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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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September 24, 1971 Roscoe Anthony White dies after sustaining serious burns from the explosion of a welding n tank. He is reported to have admitted his involvement in JFK’s assassination in a declaration to a preacher, Reverend Jack Shaw, just before he dies. Shaw says that White confessed several murders to him, and that later Geneva White revealed what she knew about the affair. Shaw later states that “I am convinced that Roscoe White did shoot President Kennedy. I believe that Roscoe was telling the truth and had no reason to lie.” According to Roscoe’s son, Ricky, his father kept a diary in which he spoke of being a shooter on the Grassy Knoll, then later eliminating twenty-eight witnesses to the killing. The diary also placed White with J.D. Tippit on the day of the assassination when Tippit was killed during Oswald’s flight to the Texas Theater. It is alleged that Tippit, who just happened to live cater corner to the White’s, was part of the operation (whose mission was to take Oswald to Red Bird field to be flown to Houston -- and a waiting David Ferrie) but balked when he discovered Oswald was supposedly the one who was identified as the suspect in the shooting.

Tippit did not want to be connected to the escape of the killer, or to harboring, aiding or abetting a fugitive. White, to keep the operation intact and do damage control, then had to eliminate Tippit. In 1975, the White’s home is burgled and the diary is supposedly stolen.

October -1971 The five-year restriction on JFK X-rays and autopsy photographs in National Archives expires.

October 18, 1971 President Richard Nixon announces that the army’s biowarfare laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland, will be converted to cancer research. The military biowarfare unit is subsequently retitled the Frederick Cancer Research Center, and Litton Bionetics is named as the military’s prime contractor. The initial task of the Center is “the large-scale production of oncogenic (cancercausing) and suspected oncogenic viruses to meet research needs on a continuing basis.” Special attention is given to primate viruses.

Bionetics Research Laboratories, under contract to Fort Detrick, will inoculate a total of 2,274 primates with various viruses. Some of these animals will eventually be released back into the wild. (The first few cases of AIDS will not be reported to the Centers for Disease Control until 1979). Utilizing the latest genetic engineering techniques, virologists force cancer-causing viruses to jump from one species of animal to another - eventually producting new forms of deadly cancer and immunodeficiency diseases. Biowarfare experts undoubtedly take notice of these “supergerms” and their possible use as newly-created biowarfare agents.

December, 1971 Richard Nixon’s special assistant, Murray Chotiner, has finally cleared Jimmy Hoffa’s release with the Teamsters and with the Detroit and Chicago mafia families. Accordingly, President Nixon officially pardons Jimmy Hoffa. With the permission of the Nixon presidency, both Jimmy Hoffa and Carlos Marcello are free men in 1971. Hoffa is destined to vanish. Marcello will go on to enjoy the most prosperous period of his life -- a decade during which it is alleged that he will become the richest and most powerful Mafia leader in the western hemisphere.

This year, Christian David is arrested in Brazil and charged with being a member of a smuggling ring that has imported more than one thousand pounds of heroin into the United States over a three-year period. BT January 27, 1972 According to John Dean and Jeb Magruder in sworn Senate testimony, this is the day “The Liddy Plan” (Gordon Liddy) is first unveiled in Attorney General John Mitchell’s office. It involves not only break-ins and buggings, but also kidnappings and muggings. Magruder has since written of the proposed kidnappings: “As noted previously, the Senate Intelligence Committee established that Liddy accompanied E. Howard Hunt to a secret meeting with a former CIA physician, during Hunt’s alleged plot to drug and/or murder columnist Jack Anderson.” April 27, 1972 Lucien Sarti is killed by Mexican police in Mexico City. According to Christian David, Sarti was n the gunman on the Grassy Knoll. David said he was first offered a contract to kill JFK by a Mafioso chieftain in Marseilles who had been part of the Faustian bargain between U.S. intelligence and the Maria in W.W.II. David turned the contract down and it was passed along to Sarti - who accepted. David said that about two weeks before the assassination, Sarti flew from France to Mexico City, from where he drove or was driven to the U.S. border at Brownville, Texas. David believes it is the CIA who has Sarti killed in Mexico. David maintains that Sarti accepted the contract offer to assassinate JFK after he turned it down. BT May 2, 1972 J. Edgar Hoover, Director of FBI, dies of heart attack (no autopsy.) When the undertakers reach n Hoover’s house around 12:30 PM, there are men there - fifteen or eighteen of them - virtually taking the place apart - trying to find Hoover’s secret files. Mark Frazier. a young reporter, picks up three leads that indicate that Hoover was the victim of assassination.

