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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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May 28, 1992 Jerrol F. Custer, one of two X-ray technicians at the Bethesda Naval Hospital morgue when the president’s body was brought in for autopsy, attends a press conference along with the autopsy photographer, Floyd A. Riebe, to discuss recent publicity concerning the autopsy. According to a Reuter wire service story of May 29, 1992, Custer says the X-rays that have been released to the public showing Kennedy’s head wounds are “wrong.” Custer then goes into detail to demonstrate that the published X-rays have been tampered with and do not reflect the president’s actual wounds. He is quoted as saying that his job was to locate bullet fragments.

He confirms a report by one of the Navy doctors present that a complete bullet was recovered under JFK’s back when his body was moved. This bullet has never been accounted for in the evidence inventory of the case. Custer described the scene at the autopsy as “total chaos.” Floyd A. Riebe, medical photographer at Bethesda Naval Hospital who was present during the autopsy performed on JFK, says that the official autopsy photographs could not be the ones he took because they show head wounds that are substantially different from the wounds he photographed. Riebe is also said to have claimed, along with others who were in the autopsy room, that some of the photographs appear to have been shot elsewhere, because certain walls and floors in the background do not resemble those at Bethesda.

June 4, 1992 Four of the Dallas doctors -- Carrico, Baxter, Peters, and Jenkins -- repeat that they saw an entry wound on the President’s throat.

June 19, 1992 Dr. Ronald C. Jones, now Chief of Surgery at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, describes the President’s throat wound as being “compatible with an entrance wound.” In his handwritten report of November 23, 1963, the injury was noted as “a small hole in [the] anterior midline of [the] neck thought to be a bullet entrance wound “(20 WCH 333). Twenty-nine years later, he stated that “I would stand by my original impression.” Calling upon the Warren Commission’s ballistics studies, and over thirty years of experience in treating gunshot wounds, he says the throat wound could have been an exit wound only “if [the missile]...

it didn’t strike bone, didn’t tumble, and didn’t fragment. Now, we don’t know that.” In testifying before the Warren Commission, Dr.

Jones described a large wound to the “posterior portion of the skull” (6 WCH 56). In 1992, he continued his assertion that the wound was behind the right ear and, on external examination, did not appear to involve the temporal-parietal region of the head.

June 23, 1992 U.S. Marshal Clint Peoples of Waco, Texas dies. He has been a famous Texas Ranger. Peoples told n Madeleine Brown, LBJ’s mistress, that he had documents saying that Mac Wallace was on the grassy knoll and was one of the gunmen.

Peoples told Brown that there was a Wallace plumbing truck in Dealey Plaza. Mac Wallace was from Dallas, and his family owned a plumbing business. Madeleine Brown spoke to Peoples on Friday, June 19, 1992. Peoples died the next Tuesday. Of importance is the fact that Madeleine Brown and an investigator for Oliver Stone, Jeff Flach, were going to meet Peoples that Tuesday. “Clint was apprehensive,” she said. Brown goes on to say that she thinks Vice President Lyndon Johnson got the order to kill JFK from H.L. Hunt.

Johnson then called Mac Wallace. Wallace called Jack Puterbaugh to change the route of the motorcade. “Wallace was the mastermind and he hired the other two shooters. There were three shooters.” July - 1992 Author Rodney Stich writes that a plan to assassinate presidential candidate William Jefferson Clinton is to be carried out this month while Clinton visits San Francisco. The conspiracy is reportedly put together by various interests who want

a second term for George H. W. Bush. Stich’s two independent sources come from the intelligence community. Clinton is to be assassinated at the Ritz Carlton Hotel by sniper fire. The assassination is reportedly called off when information is leaked. Lieutenant Commander Robert Hunt, from the Office of Naval Intelligence, who claims to have been one of the members of the assassination team, says:

“Our job was to, of course, take care of it [the leak]. So that night when he [a Mossad agent also involved in the plot] got off work at midnight, and he went to catch the BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit] train at Market [Street] to go home, my friend and I grabbed him and threw him in front of a BART train on Market Street. They thought he committed suicide.” The story remains basically unprovable.

