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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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It is announced today that Martin Luther King has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. J. Edgar Hoover is enraged at the announcement.

October 18, 1964 J. Edgar Hoover summons a contingent of the Women’s National Press Club, and, after rambling through chapter and verse to repudiate the notion that the Bureau has done nothing in the civil rights field, refers to Martin Luther King’s complaints in 1962 “In view of King’s attitude and his continued criticism of the FBI on this point,” Hoover says, “I consider King to be the most notorious liar in the country.” B&JE October 19, 1964 By this date, the Warren Report’s lone-assassin conclusion is doubted by 31% of the American population.

October 21, 1964 Rose Cheramie (Melba Marcades) is charged with vagrancy. Her behavior is described as loud and erratic.

An article in today’s Washington Post is titled “CIA withheld vital intelligence from Warren Commission.” It is written by Robert S. Allen and Paul Scott. This concerns a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) warning that it is Kremlin policy to remove from public office by assassination Western officials who oppose Soviet policy.

October 22, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Defense counsel files third motion for extension of time to file statement of facts.

November 2, 1964 LBJ sets up a working group under Assistant Secretary of State William Bundy to review the Vietnam War policy alternatives. The Working Group will eventually conclude: “We cannot guarantee to maintain a noncommunist South Vietnam short of committing ourselves to whatever military action would be required to defeat North Vietnam and probably Communist China militarily. Such a commitment would involve high risks of a major conflict in Asia, which could not be confined to air and naval action but would almost inevitably involve a Korean-scale ground action and possibly even the use of nuclear weapons at some point.” November 3, 1964 LBJ overwhelmingly reelected President of United States.

–  –  –

November 4, 1964 Louis Farrakhan, known now as Louis X, makes the following statement in an issue of Muhammad Speaks:

“The die is set, and Malcolm [X] shall not escape, especially after such evil, foolish talk about his benefactor, Elijah Muhammad, in trying to rob him of the divine glory which Allah had bestowed upon him. Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death, and would have met with death if it had not been for Muhammad’s confidence in Allah for victory over his enemies.” TA November 18, 1964 J. Edgar Hoover publicly calls Martin Luther King the “most notorious liar in the country.” Later this month, LBJ will personally contact Hoover and order him to patch things up with King. Hoover also charges the Warren Commission with “a classic case of Monday morning quarterbacking” for daring to criticize the FBI.

November 20, 1964 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Defense counsel files fourth motion for extension of time to file statement of facts. Judge Brown grants ten-day extension. Judge Brown also signs statement of facts.

In San Marcos, Texas, President Johnson makes a speech at Southwest Texas State Teachers College where he once worked his way to a college degree as a student and part-time janitor. He says: “I have traveled a long way from this college to the office I now occupy. In few times -- yes, in few nations, in man’s journey, has it been possible for any man to travel such a road.” November 22, 1964 Richard Russell visits LBJ at his Texas ranch. They decide its best that they don’t go deer hunting today.

November 23, 1964 Twenty-six volumes of supporting evidence regarding JFK assassination are published on this date

- the first anniversary of JFK‘s death.

–  –  –

December 13, 1964 Reporter Ted Szulc meets in New York City with Che Guevara for “several hours. On Che’s eight-day trip to the UN this month, he also has secret meetings with Senator Eugene McCarthy and former ABC reporter Lisa Howard, who has told the White House “Che has something to say to us.” Che’s relationship to Castro is at a very low eb.

December 18, 1964 The New York Herald Tribune reports:

“Evidence and investigating reports used by the Warren commission have been stored in a special vault in the National Archives Building and will remain inaccessible to the public for 75 years. As a result, much of what was said off the record by some of the 552 witnesses during the investigation of President Kennedy’s assassination ‘may not be known in our lifetime.’” “The Kennedy assassination material will be stored in an inner vault equipped with highly sensitive electronic detection devices to guard against fire and theft... The combination to the vault will be known by only two or three persons.” Several years after the Warren Commission publishes its Report and disbands, Earl Warren writes his memoirs. In a chapter devoted to the Commission’s work, he writes the following: “Practically all the Cabinet members of President Kennedy’s administration, along with Director J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI and Chief James Rowley of the Secret Service...testified that to their knowledge there was no sign of any conspiracy. To say now that these people, as well as the Commission, suppressed, neglected to unearth, or overlooked evidence of conspiracy would be an indictment of the entire government of the United States.

It would mean the whole structure was absolutely corrupt from top to bottom...” Sometime during this past year, Maurice Gatlin is pushed or jumps from the sixth floor of the El Panama Hotel in Panama n city and is killed. Gatlin delivered money to the Secret Army Organization to help finance their attempt on the life of Charles deGaulle.

Gatlin had boasted that his role as a CIA “transporter” gave him a license to kill.

