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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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October 16, 1967 Steve Roberts dies after a long illness. Roberts is West Coast coordinator for the Fair Play for Cuba n Committee and a SWP functionary. According to his obituary in The Militant, he had made “many visits to campuses to talk about the Cuban revolution and to mix with the students as though he was one of them...” Roberts had traveled to Cuba from Mexico City in 1962 “as a guest of the Cuban government.” Also on this date, Paul Rothermel, a former FBI agent hired by H.L. Hunt as an investigator, writes the Hunts (H.L. Hunt and sons) that: “I have information tot he effect that (Jim) Garrison is referring to either you or Bunker as the wealthy oilman in his probe.” In another memo a few months later, Rothermel writes, “The source of the information reports that Garrison is convinced that the assassination was carried out by General Edwin Walker with the financial support and backing of Herman and George Brown of Houston and H.L. Hunt of Dallas. He said that Garrison is a heavy drinker and lives extravagantly despite a modest salary as district attorney.” Jim Garrison is referred to by Rothermel in another memo to the Hunts as: “... a most vindictive left Winger, that he is bisexual and a clever blackmailer. Garrison understands public opinion, and can without introducing evidence of proof, harass, intimidate, and smear whomever he wishes.” October 17, 1967 Admiral George Gregory Burkley takes part in an oral history interview for the JFK library. When asked about the number of bullets that had entered JFK’s body, he responds: “I would not care to be quoted on that.” Despite that fact that Burkley was the only individual present at both Parkland and Bethesda, he did not testify before The Warren Commission. MIDP October 21, 1967 20,000 angry antiwar demonstrators march on the Pentagon, determined to shut it down. Robert McNamara decides to surround the building with troops armed with rifles, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the middle of the asphalt ring, and to station U.S. marshals between them and the protesters. McNamara observes the scene from the roof of the Pentagon building - among other places. Years later, he will write “... had the protesters been more disciplined -- Gandhi-like -- they could have achieved their objective of shutting us down.” LBJ and his aides are privately worried about McNamara’s mental health. LBJ says: “We can’t afford another Forrestal,” referring to the first secretary of defense, James Forrestal who, unable to cope with the pressures of his job, had jumped out of a hospital window in 1949. RK November 27, 1967 LBJ announces the Robert McNamara will become head of the World Bank. He makes this announcement without first informing McNamara. RK December 11, 1967 Jim Garrison instructs his chief assistant, Jim Alcock, to prepare a complete case on the possibility that David Ferrie committed suicide by take an overdose of Proloid. Garrison is equally adamant about CIA involvement and complains about news coverage of his investigation. In a letter to a Dallas man, Garrison says that the press was never critical “until we stumbled across the fact that the federal investigation of President Kennedy’s assassination was fraudulent.” He goes on to say that “our federal government has reached a stage of such concentrated power that it is able to influence most of the media to do whatever it wishes.” AC Vol. 1, Issue 3 December 15, 1967 James Earl Ray and another man, Charles Stein, take a car trip from California to New Orleans. Ray meets with someone in New Orleans and receives money on the trip.

December 20, 1967 Jim Garrison files a bill of information in New Orleans, charging that Edgar Eugene Bradley did “willfully and unlawfully conspire with others to murder John F. Kennedy.” In October of this year, former Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig identified Bradley as a man in Dealey Plaza after the assassination of JFK who was posing as a SS agent. California Governor Ronald Reagan refuses to extradite Bradley. Bradley gives Reagan an affidavit stating that he was in El Paso at the time of the assassination.

December 22, 1967 The New Orleans States-Item reports that Jim Garrison, responding to Eugene Bradley’s alibi says:

“Our evidence indicates that he was in Dallas. Furthermore, I think I can say with assurance that the Federal government and the Federal investigative agencies know he was in Dallas and know precisely what he was doing.” December 26, 1967 In Los Angeles, District Attorney Eville J. Younger orders the arrest of Edgar Eugene Bradley saying: “this does not indicate any opinion on our part as to the validity of the charge or the guilt or innocence of Mr. Bradley.” December 28, 1967 Richard Nixon takes a trip to Key Biscayne. Three weeks from now, he will return home, having made what he tells his daughter Julie is “the most important decision of my life.” He will run for president again.

