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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Oswald’s fellow Marine Kerry Thornley will describe his belief that he received a RHIC-like brain implant after getting involved in an ancillary JFK plot with E. Howard Hunt.

April 19, 1968 FBI announces that it is seeking an escaped convict, James Earl Ray, for the murder of Martin Luther King.

May -- 1968 Mark Lane writes this month that he has a copy of a letter written by Edgar Eugene Bradley to a young woman, in which he has written that he knows “facts about the [assassination] that the public will never know about....” The Paris student revolt takes place this month. Aristotle Onassis says: “That’s why I love Paris so much. The French understand that a little violence applied at the right time can solve a lot of one’s problems.” Nemesis May 2, 1968 LBJ grants Jim Bishop a thirty-minute interview for Bishop’s book entitled The Day Kennedy Was Shot.

LBJ hopes that Bishop’s book may correct some of the unflattering things said by William Manchester in his book, Death of a President.


–  –  –

May 17, 1968 Jackie Kennedy boards Aristotle Onassis’s boat, the Christina, at the Caribbean island of St. John. She is piped aboard as if she is visiting royalty and will remain aboard for six days and nights. Nemesis

–  –  –

May 18, 1968 An entry in Sirhan Sirhan’s notebook, dated this date but not verified at the time of this chronology entry, reads: “My determination to eliminate RFK is becoming more the more [sic] an unshakable obsession... RFK must die.” May 25, 1968 Nicholas Chetta dies. He was Coroner of New Orleans and a key witness in Jim Garrison’s case n against Clay Shaw. Cause of death: heart attack.

May 28, 1968 RFK spends two hours in Oxnard, California checking out a reported lead to JFK’s death.

RFK attends a gathering at John Frakenheimer’s Malibu beach house with some Hollywood glitteratie, including Shirley MacLain, Warren Beatty, Jean Seberg and Seberg’s novelist husband, Romain Gary. Gary accosts RFK: “You know, don’t you, that somebody is going to kill you?” RFK fends him off: “That’s the chance I have to take.” RK June 4, 1968 Sirhan Sirhan rapid-fires his.22 pistol at the San Gabriel Valley gun club for several hours from midmorning to late afternoon, and is seen in the company of an attractive young, blond woman.

June 5, 1968 RFK IS FATALLY WOUNDED. Moments after RFK leaves a ballroom in Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel (in the wake of winning the California Democratic presidential primary) he is shot three times. Sirhan Sirhan is arrested and charged.

–  –  –

David Eisenhower wakes Richard Nixon, who is asleep in his New York apartment, and tells him the news.

The Los Angeles Police question Jim Braden about his presence in L.A. on this particular day -- 100 miles from his home. Braden was also stopped and arrested just outside the Dal-Tex building in Dallas, Texas following JFK’s assassination. Braden has definite Mafia ties.

Gerry Patrick Hemming states: “On the night of Bobby’s assassination, I was riding with a LAPD Sergeant supervisor in what is called an “X-Ray Unit” [Extra Unit] with the call-sign “4-X-Ray 10”. If you are familiar with the old “Adam-12” TV series, you might have learned that an “Adam Unit” was a basic beat patrol car. “1-Adam-12” was the car in the series. The number “1” means that the unit is from the LAPD “Central Division”. While the number “4” as a prefix meant that the unit was from the [East L.A./Washington Heights] Hollenbeck Division. [This is where the now famous author, Joe Wambaugh worked upstairs as a Robbery/ Homicide Detective or “Dick”] For some unknown [to me] reason, this Sergeant opted to unofficially [no radio check-in] drive over into the Hollywood Division’s jurisdiction. We were only two blocks from the Ambassador Hotel when the radio dispatcher reported the shooting there.

The Sergeant did a “180”, and hauled-ass back to Hollenbeck Station, and that was where we got the news that RFK was one of the multiple victims in a shooting incident.” In the White House later today, LBJ is pacing, demanding, “I’ve got to know. Is he [RFK] dead? Is he dead yet?” After RFK’s death, LBJ questions whether RFK is entitled to be buried at Arlington Cemetery. LBJ’s aides manage to convince the President that denying RFK a final resting place beside his brother is not only “cruel,” but “politically reckless.” RK During the last year of his life, RFK had told his son, Joseph Kennedy II, that the full truth about the Kennedy assassination will never be known. Young Kennedy has the impression that his father knows something others do not, though exactly what remains a mystery.

