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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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July 23, 1964 James Teague, whose cheek was cut by a piece of concrete blown off by one of the bullets fired at JFK, is interviewed and finally deposed by the Warren Commission. Deputy Sheriff Eddy Walthers, one of the officers who inspected the curb just after the shooting is also deposed by Wesley Liebeler, an assistant council to the commission. Liebeler has been sent back to Dallas specifically for these depositions.

July 24, 1964 Wesley Liebeler today arranges a meeting of Mrs. Edith Whitworth and Mrs. Gertrude Hunter with Marina Oswald and her two children. The meeting takes place in the U.S. attorney’s office located in the main Post Office building in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Whitworth and Mrs. Hunter were in the Furniture Mart at 149 East Irving Boulevard in early November, 1963 when Lee Harvey Oswald, Marina and the two Oswald children supposedly visited the shop. The two women’s testimony is troubling the Commission because their account of the visit has Oswald driving a car. He supposedly could not drive and had no license. Also present at the meeting today are: William McKenzie and Henry Baer, attorneys for Mrs. Oswald; Peter Paul Gregory, an interpreter; and Forrest Sorrels and John Joe Howlett, agents for the U.S. Secret Service. Despite tough cross-examination by Mr. McKenzie, both women continue to assert without reservation that Mrs. Oswald and her two children were in the store with her husband on a weekday afternoon during the first week of November. Mrs. Oswald is equally uncompromising in her insistence that she has never met the two women and that she has never set foot in the Furniture Mart. The meeting ends as a complete failure in solving the problem. Ultimately, the Commission will impugn the integrity of Mrs. Whitworth and Mrs. Hunter.

July 28, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Defense counsel files fifteen formal bills of exception.

August, 1964 Teresa Norton, one of Jack Ruby’s strippers and a police informant, is shot to death in Houston, Texas this n month. Her real name is Karen Bennet Carlin, or “Little Lynn.” August 4, 1964 The U.S. bombing of North Vietnam goes forward today, based on the mistaken belief in a second attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. In a certain sense, because the resolution that passed Congress was used to justify the U.S. military commitment, the entire Vietnam War can now be said to have been based on a misunderstanding. Just over a month afterward, when another pair of American warships in the Gulf of Tonkin will also think they have come under attack, LBJ will begin to express doubts about the reality of the August incident. In 1997, in Hanoi, Robert McNamara, in a conversation with Vietnamese Commander General Vo Nguyen Giap, will also conclude that the August 4, 1964, incident had never occurred. The White House Tapes August 6, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Judge Brown refuses to approve fifteen bills of exception.

August 11, 1964 After drinking an unknown amount of beer and vodka, John Franklin Elrod winds up at the Shelby County sheriff’s Office in downtown Memphis. While there he volunteers information that he had been a cell mate of LHO’s on November 22, 1963. The FBI sends two agents -- Norman L. Casey and Francil B. Cole, to interview Elrod. The agents dictate a two-page report summarizing Elrod’s story. They chalk up his story to heresy. Dallas Police Department files discovered in 1992 will confirm that Elrod was in the Dallas City Jail on the day of the assassination.

August 12, 1964 The CIA reports: “American citizen Waldemar Boris Karapatnitsky last known address West Berlin, visited relatives USSR 1959, and believed hospitalized Botkina Hospital Moscow in bed next to OSWALD October 21, 1959, to October 28,

1959. Subject a retired machinery importer-exporter born January 14, 1886, Ukraine... Subject denounced 1950 by neighbor as communist based on conversations between informant and SAC. No further derog. traces.” From 1958 to 1962, Counter-Intelligence HT-LINGUAL will intercept 15 letters mailed either to the Soviet Union from the United States by Boris Karapatnitsky, or mailed from the Soviet Union and received by him in the United States. The CIA is reluctant to take the testimony of Boris Karapatnitsky because of “complications that would later arise,” and discusses the problem with David Slawson.