Early this year, according to Richard Lubic, at the time a staffer of Life magazine’s sister publication Time, the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination disappears for several days from the vault in the Time-Life headquarters in New York. The FBI and CIA investigate. Although the obvious conclusion is that it was an inside job, no suspects are ever identified.

This year Richard Nixon institutes Operation Integrity, the main purpose of which is to keep an eye on Illinois’ voting practices.

Nixon puts H. Louis Nichols in charge of this operation. Nixon is convinced that he was cheated out of the 1960 election by Mayor Daley, who allegedly tampered with the ballot boxes in Chicago, thus throwing Illinois’ electoral votes, and the election, to JFK.

Also this year, RFK will remark: “I have... wondered at times if we did not pay a very great price for being more energetic than wise about a lot of things, especially Cuba.” January 8, 1968 Newsweek magazine runs an article entitled: “A Law Unto Himself” - an article critical of Jim Garrison.

This is the year that Ronald Reagan, while serving his first term as Governor of California, announces his candidacy for president during the Republican convention.

January 15, 1968 Paris Flammonde writes that on this date, “Court Clerk Max Gonzalez asserted he had observed ‘meetings at New Orleans’s Lakefront Airport in either June or July 1963 between... (Eugene) Bradley of North Hollywood and the late David W.

Ferrie.’” January 31, 1968 North Vietnam launches the Tet offensive.

February - 1968 Ramsey Clark Panel convenes to examine JFK X-rays and autopsy photographs. Doctors on the panel include: William H. Carnes, Russell Fischer, Russell H. Morgan, and Alan R. Moritz.

February 8, 1968 RFK says that U.S. cannot win Vietnam War.

February 16, 1968 In New Orleans, Jim Garrison subpoenas former CIA Director and Warren Commission member Allen Dulles. Dulles refuses to appear.

February 27, 1968 Jim Garrison subpoenas the original print of the Zapruder film from Time, Inc. as evidence in the Clay Shaw trial.

March - 1968 This month, Johnny Meyer and Aristotle Onassis meet with Mahmoud Hamshari at the cafe in the Place de la Sorbonne in Paris. Meyer walks across the square to sit at a table outside a bar to wait for Onassis and Hamshiri to conclude their private meeting. Commuting under various aliases between Paris and Los Angeles, Hamshari appears to have become a sidelined figure in the Palestinian cause. During a meeting the previous June, Hamshiri had proposed that Fatah “kill a high-profile American on American soil.” Nemesis March 16, 1968 Senator RFK announces his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. Across the country, in Portland, Oregon, Richard Nixon watches the event from his suite in the Hotel Benson. After RFK has finished, he sits staring at the blank television screen. “We’ve just seen some terrible forces unleashed,” he says. “Something bad is going to come of this... God knows where this is going to lead.” K&N Jackie Kennedy tells Arthur Schlesinger: “Do you know what I think will happen to Bobby? The same thing that happened to Jack. There is so much hatred in this country, and more people hate Bobby than hated Jack. I’ve told Bobby this, but he isn’t fatalistic, like me.” RK March 31, 1968 LBJ announces he will not run again for President. A Gallup Poll shows that only 26 percent favor Johnson’s handling of the war in Vietnam.

RFK’s plane is just landing at La Guardia in NYC as LBJ’s announcement is being broadcast. An aide rushes to RFK with the news that LBJ is not going to run. “You’re kidding,” is RFK’s reply. He is unusually quiet for the rest of the evening. RK Also on this day an article by Mike Dorman appears in Ramparts magazine that is extremely critical of LBJ. The article describes how LBJ had been “bought off” years ago by Carlos Marcello to look out for his interests in federal gambling legislation. Jack Halfen, a well-known bagman for Marcello, states that he personally passed $100,000 a year - for ten years - to LBJ. LBJ reportedly has read the manuscript of the article prior to it being published. (RFK has been very helpful to Dorman in researching LBJ’s Senate voting record - and met with him personally to discuss the article.) William Barnet also publishes an article in the Dallas Times Herald today that reads: “Two years ago this month, convicted swindler Billie Sol Estes told a startling tale to a grand jury in rural Robertson County. The legendary con man claimed Lyndon B.