July 5, 1992 Colonel William Bishop dies after two heart attacks. His funeral is held today.

n July 10, 1992 General Manuel Noriega, the longtime dictator of Panama, is sentenced to 40 years in a U. S. prison, essentially a life sentence for a 58-year-old man unlikely to get parole. [He had been found guilty in April on eight counts of racketeering, conspiracy and cocaine-smuggling. Noriega, who did not take the witness stand during the trial, gave a long speech before his sentencing:-- George Bush is “guilty of causing the deaths of innocent people” in the 1989 invasion of Panama..... There was never any danger to the canal or to American citizens in Panama. Panama was invaded because I was an obstacle to President Bush, who preferred me dead.” He related that he had been an ally of the United States and cooperated with the CIA from the early 1960s until December, 1986 when he refused to send Panamanian troops to fight with the contras in Nicaragua against the Sandinistas. In retaliation, he said, in February, 1988 the Reagan administration brought a grand jury indictment against him on criminal drug charges which a few months later they offered to drop if he would agree to leave Panama.] September 16, 1992 Edward A. Clark dies. Clark, an attorney at law in Texas, was one of LBJ’s most trusted n friends. In his book, Blood, Money & Power, author Barr McClellan maintains that it was Clark who managed the JFK assassination on behalf of LBJ. BM&P October 7, 1992 JAMA publishes a second set of articles, which they entitle: “JFK’s death, part III -- Dr. Finck speaks out: “Two bullets from the rear.” October 21, 1992 Jim Garrison dies in his New Orleans’s home at the age of 71 following a long illness. His wife and n children are at his bedside.

October 26, 1992 President George Bush signs S. 3006 into law. The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, enacted by the Congress states, “All government records concerning the assassination of President John F.

Kennedy should carry a presumption of immediate disclosure.” The law mandates that all assassination-related materials be house in a single collection in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The Act defines five categories of information for which disclosure may be postponed, including national security, intelligence gathering, and privacy--provided there is “clear and convincing evidence” of some harm which outweighs public disclosure. The law requires all federal agencies to make an initial assessment of whether they possess records relating to the assassination. The agencies themselves will conduct an initial review to determine whether their records may be disclosed immediately, or whether disclosure should be postponed. They agencies must then give all records that are not disclosed to the Review Board. The Review Board will then evaluate all agency decisions to postpone the release of records. Once the Board completes its review of an agency’s recommendation for postponement, all records, including those that have a postponed release date, will be transferred to NARA. The Act requires that all assassination records must be opened by 2017, with the exception of records certified for continued postponement by the President.

November - 1992 James Rowley dies of congestive heart failure at his home in Maryland. Rowley was the Director n of the Secret Service from 1961 until 1973.

November 8, 1992 Former Governor John Connally pays a visit to Dealey Plaza. He publicly states he has not visited the site in 29 years.

November 6, 1992 Madeleine Brown, LBJ’s former mistress, is convicted of forgery on this date. The court of appeals will eventually reverse this conviction, apparently on a technicality in the original indictment on January 19, 1995.

December 8, 1992 Dr. Robert Shaw dies. He is the physician who treated Governor Connally on November 22, 1963.

n He stated this year that he felt the bullet did not go through anything or anybody else before it struck Connally.

December 24, 1992 President George Bush pardons former Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger and five other former government officials involved in the Iran-Contra scandal in a move highly reminiscent of Gerald Ford’s pardon of former president Richard Nixon. (A presidential pardon is an absolute one, eliminating all past convictions, present charges and even any future prosecutions for the stated offenses.) [The Iran-Contra independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh immediately denounced the pardons, accusing Bush of “misconduct” and continuing the coverup. He further declared that the president is “the subject now of our investigation” since his discovery on December 11th that Bush had “illegally withheld documents” from the investigations--- Bush’s own notes taken during Iran-Contra meetings. There was rapid public condemnation of the pardon amid suspicion that Bush may have acted to prevent being called to testify at Weinberger’s trial. The Grand Jury had indicted Weinberger on June 16th on five felony counts of perjury, obstruction of a congressional investigation (for concealing and withholding his relevant notes) and making false statements.] This year, according to President Bill Clinton’s one-time Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell, Clinton requests Hubbell to see if he can learn “Who killed President Kennedy?” Hubbell writes that his cursory exploration resolves nothing.

