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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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Also this year, an FBI document will be discovered in the National Archives dated November 29, 1963 and labeled “Dallas 89-43.” The document states that brown paper found in the TSBD had been tested by the FBI labratory and was “found to have no observable characteristics as the brown paper bag shaped like a gun case which was found near the scene of the shooting on the sixth floor...” Strangely enough, there is another FBI document, supposedly submitted on November 29, 1963 also labeled “Dallas 89-43.” This report (which was released in 1968) is identical to the report made public in 1968, except for the fact that it states the brown paper in the TSBD had been “examined by the FBI laboratory and found to have the same observable characteristics as the brown paper bag shaped like a gun case which was found near the scene of the shooting on the sixth floor...” March 1, 1980 Dallas Police Captain Jack Revill is promoted to assistant chief of police.

April 12, 1980 The president of Liberia, William R. Tolbert, is executed by members of the Liberian army, and a n new government is installed.

June, 1980 Jesse Curry dies. Dallas police chief at time of assassination. Heart attack.

n June 17, 1980 Carlos Marcello is indicted for racketeering, mail and wire fraud and conspiracy.

August 15, 1980 Robert Oswald, Lee’s brother, wins an injunction against the exhumation of Lee’s body, saying it will cause his family anguish.

September 1, 1980 Charles V. Harrelson arrested near Van Horn, Texas. Identified as a suspect in the death of federal judge John Wood of San Antonio who was shot from ambush by as high-powered rifle. High on cocaine, Harrelson holds lawmen at bay for six hours. During this time, he confesses to participating in the murder of JFK. Harrelson is forty-seven in 1985, making him twenty-five at the time of the assassination. Researcher Gary Mack notices a resemblance between Harrelson and one of the three “tramps” arrested in the railroad yard just behind the Texas Book Depository Building. (In April of 1982 Harrelson will be identified by Florida law-enforcement officials as being a member of a shadowy group of hired gunmen, mercenaries and drug smugglers known as, “The Company.” Harrelson was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of the Wood assassination.) September 11, 1980 On the seventh anniversary of the Chilean military coup that doomed Allende, Felix Garcia n Rodriguez, an attaché with the Cuban mission to the United Nations, is shot and killed from ambush as he drives through the streets of New York. Minutes later an anonymous caller notifies the Associated Press, adding: “He’s a communist. The next will be Raul Roa.” A second caller tells UPI that Omega 7 is responsible. “We intend to continue to eliminate all these traitors from the face of the earth,” he warns.

October, 1980 A former CIA operative will later testify that, during this month, he pilots George Bush to Paris where the vice presidential candidate helps negotiate a deal with Iranian hostage holders -- to keep holding hostages until Ronald Reagan is in office.

November, 4, 1980 Ronald Reagan is elected President. George Bush, Vice President. The Iranian hostages are released as soon as Reagan takes office.

December 2, 1980 The FBI is today quoted in newspapers as saying the experts “did not scientifically prove that a gunshot was fired by a second gunman from the Grassy Knoll area of Dealey Plaza during the assassination of President Kennedy.” The FBI also admits that they have no intention of conducting the study it would take to properly resolve the question. HT December 8, 1980 Mark David Chapman murders John Lennon, ex-Beatle, cultural icon and peacenik in New York.

n The first reaction of an arresting detective, Arthur O’Connor, who scrutinizes Chapman, is that “he looked as if he could have been programmed.” Chapman’s behavior is described as “dazed.” January 20, 1981 Ronald Reagan inaugurated as President of the United States.

This year, Fidel Castro, concerned that President Ronald Reagan is planning to attack Cuba, urges a senior Soviet army general visiting Havana to counter the deployment of U.S. cruise missiles to Europe. Castro makes the proposal that, if the deployment goes ahead, Moscow should seriously reconsider reestablishing the nuclear missile bases in Cuba dismantled after the missile crisis 19 years earlier.

This month, Marguerite Oswald, LHO’s mother, dies of cancer.n

March 30, 1981 (2:35 PM) Six bullets from the revolver of 26-year old John Hinkley are fired at President Ronald Reagan and five of his aides as they leave the Washington Hilton Hotel after a luncheon speech to 3,500 AFL-CIO union members. One bullet ricochets off the President’s armor-plated black Lincoln limousine, enters his left side, bounces off the seventh rib, punctures and collapses a lung, and lodges in the spongy tissue an inch from his heart. He survives.

Also today, Mark Crouch - who manages a Radio Shack store in Chestertown, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore of the Delmarva Peninsula -- stops by the shop and bakery of a friend, James K. Fox. Fox collects Hitler memorabilia and is a former member of the Secret Service. On this day, he shows Crouch a set of 10 JFK autopsy photographs which are in his possession and which have never been seen publicly before. Fox’s decision to show the photographs to Crouch is triggered by the attempted assassination of President Reagan. According to Crouch: Fox told him that Robert Bouck, his “boss”, handed him a stack of negatives and said, “here... make a set of these for me and a set for yourself. They’ll be history someday.” Bouck has since denied the story. Crouch later contacts researcher David Lifton (in April or May 1981) and tells him about the photographs. (Lifton has already published Best Evidence, which maintains that the body of JFK had been stolen and altered.) Lifton comes to Chestertown and views the photographs for himself. Copies are eventually made and begin to circulate. Lifton will later admit in a letter (March 26, 1991) that he attempts to sell the photos to The Star from 1985 to 1988.

August 20, 1981 Marina Oswald files suit to have the grave of Lee Harvey Oswald opened.