Hoover had been the target of two break-in operations. A first break-in attempt, in “late winter of 1972”, was designed to “retrieve documents that were thought to be used as potential blackmail against the White House.” It failed but was followed by a second, successful break-in. “This time,” reports Frazier, “whether through misunderstanding or design, a poison of the thiophosphate genre was placed on Hoover’s personal toilet articles.” Thiophosphate is a compound used in insecticides, highly toxic to human beings if taken orally, inhaled or absorbed through the pores of the skin. Ingestion can result in a fatal heart seizure and can be detected only if an autopsy is performed within hours of death.

May 3, 1972 President Nixon appoints L. Patrick Gray III to be acting director of the FBI.

May 15, 1972 Governor George Wallace is seriously wounded by would-be assassin, Arthur Bremer, in Laurel, Md. Wallace paralyzed for life. Gail Aiken, the sister of Arthur Bremer is a religious follower of Oliver Owen, a fundamentalist preacher and horse trader. Owen is the man who had told authorities that Sirhan Sirhan had wanted to buy a lead pony from him and had asked that the horse be delivered to the rear of the Ambassador Hotel on election night, (the night of RFK’s assassination) when he would have the money. (Sirhan had four $100 dollar bills on his person when arrested.) What had made Owen’s disclosure even more provocative was his description of the young couple accompanying Sirhan. Owen was dismissed as a publicity seeker -- even though he hid from the press. (Sandy Serrano, an RFK worker, insisted that she had been brushed aside on a hotel stairway by a fleeing couple on the night of RFK’s assassination, and of hearing the woman, clad in a polka-dot dress, boasting, “We shot him!” ) May 22, 1972 E. Howard Hunt assembles his “Miami team” in the Hamilton Manger Hotel in Washington under the guise of an Ameritas sales meeting. There are Barker, Martinez, Sturgis, and de Diego (who registers under the name Jose Piedra, a brotherin-law who has been shot down over the Bay of Pigs), as well as a new addition, Virgilio Gonzalez, a professional locksmith who is a loyal follower of Carlos Prio’s. Hunt tells them that if they help the White House now, “it would be a decisive factor at a later date for obtaining help in the liberation of Cuba.” He briefs them on the target: the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate complex.

He says they will be looking for evidence that Fidel Castro has secretly contributed $1 million to George McGovern. Hunt feels certain that this challenge will pump up the Cubans for the upcoming mission.

May 28, 1972 President Richard Nixon is nearing the end of the first-ever summit to be held between American and Soviet presidents. Nixon is preparing to make a television speech to the Soviet people. Five thousand miles away in Washington, the first of several illegal entries into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in the Watergate complex is taking place.

June 9, 1972 (Nine days prior to the Watergate break-in) A front-page article runs in the Washington Post stating that a prostitution ring has been uncovered by the FBI that is “headed by a Washington attorney and staffed by secretaries and office workers from Capital Hill and involved at least one White House secretary.” Among evidence seized during this investigation are address books that name not only the hookers, but their clients.

June 17, 1972 (Saturday) Five men are arrested in the Democrats’ headquarters at the Watergate in Washington. Richard Nixon is in Key Biscayne when the news breaks in the papers. In Bernard Barker’s pocket, police find an address book with the initials “H.H.” and the inscription “W. House,” along with a check signed by an E. Howard Hunt. Fingerprints soon reveal all of the men’s true identities. “Frank Carter” is Bernard Barker; “Jene Valdez” is Eugenio Rolando Martines; “Raoul Gody,” Virgilio Gonzales. Two of those arrested carry fake CIA identification: “Edward J. Hamilton” (one of Hunt’s old aliases) and “Joseph di Alberto” are the same man, Frank Sturgis, and “Edward Martin” is James McCord, who also carries Hunt’s alternative “Edward Warren.” G. Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt escape arrest and quickly leave the Watergate complex. Hunt, who eventually hides in the home of a CIA attorney, relays a message to the White House that says: “The writer has a play to sell.” June 18, 1972 G. Gordon Liddy goes to bed about 3 AM this morning and tells his wife: “There was trouble. Some people got caught. I’ll probably be going to jail.” June 20, 1972 Richard Nixon telephones H.R. Haldeman and tells him to tell John Ehrlichman that “this whole group of Cubans is tied to the Bay of Pigs.” When asked what the Bay of Pigs has to do with Watergate, Nixon replies: “Ehrlichman will know what I mean.” June 23, 1972 President Nixon is recorded on his secret White House tapes talking to H.R. Haldeman about Howard Hunt.