February 12, 1993 Joe West dies of apparent heart trouble and difficulty during surgery. West has filed a lawsuit to n exhume JFK’s body in 1992. West was a one time preacher and sometime private investigator.

March 2, 1993 Carlos Marcello dies at his suburban New Orleans home. He is 83 years old. The Jefferson Parish n coroner’s office offers no cause of death. Marcello has been in failing health for years.

May 17, 1993 Dr. Charles Crenshaw files suit for libel and slander against the American Medical Association (The Journal of the American Medical Association -- JAMA) for defamation. The suit alleges that the defendants published defamatory statements about the plaintiffs that are false. Additionally named as defendants in the suit are Dr. George Lundberg, the editor of JAMA; JAMA’s writer David Breo; David Belin, the former Chief Counsel of the Warren Commission; The Dallas Morning News; and Lawrence Sutherland.

June 15, 1993 Former Texas Governor, John Connally, dies at age 76. He is buried in the Texas state capital, n Austin. Connally was state governor from 1963 to 1968. In 1961 he served for a few months as JFK’s secretary of the navy, but left to run for governor. After joining the Republican Party, he went back to Washington as President Nixon’s treasury secretary. His 1974 indictment by a Watergate grand jury cost him his political clout, even though he was acquitted of accepting a $10,000 bribe from milk producers to persuade President Nixon to raise price supports. He ran for president in 1980, but was defeated by Ronald Reagan in the South Carolina primary. In 1987 he became a spectacular bankrupt; with debts of $93.3 million. He and his wife Nellie publicly auctioned most of their belongings with sharp good humor.

Associated Press report: DALLAS (AP) -- Former Gov. John Connally went to his grave with the bullet fragments conspiracy theorists say could prove whether a second gunman took part in the assassination of President Kennedy. Friends and relatives of Connally were cool to researchers’ requests that the fragments be removed from the body, and the government made no move to halt the burial Thursday or have him exhumed. “It’s an appalling attempt to capitalize on Governor Connally’s death to gain publicity for worn-out theories,” said Julian Read, a family spokesman. Connally, governor from 1963 to 1969, died Tuesday of pulmonary fibrosis at 76. He was buried Thursday in Austin. He was sitting in the open limousine with Kennedy and the first lady when the president was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. According to the Warren Commission report, one of the bullets -- fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone

-- passed through the president and pierced Connally’s back. It exited through his chest, passed through his right wrist, went into his left thigh and was found on a hospital stretcher, the report said. Critics of the Warren Commission report have said a single bullet could not have taken such a path and come out in such good condition. Bullet fragments taken from Connally were examined in the late 1970s by the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The panel concluded that the fragments came from the same bullet that struck Kennedy.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a Pittsburgh pathologist, said the fragments still in Connally’s body would show otherwise. He was among researchers who signed a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno asking that the pieces be removed. Under state and federal law, the fragments could not be removed without the permission of his family or a court order. The JFK researchers contend that state or federal officials have the authority to compel an examination of the body because the fragments are critical evidence in a murder investigation. Justice Department spokesman Carl Sern said the department agreed with the recommendation of Oliver “Buck” Revell, agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas office, who said the fragments should be removed if the family gave approval. “I think it would be best for the family, best for the government, best for the country to take care of the issue now,” Revell said. Revell said that he does not believe the bullet fragments would prove a conspiracy but that an analysis might silence some critics of the single-bullet theory. He said that he had hoped the removal could be done before Connally’s burial but that burial woul not necessarily end the matter.

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