April 23, 1981 FBI agents interview Mae Brussel at her home in Carmel, California, to find out what she knows about a conspiracy to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. [Brussell is a radio personality - based out of Bay Area nonprofit stations - who has pioneered the theory that a fascist cabal - directly traceable to the Third Reich - is the ultimate source of power in the United States and the world.] Mae tells the agents that, on January 13, she noticed a white sedan parked across the street from her house. She immediately assumed that the occupants of the vehicle were spying on her. A man and a woman sat in the car and Mae confronted them. The man remained silent, for the most part. When Reagan was shot, Mae says she recognized photographs of the accused assailant as John Hinckley - the same quiet young man she had seen parked in front of her home. 50 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time May 28, 1981 Lem Billings, JFK’s friend, dies of a heart attack at age sixty-five.

n October 4, 1981 Nine months after Marguerite Oswald has died of cancer in a Fort Worth hospital and was quietly buried alongside her son Lee -- the exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald’s grave takes place. Paul Groody and Alan Baumgartner, the funeral directors who embalmed Oswald, notice that the skull of the corpse under examination is in one piece. They see no signs of the craniotomy which they performed on Oswald during preparation for burial. Prior to the exhumation, Marina is nearly convinced that Oswald’s body has been removed from grave, most probably after the signing of the papers in 1964.

After the exhumation, mortician Groody tells newsmen how carefully Oswald had been embalmed. He also describes how the body was placed in an airtight coffin that was placed inside an airtight cement vault. Groody says that, upon exhumation, Oswald’s body should have looked exactly as it had the day he was buried. However, when workers exhume the grave on this date, they find the cement vault in pieces and the seal on the coffin broken. Water and air have gotten into the coffin and Oswald’s body has deteriorated to skeletal remains.

“[Paul] Groody was very confident that the body would be in good shape for the identification. One researcher who has probably studied the exhumation events more closely than anyone is Gary Mack, who is now the curator of the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. Mack remembered in a 2000 interview, “Groody gave several interviews during the exhumation attempts over the years, claiming he “overembalmed” Oswald on the chance someone may need to dig him up someday. This jibes with White’s memory as well, “He embalmed the body with several times the usual amount of formaldehyde so that the body would be well-preserved for all time,” he recalled. The first sign of trouble from Groody’s perspective came when the burial vault of Oswald was brought to the surface. Groody made the following observation in his now famous TMWKK segment, “At the time of the ‘63 burial time, I put Lee Harvey Oswald in a steel reinforced concrete vault. That vault was hermetically sealed. The vault is guaranteed not to break, crack, or go to pieces-it’s heavy concrete with steel in it with an asphalt lining. And when I opened the grave in ‘81 and found that that vault had been broken and the bottom of the vault was the part that was broken-the top was still intact-I noticed at that time that the casket had been disturbed-I questioned in my own mind what had been going on.” After the vault was opened, Groody and other graveside observers also noticed damage to the casket. The top of the casket just above and behind the head was damaged and a section approximately 18 by 3-4 inches was missing. The opening was large enough so the observers could actually see the remains of the alleged assassin. Following the transfer of the remains to Baylor, Groody identified the body before the exam and he and Baumgardner took care of the remains afterward. Both men had a chance to get a brief but close-up look at the body during their activities. Groody called Marina Oswald sometime later and told her that everything had been above board at the exhumation in his view. [10] “When I opened that casket the first time”, he recalled several years later, “I sent my wife Virginia to Marina to tell her, “yes, there is a body in that grave” because that was her concern.” But several days later the men had a change of heart. Gary Mack recalls, “Baumgardner and Groody were having lunch or something when he suddenly remembered the craniotomy and asked Groody if it should have been noticeable at the exhumation. That was the first time either man thought of it.” As Groody explains, “When an autopsy is done and the skull is cut in order to remove the cap in order to remove the brain, there is a distinctive line of where all the fissures and all of the skull has been parted. Now, it’s going to cause a bit of a mark no matter what you try and do-it’s going to show. And knowing that I handled the body originally and there was an autopsy on that head and now to see that there was no autopsy on the head made it, in my mind, pretty clear that something had transpired that had caused this.” Groody provided an explanation for what he had seen, “I feel as though someone had gone to the cemetery... off hours, had taken the head of really of Lee Harvey Oswald that now was dead-how he got that way I don’t know but at least it was the head-and had brought the vault to the surface as best they could being a heavy item as it is-a tripod lifting that body lifting the body and the vault out of the grave. In the process, the bottom of the vault fell, breaking the vault-causing the casket to deteriorate to a degree. Then of course, removed the head of the one that was there that had been autopsied and put this head in its place so that we would find the teeth of Lee Harvey Oswald-that’s my theory-this is what I think happened. Whoever caused that is the same faction that caused the assassination in the first place. In my mind, a cover-up had taken place.” After hearing the story at the basketball game, White approached Mack who contacted Groody. He declined to go public and urged Mack to find someone to investigate the matter. Mack, then employed at Dallas NBC affiliate KXASTV, asked the station to look into the matter. Mack, Groody and Baumgardner met with that station’s top investigative reporter and the men repeated their concerns. Mack explains, “They freely admitted their recollection may have been in error and they did not want any publicity - they only wanted to let someone know about their uncertainty after remembering the craniotomy. Groody explained that, in his experience with exhumations, the skull cap almost always falls off when so many years have elapsed.” However, KXAS was unable to investigate the story further and, when the Norton Report was published, lost interest. In February 1982, Mack contacted Dr. Linda Norton who had headed the team of physicians at the exam. Norton told Mack (through an assistant) that the team’s report would be forthcoming and no specifics would be released before that time, hopefully two to three months.” October 6, 1981 Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, is assassinated by Muslim fundamentalists in Cairo while n he is reviewing a military parade that marks the eighth anniversary of the crossing of the Suez Canal.

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