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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Whaley was the Oswald cabbie, one of the few who had the opportunity to talk alone with the accused killer of Kennedy between the assassination and Oswald’s arrest. He testified that Oswald hailed his cab at the Greyhound bus station, then graciously offered the cab to a waiting lady, who declined his offer. Whaley said he drove Oswald to the intersection of Beckley and Neches---half a block from the rooming house---and collected a dollar. Later he identified Oswald as his fare in a questionable police lineup, although police records are confusing and he may have picked out another man. Whaley was killed in a head-on collision on a bridge over the Trinity River, December 18, 1965; his passenger was critically injured. The 83-year-old driver of the other vehicle was also killed. Whaley had been with the City Transportation Co. since 1936 and had a perfect accident record. He was the first Dallas cabbie to be killed on duty since 1937. When Penn Jones went to interview the general manager of the cab company about Whaley’s death, he was literally pushed out of the office. “If you’re smart,” said the manager, “you won’t be coming around here asking questions.” December 28 - 31, 1965 Writer John Bullion says he goes hunting with LBJ at his Texas ranch. “I went hunting with him at the ranch Dec. 28 to Dec. 31, 1965. We hunted out of a Lincoln Continental. I had a Neiman Marcus suit on. There’s the 21-year-old John Bullion and the president of the United States,” recalled Bullion. John’s father, Waddy, was LBJ’s tax attorney. “I have found nothing that would lead me to believe that Lyndon Johnson was directly or indirectly involved with the assassination of John Kennedy,” said Bullion. His father, Waddy, was with Johnson right after Kennedy’s death. “Dad was impressed with him after the assassination.

Lyndon was getting control of the situation,” added Bullion.

This year, Johnny Roselli will say: “No question in my mind... I think Castro hit Kennedy because of the Bay of Pigs invasion.” And yet, Sam Giancana’s brother, Chuck Giancana, will later write that this is the year Sam privately confesses to his part in JFK’s assassination. Sam says that the entire conspiracy goes “right up to the top of the CIA.” He says that fanatical right-wing Texans, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and a Bay of Pigs action officer are involved. Sam Giancana then moves to Mexico City, buying a five million dollar estate and goes into virtual seclusion for eight years. BT This is also the year that General Charles Willoughby goes to work directly for H.L. Hunt’s son, Nelson Bunker Hunt, helping arrange the acquisition of all offshore oil rights in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique.

Patricia and Peter Lawford divorce this year.

By the fall of this year, dozens of books and articles have been printed which challenge the Warren Commission’s findings. J.

Edgar Hoover, at LBJ’s request, investigates the authors of seven books critical of the Warren Report, turning up the information that one writer has been discharged from the military for mental problems while several others have belonged to leftist organizations. No proof of foreign involvement is found, but the file on one critic contains information of a highly personal nature. It consists of a Queens County, New York, police record of the subject’s arrest for committing an unnatural act (the charge was later dropped); the depositions of two prostitutes, attesting to the nature of said act; and photographs of the subject, shown nude, his arms seemingly bound behind his back, his face contorted in a painful grimace, while one of the prostitutes is sticking what appears to be a pin or needle into his erect penis. Blind memorandums containing the results of the investigations (the photographs are among the eleven enclosures), are sent to LBJ, via his aide Marvin Watson on November 8, 1966, and are shown to several of the Warren Commission members, as well as favored press contacts, who promptly nickname the photograph’s subject “Pinhead.” When shown this material, Hale Boggs is shocked. “If they have all this on some little guy who wrote a book, what about me?” January - 1966 This month, a dealer sells by auction two letters allegedly written by Jack Ruby and smuggled out of jail.

One letter says, “...they alone had planned the killing, by they I mean Johnson and the others...” AATF January 9, 1966 Earlene Roberts dies of heart failure. She was Lee Harvey Oswald’s last landlady who said that a n police car drove by after the assassination, honked its horn and then moved on while Lee Harvey Oswald was in the rooming house.

Police say she suffered a heart attack in her home. No autopsy is performed.

January 31, 1966 A letter written by Jack Ruby describes an ultra right plot to kill JFK.

