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«NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday) 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) Nine Secret Service agents drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Fort Worth, ...»

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February 7, 1994 Richard M. Bissell Jr., former CIA official who was heavily involved in the failed Bay of Pigs invan sion of Cuba and the nation’s highly successful spy satellite program dies today. Mr. Bissell, a member of a prominent Harford-area family, dies in his sleep at his home in Farmington. He is 84. “I think that ideally covert actions should never be made a matter of public record,” Bissell once said. “It loses its effectiveness.” After five years in “autonomous command” of the U-2 surveillance program, Bissell took over as a deputy CIA director from Frank Wisner, whose nervous breakdown later ended in suicide. Bissell, as described by coworker Robert Amory was a “human computer,” a demanding boss, a perfectionist, and, according to former CIA Director William Colby, an “intense, brilliant, strategist.” February 11, 1994 National television news reports reveal that Jacqueline Kennedy (Onassis) has been undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma -- a form of cancer. She has been undergoing treatment since January. According to preliminary news reports, doctors says her chances of complete recovery are very good.

March 16, 1994 In answering George Wallace’s year-old request for a reopen investigation into his attempted assassination, Shelia Anthony, Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legislative Affairs of the U.S. Dept. of Justice, replies: “Whatever the accuracy of the article, [New Yorker Magazine - 12/14/92 entitled “Nixon’s Last Cover-up: The Tapes He Wants the Archives to Suppress”] it appears intended to suggest White House consideration of a plan to use the assassination attempt to the political advantage of the incumbent president [Richard Nixon]. We do not interpret the article as suggesting that Arthur Bremer did not act alone in his attempt on your life. Nevertheless, the Department has carefully reviewed the article in light of the information developed by the FBI during the exhaustive investigation it conducted into whether or not Arthur Bremer had accomplices. Based on that review. and taking into consideration the considerable body of evidence developed by the FBI indicating that Bremer acted alone, we do not believe there is a basis to reopen the investigation.” The article in question suggests that presidential aide Chuck Colson sent CIA operative E. Howard Hunt to enter and search Bremer’s apartment in Milwaukee. Tapes of this discussion are still being withheld at this time.

April 1, 1994 The National Archives today releases new government documents related to the assassination of JFK. In preparation for this release, Archives assembles additional research guides and security officers to handle what is anticipated to be a full-scale rush on the new stacks of information. But as the day wears on, the archivists often outnumber the reporters and researchers who turn up to sift through the records. Awaiting them are 80 cardboard boxes of declassified records from FBI headquarters on LHO, along with five boxes of records from the mid-1970’s Senate Select Committee that studied the intelligence community and its possible links to the Kennedy Assassination.

April 14, 1994 Jackie Kennedy Onassis collapses at home and is rushed to the hospital for surgical repair of bleeding ulcers, caused by the adjuvant steroid injection. It is discovered that the cancer has spread into her lungs. “Oh this condition is so annoying,” she tells a friend. “I’m losing my hair, but maybe I’ll start a new fashion trend in turbans!” April 22, 1994 Richard Nixon dies of complications resulting from a stroke.

n Also today, the FBI sends an additional 146,778 pages of investigative files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the National Archives for public release. The Archives plans to let the public see the new material in May. The transfer includes 92,245 pages of files from FBI headquarters on the investigation of JFK’s death, 54,001 pages from the FBI’s Dallas office on the investigation of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and 532 pages from field offices on related subjects.

May 15, 1994 Jackie Kennedy Onassis spends the night restless and in terrible pain. She has taken a walk in Central Park today - for the last time.

May 16, 1994 Jackie Kennedy Onassis developes shaking chills and a violent headache. She also becomes frightened and disoriented. She is taken to New York Hospital where she is geven antibiotics for pheumonia. She seems to rally.

May 18, 1994 Jackie Kennedy Onassis returns from the hospital to her New York apartment. Relatives and close friends are summoned tonight as she slips in and out of consciousness, her breathing deep and erratic.

May 19, 1994 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the widow of JFK and of the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onasn sis, dies tonight of a form of cancer of the lymphatic system. She is 64 years old. For decades she has not spoken publicly about JFK, his Presidency or their marriage. She is to be buried next to JFK at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC.

