making an appointment to see him the following week, without specifying the reason. Brothers March 5, 1964 The FBI and INS personnel in Texas begins looking for any evidence of a Jean Rene Souetre, Michel Roux, or Michel Mertz being in Dallas on or near the assassination date, as well as any evidence of individuals by these names being deported.

All three of these names initially come up blank. TOD March 9, 1964 Agent Roy Kellerman testifies that “While the President is in the morgue, he is lying flat. And with part of the skull removed, and the hole in the throat, nobody was aware until they lifted him up that there was a hole in his shoulder. That was the first concrete evidence that they knew that the man was hit in the back first.”

–  –  –

March 11, 1964 A FBI teletype from Dallas to Washington on this dates confirms that a Frenchman named Michel Roux was in Texas on November 22nd. Roux, a hotel clerk and restaurant-management student from Paris, was visiting American friends in Fort Worth, Texas. TOD March 12, 1964 Jimmy Hoffa is fined $10,000.00 and sentenced to eight years in prison, after his conviction last week on charges of jury tampering.

Richard Helms (DDP/CIA) and his subordinate meet formally with Lee Rankin and other Warren Commission attorneys.

March 13, 1964 In a Warren Commission memorandum (not declassified until 1975) staff member W. David Slawson writes about letter from J. Edgar Hoover concerning reluctance to exhume Oswald’s body as requested by the CIA. Slawson continues: “This whole aspect of Oswald’s life and especially our attempt to authenticate it are highly secret at this point...” Slawson mentions the reported suicide attempt by Oswald shortly after arriving in Russia. Therefore, if Lee Harvey Oswald’s suicide incident is a fabrication, the time spent by Oswald recovering from the suicide [attempt] in a Moscow hospital could conceivably have been spent by him in Russian secret police custody, being coached, brainwashed, etc.

Around Easter in 1964, Marina Oswald says she receives a telephone call from government officials asking her to sign papers authorizing the installation of an electronic alarm system at Oswald’s grave site. As far as in known, no alarm system was ever installed.

Jean Hill is today grilled by Special Agents E. J. Robertson and Thomas T. Trettis, Jr. to whom she repeats her description of the running figure she saw in Dealey Plaza immediately following the assassination. Again, she recalls the figure as being a white man wearing a brown raincoat and a hat, whom she had seen running west, away from the school book depository, toward the wooden fence and the railroad tracks beyond. Subsequently, Agent Robertson is assigned to conduct an investigation aimed at establishing the identity of this person.

The FBI discontinues its investigation of Michel Roux today. TOD

Harold “Skip” Rydberg, medical illustrator at Bethesda Hospital today receives “secret verbal orders” from Navy Cmdr. John Stover to complete the drawings to help Naval doctors’ testimony before the Warren Commission. The order says the illustrations need to be ready to present to the commission on Monday, March 16, 1964.

In February 2006, this article will appear in the Sun-Herald: “I was only given two days to draw three life-size drawings,” he said. “As a normal medical illustrator, you need as much medical evidence to do the drawings. That includes the autopsy report, the photos and X-rays to do the best possible job.

“I asked if it would be possible to see the X-rays and photographs, and the answer was the doctors did not have them available for their testimony,” Rydberg recalls.

He remembers being told the FBI and Secret Service took the undeveloped film and X-rays. Rydberg spent two days in a 10-by-10-foot room, with an armed Marine guarding the door. There was no artist’s table, and he was told to bring only his watercolor set, some sketch paper, and nothing more.

“At the end of each day I would call to have Lt. Cmdr. Lynde D. McCormick walk with me, the drawings covered, and put them in a large safe in the administration office,” Rydberg recalls. “The only things which went on in the small room were Dr. (James) Humes and Dr. (Thornton) Boswell, who would come in the room and check on the drawings. They requested they be done in color and life-size on 20-inch-by-30-inch illustration board,” he said.

While drawing, Rydberg said he had nothing to go by except verbal anatomical landmarks and imagination about how the president was shot.

“During the drawings, Humes specifically asked me to make the right eye black, like a large hemorrhage had happened,” Rydberg said.

“So I drew what I thought was the right positions at the times of each shot.” The doctors continued to come in the room through the weekend.

“This was the only two days I had to complete these imaginary positions and then on Monday they were turned over to Adm. Calvin Galloway, Commanding Officer of the National Naval Medical Center,” Rydberg said.

When Rydberg finished the drawings, the watercolor set and the sketches were destroyed. “They wanted no one to know by guessing the colors used what I was doing,” Rydberg said. “A little paranoid, I think, but they did it and after the drawings were done on Monday.

I went back to my normal duties, noting that I only had secret verbal orders to discuss with no one what I was doing or did,” he said.

March 14, 1964 Jack Ruby’s trial ends. The jury -- eight men and four women -- return a verdict of guilty, with the judge handing down a death sentence. The verdict is appealed.

March 16, 1964 The FBI conducts a second series of tests on the alleged Kennedy murder weapon. Only the best one of the previous 3 marksmen is used. His name is Robert Frazier. He fails to match Oswald’s shooting time and again, all of the shots are high and to the right of the intended target.