February 1, 1966 LBJ places a call today to Sen. Eugene McCarthy during which he complains about the Kennedy administration and its left-wing allies in the Senate, who supported Kennedy’s entrance into the war but not Johnson’s continuance of it. “They started on me with Diem, you remember,” Johnson tells McCarthy, recalling the words of the coup’s proponents. “’He was corrupt and he ought to be killed.’ So we killed him. We all got together and got a goddamn bunch of thugs and assassinated him. Now, we’ve really had no political stability [in South Vietnam] since then.” Minutes later, in a call to Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, until recently America’s ambassador to South Vietnam, LBJ expounds on his recollection, and the general echoes it. “They started out and says, ‘We got to kill Diem, because he’s no damn good. Let’s, let’s knock him off.’ And we did,” Johnson tells Taylor. “Yeah, that’s where it all started,” the general agrees. “That’s exactly where it started!” Johnson replies with obvious anger. “And I just pled with them at the time, ‘Please, don’t do it.’ But that’s where it started. And they knocked him off.” February 14, 1966 Albert Guy Bogard, (41 years old) first legitimate name on the Assassinations Committee’s “mysten rious death project list,” dies. Bogard was an employee at the Downtown Dallas Lincoln-Mercury dealership. Before the assassination, Oswald supposedly went to the dealership and test-drove a car with Bogard as his passenger. It is known that Oswald did not drive and was in fact taking driving “lessons” from Ruth Paine. Bogard passed a lie detector test on the story and his coworkers corroborated it.

Found dead in his car in Hallsville, Louisiana cemetery. A hose had been connected to the exhaust and the other end inside the car with windows up. Ruling: suicide. According to one of his fellow salesmen, shortly after testifying before the Commission, Bogard was severely beaten and hospitalized, and then quietly disappeared from Dallas.

Jesse Curry resigns as chief of the Dallas Police Dept. -- less than a month after Dallas mayor Erik Johsson visits J. Edgar Hoover in Washington who complains bitterly about Curry.

February 16, 1966 An Air Force van picks up the JFK bronze casket and transports it to Andrews Air Force Base, where it is loaded onto a C-130 airplane. The plane takes off at 8:38 a.m. and flies over a calm ocean to a point approximately 131 nautical miles off the Maryland-Delaware coast. The drop point -- in 9,000 feet of water beyond the continental shelf -- has been chosen because it is away from regularly traveled air and shipping lines in an explosives dumping area. The pilot descends to 500 feet and at 10 a.m., the plane’s tail hatch is opened and the casket is pushed out. Leaving nothing to chance, the plane circles the drop point for 20 minutes to ensure that nothing returns to the surface.

March 1, 1966 Rolando Cubela and another ex-Cuban Army major are arrested in Havana, Cuba, for plotting to assassinate Fidel Castro. A government communiqué charges that the plot was hatched in Spain with the help of Manuel Artime and the CIA. Nine days from now, Cubela will go before a revolutionary tribunal. No mention will be made of his pre-1964 involvement with the CIA. He will be convicted but not executed, serving some eighteen years in prison before being released. Cubela eventually resides in Madrid, Spain.

March 17, 1966 In a telephone conversation today, LBJ tells Nicholas Katzenbach: “I have no objections to Bobby [Kennedy] becomin’ president of this country. I just, by God, want to be a president myself. And I think it ill behooves the Kennedys, after all I’ve done for the Kennedys, to not reciprocate the treatment that I’ve given them. Everything they’ve ever asked - the father, the president, Bobby, and Teddy - I’ve done except put Bobby on the ticket for vice president! That’s all.” TKAT March 31, 1966 Jack Ruby’s lawyer, Sam Houston Clinton, say that on this day (he believes the date is correct) he is seated beside Ruby during a routine hearing. A reporter sticks a mike in front of Ruby, whereupon Ruby says that people just don’t understand that if he ever gets a chance to tell his story, they will know that “if Adlai Stevenson had been vice president, Kennedy would still be alive today.” May 18, 1966 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Texas Court of Criminal Appeals directs Judge Holland to proceed with sanity hearing, allowing Joe Tonahill to be one of defense counsel, and remands Jack Ruby to the custody of the sheriff of Dallas County.