RK Aristotle Onassis hears the news of the shooting while having breakfast in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. “Somebody was going to fix the little bastard sooner or later,” Onassis remarks. Nemesis June 6, 1968 (1:44 AM) Robert Kennedy dies. Press secretary, Frank Mankiewicz, announces the news to the press.

n 3:00 AM -- Los Angeles County coroner, Dr. Thomas Noguchi removes one intact bullet, as well as fragments of another bullet, from RFK’s body. He determines that the fatal shot entered through the mastoid bone, an inch behind the RIGHT ear and traveled upward to sever the branches of the superior cerebral artery. Another bullet has penetrated Kennedy’s RIGHT armpit, traveled sharply upward and exited through the topmost portion of the chest. The third shot also entered the RIGHT rear armpit, one and a half inches below the wound caused by the second shot. This is the only bullet taken out of RFK’s body intact. Sirhan Sirhan, the accused assassin, was standing one to three feet IN FRONT of RFK and slightly to his left.

* Powder burns on Robert Kennedy’s clothing reveal that all three of his wounds were from a gun fired from 0 to 1-1/2 inches away.

And yet, all witnesses claim that Sirhan, who was in front of Kennedy, never got closer than three feet away.

* Sirhan’s gun could hold only eight bullets. Seven bullets were removed from victims, an eighth bullet was traced through two ceilings into airspace, and two more bullets were identified as lodged in the door frame of the pantry by both LAPD and FBI personnel.

* Three bullets were found in Robert Kennedy, and a fourth grazed his suit jacket. The upward angle of each trajectory was close to 80 degrees. And yet, all witnesses claim Sirhan’s gun was completely horizontal for his first two shots, after which his gun hand was repeatedly slammed against the top of a steam table.

* All four shots; the fatal penetration to the brain, the shot that passed through the right shoulder pad of the Senator’s coat, and two additional bullets that entered Kennedy’s body were all fired from the back and all produced powder residue patterns which indicated that they were all fired from a distance of only a few inches. Since RFK was walking towards Sirhan, and his body was always facing Sirhan during the shots even as he fell backwards it seems impossible that these shots originated from Sirhan’s weapon.

There was NO Secret Service protection for Robert Kennedy; this will not be legislated until after his death, when an assault on a presidential candidate is finally made a federal offense.

Costa Gratos calls Aristotle Onassis with the news. Onassis reportedly replies: “She’s [Jackie Kennedy] free of the Kennedys.

The last link just broke.” Later, Onassis will remark: “I guess the kid [RFK] had everything but the luck.” Nemesis June 7, 1968 Sirhan Bishara Sirhan is indicted by a Los Angeles grand jury on a first-degree murder charge in the assassination of RFK.

It is alleged that, because of RFK’s death, Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis immediately put off their plans to be married in the immediate future. Onassis, however, reportedly telephones a friend and says: “She’s free of the Kennedys. The last link just broke.” June 8, 1968 James Earl Ray, accused of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., is arrested this morning at the London Airport as he disembarks from an airliner bound from Portugal to Belgium.

RFK’s body is carried by a funeral train from New York to Washington. Perhaps a million people line the tracks. “Marvelous crowds, “ says Arthur Schlesinger, staring out the window as the train slowly rocked south. “Yes, “ replies Kenny O’Donnell. “But what are they good for now?” RK

–  –  –

July 14, 1968 Five days after former intelligence agent Joe Cooper offers to testify for Jim Garrison, he and his wife are seriously injured in an automobile wreck in which it is claimed that the automobile’s “steering post came loose.” July 28, 1968 Jackie Kennedy spends her thirty-ninth birthday at Hyannisport. Rose Kennedy has organized a family dinner. This evening, Jackie tells Ted Kennedy that she is going to marry “the Greek “ [Aristotle Onassis] in August. Later, Ted calls Onassis and asks for a meeting in order to formulate a prenuptial agreement. Onassis invites him to Skorpios. According to Yannis Georgakis, Onassis offers three million dollars up front for Jackie, plus one million dollars for each of her children; he will be responsible for her expenses so long as the marriage lasts; after his death she will receive $150,000 a year for life, exactly the amount she would have received from the Kennedy trust (which she will have to forfeit if she remarries). Onassis writes out the agreement in longhand.

