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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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October 6, 1976 Cubana Airlines Flight 455, with seventy-three persons aboard including the Cuban national fencing n team, leaves Trinidad, stops at Barbados, and takes off again for Cuba. The plane blows apart in the air, killing all on board. In Miami calls to the media claim credit on behalf of CORU and El Condor, an FNLC satellite. Fidel Castro renounces a 1973 skyjacking treaty with the United States because, he alleges, the CIA is directly involved in the bombing.

October 13, 1976 CIA Director George Bush, disobeying the orders of the Attorney General, notifies former directors Richard Helms and John McCone that the federal grand jury investigating CIA activities in Chile and the Caribbean might call them as witnesses and offers CIA help in preparing their testimony. [Bush saved the necks of seventy current and former CIA agents by his refusal to turn their CIA records over to the Justice Department. This loyalty was rewarded in his campaign for the Republican nomination in 1980 and in the subsequent Reagan-Bush election campaign. Some of their “dirty tricks” included the theft of President Carter’s briefing book for the television debate, disinformation about Carter’s brother Billy and Libya, and the insertion of spies into Carter’s National Security Council.] November 2, 1976 Jimmy Carter is elected President. Defeats Gerald Ford.

November 5, 1976 At CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, an elite group of planners meet with CIA director, George Bush to reassess the official American view of Soviet strategy. The results of this study are finally encapsulated in the 1977 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE-11 3/8). This new view completely contradicts the most fundamental assumption of détente -- that both sides seek only to maintain the status quo.

November 13, 1976 The Associated Press reports: “The Justice Department reportedly has uncovered a 1964 memo by J. Edgar Hoover in which the late FBI director said he was told Lee Harvey Oswald discussed in advance with Cuban officials his plan to kill President John F. Kennedy... quoted informed sources as saying that Hoover said in the memo that he was told of the discussions between Oswald and the Cubans by a highly reliable informant who learned about them personally from Prime Minister Fidel Castro of Cuba.” “It has previously been disclosed in documents recently released by the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act that Oswald visited the Cuban Embassy in Mexico city less than two months before Kennedy was killed in Dallas November 22, 1963.” November 17, 1976 CIA Director George Bush says he does not believe newspaper reports that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote a memo claiming Lee Harvey Oswald had contacted Cuba prior to JFK’s assassination. He says other allegations against his agency have turned out to be false on investigation. Bush admits the CIA has been guilty of abuse of power, but defends the need for an intelligence gathering agency, covert operations and spying in other countries.

November 27, 1976 Committee members fly to Mexico City, where David Atlee Phillips, among the first witnesses subpoenaed by the Assassinations Committee, is questioned about his role in the CIA supplying the Warren Commission photo of man misidentified as LHO about the tape recordings and the transcripts of Oswald’s visit to the Russian embassy. Phillips testifies that surveillance cameras were not working when LHO approached the embassy and that the tape recording had been routinely destroyed. Chief Counsel Sprague asks the CIA for access to its files but the Agency refuses unless Sprague signs a secrecy oath. Sprague says that would be a conflict since the CIA is one of the Committee’s targets. (TLI) January 2, 1977 A New York Times article is headlined: Counsel In Assassination Inquiry Often Target of Criticism. Reporter David Burnham’s expose outlines a series of controversies associated with Richard Sprague’s tenure as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia.

During this year, 1977, Judith Exner publishes her book entitled MY STORY, concerning her affairs with JFK and Sam Giancana.

Also during this year, William Joseph Bryan, “the world’s leading expert” on hypnosis dies. His body turns up in a Las Vegas n motel room. Two call girls who have “serviced” him regularly for the final two years of his life say that Bryan not only boasted to them about hypnotizing Sirhan Sirhan (RFK’s alleged assassin), but also about working for the CIA on “top secret projects.” (MK-ULTRA[?]) Bryan once helped solve the Boston Strangler case by hypnotizing the suspect, Albert DiSalvo. Sirhan’s notebooks contain -among other ostensibly senseless jottings -- the name “DiSalvo” written over and over again. Confronted with this “diary entry” Sirhan is baffled and says the name is meaningless to him.

The Texas School Book Depository building is purchased this year by Dallas County in recognition of its historic significance, and to prevent potential private exploitation of the tragedy. The building is renamed the Dallas County Administration Building, and today houses the seat of Dallas County government.

