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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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The motorcade is preceded by a pilot car. In this car are: B.L. Senkel, F. P. Turner, Deputy Chief George Lumpkin (also a member of the Army Intelligence Reserve), Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmeyer (a local army-reserve commander) and Jack Puterbaugh, the local advance man for the Democratic National Committee who was present when the parade route in front of the TSBD was set. This pilot car makes only one recorded stop along the parade route today -- exactly in front of the TSBD. (“Deputy Chief G. L.

Lumpkin... stopped momentarily at the corner of Houston and Elm” and spoke to the policeman “working traffic at that corner.”) None of the three policemen assigned to that corner will report this conversation in their later affidavits.

12:26 Police Ban (Channel 2): #158 (rear car) reports that everything is okay.

12:28 Police Ban (Channel 2): Size of crowd noted on radio -- “Big crowd.” 12:29 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) The police radio, Channel 1, goes dead for at least 4 minutes, rendering communication in the motorcade impossible. (It has been established that one of the motorcycle escorts in the motorcade had a microphone that was “stuck” open, thus rendering communication impossible. For a long time, researchers identified a motorcycle policeman, H.B. McLain, as the man with the microphone in question. McLain will later admit to having many open mike problems in the past. Recent evidence suggests that the open microphone might not have even been in the motorcade but at the Trade Mart. Eventually, spectrograms will show that there were possibly as many as four other microphones on, or attempting to get on, the radio channel during this time.) NOTE: On November 22, 1963, the regular business of the police department was conducted on Channel 1, and radio traffic associated with the President’s visit was conducted on Channel 2.

On Houston Street, waiting to see the president are two county clerks, Ronald Fischer and Robert Edwards. According to their affidavits, they see a man through the window on the fifth floor of the School Book Depository Building at this time. Two men who work for the city and county see a man in the sixth-floor window, only he’s staring “transfixed” at the area of the grassy knoll, and not at the motorcade. One of the men remarks to the other that the man in the window looks “uncomfortable,” like he “must be hiding or something.” The man in the window is wearing an “open neck...sport shirt or a T-shirt...light in color, probably white” and they mention a “sport shirt...yellow.” One of them later says “he did not think the man in the window was Oswald, insisting that the man in the window had “light-colored hair.” US Of the motorcade, Gov. Connally will later recall: “The further we got toward town, the denser became the crowds, and when we got down on Main Street, the crowds were extremely thick. They were pushed off of curbs; they were out in the street, and they were backed all the way up against the walls of the buildings. They were just as thick as they could be. I don’t know how many. But, there were at least a quarter of a million people on the parade route that day and everywhere the reception was good.”


r (The motorcade is now five minutes behind schedule.) Dealey Plaza, named after George Bannerman Dealey, a pioneer Dallas civic leader and founder of the “Dallas Morning News”. The 3.07-acre plaza, the site of the first home in Dallas as well as the first courthouse, post office, store, fraternal lodge and hotel, has been called the “Birthplace of Dallas”. It was acquired by the city for the construction of the Triple Underpass which allows railroad traffic to pass over Commerce, Main and Elm Streets. The property was christened “Dealey Plaza” in 1935 and placed under the authority of the city’s Park Board in 1936 with the official opening of the underpass. Both incoming and outgoing traffic between downtown Dallas and the major freeway systems to the west is channeled through Dealey Plaza. It is bounded on the east by Houston Street. Facing onto Houston are the new County Court House (still under construction that day), the historic old County Court House, the Criminal Courts Building containing the County Jail and the Sheriff’s Office, the Dallas County Records Building and the Dal-Tex office building. Just west of the Dal-Tex building, across Houston, is the red-brick building which in 1963 contained the Texas School Book Depository and publishers’ offices. Bisecting Dealey Plaza is Main Street, with Commerce Street branching off to the south and Elm Street curving in on the north. These three main arteries converge on the west side of the plaza at the railroad bridge known as the Triple Underpass. Facing Houston Street on the west are fountains and monuments to Dealey. On the north and south sides of the plaza are two small arbors or pergolas, flanked on the east by a line of trees and shrubs and on the west by a wooden stockade fence about five feet high.

