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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

-- [ Page 77 ] --

The significance of this Kalaris memo is that it discloses the existence of pre-assassination knowledge of LHO’s activities in the Cuban Consulate. On page 777 of the W.C. report is the statement that it was not known that LHO had visited the Cuban Embassy until AFTER the assassination. (Neither the Church committee nor the HSCA is able to get to the bottom of this issue: Did the CIA withhold this information from the W.C.?) The CIA has now released to the public a list of documents from their 100-300-11 file. It has been stripped clean of the LHO reports that were maintained in it during the eight weeks before JFK’s murder.

September 22, 1975 For the second time in 17 days, President Gerald Ford escapes possible assassination when a woman fires a gun as he steps out of a hotel in San Francisco. His assailant is identified as Sara Jane Moore, a 45-year-old activist.

Also on this date, The New York Times reports that “the Central Intelligence Agency secretly tape-recorded two telephone conversations between Lee Harvey Oswald and the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City eight weeks before President Kennedy was shot to death Nov. 22, 1963, government sources familiar with the events said Saturday.... The call to the Cuban Embassy, the sources said, was not associated with Oswald until after Kennedy’s death...” The CIA says it routinely destroyed the tape before the assassination. Yet, according to a CIA translator, the transcript of these conversations aroused a great deal of interest at the time and was picked up right away. Transcripts were normally picked up a day or two after being transcribed. When asked if they could explain the agency’s actions, some CIA officers stationed at the time in Mexico City say the CIA may have had a relationship with Oswald that it sought to conceal. The CIA denies this.

Today, Jackie Kennedy Onassis begins work for Viking Press in New York City.

September 30, 1975 The J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building is formally dedicated during ceremonies attended by President Gerald R. Ford and other guests. FBI headquarters units began moving into the new building in October 1974.

October, 1975 Attorney Vincent Bugliosi finds further confirmation of bullet holes that would bring the total fired in the pantry of The Ambassador Hotel, the night RFK was murdered, to MORE THAN EIGHT.

October 31, 1975 Rolando Masferrer is killed by a dynamite bomb in his 1968 Ford Torino. A premailed communiqué n signed “Zero” declares the right-winger has been executed because of his “systematic work in the destruction of the anti-Communist struggle.” November 2, 1975 President Gerald Ford fires William Colby as CIA director and appoints George Bush to the post.

November 20, 1975 A Senate select committee reports that American officials plotted to kill, through the CIA, two foreign leaders and were involved in plots to kill three others. This is the first time a congressional investigation has ever determined that assassination was employed as an instrument of US foreign policy.

November 24, 1975 Bill Alexander, Former Assistant Dallas County DA says today: “I was convinced all along that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone. Now I don’t even know who’s buried in Oswald’s grave. I think there should be an exhumation of the body.” November 26, 1975 A CBS Reports special called “The American Assassins (Part II)” is broadcast on this date. In it, LBJ says: “[Oswald] was quite a mysterious fellow, and he did have a connection that bore examination, and the extent of the influence of those connections on him I think history will deal with more than we’re able to now.” December 10, 1975 United Press reports: “Representative Thomas Downing, calling for a congressional investigation, said Monday he believes a ‘foreign conspiracy supported by a domestic cover-up’ led to the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy...” Suspicion is now being focused on Cuba.

December 18, 1975 General Earle Gilmore Wheeler (67 yrs. old) dies of “natural causes” while being taken to n Walter Reed Army Hospital in an ambulance. Wheeler, JFK’s staff director at the Joint Chiefs of staff, later became head of the Joint Chief’s after JFK’s death. It was Wheeler who ran LBJ’s -- and later Richard Nixon’s -- operations in the Pentagon regarding the war in Vietnam.

December 23, 1975 Richard Welch, CIA station chief for Greece, is gunned down on his doorstep. The CIA n takes the opportunity to rebuild the then-eroding fiction that public scrutiny of the CIA endangers not only national security, but the lives of individual men.

