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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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August 14, 1978 In The Spotlight, an article by Victor Marchetti appears. The headline reads: CIA To Admit Hunt Involvement in Kennedy Slaying. The article refers to a 1966 memo that has recently surfaced during the HSCA’s investigation in which James J. Angleton notified Richard Helms that no cover story had ever been concocted to explain E. Howard Hunt’s presence in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The article states that the CIA is planning a “limited hangout” since Hunt has already been so exposed from his Watergate involvement as well as his role in the failed Bay of Pigs operation. TA August 20, 1978 Beginning at dawn today, three Dallas Police sharpshooters fire a total of 56 live bullets into three piles of sandbags located along the motorcade route on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza. Rifles are fired from two locations - the southeast corner of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository and from behind the wooden, picket fence on the Grassy Knoll. Interestingly, a.38-caliber pistol also is fired from the Knoll, leading many researchers to speculate that the Committee has received information leading them to believe a pistol may have been used in the assassination. However, no one can explain why the pistol is being test fired. Dallas Police comment that they have been unaware of the Committee’s desire to test fire the pistol until the day before the tests. It also should be noted that two of the three piles of sandbags are located in the middle lane of Elm Street, exactly where films show the presidential limousine. However, one pile - apparently representing one of the early shots - is located in the far left lane. Asked why it is in this location, Dallas Police sharpshooter Jerry Compton says he could not get a line of sight on the bags when they were in the center lane due to intervening tree branches. Less than a year before these tests, a film crew worked in Dealey Plaza producing a network movie entitled, “The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald.” The tree which prevented a line of sight between the sixth-floor Depository window and the location of the first shot was pruned back to its 1963 size, based on photographs taken the day of the assassination. Compton’s inability to fire at the center lane because of the obstructing tree gives strong support to researchers who have long claimed that a gunman on the Depository’s sixth floor would have no line of sight to this location. Crossfire September 6, 1978 This morning, the Select Committee on Assassinations begins its public hearings into the death of President John F. Kennedy. The committee has identified three main issues to investigate in order to fulfill its legislative mandate, which is found in House Resolution 222.

First: Who assassinated President Kennedy?

Second: Did Federal agencies perform adequately in the sharing of information prior to the assassination, in the protection of President Kennedy, and in their investigation of the assassination Third: Did the assassin or assassins have assistance; that is, was there a conspiracy?

Governor Connally and his wife, Nellie testify publicly for nearly three hours regarding their memories and impressions of the JFK assassination.

September 7, 1978 According to chief medical examiner for New York City, Michael Baden, in his testimony before the Committee, JFK was hit by two shots fired from above and behind.

September 23, 1978 Former CIA director Richard Helms testifies before House Assassinations Committee on defector Yuri Nosenko’s captivity.

The Washington Post’s George Lardner is among a group of reporters who chats with ex-CIA director Richard Helms during a recess in his executive-session testimony before the Assassinations Committee. Lardner later writes: ‘Helms told reporters during a break that no one would ever know who or what Lee Harvey Oswald... represented. Asked whether the CIA knew of any ties Oswald had with either the KGB or the CIA, Helms paused and with a laugh said, ‘I don’t remember.’ Pressed on the point, he told a reporter, ‘Your questions are almost as dumb as the Committee’s.’ “ (TLI)

September 26, 1978 Jack Ruby’s brother, Earl, appears before the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Note:

Almost immediately after the assassination, Earl Ruby was subjected to an intensive audit of all his open tax returns. No extra sums of money were ever discovered.

Also on this day, Jack Revill, testifying to the Committee concerning Jack Ruby says: “Jack Ruby was a buffoon. He liked the limelight. He was highly volatile. He liked to be recognized with people, and I would say to this committee: If Jack Ruby was a member of organized crime, then the personnel director of organized crime should be replaced.” September 28, 1978 Pope John Paul I makes known his intention to remove Archbishop Marcinkus, the head of the Vatican bank, and three other cronies and to replace several high-ranking Vatican officials with questionable involvements in the financial affairs of the Vatican.

