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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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“The only contact Hargraves had with federal agents [in Miami during 1970] was when I took him with me to brief Secret Service Special Agent Joseph Gasquez [“Protective Research”]. The briefing involved an “Op/Northwoods” type scheme, wherein Alpha-66 affiliated Cubans, operating together with previously corrupted skippers of Castro’s PT Boat crews, were about to execute a preemptive strike! The plan involved using one or more of the Soviet supplied Cuban P-6 “Komar” PT Boats. The Cuban skippers would dupe the crews into multiple “shots over the horizon” [usually 10 to 15 nautical miles]. Said “Shots” would consist of “hot-launching” several “Styx” [NATO designation] missiles against the oceanfront Nixon “Presidential Compound” [located on Key Biscayne, Miami]. The Cuban PT skippers were promised asylum and monetary rewards.” February 27, 1970 Clay Shaw sues Jim Garrison and others for $5 million in damages.

March, 1970 A U.S. intelligence officer passes a vial of African swine fever virus to a terrorist group. The vial is taken by fishing trawler to Navassa Island, which has been used in the past by the CIA as an advance base, and is smuggled into Cuba. Six weeks from now, Cuba suffers the first outbreak of swine fever in the Western Hemisphere; pig herds are decimated, causing a serious shortage of pork, the nation’s dietary staple. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization will call it the “most alarming event” of the year and futilely tries to tack down “how the disease had been transmitted.” April 30, 1970 E. Howard Hunt “retires” from the CIA. He goes to work for Mullen & Company the next day. Mullen & Co., a Washington based “public relations” firm with offices across the street from the White House is headed by Robert Mullen, a onetime press aide to President Eisenhower who ran the Marshall Plan’s propaganda arm. It has been asserted that Mullen & Co. works like an “arm” of the CIA.

Also this month, Aubrey Mayhew from Nashville, Tennessee, buys the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas for $650,000.00. The original owner of the property, D. Harold Byrd, wishes him “luck” and hopes he will make a lot of money. In his statement to news reporters, Byrd says he does not want to profit from the tragedy and that he has turned down a million dollar offer to turn the building into a lucrative attraction. Two years from now, in late July of 1972, Mayhew loses the building when the Republican National Bank forecloses on him. D. H. Byrd eventually buys the property back and finally sells it to the county.

May 4 1970 At Ohio’s Kent State University, National Guardsmen fire into a crowd of students protesting the Vietnam n War, killing four and wounding eight others. J. Edgar Hoover privately says: “The students invited and got what they deserved.” Upon hearing the news, Richard Nixon asks H. R. Haldeman, “Are they dead?” May 7, 1970 William Somersett dies in Goldsboro, NC after a long illness. He is 68 years old.

n By the middle of this month, Aristotle Onassis is revisiting his former mistress, Maria Callas - spending almost a week with her in her Paris apartment. He has told his wife, Jackie: “I will do exactly as I please.” July 23, 1970 President Nixon approves the Huston plan for expansion of domestic intelligence-gathering activities. It is apparently rescinded five days later.

–  –  –

August 30, 1970 Abraham Zapruder dies of carcinoma of the stomach at Dallas’s Presbyterian Hospital. He is buried n on Sept. 1. He privately believed that LHO’s main target was not JFK, but rather Governor John Connally. POTP September 9, 1970 A Soviet flotilla, including special vessels used to support the operations of Soviet nuclear submarines, arrives at the port of Cienfuegos, Cuba.

September 15, 1970 President Nixon orders CIA Director Richard Helms to prevent Salvadore Allende’s accession to office in Chile. The CIA is to play a direct role in organizing a military coup d’etat. Helms puts David Atlee Phillips in charge of this involvement, known as Track II. Helms related to his impressions of the President’s instructions: “The Director told the group that President Nixon had decided that an Allende regime in Chile was unacceptable to the United States. The President asked the Agency to prevent Allende from coming to power or to unseat him. The President authorized $10,000,000.00 for this purpose, if needed. Further, the Agency is to carry out this mission without coordination with the Departments of State or Defense.” (Memorandum/Genesis of the Project 9/16/70) October 9, 1970 Henry Kissinger gives Anatoly Dobrynin a formal message from President Nixon welcoming the Soviet assurances but offering the U.S. interpretation of the 1962 understanding that settled the Cuban missile crisis: The U.S. government understands that the U.S.S.R. will not establish, utilize, or permit the establishment of any facility in Cuba that can be employed to support or repair Soviet naval ships capable of carrying offensive weapons, i.e. submarines or surface ships armed with nuclear capable, surface-to-surface missiles. The note lists five specific actions that the U.S. government would consider violations of the 1962 agreement. Dobrynin reportedly objects to the bluntness of the language but hints that the issue will soon be resolved.