The JFK Assassination & the Occult: A small group of researchers versed in the subject, have pointed out that Dealey Plaza is the site

of the first Masonic temple in Dallas and a spot loaded with occult symbolism:

Three is supposedly the most magical of numbers. The city of Dallas is located just south of the 33 degree of latitude. The 33rd degree is Freemasonry’s highest rank. (Trinity Site in New Mexico, the location of the first atomic bomb explosion, also sits on the 33rd degree latitude line.] Earl Warren, Gerald Ford, J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles are all Freemasons. [A decade later, Gerald Ford will himself be the target of an assassination attempt in front of the St. Francis Hotel, located opposite Mason Street in the City of St. Francis, San Francisco. Members of the Free Masonic “Hell Fire Club,” eighteenth-century London site of many a sex orgy involving such luminaries as Freemason Benjamin Franklin, called themselves “Friars of St. Francis.”] JFK’s motorcade is headed for the “Triple Underpass” when he is slain, according to some analysts, by three gunmen. The underpass is near the Trinity River. Three tramps are arrested right after the murder. Three shots are supposedly fired, according to the Warren Report - produced by a Commission loaded with Freemasons. Three men [JFK, Oswald & Ruby] become inextricably linked to events of this day.

Dealey Plaza is near the Trinity river, which, before the introduction of flood control measures, submerged the place regularly. Dealey Plaza therefore symbolizes both the trident and its bearer, the water-god Neptune.

In Scotland, the Kennedy coat of arms and iconography is full of folklore. Their plant badge is an oak and their crest has a dolphin [Neptune] on it. James Shelby Downard writes: “To this trident-Neptune site came the ‘Queen of Love and Beauty’ [Jackie] and her spouse [JFK], the scapegoat, in the Killing of the King rite, the ‘Ceannaideach’ [Gaelic word for Ugly Head or Wounded Head.]” JFK is shot in the head near an oak tree in Dealey Plaza.

The MacBeth [Macbeth] clan of Scotland had many variations of the family name. One was MacBaine, or Baines. JFK’s successor is Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Freemason.

Dea in Latin means goddess. Ley in Spanish can refer to law or rule. Dealey Plaza is the “goddess-rule” plaza. FGCOAT The seven story, red brick Texas School Book Depository building now comes into view of those in the motorcade. Turning from Main onto Houston, the motorcade is proceeding directly towards the building prior to making a left turn onto Elm St. If LHO is aiming his weapon from the sixth floor window, this is certainly a prime moment to fire. His target is coming directly towards him

- growing progressively larger in the view of his telescopic sight.

There are an estimated 20,000 open windows along the motorcade route. The crowd is estimated to be around 250,000.

TID All overpasses have been cleared except for Dealey Plaza. No precautions have been taken by the Secret Service for the open windows in buildings. No action is taken nor a report filed on the man standing with an open umbrella in Dealey Plaza on a sunny day.

Not one agent will mention this incident in their reports of this day. MIDP Of the sixty-nine people who work in the TSBD, only thirty-three are employees of the company who owns the building. Prior to this past summer, the building has been occupied by a wholesale grocery company engaged in supplying restaurants and institutions.

Since the year it was built in 1903, this building located at 411 Elm Street has primarily functioned as a warehouse. In order to make it more suitable as an office building, extensive and very costly modifications are now underway inside. Though the building is seven stories tall, the inside passenger elevator, recently installed, only goes as high as the fourth floor. The machinery for lifting it is on the fifth floor. When the passenger elevator became operational, the stairway in the northwest corner was closed off in lieu of “repairs.” No one is allowed to use it. The nature of the repairs on the stairway remains unknown, although they are not the kind that will prevent heavy use of the stairs later this day. The installation of an elevator which only goes up to the fourth floor, followed by the closure of the northwest stairway, creates a situation which makes the upper floors effectively off-limits to everyone except those who are assigned warehouse duties. Several witnesses will see a gunman on the fifth floor of this building; also on the fifth floor at the time of the shooting are four warehouse men. Six warehouse workers have spent the entire morning on the sixth floor covering the old floor with new sheets of plywood. Unlike the office workers of the Book Depository, these warehouse men do not receive standard payroll checks; instead they are paid in cash. There will also be eventual evidence that three employee time charts for this day, later printed in the Warren Commission Exhibits, show signs of fraudulent fabrication. Because of the construction of new flooring on this date, the sixth floor has the most employees assigned to it of any of the upper three floors.