David Slawson tells the CIA he will get the State Department to take Boris Karapatnitsky’s statement. From the State Department report: “A Mission Officer called on Boris Karapatnitsky on August 14, 1964, under pretext of checking residences of older U.S. citizens residing in Berlin. Karapatnitsky said he thought he knew why the officer had come and stated he had intended to visit consular section for advice concerning problem. He described problem as follows: He had been informed by a friend in New York that a Secret Service agent, representing the Warren Commission, had inquired about him asking Kara had been in USSR certain time and if he had known OSWALD. Showed Consular Officer letter from friend dated August 10, 1964, surmising that Sovs had furnished names of all patients in hospital at time of OSWALD’S hospitalization and that he had been traced from there. Kara said he had never heard of OSWALD until after assassination of President Kennedy. He volunteered there had been only one American in Karapatnitsky’s room in hospital but he was 69 year old industrialist. In response to repeated he had heard nothing about OSWALD in the USSR and could recall no reason to believe their paths have crossed.” August 15, 1964 Newsweek magazine writes of the frustration of journalists and researchers concerning the JFK autopsy evidence.

August 21, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Defense counsel files bystander bills of exception -- a “bystander” filing being necessary when the presiding judge has denied approval of the initial filing of the bills of exception.

August 22, 1964 RFK announces his candidacy for the United States Senate today in New York. (RK) LBJ, now headed for a landslide against Barry Goldwater, performs on platforms with RFK. In public, LBJ hugs RFK and calls him “ma boy.” RFK will win by a little over 700,000 votes, although Johnson carries New York by 2.7 million. LBJ’s participation has probably secured his Senate seat for RFK, but Kennedy refrains from mentioning LBJ in his voctory statement. B&JE August 26, 1964 L.J. Lewis, an eyewitness at the scene of Tippit’s murder, who was interviewed by two FBI agents on January 21, 1964 submits an affidavit to the Warren Commission in which he states that the FBI report submitted by the two agents is incorrect.

The FBI files a report on this date concerning assassination suspect Gilberto Policarpo Lopez who is now in Cuba. It contains an interview with Lopez’s cousin, Guillermo Serpa Rodriguez, conducted in Key West, Florida. Rodriguez says that Lopez had come to the United States after Castro took over in Cuba, had returned to Cuba after about a year because he was homesick, then returned to the U.S.A. in 1960 or 1961 to avoid the Cuban draft. According to the report, Lopez told Rodriguez of his plans to return to Cuba in November 1963, saying he was afraid of getting drafted into the U.S. military. This report also contains an interview with Lopez’s wife, also conducted in Key West. She says that Lopez was hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital in early 1963 in Miami because he had begun to suffer from epileptic attacks. He was also treated for the condition by doctors in Key West and Coral Gables. In the opinion of Lopez’s wife, his seizures were brought on by worry for his family in Cuba. She says that Lopez has written her since his return to Cuba, telling her that his trip had been made with financial assistance from “an organization in Tampa.” August 27, 1964 FBI agents submit a second report to the Warren Commission regarding the testimony of L.J. Lewis in which they say Lewis wishes to make certain “clarifications” regarding his original statement. The timing of the events, as Lewis says he saw them occur in Dealey Plaza, is STILL incorrect. Thus after Lewis has submitted an affidavit correcting the original FBI report, agents submit a second report -- similarly incorrect -- which also conforms to the Warren Commission’s accepted narrative.

September 2, 1964 RFK tenders his resignation to President LBJ in order to run for US Senate.

Jackie Kennedy and her children move, this month, to live in New York City.

September 4, 1964 Warren Report galley proofs begin being circulated.

September 6, 1964 Marina Oswald testifies at the U.S. Naval Air Station ins Dallas on this day, and says: “I feel in my own mind that Lee did not have President Kennedy as a prime target when he assassinated him.” Representative Boggs asks, “Well, who was it?” Marina replies, “I think it was Connally. That’s my personal opinion that he perhaps was shooting at Governor Connally, the Governor of Texas.” September 8, 1964 (Telex from J. Edgar Hoover to RCMP): “URGENT... appreciate knowing if you have on record any reference to one NORMAN SIMILAS of Toronto Canada being an eye witness within ten feet to the assassination of President Kennedy on Nov. 22/63. Urgent wire reply collect.” September 10, 1964 (Memo to RCMP from FBI Liaison Officer): “The President’s Commission has requested that the author of this article (from Liberty Magazine) be contacted and the photograph referred to be obtained, if possible. The Commission has also requested that the name of the presumably Dallas Times reporter referred to in the article be determined in order to ascertain whether such a picture ever existed.” September 11, 1964 The FBI hastily interviews the superintendent of the Book Depository regarding the cartons on the sixth floor and particularly those cartons at the “sniper’s perch.”. The report contains the statement that “there were no cartons on the sixth floor... which could not have been handled by one man.” This interview takes place because someone apparently became concerned that the “cardboard cartons” piled around the sniper’s window to ensure seclusion might have been too heavy to be moved by one man. It is determined that the cartons weighed approximately 50 pounds apiece.

