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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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This month, Jackie Kennedy Onassis travels to France. In August, she hosts President Clinton and his family. She also hosts a visit by Lady Bird Johnson - who is now 81 years old.

Also this month, former Governor and presidential candidate George Wallace, writes to President George Bush, asking the FBI to reopen the investigation into his attempted assassination in 1972, indicating that his assailant, Arthur Bremer, did not act alone.

August 17, 1993 Seth Kantor dies of cardiac arrest in a Washington hospital. Kantor told the W.C. that he saw and n spoke to Jack Ruby at Parkland Hospital around 1:28 PM, just before JFK’s death was announced. He was author of Who Was Jack Ruby? (reissued as The Ruby Cover-Up) August 23, 1993 90,000 JFK assassination documents in the National Archives become public today. The documents come from the files of the CIA, congressional committees, presidential libraries and the Warren Commission. Nearly 40,000 more documents will be reviewed by a panel to be named by President Bill Clinton.

August 27, 1993 All assassination records must have been reviewed, identified and organized by each government office as set forth by S. 3006 - signed into law by former President George Bush.

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October 31, 1993 Retired General Edwin Walker dies at his home in Dallas, Texas of lung disease. He is 84 years old.

n In Warren Commission interviews, Oswald’s wife, Marina, said Oswald fired through the window of Gen. Walker’s home in April 1963 with the mail-order rifle alleged to have been used to kill JFK in Dallas seven months later. Gen. Walker grew up on a Texas ranch and returned to Dallas because of its strong conservative community. He was known to fly the U.S. flag upside-down as a sign of distress over what he perceived to be the communist leanings of JFK and other government officials. Gen. Walker never married. According to some reports, he was a well known homosexual among certain circles. Survivors include a nephew, George Walker.

November - 1993 In a NYC press conference today, researchers Mantik and Livingston present their findings on forged JFK X-rays and substitution of someone else’s brain. There is practically no national coverage.

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This month, Jackie Kennedy Onassis tumbles from her horse. She is unconscious for a few moments and is then taken to a Virginia hospital where a physician finds a swollen lymph node in her groin. Assessing it as the sign of an infection, he treats her with antibiotics. She seems to respond, though not entirely.

November 21, 1993 (By Michael Dorman / Newsday) There is no sense of majesty here. The most charismatic president of our time is assassinated in one cataclysmic instant that defines a generation, and it seems reasonable even amid the horror to expect a certain grandeur to accompany an event of such magnitude. But here, at the notorious sixth-floor window where authorities say the deed was done, what is most striking is the oppressive aura of the mundane. The window bears not a trace of the remarkable. Now preserved at its original site as an exhibit in a museum memorializing the life of President John F. Kennedy and his death 30 years ago tomorrow, it is really two beat-up, scruffy windows. One stands atop the other, and a simple sliding latch no different from millions of others locks them both. A wooden brace in the shape of a cross is set into each window. The bottom window is kept half open, as it was when a sniper presumed to be Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed Kennedy. Stacks of cartons containing textbooks are piled near the window just as they were on Nov. 22, 1963, to form a sniper’s perch hidden from other sections of the old Texas School Book Depository. To the right of the sniper’s perch is a wooden post covered with peeling green paint. To the left are two exposed vertical pipes. The floor that once echoed to the footsteps of Oswald and sundry other workers now appears ill-served by age. All of that is not to say the place is totally unsurprising. Peering down to the street at the spot where Kennedy was shot, just over the tree branches the assassin saw, it seems remarkable just how close the sniper was to his target. Conspiracy buffs have argued that it was a difficult shot.