Jackie’s counteroffer is for $20 million up front - put forward by her financial adviser, Andre Meyer, head of the investment banking firm of Lazard Freres. Nemesis August 2, 1968 Time magazine runs an article entitled: “Jolly Green Giant in Wonderland” - still another article critical of Jim Garrison and his investigation into the JFK assassination.

August 8, 1968 Richard Nixon and Governor Spiro Agnew are nominated for president and vice president on first ballot by the Republican convention in Miami Beach. (H.L. Hunt had tried to persuade Nixon to pick Gerald Ford as his running mate.) During the Republican national convention in Miami, the Paradise Island Casino’s company yacht is put at Nixon’s disposal. Both Bebe Rebozo and Nixon are friends of James Crosby, chairman of the board of Resorts International, a company that is repeatedly linked to top Mob figures. Rebozo’s Key Biscayne Bank, which does a good deal of business with Resorts, is suspected of being a conduit for Mob dollars skimmed from the firm’s Paradise Island Casino in the Bahamas. James Crosby also contributes $100,000 to Nixon’s presidential primary campaign. Nixon appeared as Crosby’s guest at the opening of the casino in January of this year. The previous year, Life had reported that it was to be controlled by “Lansky & Co.” August 29, 1968 Outside the National Democratic Convention in Chicago, more than 100 anti-war demonstrators (including elderly persons, children, and reporters) are punched, beaten, gassed and maced by Mayor Richard Daley’s riot police.

September 25, 1968 Aristotle Onassis meets Jackie Kennedy’s financial adviser, Andre Meyer at the Carlyle Hotel in New York regarding Jackie’s proposed prenuptial agreement. Onassis says: “Your client could price herself right out of the market.” Ted Kennedy is adamant that the upcoming wedding should not take place in the United States. Yannis Georgakis suggests a chapel on Skorpios.

Jackie agrees. Her only proviso is that they find a priest who “understands English and doesn’t look like Rasputin.” Nemesis October 15, 1968 The Boston Herald-Traveler carries a page-one story: John F. Kennedy’s Widow And Aristotle Onassis To Wed Soon. Kennedy son-in-law Steve Smith calls Pierre Salinger in Washington. “We have to figure out some kind of statement for the family to put out,” he says. “Have you got any idea of what you want to say?” Salinger asks. Smith replies, “How about ‘Oh shit!’” Nemesis October 20, 1968 It rains today while Jacqueline Kennedy weds Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis. Jackie has had to leave the Catholic church in order to marry a divorced man. She and Onassis have a prenuptial agreement. She wears a 1.25 million dollar engagement ring. Jackie says: “ I hate this country. I despise America and I don’t want my children to live here anymore. If they are killing Kennedys, my kids are the number one targets. I want to get out of this country.” Lady Bird Johnson, reflecting on her friend and predecessor says: “this complete break with the past might be good for her”, “... as a result of the wedding... I feel strangely freer. No shadow walks beside me down the halls of the White House... I wonder what it would have been like if we had entered this life unaccompanied by that shadow?” The public marriage announcement catches the world by surprise, and creates a negative reaction. Jackie’s cousin, John Davis, says: “We all knew her mother and father had coached her to marry a very rich man.” Gore Vidal says: “I can only give you two words - highly suitable.” Senator George Smathers says: “I think she did it just so she’d never have to be beholding to the Kennedys again.” Ari will spend 20 million dollars on Jackie during their first year of marriage. Jackie will spend 1.25-million dollars on clothes alone - helping local economies everywhere she shops. If a designer has a blouse she likes, she will order it in every color.

It is also reported that Jackie eventually resells these clothes to Encore, an exclusive re-sell store, and pockets the extra cash. Jackie’s marriage to Ari will last for seven years - until his death.

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