When French intelligence traced the money used to finance the assassination attempt on de Gaulle, they found that $200,000 of it had been deposited in the Swiss-based Permindex account in the Bank de la Credit Internationale. Clay Shaw is on the board of directors of Permindex which is a subsidiary of the Rome-based Centro Mondiale Commerciale. Ostensibly both have been created to promote international trade. But in 1962 the Italian government kicked CMC out of the country as a CIA front, and the Swiss government dissolved Permindex when it was proven to be a conduit for funds for the Secret Army Organization, a cabal of right-wing French generals plotting to get rid of Charles de Gaulle. (Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, a manuscript that circulates among conspiracy researchers says that Permindex is actually a private assassination bureau. It works in cooperation with a top secret department of the FBI called Division Five. Among the numerous and illustrious financiers of Permindex are Clint Murchison and H.L. Hunt.) During this month, LBJ writes to Jacqueline Kennedy concerning their continued correspondence saying: “I find it a selfish motive, but one over which my disciplines have no power: I enjoy reading a letter from you just for the sheer pleasure of hearing you speak on paper.” He continues: “Time goes by too swiftly, my dear Jackie. But the day never goes by without some tremor of a memory or some edge of a feeling that reminds me of all that you and I went through together.” He concludes: “Please let my young friends, Caroline and John, know they are loved by the Johnsons.” December 21, 1964 Aristotle Onassis is driven by his chauffeur onto a runway at Orlay Airport in Paris where an Olympic jet has just landed. There is only one passenger onboard - Jackie Kennedy. She by-passes customs and goes straight to Onassis’s apartment for a secluded visit. She will return to the USA three months from now, and the same secret procedures will be followed. It is alleged that the two have seen each other at least 30 times since the death of JFK.

December 23, 1964 Five days after Che Guevara’s eight-day trip to the UN, one of Eloy Menoyo’s CIA files talks about the “imminent infiltration [into Cuba] of Cuban exiles allegedly involved in [Castro] assassination plots. US December 30, 1964 Manuel Artime is meeting in Madrid, Spain with Rolando Cubela about the current assassination plot against Fidel Castro.. US This year, the Stemmons Freeway sign is permanently removed from Dealey Plaza.

During the year, RFK - on the Amazon River - swims out of a dugout canoe in piranha-infested waters. As the rest of the men on the expedition paddle around, RFK intones to a petrified Richard Goodwin that, while “It was impossible to pinpoint the exact time and place when he decided to run for president...the idea seemed to take hold as he was swimming in the Amazonian River of Nhamunda.” B&JE Also this year, Gerald Ford, in collaboration with John R. Stiles, publishes a book, Portrait of the Assassin, describing some of his findings while on the Warren Commission.

January 4, 1965 Eloy Menoyo is captured by Cuban authorities and forced to go on Cuban television to publicly confess after beatings that result in having “all his ribs broken” and losing “all his hearing from one ear.” Menoyo is “accused by the regime of having conspired to kill [Fidel] Castro” and begins serving a life sentence.

January 20, 1965 LBJ is inaugurated for his first full presidential term. The first change in the Cabinet he had inherited from JFK becomes official this month. John T. Connor is sworn in as secretary of commerce, succeeding Luther H. Hodges, Nicholas de B.

Katzenback is named attorney general to succeed Robert F. Kennedy.

January 27, 1965 Robert McNamara and McGeorge Bundy submit a memorandum on Vietnam to LBJ: “The worst course of action is to continue in this essentially passive role which can only lead to eventual defeat and an invitation to get out in humiliating circumstances. We see two alternatives. The first is to use our military power in the Far East and to force a change in Communist policy.

The second is to deploy all our resources along a track of negotiation, aimed at salvaging what little can be preserved with no major addition to our present military risks. [We] tend to favor the first course, but we believe that both should be carefully studied.” McNamara will later write: “Between January 28 and July 28, 1965, President Johnson made the fateful choices that locked the United States onto a path of massive military intervention in Vietnam, an intervention that ultimately destroyed his presidency and polarized America like nothing since the Civil War.” February 21, 1965 Malcolm X is just beginning a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City when two men n in the audience stand up and start an argument. During this commotion, a man with a shotgun and others with pistols advance toward Malcolm and fatally shoot him. One of the assailants, Talmadge Hayer, is shot in the leg and captured; the others escape.

March 8, 1965 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Hearing before Judge Brown on defense motion for sanity hearing. Defense counsel files motions to disqualify Judge Brown, for change of venue, for Ruby’s right to choose his own attorneys, and for an extension to prepare for a pretrial conference and sanity hearing. Judge Brown overrules each motion.

March 15, 1965 Journalist Ted Szulc writes today that “In Havana the thread [between Fidel Castro and Che [Guevara] is broken forever, and Che is never seen [in public] again -- except two and a half years from now in Bolivia, South America. What occurs today continues to be a mystery.” March 18 - 19, 1965 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Hearing before United States District Court in Dallas on defense counsel’s petition to place jurisdiction of Jack Ruby under the district. Judge Davidson denies petition but returns case to the Administrative Judge of the Dallas Court instead of Judge Brown.

Alexei Leonov conducts world’s first space walk during Voskhod-2 mission

March 19, 1965 Jack Ruby is met by reporters between the Dallas jail and the court. His remarks are recorded by reporter Sylvia Meagher (the author of a very comprehensive index to the Warren Commission exhibits.) Ruby pleads to be removed to federal jurisdiction and makes a statement including the words “complete conspiracy... and the assassination too... if you knew the facts you would be amazed.” March 27, 1965 Thomas Hale Howard, attorney, dies of a heart attack in Dallas. He is 48 years old. Howard is the n attorney who advised Ruby to say that he shot LHO “to prevent Jackie Kennedy from having to return to Dallas.” Howard was also the first attorney to represent Jack Ruby. According to Mark Lane, Howard met with Jack Ruby’s roommate George Senator and two members of the press at Ruby’s apartment on the evening of November 24, hours after Ruby shot Oswald. What was discussed at the meeting is unknown. None of the three men Senator met with will live past this year.

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