A request for calculations regarding the size and height of the Stemmons freeway sign that blocked Zapruder’s view in his film is requested on this date by Special Agent John Howlett of the U.S. Secret Service, Dallas office.

Also on this day, the Warren Commission hears testimony today concerning the autopsy. An undated autopsy report is introduced in evidence. Commander Humes testifies that this autopsy report was prepared immediately after the autopsy examination and submitted to “higher authority” on November 24, 1963. He also submits an affidavit to the Commission purportedly written on November 24, 1963, stating that he “destroyed by burning certain preliminary notes relating to” the autopsy. Commander Humes further testifies that, although no bullet path was found through the President’s body, it was deductively concluded that the bullet did indeed pass through the body and exit at the throat. Humes explains: “I see that Governor Connally is sitting directly in front of the late President, and suggest the possibility that this missile, having traversed the low neck of the late President, in fact traversed the chest of Governor Connally.”


Also on this day, Arlen Specter tells Allen Dulles that there is evidence which shows that the bullet was found on Connally’s, not Kennedy’s, stretcher. THERE IS, HOWEVER, NO EVIDENCE AT THIS TIME INDICATING THAT THE BULLET CAME FROM CONNALLY’S STRETCHER. Subsequent evidence develops which will all but preclude the possibility that the bullet has come from John Connally’s stretcher. Colonel Finck, a qualified expert in both forensic medicine and wound ballistics, testifies that the bullet found on the stretcher could not be the bullet that caused Connally’s wrist wound, primarily because more fragments were found in the wrist than were missing from the bullet. The Warren Commission will, however, conclude that all of Connally’s wounds were caused by a single bullet.

March 17, 1964 Hank Killam is found dead, his throat cut, amid the shattered glass of a department store window in n Pensacola, Florida. Hank is husband of Wanda Joyce Killam, who has known Jack Ruby since shortly after he moved to Dallas in 1947.

Two days earlier, Hank had told his brother: “I’m a dead man. I’ve run as far as I’m going to run.” His death is ruled a “suicide.” His brother, Earl, remarks: “Did you ever hear of a man committing suicide by jumping through a plate glass window.” March 18, 1964 According to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram on this date, Dallas D.A. Henry Wade’s “big decision” during Jack Ruby’s trial was NOT to call witnesses “who insisted they had seen Ruby and Oswald together at various times.” March 19, 1964 A General Services Administration truck picks up the JFK bronze coffin and, loading it on a helicopter, drops in into the Atlantic ocean at a depth of 9000 feet. This information will not be revealed to the general public until May 29, 1999. Before this, the fate of the bronze coffin will remain a mystery.

March 20, 1964 Richard Case Nagell writes the Warren Commission from the El Paso jail concerning his attempt to alert authorities about the JFK assassination.

THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Defense counsel files a motion for a new trial.

Assistant counsels to the Warren Commission Burt Griffin and Leon Hubert today write, in a memo to the Warren Commission members, that “the most promising links between Jack Ruby and the assassination of President Kennedy are established through underworld figures and anti-Castro Cubans, and extreme right-wing Americans.” Two months from now, Griffin and Hubert will write another memo to the Commission, significantly titled “Adequacy of the Ruby Investigation” in which they will state: “We believe that a reasonable possibility exists that Ruby has maintained a close interest in Cuban affairs to the extent necessary to participate in gun sales or smuggling.” Ruby talks about it himself while in jail, reportedly telling a friend, “They’re going to find out about Cuba. They’re going to find out about the guns, find out about New Orleans, find out about everything.” March 21, 1964 Jean Hill receives a curt letter from the Warren Commission today, informing her that, since she has refused to keep her Washington interview/appointment, she will be interrogated instead at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas at 2:30 P.M. on March 24th. Jean had decided to defy the Warren Commission’s original subpoena at the urging of her boyfriend, J. B. Marshall. He tells her he is worried for her safety.

March 23, 1964 After Ruth Paine testifies that she recalls a paper-wrapped bundle of curtain rods in her garage, the space is searched again today. A bundle of curtains rods is found. Later, however, it is discovered that a bundle of curtain rods also found in the Paine garage has already been turned over to the Dallas Police by the Secret Service on March 15th.

March 24, 1964 Jean Hill is interrogated at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas by Arlen Specter, an assistant counsel for the Warren Commission. Hill says that Specter accuses her of engaging in a “shabby extramarital affair” with J.B. Marshall, thirsting for publicity and notoriety, refusing to cooperate with federal authorities and proving herself “totally unreliable” as a witness. She is told that, once the official interrogation begins, she is to give “proper answers” based on fact, not on her overactive imagination or “what some talkative cop told you while you were in bed together.” This interrogation ends up as a 19-page testimony in Volume Six of the official report of the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy. Jean describes this testimony as a “total travesty”

-- heavily edited, completely distorted and shamelessly fabricated.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff propose OPERATION SQUARE DANCE, which calls for the total destruction of Cuba’s sugar crop.

The predicted result will be not only the collapse of the Castro regime, but untold hardship on the general Cuban population. LBJ refuses to back the proposal.

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