May 23, 1994 Delivering the eulogy at the funeral for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Edward M. Kennedy says: “No one else looked like her, spoke like her, wrote like her, or was so original in the way she did thing. No one we knew ever had a better sense of self. Her two children turned out to be extraordinary, honest, unspoiled and with a character equal to hers. They are her two miracles.

She one said that ‘if you bungle raising your children, nothing else much matters in life.’ She didn’t bungle. Once again, she showed how to do the most important thing of all, and do it right. Jackie was too young to be a widow in 1963, and too young to die now. Her grandchildren were bringing new joy to her life, a joy that illuminated her face whenever you saw them together. In truth, she did everything she could, and more, for each of us.” She is buried next to her husband, John F. Kennedy, in Arlington National Cemetery.

August 12, 1994 As a result of an article in the Washington Post, the FBI releases 14 pages of what will become known as The Whitter document -- information concerning Donnell Whitter. Donnel Whitter and Lawrence Miller are believed to have stolen numerous weapons from the Terrell, Texas National Guard Armory on November 14, 1963. Both of these men were in the Dallas jail on November 22, 1963.

September 17, 1994 Harold Norman dies of cancer. Born in 1938, Norman was an African American who was n in the window underneath the “sniper’s nest,” as he, along with Junior Jarman and B.R. Williams watched the fatal Dallas motorcade.

He was interviewed on the afternoon on 11/22/63, although he later disavowed some of the reports in his Warren commission appearance in March, 1964. Interviewed by researcher Gary Shaw on June 15, 1994, Norman expressed fear and doubt regarding himself and his former testimony before the Warren Commission. He expressed his wish for his “full” story to finally be told after so many years.

Shaw questioned: “Harold, the cops ran up the stairs (of the Texas Book Depository building) right past you. If I was a cop, I’d have pinned all your asses to the wall until I found out a whole lot about you.” Norman: “I never thought of that.” Shaw: “Black guys can’t shoot, or did the cops know whom to look for?” Norman: “They musta known, now that you put it like that.” Shaw: “It also seems odd that the three of you somehow separately convinced the world of shots up above, yet you ran to the west end of the floor to check out the knoll area.” Norman: “That’s part of the story....” Shaw: “You have always told of ‘Boom, Click, Boom, Click, Boom.’ But the cops found a live bullet in the gun, so there must have been a final ‘Click’ to get rid of the last fired bullet.” Norman: “I never even thought of that.” November 11, 1994 Don Thomas dies. Thomas was a close personal friend of LBJ. He was a senior law partn ner in Ed Clark’s law firm. BM&P December 20, 1994 Former Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, 84 yrs. old, dies of heart disease at his home in Athn ens, Ga. A 1931 graduate of Davidson College and a Rhodes scholar, Rusk first worked for the State Dept. in the 1940s and 1950s. He returned to Washington in 1961 on being named secretary of state by JFK, who recruited advisers whom he called the “best and brightest” of his generation. After JFK’s assassination, LBJ insisted that Rusk stay on. He remained until the end of LBJ’s administration in

1969. Rusk was Secretary of State from 1961-1969 and a primary defender of America’s role in the Vietnam War. “I remember him as the most selfless and dedicated servant of our nation,” former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara says. Rusk, a courtly and quietspoken scholar and diplomat, put aside his early doubts about U.S. military involvement in Vietnam to become one of the controversial war’s principal supporters. If he had any doubts about the wisdom of remaining in Vietnam after he became Kennedy’s secretary of state in January 1961, he never admitted them in public. Nor did he express any regrets late in life about his role in the war that killed 57,000 Americans and 1 million Vietnamese. But in the early 1970s, when secret documents on the war were published as “The Pentagon Papers,” Rusk did not deny having written one in 1961 warning Kennedy that involving U.S. forces in guerrilla combat in Vietnam would lead to a full-scale war. He said in an interview that he and LBJ, Kennedy’s successor who launched the major U.S. military buildup in Vietnam after 1964, were always aware “that one of the alternatives was to get out of there. We were not village idiots.” But at the height of the war, Rusk became one of the leading villains in the eyes of the peace movement because of his unwavering support of LBJ’s policies in Vietnam. Rusk served eight years as secretary of state, longer than almost any of his predecessors. For half of that period he was preoccupied with Vietnam, but in the early 1960s he helped Kennedy deal with crises over Cuba and Berlin. Rusk is survived by his wife, Virginia, sons David Rusk of Washington and Richard Rusk of Bishop, Georgia, daughter Peggy Smith of Stafford, Virginia, and six grandchildren.