May 29, 1966 Hermino Diaz, a Cuban agent of the CIA, dies in a gun fight with a Cuban militia patrol while trying n to infiltrate the area around the Hotel Comodoro in Havana, Cuba. He undertook the mission, directed by Jorge Mas Canosa, in order to carry out a new attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. The criminal record of Hermino Diaz is extensive. A paid assassin for the dictator Trujillo, in 1948 he murdered in Mexico a Cuban named Rogelio Hernandez, from whom he took the victim’s surname as a pseudonym.

In 1957, again under the orders of Trujillo, he attempted to murder the president of Costa Rica, Jose Figueres. He was subsequently detained in that country. Diaz is an expert shooter. Hermino is also a mulatto with an unmistakable bald patch. (Some researchers suggest at Diaz was a participant in JFK’s assassination and could have possibly been one of the Latino men seen in and around Deadly Plaza on Nov. 22.) June - 1966 Richard Helms becomes Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Captain Frank Martin dies this month. He was a Dallas police captain who witnessed the slaying of LHO by Jack Ruby. When n he testified to the Warren Commission, he stated: “There’s a lot to be said but probably be better if I don’t say it.” Cause of death: cancer

- under questionable circumstances.

June 13, 1966 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Jury sanity hearing. Jack Ruby is held to be sane.

June 24, 1966 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Briefs on the appeal of Jack Ruby’s death sentence are filed by the defense counsel and the State of Texas.

July 3, 1966 The New York Times says today: “Of course the ‘single bullet’ theory is porous, but no other explanation makes any sense.” July 12, 1966 Allen Dulles is quoted in Look magazine, challenging assassination critics: “If they’ve found another assassin, let them name names and produce the evidence.” August 1,1966 President LBJ halts all congressional trips to Vietnam.

Also this month, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and his family are in the Seattle airport waiting to board a plane. A man approaches, shouting “Murderer!” and spits on McNamara. Years later, he will still remember the event vividly.

August 9, 1966 Lee Bowers, Jr. dies. He was in the railroad control tower behind the Grassy Knoll and saw two n men behind the fence, a puff of smoke during the shooting, and a lot of activity. He is killed at the age of 41 in a one-car crash near Midlothian, Texas. This particular morning, Bowers, now vice president of a construction firm, is driving south of Dallas on business.

He is two miles south of Midlothian, Texas when his brand new company car veers from the road and hits a bridge abutment. A farmer who sees it, says the car was going about 50 miles an hour, a slow speed for that road. Bowers dies in a Dallas hospital. There is no autopsy and he is cremated. A doctor from Midlothian who rides to Dallas in the ambulance with Bowers notices something peculiar about the victim. “He was in some strange sort of shock.” The doctor says, “A different kind of shock than the accident victim experiences. I can’t explain it. I’ve never seen anything like it.” August 12, 1966 THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. JACK RUBENSTEIN -- Defense counsel files petition with the United States Supreme Court to review the case of Jack Ruby.

August 22, 1966 In anticipation of William Manchester’s book on the JFK assassination (and the reported unflattering statements made about LBJ in the manuscript) LBJ asks his secretary, Juanita Roberts, to collect everything in the files about his contacts with Jacqueline Kennedy following the assassination. TKAT August 29, 1966 LBJ, who is at his Texas ranch to celebrate his fifty-eighth birthday, organizes an extended group conversation over the telephone in an effort to find out what happened to the “missing” Kennedy Bible he supposedly used aboard Air Force One during his swearing-in ceremony. This action is undertaken due to reports of stories included in William Manchester’s upcoming book on the assassination - that the Bible was stolen. It is eventually determined that the book was NOT a Bible, but a prayer book. Lady Bird Johnson had taken the book with her as a memento when she got off of the plane in Washington on the evening of Nov. 22, 1963.

LBJ has refused to be interviewed for Manchester’s book. TKAT September 1, 1966 Marilyn Moore Walle, also known as “Delilah” -- a dancer employed by Jack Ruby on the day JFK n was killed, is shot to death by her husband. She is planning to write book about the assassination.

Also today, a letter from Dr. George G. Burkley to Dr. John Nichols states that the medical files of President Kennedy are being held in the same condition as his private papers. Records dealing with the private affairs of the President, as opposed to records dealing with the official constitutional or statutory duties, have always been treated as personal to the President by the Government.

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