October 21, 1970 A US spy plane is downed by the Soviets while on a reconnaissance mission. Its crew of 4 is successfully recovered.

November, 1970 This month, Attorney General John Mitchell orders the Justice Department “to block the release of crucial ballistics evidence from the Kennedy assassination on grounds of national security.” This evidence consists of the FBI’s secret spectrographic analysis of the bullet and bullet fragments recovered following the fatal shooting of JFK and near killing of Connally.

December 1, 1970 Reviewing Jim Garrison’s new book A HERITAGE OF STONE, New York Times reviewer John Leonard writes: “Frankly, I prefer to believe that the Warren Commission did a poor job, rather than a dishonest one. I like to think that Mr. Garrison invents monsters to explain incompetence. But until somebody explains why two autopsies came to two different conclusions about the President’s wounds, why the limousine was washed out and rebuilt without investigation, why certain witnesses near the ‘grassy knoll’ were never asked to testify before the Commission, why we were all so eager to buy Oswald’s brilliant marksmanship in split seconds, why no one inquired into Jack Ruby’s relations with a staggering variety of strange people, why a ‘loner’ like Oswald always had friends and could always get a passport -- who can blame the Garrison guerrillas for fantasizing?” January 3, 1971 The Los Angeles Times reports that the government purchases a new limousine for J. Edgar Hoover every year, at a cost of about $30,000. By contrast, the Secret Service leases the president’s bulletproof limo, for approximately $5,000. The story is by Jack Nelson.

This month, Charles Colson requests that E. Howard Hunt and his wife, Dorothy, be invited to an after-banquet White House reception for Don Juan Carlos, the future king of Spain. Colson writes: “It is very important politically that we let him know he is in the family.” January 7, 1971 Mac Wallace is killed in a single-car “accident” in Pittsburg, Texas. He is 50 years old. His car n drifts off the road and he dies of massive head injuries. An empty bottle for his medication for narcolepsy is found in the wreckage.

Wallace’s fingerprints will later be allegedly identified as being on one of the cardboard boxes found near the “sniper’s” window in the TSBD. Billie Sol Estes will also implicate Wallace in the murder of JFK. BM&P January 21, 1971 Richard B. Russell dies today. Senator Russell was a member of The Warren Commission. Rusn sell, along with Hale Boggs were the two Commission members most vocal in their dissatisfaction with the Warren Commission’s final Report. Russell had become so convinced that the Warren Commission wasn’t obtaining all the intelligence needed to make a thorough report, he secured “outside counsel,” secretly commissioning his own private investigation. All briefings of the Senator by Colonel Philip Corso, who conducted the inquiry, were oral. Nothing was to be kept on paper.

February - 1971 This month, Richard Nixon orders that virtually all of his conversations be tape-recorded. The Secret Service’s technical division is ordered to install a super-secret recording system. The system eventually consists of a network of seven stations, mostly using noise-activated recorders. Five microphones are implanted in the president’s Oval Office desk and two more on either side of the fireplace; two more microphones are placed in the Cabinet room near the President’s chair. The system continues to expand as the months pass. LBJ’s recording system had to be manually operated. Nixon’s recording system is automatic. In May, 1972, Nixon even has the Aspen Lodge wired in the Camp David retreat. Altogether, more than five thousand hours of conversations are eventually taped.

March 12, 1971 Carlos Marcello is released from the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri.