Sometime this year, four Dallas deputy constables tell the Dallas Morning News that shortly after the JFK assassination they examined a box full of handwritten notes and other papers in the Dallas County Courthouse that linked Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald together. Deputy Billy Preston says he and Constable Robie Lov handed the box of documents over to Dallas D.A. Henry Wade in late 1963 or early 1964. Wade tells the paper he doesn’t recall receiving the papers. The box of papers reportedly comes from the apartment of a Dallas woman. Preston cannot recall the woman’s name other than “Mary,” but then and now he believes she had some connection with Oswald because most of the box’s contents appeared to have been written by him. Among the papers in the box, according to the deputies, were newspaper clippings from Mexico, a photocopy of a press card with the words “Daily Worker” issued to Ruby, a receipt from a motel near New Orleans dated several weeks before the assassination with both the names Ruby and Oswald on it and references to calls to Mexico City, papers pinpointing a landing strip somewhere in Mexico, and references to meetings with “agents” in the border towns of McAllen and Laredo. There was also a church brochure with markings indicating something about going to Cuba.

Preston says one handwritten note referred to a plan to assassinate JFK during the dedication of a lake or dam in Wisconsin. (Law officials in Wisconsin had speculated in December 1963 about the existence of just such a plan after discovering what appeared to be Lee Harvey Oswald’s signature on the registry of a restaurant in Hubertus, Wisconsin, dated September 16, 1963. Kennedy indeed had made a speech on September 24, 1963 in Ashland, Wisconsin, as part of a nationwide conservation tour. The FBI rejected the signature as Oswald’s and this subject received little attention outside Wisconsin.) Wade finally admits that the incident with the box of documents “might well have happened,” but added, “but I know that whatever they had didn’t amount to nothing.” Also during this month, radical attorney William Kunstler calls John and Robert Kennedy “two of the most dangerous leaders in the country” and he adds that he is “not entirely upset” by their assassinations. Kunstler’s statements are roundly condemned and the attorney later claims his words were taken out of context.

Also this year, Coretta King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s widow, pays a visit to the Democratic Speaker of the House, Thomas P.

“Tip” O’Neal and tells him: “I have to know what really happened to Martin.” The Congressional Black Caucus then begins to put its considerable weight behind a proposed investigation of King’s assassination.

Ralph Paul dies this year. Paul was Jack Ruby’s business partner.n

April 13, 1976 Only days after police receive a message that another exile leader will die during Easter week, Ran mon Donestevez, a liberal who has sailed to Cuba several times trying to gain the release of political prisoners, is found shot through the head in his boatyard. Dr. Orlando Bosch is thought to be responsible. Bosch is active in forging Cuban exile ties to the right-wing international terrorist network.

April 20, 1976 “Ramos” -- Felix I. Rodriguez, the CIA agent who orchestrated the hunt for Che Guevara in Bolivia, retires.

A brief ceremony, during which he is awarded the Intelligence Star for Valor, is held in him Miami home. He has refused to accept it from CIA Director George Bush at Langley because he considers Bush a political appointee who is still wet behind the ears when it comes to covert actions.

April 23, 1976 At a top secret hearing held in a suite at the Carroll Arms Hotel in Washington, Johnny Roselli tells representatives of the Church Committee and Senator Richard Schweiker he believes Cubans associated with Fidel Castro and Santos Trafficante were behind the assassination of JFK. Senator Schweiker then asks him whether he knew about Trafficante meeting Jack Ruby in Havana, and Roselli tells him he knows about the meeting, that Ruby and Trafficante knew each other.

June - 1976 This month, George de Mohrenschildt completes a manuscript which he claims names names. “That’s when disaster struck. You see, in that book I played the devil’s advocate. Without directly implicating myself as an accomplice in the JFK assassination I still mentioned a number of names, particularly of FBI and CIA officials who apparently may not be exposed under any circumstances. I was drugged surreptitiously. As a result I was committed to a mental hospital...” June 8, 1976 Exactly one year after his testimony before the Church committee, the CIA’s William “Bill” Harvey n dies after heart surgery. Of all the CIA players involved in the assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, William “Bill” Harvey is a major key. He is 60 years old. Harvey testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that he had been told by superiors that the Castro assassination plots had been approved at the highest levels of government (meaning the Presidency), and that he had discussed the efforts with his immediate superior, Richard Helms, who later became Director of the Agency. A CIA officer says Harvey was “asked to do things that nobody should have been asked to do.” Harvey’s widow, railing against “that awful Frank Church”, says that her husband was clearly the chosen scapegoat in the assassination plots against Castro.