But, from here, it seems relatively easy for a reasonably proficient marksman with a scope on his rifle. But there are many other conflicts between the accounts given by authorities, notably members of the Warren Commission, and conspiracy advocates - conflicts over not only the scene at the sixth-floor window but other scenes involved in the assassination and its aftermath. The Warren Commission concluded that a rifle found on the sixth floor belonged to Oswald, that his palm print was on the weapon, that three cartridge cases found near the window were fired from the gun and that it was the murder weapon. That evidence helped lead the commission to the conclusion that Oswald was the lone killer. But some conspiracy buffs challenge all those contentions, claiming the ballistics and fingerprint evidence was faulty or fabricated and that the fatal shot came from somewhere other than the sixth-floor window. Some argue that the fatal shot came from the so-called grassy knoll to the right front of Kennedy’s motorcade. Such a shot could have hit Kennedy from the front, as some conspiracy advocates maintain. But official versions insist that three bullets were fired at the motorcade, all from the rear.

Near the grassy knoll stands a stone pergola built a half-century ago by the Works Progress Administration. Regularly stationed there, overlooking the habitually heavy traffic along the old motorcade route, is a slim, dark-haired man named Ronald Rice, who describes himself as an investigative reporter. Rice has a VCR plugged into an electrical outlet at the pergola. Endlessly, he shows tourists videotapes of the assassination and related events. He sells two tapes for $5. He also sells a newsletter called “The Warren Retort.” After the assassination, it is known that Oswald made his way by bus, taxi and foot to his rented room in a house at 1026 North Beckley. He was living there under the alias O.H. Lee. A housekeeper at the rooming house saw Oswald enter and told him Kennedy had been shot. Oswald did not reply, but hurried to his room. Three or four minutes later, Oswald rushed out of the room. “Oh, you are in a hurry,” the housekeeper said. Oswald left without a word. Gladys Puckett, Oswald’s landlady, still lives in the two-story house with white latticework trim and red roof shingles. A statue of a lion stands out front. Gladys Puckett has a seemingly gentle round face and wears her gray hair pulled high atop her head. “I can’t tell you anything provable about Oswald except that he used the name Lee,” she says. “He was a very good roomer. He never gave me any trouble. He never did anything to make me suspect him.” Some conspiracy theorists have reported that a police car stopped in front of the house and honked its horn while Oswald was inside. They have speculated that one or more Dallas police officers were involved in the assassination. But no proof of the police car’s presence has ever been offered.

Gladys Puckett was away from home at the time Oswald came in and says she knows nothing of the supposed police car. Before moving into the rooming house, Oswald lived with his wife, Marina, in a nearby apartment at 214 West Neely. It was there, in a yard behind the small apartment house, that many photographs of Oswald were taken, including one that showed him holding the rifle later identified as the weapon used in the assassination. Conspiracy advocates claim those pictures were doctored, but photo experts pronounced them genuine. The Oswald’s’ apartment is vacant. The yard where Oswald posed for the pictures is overgrown with weeds. About 15 minutes after Oswald left his rooming house on the day of the assassination, he was spotted by a passerby at the corner of 10th Street and Patton.

As it happened, a police cruiser driven by Officer J.D. Tippit was rolling through the neighborhood. By that time, police had broadcast a pickup order for Oswald because he had disappeared from his job at the book depository. As Tippit got out of the car, he was shot and killed. The Warren Commission concluded Oswald had killed him - a judgment, like many others, challenged by the conspiracy theorists. A gun later found on Oswald was matched to the bullets that killed Tippit. Shortly after Tippit’s murder, the cashier at the nearby Texas Theater called police to say a suspicious-looking man had just slipped inside without paying. Officers hunting for the killers of both Kennedy and Tippit swarmed to the theater. The house lights were turned up, and the cashier pointed out Oswald as the intruder.