(Memo to Commanding Officer of the RCMP branch in Toronto from the RCMP Commissioner in Ottawa): “FBI advise article appearing in July issue of Liberty Magazine by Norman Similas (address unknown) suggests Similas took photo which shows two persons at window from which fatal shots fired at late President Kennedy. Article also indicated reporter from Dallas Newspaper present when photo taken. Ascertain (a) whether such photo exists (b) identity of Dallas reporter.” September 14 - 18, 1964 CIA provides most of its information to the Warren Commission on these dates. Questions have been posed to the Agency by the Commission months earlier. The report will be officially presented to LBJ in only six days. The CIA is in the process of amassing what will be something on the order of 300,000 pages of info on LHO. (The public will see little of this material until August 1993.) September 14, 1964 (Memo to RCMP from FBI Liaison Officer): “One Robert H. Jackson, a photographer for the Dallas Times was interviewed in this matter last year and stated that upon hearing the shots, he looked up at the Texas School Book Depository window in time to see the barrel of a rifle being pulled inside the window, but could not see the person holding the rifle. He also recalled seeing two Negro individuals looking out of the windows immediately below the window in which he saw the rifle.” September 15, 1964 (Internal RCMP memo from Criminal Investigation Branch to Operations Division): “Kindly endeavor to obtain a copy of the August, 1964 issue of Liberty Magazine. The FBI have requested that this matter be treated as urgent.”

September 16, 1964 Two RCMP officers pay a visit to the home of Norman Similas. They take down the following statement:

“The position I finally took (for picture taking) was approximately 250 or 300 yards west of the Texas School Book Depository building. Approximately five minutes later the autocade appeared at the corner of Main and Houston. I took my first picture as the lead motorcycle passed in front of me. At the same time as I took the first picture I heard the first shot fired. I didn’t take any more pictures until a bus carrying the Presidential Press Party came into view.

I took a bus from Dallas to Chicago as I was unable to make airline reservations. En route I picked up a newspaper in St. Louis and noticed a story which was published on the day of the assassination and which was written by a Dallas reporter. His account of the assassination indicated that he observed two people and the rifle barrel being withdrawn from the window in the building.

At Chicago I contacted T.C.A. Reservations where I received a message to call a local Chicago number. I called and a Ray Jefferies answered. It was the Associated Press Office. They sent a car for me and I gave him the rolls of film less one of which I did not know the locale. They developed the film there and advised me that they had coverage of most of the pictures that I had.

I arrived in Toronto at about 10 PM on November 23rd. Almost immediately on my arrival at home, I was contacted by a reporter from the Toronto Telegram who advised they received word from the AP in Chicago that I had negatives that they might be interested in. He arrived in my home in five or ten minutes. He then examined the negatives, and while examining them he exclaimed, “there looks like two people at this window.” I then went over and looked at the negative and I agreed that there were two objects in the window on the 6th floor southeast corner of the building. This window differed from the others in that it had an alcove above the window as opposed to the others on the 5th and other floors, which were square frame. The two objects appeared to be people and the Telegram reporter thought he saw what appeared to be a rifle barrel between them. I did not make any comment on this upon looking at it as it blended into the shadow of the object to the left. This negative was one of a strip of three and this strip plus another of three was handed over to this reporter.

The following Wednesday, my wife telephoned me at work and told me a letter had arrived from the Telegram. This letter apologetically explained that they had lost the negatives. In a matter of a few days I received a cheque for $50.00 from the Telegram.

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