April 1, 1971 Representative Hale Boggs (D. La.) -- the most vocal critic among the Commission members, delivers a blistering attack on J. Edgar Hoover, charging that under his directorship the FBI has adopted “the tactics of the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Gestapo.” April 17, 1971 E. Howard Hunt returns to Miami on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the Bay of Pigs. A memorial to the fallen members of Brigade 2506 is dedicated in Little Havana. Hunt retires from the CIA to the agency-connected Robert R. Mullen Company, a Washington public relations firm with clients of the solvency of General Foods and the Hughes Tool Company.

April, 1971 Gen. Charles Cabell dies. CIA deputy director connected to anti-Castro Cubans. His brother was n Earl Cabell, Mayor of Dallas in 1963. Fired by JFK after Bay of Pigs. Collapses and dies after physical at Fort Myers.

April 26, 1971 Winston Scott dies of a heart attack in Mexico City while eating breakfast. The CIA’s counterinteln ligence chief, James Angleton, immediately flies to Mexico from Washington to retrieve Scott’s autobiographical manuscript and other personal files. It is reported that Angleton also seizes a tape of LHO’s conversations in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. Cratefuls of material, referred to as “legendary”, are removed from Scott’s home by a CIA team. They have never resurfaced. (The CIA has previously informed Congressional investigators that they routinely destroyed the audio tapes prior to the assassination.)

–  –  –

June 13, 1971 The New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers. The headline of the three column story reads:


Also this month, E. Howard Hunt joins the Nixon White House as a “consultant,” begins planning operations to discredit Senator Edward Kennedy and Daniel Ellsberg and to set up a disinformation scheme to blame JFK for the assassination of Diem. Hunt receives assistance from the CIA’s Technical Services Division.

June 22, 1971 The Senate, partly upset over Richard Nixon’s refusal to provide Congress with copies of the Pentagon Papers, for the first time votes for a unilateral withdrawal from Indochina, regardless of the consequences. For the first time, too, a Gallup poll records a majority favoring an end to the Vietnam war, “even at the risk of eventual Communist takeover.” June 23, 1971 Daniel Ellsberg appears on CBS-TV news and discloses that he is the “leaker” of the Pentagon Papers and urges that Americans take responsibility to end the hostilities in Indochina which have caused the deaths of one to two million people in the last quarter-century. [Former hawk Ellsberg had become disillusioned while running a CIA “pacification” program in the 1960s.

Back home and working at the Rand Corporation think tank with a high security clearance, he methodically photocopied the relevant Pentagon documents over a period of months.] June 28, 1971 Daniel Ellsberg, who has been evading the FBI, surrenders in Boston to federal authorities.

June 30, 1971 Jim Garrison is arrested at his home by agents of the Internal Revenue Service who charge him with accepting illegal payoffs from pinball machine operators. He will not go to trial for two years.

July 1, 1971 Charles Colson records a telephone conversation he has with E. Howard Hunt at the end of which Colson asks: “Weren’t you the guy who told me, maybe that last time we were up to your house for dinner, that if the truth ever came out about Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs, that it would destroy them?” Colson points out that Hunt was “the CIA mastermind on Bay of Pigs.” July 6, 1971 On this date, Charles Colson is urging John Ehrlichman to meet E. Howard Hunt in order to “assure yourself the kind of man we’re getting.” July 7, 1971 Charles Colson introduces E. Howard Hunt to John Ehrlichman. Colson needs Ehrlichman’s permission to hire Hunt. Files indicate that Hunt’s employment records actually begin on July 6th.

July 13, 1971 The New York Times publishes the first installment of the “Pentagon Papers.” Two days from now, Attorney General John Mitchell, acting on the instructions of Richard Nixon, orders J. Edgar Hoover to investigate the leak of the top-secret report.

September, 1971 Cliff Carter, LBJ’s aide who rode in the vice president’s follow up car in the motorcade in Dealey n Plaza where President Kennedy was gunned down, was LBJ’s top aide during his first administration. Carter dies of mysterious circumstances this month. Carter dies of pneumonia when no penicillin can be located in Washington, D.C.

September 3-4, 1971 White House aides E. Howard Hunt, Jr., and G. Gordon Liddy supervise burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist.

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