Johnson, about to become vice president, had ordered the 1961 murder of U.S. Agriculture Department agent Henry H. Marshall. Estes said the future president was fearful Marshall, of Bryan, could link Johnson aide Clifton Carter - and thus Johnson - to Estes’ fraudulent activities. Testifying with immunity, Estes even named a hitman: Malcom E. “Mac” Wallace, a former University of Texas at Austin student body president. Wallace had been convicted of murder with malice in the 1951 killing of Austin golf pro J. Doug Kinser. After hearing Estes, the grand jury changed the official cause of the death of Marshall - who had been found with five bullet shots to the side

- from suicide to homicide but said there was no one alive to indict...” April 1, 1968 Hiram Ingram, a Dallas sheriff, falls today and breaks his hip. Three days from now, he will be dead n of “cancer.” He is 53 years old. Penn Jones Jr. insists that Ingrams had knowledge of an assassination conspiracy. Ingram was a friend and former colleague of Roger Craig.

April 3, 1968 William Somersett calls Miami Police Detective Lt. C.H. Sapp and informs him that he has learned through his connections of a plot to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Memphis tomorrow.

Regarding the Vietnam war, Hanoi radio announces this morning that “Hanoi is ready to talk.” Nemesis RFK meets with LBJ at the White House - hoping to set up a sort of truce. LBJ tells RFK that he intends to stay out of the campaign. RFK isn’t fooled. LBJ is secretly throwing all his support behind Hubert Humphrey. LBJ is also leaking unfavorable reports about RFK to the press. RK Today, David Karr and Drew Pearson meet with LBJ in the Oval Office. Karr tells LBJ that Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy are going to eventually wed. Shortly after this visit, Eugene McCarthy sees LBJ, and when he brings up the subject of RFK’s presidential run, “The president said nothing; instead he drew a finger across his throat, silently, in a slitting motion.” Nemesis At 11:09 tonight, LBJ’s daughter, Lucy, calls “asking her father if we wanted dinner sent over.” LBJ declines. Nemesis April 4, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, Tenn. A high powered rifle is n found a block a way from the scene. A witness later tells the FBI that, on this day, Frank Liberto is overheard telling someone that his brother in New Orleans, La., was going to pay $5000.00 to have someone to kill a person on a balcony. Liberto denies any involvement in or knowledge of Dr. King’s murder, but admits making disparaging remarks about King in the presence of his customers at the Liberto, Liberto and Latch Produce Store. Liberto’s brother is Salvatore Liberto, in New Orleans, who is indirectly linked to the Marcello clan.

RFK, against advice from his campaign workers, goes to a ghetto rally site in Indianapolis. His police escort peels off as he enters the ghetto. He is the one who tells the crowd that Martin Luther King is dead. Later that night, back at his hotel, RFK for the first time in the hearing of any staffer, mentions the name of his brother’s alleged killer. He calls him “Harvey Lee Oswald,” just as the gunman had been misidentified in the first radio reports from Dallas. Even later in the evening, RFK will say to Joan Braden in reference to MLK’s murder: “That could have been me.” RK While on the campaign trail, word comes in that a man with a rifle has been spotted on a rooftop near RFK’s hotel. Kennedy advisor Fred Dutton silently moves to close the open curtains. “Don’t close them,” Kennedy says, “If they’re going to shoot, they’ll shoot.” Following King’s death, the French novelist Romain Gary tells RFK “Somebody is going to try to kill you.” Bobby replies, “I am pretty sure there’ll be an attempt on my life sooner or later.

Not so much for political reasons...” To Pierre Salinger Gary says:

“Your candidate’s going to get killed.” One day, RFK believes, people will no longer be able to mention “the Kennedy assassination” without specifying which one, and reporters covering his campaign share the premonition: He has the stuff to go all the way, but he isn’t going to make it. “The reason is that somebody is going to shoot him,” Newsweek’s John Lindsay tells Jimmy Bresling. “I know it and you know it... He’s out there now waiting for him.” Nemesis April 14, 1968 Damon Runyon Jr. dies today in Washington, DC. He is 48 years old. He falls to his death from an n overpass in Rock Creek Park. His death is ruled a suicide. He is feature editor for the weekly D.C. Examiner and is currently working on a condensation of the book Were We Controlled? for the National Enquirer. The book deals with mind control experiments by the government and posits that two methods - Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) and Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM)

- influenced the behavior of both LHO and Jack Ruby.

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