Officer M. N. McDonald walked toward Oswald, who was sitting in the fifth seat from the right in the second row from the back of the center section. He told Oswald to get to his feet. Oswald rose, raising both hands. “Well, it’s all over now,” Oswald said. He punched McDonald between the eyes with his left fist. He then drew a revolver from his waist, but McDonald fought back, punching Oswald with one hand and grabbing the gun with the other. Three other officers then grabbed Oswald and hustled him away. Among those who witnessed the arrest was Warren Burroughs, who then worked at the theater’s candy counter. Burroughs, now 52, recalls: “Oswald’s gun misfired while he was trying to get away. I saw the police drag him away. He was yelling, `Police brutality.’ But I never saw any police brutality.” The Texas Theater still stands, but it has seen hard times. The wine-colored seats are faded and worn. Movies are no longer shown there. Community residents are trying to revive it for use in arts festivals. Oswald’s seat is no longer in the theater. It was seized by the FBI for evidence. Conspiracy theorists have argued that there was no reason for swarms of police to descend on the theater, that someone must have set Oswald up for arrest. But that someone has never been identified. Tomorrow, the assassination site in Dealey Plaza will be dedicated as a national landmark. Nellie Connally, widow of former Texas Gov. John Connally who was wounded by one of the assassin’s bullets, will officiate. Simultaneously, visitors will continue streaming through the museum on the sixth floor of the book depository. Many will sign a guest book and append their thoughts. One who recently did so was R. L. Johnson of Mound Valley, Calif. “Thirty years later, the pain is still there,” he wrote.

November 22, 1993 Dealey Plaza — including all surrounding buildings, the Triple Underpass and parts of the North Yard — is dedicated as a National Historic Landmark District. At the ceremony, a National Park Service bronze plaque mounted on Texas pink granite is unveiled.

November 28, 1993 The Houston Chronicle today runs an article headlined: “CUBANS: CASTRO PLOTTERS KILLED JFK” The article describes a Cuban television program entitled Z-RIFLE. During the documentary, five people were named as “direct executors of the crime.” These were: Leonard Patrick, David Yaras and Richard Gaines, all of whom it said were Mafia dons and Cubans Eladio del Valle and Hermino Diaz. Del Valle was a state intelligence agent under dictator Fulgencio Batista, who was overthrown by Fidel Castro in 1960. Diaz was a gangster and aide to former Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

According to the Cuban government news agency, Prensa Latina, the documentary was based on an investigation carried out for many years into Cuban state intelligence archives by Maj. Gen. Fabian Escalante Font, head of Castro’s personal security detail for several years. According to the television documentary, JFK was slain because “he opposed the industrial-military complex, the monopolies and the Mafia. This cost him the repudiation of ultra-rightist political sectors who conspired in his death.” The documentary says that the same group tried at least four times to kill Castro.

December 4, 1993 Frank Sturgis, 68, dies of cancer in Miami, Florida.n

December 17, 1993 Gerald Posner, author of Case Closed, testifies before a congressional subcommittee chaired by Representative John Conyers. Posner announces that two of JFK’s pathologists, Drs. James Humes and J. Thornton Boswell, have admitted to him they they have changed their minds, and now believe the fatal bullet entered JFK’s skull high, not low. Contacted by Dr. Gary Aguilar, both doctors refute Posner’s claim. Besides, both physicians reaffirm their prior sworn statements, and their claim in the official autopsy, that the wound was low in interviews published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association.

A low head wound could discount the head shot as being fired from above by LHO from the Depository’s sixth floor window PROBE Vol. 6, No. 5.

This month, Jackie Kennedy Onassis is enjoying a holiday cruise in the Caribbean. She suddenly becomes ill with severe pains in her back and abdomen. A second swollen lymph node is found in her neck. She returns to New York where she is submitted to a variety of tests at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. Rumors begin to circulate about her health. The diagnosis is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Chemotherapy and radiation are prescribed.

January 2, 1994 Sir David Ormsby-Gore’s confidential six-page report dealing with the JFK assassination is made public today after thirty years of secrecy. It states: “While both crimes still seem inexplicable, the appalling inefficiency of the Dallas Police at every stage is obvious.” “Dallas was on the verge of a city wide witch hunt.” Sir David was Britain’s ambassador to the U.S. during the time of the assassination.

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