January 4, 1977 A resolution reconstituting the Assassinations Committee by a unanimous-consent voice vote fails. It will take weeks of maneuvering before the Committee will officially be reconstituted.

January 7, 1977 Juan Peruyero, the outspoken past president of Brigade 2506, is walking out of his house to go to n work when two gunmen riding in a gold Cadillac shoot him to death. Although the crime is not solved, it appears that Peruyero is the victim of a rift in Brigade 2506 over continued membership in CORU after the Cubana airline bombing. The shooting ends a three-year bombing and murder binge that includes more than 100 attacks, with 80 percent of the cases unsolved.

William Douglas Pawley, millionaire ex-ambassador, is also found dead today in his Miami Beach home of a gunshot wound to n the chest. His death is ruled a suicide. When Allen Dulles began nudging Eisenhower to begin conducting anti-Castro activities inside of Cuba, he was assisted by Pawley -- who had links to the exile-Cuban community, Time-Life, the CIA, and the Mafia.

February 10, 1977 Henry Gonzalez moves to fire Richard Sprague on grounds the former prosecutor has “engaged in a course of conduct that is wholly intolerable for any employee of the House.” Specifically, Gonzalez complained that Sprague is “making a consistent attempt to undermine my chairmanship and malign me personally with the members of the committee staff.” February 22, 1977 In a front-page article in The New York Times, Nicholas Gage writes: “... two men known to have personal knowledge of the circumstances of the murder provided solid information that Mr. [Johnny] Roselli was killed by members of the underworld as a direct result of his testimony before the Senate Committee.” March 1, 1977 President Jimmy Carter appoints a Naval Academy classmate, Admiral Stansfield Turner, as CIA director.

Turner begins a reorganization of the Agency, fires 820 employees, most in covert operations. (TLI) March 6, 1977 Henry Gonzalez leaves the Assassinations Committee. He criticizes committee members for trying to usurp his powers, attacking the Democratic leadership for failing to come to his rescue and for the last time hacking away at Richard Sprague.

March 16, 1977 Santos Trafficante appears before the House Assassinations Committee. Asked if he knew or discussed information that JFK would be assassinated, Trafficante declines to answer, citing his constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination.

George de Mohrenschildt shows up at the door of Nancy Tilton, the sister of one of his earlier wives, asking to be let in. de Mohrenschildt’s daughter, Alexandra, who regards this close aunt as her mother, lives in the Florida house. Her father, arriving with the clothes on his back and his briefcase, is invited to stay on as a house guest by Mrs. Tilton. Alexandra is shocked and saddened to find her father a “totally different” person.

March 28, 1977 Charles Niccoletti dies of multiple gunshot wounds in Chicago. Niccoletti was a hitman and enn forcer for Sam Giancana. He was also the Mafia’s replacement for Johnny Roselli in the area of anti-Castro activities. Niccoletti left the mob after Giancana’s murder saying that the CIA “was taking over the operation.” Just as the House Assassinations Committee is trying to find him for questioning about a possible link between the Castro assassination attempts and JFK’s murder, he is shot three times in the head while sitting in his car. The car is then set on fire to destroy the evidence.

March 29, 1977 George de Mohrenschildt reveals his monitoring of LHO for the CIA to journalist Edward J. Epstein while both are in a Palm Beach hotel room.

March 30, 1977 George S. de Mohrenschildt dies of a gunshot wound. The death is ruled a suicide. In mid-March n of this year, DeMohrenschildt went to stay with his sister-in-law in Manalapan, Florida. It was here that a representative from the House Select Committee on Assassinations (Gaeton Fonzi) attempted to contact him to summon him before the Committee. Three hours later, DeMohrenschildt is dead, his head blown away by a shotgun blast. Discovered in DeMohrenschildt’s personal telephone book: “Bush, George H. W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Ohio, also Zapata Petroleum Midland.” DeMohrenschildt’s wife believes that her husband was programmed to take his life on command. She says her husband was sent to a new doctor in Dallas, Charles Mendoza. Jim Marrs writes in Cover ups that a check was made with the Dallas County Medical Society, and Mendoza had registered with the association just two months before he began treading DeMohrenschildt. Mendoza left Dallas in December, 1976, shortly after George entered Parkland for mental problems. The forwarding address the doctor gave proved false.