This year, John F. Kennedy, Jr. launches the magazine George - subtitled “not just politics as usual.’’ January 22, 1995 Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, matriarch of America’s most famous political family, dies today n at her home in Hyannisport, Massachusetts at the age of 104. The cause of death -- complications from pneumonia. Mrs. Kennedy dies at 5:30 p.m. EST, surrounded by friends and family, including Senator Edward Kennedy, her only surviving son, and two of her daughters, Eunice Shriver and Jean Kennedy Smith, the current U.S. ambassador to Ireland. “Mother passed away peacefully today,” said Senator Kennedy. “She had a long and extraordinary life, and we loved her deeply. To all of us in the Kennedy and Fitzgerald families, she was the most beautiful rose of all.” Rose Kennedy, who lost two sons to assassins’ bullets but never shed a tear in public, lived a long life of both triumph and tragedy, four of her nine children having died violently. Her eldest son Joseph Jr. was killed in World War Two; daughter Kathleen died in a 1948 plane crash; President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963; and in 1968 Senator Robert F. Kennedy was murdered in Los Angeles as he campaigned for president. Mrs. Kennedy would have turned 105 on July 22 this year. President Bill Clinton extended his condolences on Sunday to the Kennedy family. “Very few Americans have endured as much personal sacrifice for their country as Rose Kennedy. She played an extraordinary role in the life of an extraordinary family,” Clinton said in a statement read by White House spokesman Arthur Jones. “Hillary and I extend our deep felt sympathy to the Kennedy family,” he said. She lived the last years of her life quietly in the Kennedy family compound on Cape Cod, a virtual invalid, unable even to speak. Concern among family members had mounted recently over her frail condition, and last week she was reported to be experiencing respiratory problems. Also present at her bedside when she died were former Peace Corps Director Sargent Shriver, Eunice’s husband, Robert Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy, and Victoria Reggie Kennedy, Senator Edward Kennedy’s second wife.

January 24, 1995 In a symbolic end of an epoch, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, mother of an American president, wife of an ambassador and daughter of a Boston mayor, is buried today after a funeral in the church where she was baptized more than a century ago. More than 100 Kennedy family members and some 800 invited guests attend the funeral at St. Stephens Roman Catholic Church in Boston’s historic North End, where Rose Kennedy was born on July 22, 1890. A funeral cortege under police escort carries her body to Boston from Hyannisport on Cape Cod for the funeral mass. Her only surviving son, Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy, his voice breaking with emotion, delivers the main eulogy. “Jack once called her the glue that held the family together,” he told the congregation, paraphrasing his brother, the late president John F. Kennedy. “Whatever any of us has done, whatever contribution we have made begins and ends with Rose and Joseph Kennedy. For all of us, Dad was the spark, Mother was the light of our lives. He was our greatest fan, she was our greatest teacher. Our dinner table was her classroom and the subject was the whole world of human events.” In a high tribute from the Vatican, which in 1951 made her a Papal Countess, Boston Cardinal Barnard Law, who leads the Mass, reads aloud a telegram from Pope John Paul II sending his blessing and condolences. Attending the funeral are Tipper Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore, representing the Clinton administration, Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Education Secretary Richard Riley, Clinton aide Mack McClarty and many senators and congressmen. Crowds of Bostonians line the streets and stand on fire escapes outside the church listening as loudspeakers broadcast the funeral Mass of the woman whose death has brought an outpouring of sympathy from world leaders and commoners alike. After the funeral mass, the cortege bears the body to Hollywood cemetery in Brookline, a Boston suburb, where the family attends a private burial. She is buried beside her husband, Joseph Sr., a wealthy banker and former U.S. ambassador to Britain, who died in 1969.

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