Nixon says: “... this Hunt, that will uncover a lot of things. You open that scab, there’s a hell of a lot of things... This involves these Cubans, Hunt and a lot of hanky-panky... just say (unintelligible) very bad to have this fellow Hunt, ah, he knows too damned much, if he was involved -- you happen to know that? If it gets out that this is all involved, the Cuba thing, it would be a fiasco. It would make the CIA look bad, it’s going to make Hunt look bad, and it is likely to blow the whole Bay of Pigs thing which we think would be very unfortunate -- both for the CIA and for the country...” H. R. Haldeman reveals in The Ends of Power, that in all of those Nixon references to the Bay of Pigs, he was actually referring to the Kennedy assassination.

Also at this time, Nixon’s covert campaign to overthrow Salvador Allende’s government is well under way.

July 20, 1972 Arsonists break into the empty Texas School Book Depository building in Dallas, Texas, spread gasoline on five floors and set it on fire. It is saved from destruction by the overhead sprinkler system as well as by a rapid response from the fire department. Damage from the blaze is minimal. “It was definitely arson,” an assistant fire chief tells reporters, “we found gasoline cans on five floors and the smell of gasoline was all through the building.” July 22, 1972 E. Howard Hunt visits CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia to meet with General Cushman. Hunt requests alias documentation, a fake driver’s license and “pocket litter.” Cushman secretly records this meeting.

October 16, 1972 Representative Hale Boggs (D-La.) vanishes while on a military junket flight in Alaska. Despite a n massive search, no trace of the airplane or Boggs has ever been found. (Boggs served on the Warren Commission and was highly critical of its final report.) A Freedom of Information Act Request by Roll Call Magazine in 1992 unearthed an FBI telex indicating that the plane that carried Congressman Nick Begich, Sr. and Majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Hale Boggs, was actually located in Alaska but never retrieved. The plane crashed on October 16, 1972. Information obtained by a government verified source described the location of the plane and stated that there were two survivors shortly after the plane disappeared. The information indicated an undisclosed “firm” involved in testing advanced surveillance equipment had located the crash. The informant had a military background, according to the FBI document obtained by Roll Call. The FBI telex was sent to the Washington, D.C. FBI headquarters where it was presumably passed to the Acting Director, L. Patrick Gray. The previous director, J. Edgar Hoover, had been in a significant conflict with Boggs, who called for his resignation on the floor of the Congress. Boggs was one of the most powerful people in the country at a time when misuse of power was just beginning to be seen, culminating in the resignation of the President of the United States Richard Nixon.

Incidently, Boggs was taken to the airport for the first leg of the trip by a young democrat named Bill Clinton who later, as President, appointed Congressman Boggs’ wife Lindy to the position of US Ambassador to the Vatican after she served eighteen years in the Congress after her husband’s disappearance. Congressman Boggs was also on the Warren Commission and had some interest in reopening the investigation.

October 25, 1972 Charles Willoughby dies, at eighty, in Florida. Willoughby was a master of intrigue who established n Richard Case Nagell’s Field Operations Intelligence unit in the Far East and played a major part in forming the basis for the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League. Willoughby was in regular correspondence with Allen Dulles -- before JFK fired Dulles -- and with ex(?)-Nazis who ran the CIA’s European-based spy network. Willoughby’s domestic associations extended from the Cuban exile community to the H.L. Hunt family. He and other of General Douglas Mac Arthur’s former top generals undoubtedly retained a strong bond with right-wing elements of the Pentagon.

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