Also on this day, Santos Trafficante, appearing before the House Select Committee for a second time admits, in his immunized testimony, that he has conspired with the CIA to kill Fidel Castro but denies any foreknowledge of, or participation in, the murder of JFK.

September 29, 1978 Pope John Paul I is found dead in his bed. No autopsy is performed and the cause of death n is obscured by contradictory reports and destroyed evidence. John Paul, a recreational mountain climber, has been declared in excellent health just days before.

Three years after the death of Pope John Paul, his successor, John Paul II, is the target of an assassination attempt. His assailant, Ali Agca, is a notorious terrorist affiliated with the extreme right-wing Turkish Gray Wolves. A laborious three year investigation by Italian authorities will establish beyond doubt that shots fired by Agca were the workings of “a conspiracy to kill the pontiff.” October 2, 1978 John Paisley’s body is discovered in Chesapeake Bay n November 18, 1978 (Jonestown, Guyana) Jim Jones, leader of a cult of 913 followers, orders them to commit n mass suicide by drinking cyanide -- which they proceed to do. The suicides follow an attack, ordered by Jones, on a party led by Congressman Leo Ryan, in Guyana to investigate alleged human rights abuses at Jonestown. Ryan is assassinated along with four others.

Others are wounded -- including a U.S. embassy official named Richard Dwyer -- a twenty-year veteran of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. On audio tapes of the Jonestown massacre, Jim Jone’s voice is audible. At one point, he is heard shouting, “Get Dwyer out of here!” It has been suggested by some researchers that this mass suicide of 913 people was actually part of a CIA sponsored program to study the effects of mind control and brainwashing techniques.

November 27, 1978 Dallas-based investigators Earl Goltz and Gary Mack discover a film of the assassination scene shot by an amateur photographer six minutes before President Kennedy was fired upon. It appears to reveal the presence of two men on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Known as the Bronson film, after its owner, Dallas citizen Charles Bronson, it was turned over to the FBI for examination shortly after the assassination. The FBI had deemed the film to be of no value and had returned it to its owner. Goltz and Mack find it as a result of their discovery of an FBI memo.

December, 20, 1978 On a radio talk show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, committee member Congressman Harold Sawyer lets it slip that expert acoustical analysis of a police recording made during the assassination reveals with 95 percent certainty that a fourth shot was fired at the President from a gunman on the grassy knoll.

December 29, 1978 Mark Weiss and Ernest Aschkenasy of Queens College in New York reveal that the chances a fourth shot was fired from the knoll are nearly 100 percent. Testifying at a specially scheduled hearing less than a week before the committee is set to go out of existence, they reiterate their certainty about the shot from the knoll -- from the front -- and matter-of-factly assert that their calculations “could not be refuted.” January 10, 1979 British author, Michael Eddowes goes into a Texas court and asks that the grave of Lee Harvey Oswald be opened. He has support of the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office.

January 14, 1979 Billy Lovelady dies today of a heart attack in Colorado. Lovelady worked in the TSBD on the day n JFK was assassinated and bore a striking resemblance to LHO. When a man looking like LHO was photographed in the doorway of the TSBD at the moment of the shots, it was later determined to be Lovelady and not LHO. The man in the photo is wearing a white tee shirt under a dark shirt unbuttoned halfway down to the waist. Yet Lovelady, when interviewed by the FBI, stated that he was wearing a red-and-white striped sport shirt on the day of the assassination. He also stated that he thought the shots came from the Grassy Knoll, and that no shots had come from the TSBD. His wife refuses to discuss his death to the media other than to state: “I have been harassed for fifteen years, and I’m not going to be harassed anymore.” Lovelady is 41 yrs. old.

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February 9, 1979 Joseph Milteer dies. A Coleman stove blows up in his Quitman, Georgia, mansion and he is sent n to the hospital. His condition improves steadily for two weeks. The mortician preparing his body feels that the damage is not severe enough to have caused his death.