June 23, 1976 Senator Richard Schweiker, on the subcommittee investigating foreign assassinations, says today: “The American people were denied the truth about the Vietnam war, the Cambodian bombing, and Watergate. I do not think we yet know the whole truth about the Kennedy assassination.” July 27, 1976 Fred Black, Jr. - a major defense lobbyist - telephones Johnny Roselli from Los Angeles with an urgent message, “Get out of Miami.” DPATDOJ August 3, 1976 United Press dispatch says that Chairman Thomas Downing has “distributed a 79-page packet compiled by author Robert Morrow, entitled Motivation Behind the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, suggesting right-wing Cuban exiles sought Kennedy’s assassination in retaliation for his withdrawal of air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion.” The material also alleges that then Vice President Richard Nixon was “the CIA action man in the White House” in earlier stages of planning for the Bay of Pigs attack and that Mr. Nixon had promised a right-wing Cuban exile leader he could eliminate left-wing-anti-Castro exiles after the invasion.

August 7, 1976 Johnny Roselli’s body is discovered in Dumbfoundling Bay in Miami. He had disappeared ten n days earlier, just before the Church committee releases its report on the John Kennedy assassination that incorporates Roselli’s claim -which the House Assassinations Committee will later debunk in favor of the Mafia-did-it theory -- that the CIA-Mafia attempts on Castro had boomeranged on JFK. Roselli’s murderer or murderers remain unidentified. According to Roselli, who divulged the information just prior to his own murder, LHO was to have been met at the Texas Theater following the JFK assassination by a contact who would then take him to a local airport. There, he would have been flown to either Mexico or Central America where he would “disappear.” The actual plan was to take him out of the country and kill him. He would have been identified as the assassin of the president, and a worldwide manhunt would have ensued. It is probable that his body would then have been quickly found, then presented as “shot attempting to escape apprehension.” An alternate plan would be to identify the assassin, then discover that he had fled to Cuba. This later plan would serve several purposes, not the least of which would be to implicate Castro in the murder.

August 18, 1976 Gerald R. Ford is nominated as the Republican candidate for president. As an appointed president, Ford has proved unable to generate the kind of enthusiasm and loyalty within his party that elected presidents traditionally expect.

September 14, 1976 Speaker of the House Carl Albert tells the press he expects the House of Representatives to vote for new investigations into both the JFK and King murders in the near future. “It’s reaching the point where there is so much interest that Congress will probably have to do something about it,” Albert lamely remarks.

September 17, 1976 The House Select Committee on Assassinations is officially formed. Congressman Downing is appointed chairman. Henry Gonzalez of Texas is penciled for the chairmanship when Downing retires at year’s end. The House resolution passes by a vote of 280 - 65.

Banner headlines in the Oakland Tribune today read: NEW PROBE OF JFK, KING KILLINGS SET. This is followed by an Associated Press bulletin: “The House today voted to launch an investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and civil right leader Martin Luther King.” Thomas Downing [the first Chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations] says that “Much vital information was withheld from the Warren Commission.”

This fall, JFK Jr. enters 11th grade at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass.

September 21, 1976 Orlando Letelier (formerly Salvador Allende’s ambassador to the United States) and two n American companions, newly weds Ronni and Michael Moffitt, are driving along Embassy Row in Washington, DC, when a radio triggered bomb blows apart their car. Letelier’s body is wedged backwards in the mangled metal, his legs blown off. Ronni Moffit staggers out of the car and collapses, her carotid artery severed by shrapnel. Michael Moffitt is blown out of the car, miraculously with no serious injury. Letelier and Ronni Moffit are killed, Michael Moffitt survives. There is no question that the plan to assassinate Letelier has been conceived in Chile.

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