Advance agent Winston G. Lawson informed Committee investigators that he had nothing to do with the selection of the Main-Houston-Elm turn before November 14... Forrest Sorrel’s W.C. Exhibit No. 4 suggests that both men drove the entire route on November 18. It is not certain that both men knew about the turn earlier than this date. Besides limiting motorcycle protection, Lawson prevented the Dallas Police Department from inserting into the motorcade, behind the Vice-Presidential car, a Dallas Police Department squad car. Lawson was asked by the Committee why...he made no mention... of the Dallas Police Department homicide car that Jesse Curry believed on November 14, to have been included and whose absence Curry protested at the meeting of November 21. He answered that ‘the Dallas Police Department could have put it (a Dallas Police Department car) in on their own.’ that ‘he could not recall who took it out; ‘that he was not sure it was scheduled to be there;’ and that ‘he didn’t know who concealed the Dallas Police Department car because he didn’t know who decided to include it.’” Forest Sorrels will testify that he scans the TSBD building briefly as he passes it in the lead car of the motorcade - “at least for a sufficient number of seconds to gain a general impression of the lack of any unusual activity.” Sorrels, however, is handicapped in that he is riding in a closed car.

As the motorcade passes, Joseph Milteer is reportedly photographed and filmed on the eastern curb of Houston Street, diagonally across Dealey Plaza. If these reports are true, he will witness the assassination. Also, the Altgens photograph seems to show a man who appears to be a “dead ringer” for Lou Conein - famed for his CIA exploits in Southeast Asia. His longtime coworker Col. L.

Fletcher Prouty says that Conein is a genius at planning the details of operational scenarios. Records exist that Conein was in Fort Worth on November 21. In the Altgens photo, the man resembling Conein stands at the corner of Main and Houston, smiling as he watches the motorcade pass. TGZFH Jack Ruby reportedly sits in a nearby newspaper office with a view of Dealey Plaza. (This is one account. However, considering the Dallas Morning News is only two blocks from Dealey Plaza, it is also possible that Ruby could have been there -- as claimed by Julia Ann Mercer, Jean Hill, Phil Willis, and Policeman Tom Tilson -- and still hurried back to the paper before 1 PM) JFK’s limo passes almost twenty sheriff’s deputies standing at the intersection of Main and Houston in front of the Sheriff’s Office. (Later, the deputies will almost unanimously agree that they believe the shots came from the railroad yards located just behind the Grassy Knoll. Of the twenty Dallas Police deputies who will give statements regarding today’s events, “sixteen thought the assassin had fired from the area of the grassy knoll” while three had “no opinion” and one “decided the shots came from” the Book Depository.) In the motorcade’s Vice Presidential limousine, Lyndon Johnson is later described as having his ear up against a small walkietalkie held over the back seat, listening to the device which is turned low. (This description comes from Sen. Ralph Yarborough who is riding with Johnson.)

In his book The Death Of A President, William Manchester writes:

“At 12:29 PM his career was at a low ebb. He sat sluggishly in the back seat of his convertible, insensitive to the cheers around him, seeking refuge in the blare of a dashboard radio. His prestige had come apart, and for the moment he had apparently abandoned hope of reassembling it. Then, sixty seconds later, the elected President and his lady lay in a welter of blood, and Lyndon Johnson was the leader of the nation.” Lyndon Johnson’s Secret Service detail is already “on the alert.” Photographic evidence reveals that the left side rear door to Johnson’s Secret Service back-up car is already being held open. This fact, in and of itself, may not be unusual since there are reports that the car door was held open for the entire motorcade.

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