May 17, 1979 In a civil deposition, CIA Director Richard Helms reluctantly concedes that Clay Shaw was one of the agency’s own, but downgrades his position to “part-time contact.” June 1, 1979 Texas District judge James Wright denies Michael Eddowes’s exhumation request concerning the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.

June 14, 1979 John Murchison, Clint Murchison’s brother, dies today in Texas.

n June 18, 1979 (Washington Post states:) Regis Blahut, an employee of the CIA, is arrested for breaking into the safe of the Assassinations Committee and tampering with the autopsy photographs -- specifically the photographs of the back of Kennedy’s head. “ The break-in occurs one week following Robert Groden’s initial report to the Committee concerning the authenticity of the photographs.

Blahut once worked for James McCord. The break-in is already known to investigators from the FBI, CIA, Washington, D.C. Police, and the Assassinations Committee Chief Counsel, G. Robert Blakey. It has been kept secret to everyone else. This incident is never adequately investigated.

July 18, 1979 Louis Stokes, Chairman of the Special Commission on Assassinations, announces that his committee has determined that there WAS most probably a conspiracy in the murders of both Martin Luther King, Jr. and President John F. Kennedy.

The Assassinations Committee admits, sixteen years after the crime, that there was an assassin on the Grassy Knoll firing, as some 50 witnesses had said all along. A police recording made during the assassination has the sounds of the shots on it.

There were at least six shots - probably seven - on the tape, but the House Committee confirms only four. There is considerable photographic evidence of the sniper on the Knoll as well.

The Assassinations Committee, while reluctantly admitting a conspiracy and the presence of a sniper on the knoll, go on to say that the knoll sniper’s bullet missed President Kennedy.

August 29, 1979 The New York Times reports that Harrison Livingstone has possession of JFK autopsy photographs and is trying to sell them for one million dollars. TGZFH August 30, 1979 Copies of photographs purportedly made at the autopsy of President Kennedy were taken off the market yesterday by a conspiracy theorist who had said that he wanted to sell the pictures to finance a continuing investigation into Mr.

Kennedy’s death. “I’m in a very dangerous and exposed position,” the theorist, Harrison Livingstone, said yesterday. He said that the photographs were not stolen, but that he feared that the Justice Department might take action against him anyway. “The photographs,” he said, “will not be available.” TGZFH September 21, 1979 Antonio Veciana is shot in the head by an unknown assailant. He survives. The FBI says it is investigating the assassination attempt “because of a possible connection with agents of a foreign government.” November 25, 1979 Eulalio Negrin, a vocal advocate of normalization of relations with Castro, is getting into n his car with his twelve-year-old son, three ski-masked men drive up and rake him with automatic weapons fire. Negrin is D.O.A. at the hospital.

December 11, 1979 A powerful blast funnels through the three-story Soviet mission to the United Nations on East 67th Street in New York, blowing out windows and injuring several diplomatic personnel and a policeman standing outside.

January 22, 1980 A letter from Senator Edward M. Kennedy to a researcher explains:

“I am sure that it is understood that the continual speculation is painful for members of my family. Our feeling is that, if there is sufficient evidence to reexamine the circumstances concerning the deaths of President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, this judgment would have to be made by the legal authorities responsible for such further examination. I do not believe that their judgment should be influenced by any feelings or discomfort by any member of my family.” At one point during this decade, Jim Wright, asks longtime friend and ally Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts to consider a trip to Dallas, if only for the sake of closure – his and the city’s. “Sorry, Jim,” says the president’s brother. “I’m just not ready yet.” “And he still isn’t,” says Mr. Wright.

This year, Virgil Bailey, an investigator for the INS in Dallas in 1963 is interviewed. “Bailey immediately remembered picking up a Frenchman in Dallas shortly after the assassination of JFK.” Bailey and another investigator “picked up the Frenchman...and brought him to [the] INS offices. Bailey was unable to remember why the pickup was ordered, who ordered it, or what was done with the Frenchman after he was brought in.

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