The Assassinations Committee is revived today by the passage of House Resolution 433, reconstituting the Committee until Jan. 3, 1979, and assigning it a pared-down budget of $2.5 million. The House votes 230 to 181. The trade off: Richard Sprague has to go. Congressman Louis Stokes of Ohio becomes the new committee chairman and a search for Sprague’s successor begins.

Also this month, Paul M. Raigorodsky -- another member of the Dallas-Fort Worth White Russian community to befriend LHO n

-- dies of natural causes. Raigorodsky was director of the Tolstoy Foundation, a CIA front organization that recruited Russian exiles to become infiltrators into Russia to provide intelligence against the Soviet Union.

April 6, 1977 Carlos Prío Socarras, the former president of Cuba prior to Batista, is found dead in front of his n garage in Miami. He has been shot through the chest, twice, by a.45 caliber pistol. The authorities rule the case a suicide. He is on the list of persons to be questioned by the HSCA. Miami Beach Patrolman Ed Avila, himself a Cuban exile who recalls that as a boy in Cuba he lunched with his grandfather and Prío, finds Prío sitting in the chair, bleeding. Avla asks him three questions in Spanish: “I talked to him and he nodded yes and no. I asked him if he was hurting, if he was in pain, and he nodded no. I asked him if anybody shot him and he nodded no. I asked him if he shot himself and he nodded yes,” Avila says.

April 12, 1977 Richard Sprague fires back at his critics in a New Orleans States-Item story today. Suggesting that Congress is not the place to conduct any kind of erious investigation, he states: “In a crime investigation you need somebody in command. It can’t be politicians who are thinking of what headlines and votes they may garner. After Sprague leaves Washington, Joe Rauh tells Jerry Policoff, “You know, I never thought the Kennedy case was a conspiracy until now. But if they can do that to Dick Sprague it must have been.” May 7, 1977 An article in the San Francisco Chronicle today quotes an interview with Frank Sturgis in which he states “the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking relating to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John Kennedy.” May 13, 1977 KRLD radio talk show host, Lou Staples is found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. The death n is ruled a suicide. Staples conducted a historic interview concerning the JFK assassination with reporter Dan Rather. Staples made a public claim that he was going to break the assassination case. Staples had done a good many of his radio talk shows on the Kennedy assassination and the response to the programs was overwhelming. He dies near Yukon, Oklahoma. Though his death is ruled a suicide, the bullet that kills him enters behind his right temple. Lou Staples is left-handed.

May 27, 1977 The President of CBS News, Richard Salant, confirms today that CBS had connections with the CIA that had been formed back in the mid-1950’s. Salant further states that these ties had been forged by CBS Chairman William Paley and Sig Mickelson, Salant’s predecessor. Salant also states that, as a matter of routine form, any CBS foreign correspondents returning to the United States after assignment were traditionally “debriefed” by (then) CIA Director Allen Dulles.

June 1, 1977 James Gouchenaur today recalls a conversation with Secret Service agent Elmer Moore, who expressed remorse for badgering Dr. Malcolm Perry into changing his testimony about the entrance wound in JFK’s throat. On the day of the assassination, Dr. Perry thrice described the throat wound as an entrance wound. MIDP June, 1977 Louis Nichols dies. Former number-three man in FBI, worked on JFK investigation. Special assistant to J.

n Edgar Hoover as well as Hoover’s liaison with the Warren Commission. Heart attack.

June 20, 1977 Carl Stokes announces that the House Assassinations Committee has found a replacement for Sprague: G.

Robert Blakey, a law professor at Cornell University. Blakey is an organized crime specialist who has served in Bobby Kennedy’s Justice Department from 1960-64. At the joint Stokes-Blakey press conference announcing his appointment, Blakey states that, “The purpose of this news conference is to announce there will not be any more news conferences.”

British television airs an interview with former Apollo astronaut, Bob Grodin. Here is an excerpt:

BENSON: Bob... what did happen out there... the moon landing?

GRODIN: Well... I don’t know how best to put this... but we had kind of a big disappointment... the truth is we didn’t get there first.

BENSON: What d’you mean?

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