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«Sermon #1174 Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit 1 THE EAR BORED WITH AN AWL NO. 1174 A SERMON DELIVERED BY C. H. SPURGEON, MAY 3, 1874, AT THE ...»

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Come here! We want you and none but you! The Lord desires no slaves to dishonor His camp. Cowards, you may go! Double-minded men, you may get to your tents! But what do you say, you true believers?

Will you cleave to Him and His cause? Do you leap forward and say, “Never can we separate from Jesus! We give ourselves to Him for life, for death, for time, and for eternity; we are His altogether and forever!” Come, then, and have your ears bored!

And, first, let them be bored with the sharp awl of the Savior’s sufferings! No story wrings a Christian’s heart with such anguish as the griefs and woes of Christ. We preached, the other morning, upon the crown of thorns—(See #1168, Volume 20—THE CROWN OF THORNS—by the grace of God, for all 63 volumes of C. H. Spurgeon sermons in Modern English, and 574 Spanish translations, visit: www.spurgeongems.org) and it was our task to bring before you the different items of our Savior’s griefs. Now, whenever you are hearing about Him, you ought to say within yourself, “Ah, He is piercing my ear; He is fastening me to His cross; He is marking me for Himself; I cannot forsake my bleeding Lord! His wounds attract me! I fly to Him afresh! When the world would draw me off from Jesus, I find a central force drawing me back to His dear heart; I must be Christ’s; His suffering has won me; the bleeding Lamb enthralls me; I am His, by His grace, and His forever!” That is one way of marking the ear.

Next, let your ear be fastened by the truth of God so that you are determined to hear only the gospel.

The gospel ought to monopolize the believer’s ears. Some professors can hear any stuff in the entire world if it is prettily put, and so long as the man is a “clever” man (I think that is the word). When they hear a preacher of whom they can say, “He is very clever, very clever!” they appear perfectly satisfied— whether the man’s doctrine is good or bad. Now isn’t this foolishness? What does it matter about a man’s being clever? Satan is clever! And every great thief is clever! There is nothing in cleverness to gain the approval of a spiritual mind! I pray God to give every one of you an ear that will not hear false doctrine! I do not think we ought to blame a man who gets up and goes out of a place of worship when he hears the truth of God denied; I think we ought, rather, to commend him! There is a great deal of that soft, willow-pattern style of man about nowadays. Let a man talk loudly and prettily, and many hearers will believe anything he says. Dear brothers and sisters, we must have discernment, or we shall be found aiding and abetting error! “My sheep,” says Christ, “hear My voice, and a stranger they will not follow, for they know not the voice of strangers.” Now, if you mean to be Christ’s forever, you must not allow that ear of yours to hear bad doctrine! You must take care that, knowing the truth of God, you hold to it, and renounce every false way! Do not make your ear a common sewer into which foul doctrine may be poured, in hope that afterwards Jesus Christ may make it clean again. “Take care what you hear” is one of the precepts of infinite wisdom—let it not fail to impress your souls.

Furthermore, if you really give yourself to Christ, you must have your ears opened to hear and obey the whispers of the Spirit of God so that you yield to His teaching, and to His teaching, only. I am afraid some Christians give their ears to an eminent preacher, and follow him whichever way he goes, very much to their own injury. The right thing is to yield to the Spirit of God. Which way the Scripture goes—that is the way for you to go! And though we, or an angel from heaven, preach to you any other gospel than what this sacred Book contains—though I trust we may not be accursed if we do it in ignorance—yet, certainly, you will be accursed if, knowing it to be wrong, you follow us in preference to following the Lord! Let your ears be open to the faintest monitions of the Holy Spirit! There would be an end to all the sects and divisions in the church if all Christians were willing to do what the Holy Spirit tells them. Alas, there are many people who do not want to know too much of the mind of God; what the Bible says is no great concern of theirs because, perhaps, that may not say quite the same thing as the prayer book—and they had rather not be disturbed in their minds. Perhaps the Bible may not confirm all the teachings of their sect, and therefore they leave it unread, for they had rather not be perplexed. Oh, brothers and sisters, let names, parties, prayer books, catechisms, and everything else go to the dogs sooner than one word of Jesus be neglected! Let us give ourselves up to the Spirit of God, and to the teaching of His own Word, for as Christ’s servants, our ears have been pierced!

Volume 20 www.spurgeongems.org 7 The Ear Bored with an Awl Sermon #1174 Your ear has thus been bored with three awls, and none of them has pained you. Many young women have had their ears pierced—I do not know whether it hurt them or not. I do not suppose that the operation described in the text pained the man much, though there was a little blood lost, perhaps, when the awl went through the lobe of the ear. I will tell you what some would do with their ears if they were pierced. I would not do it with mine, but an oriental would be sure to do it. What would he do? Why, put a ring in it, and hang it with ornaments! When a Christian has his ears bored to belong to Christ forever and ever, God will be sure to put a jewel in it for him! And what jewels ought to hang in the Christian’s ear? Why, the jewel of obedience! Practice the doctrine which your ear has heard! Then there would follow the diamond of joy—the ear which belongs wholly to Jesus will be sure to be adorned with the jewel of the Spirit, which is joy! If we give our heart up to Christ, He will hang in our ear many costly gems of knowledge—we shall know the deep things of God when we are willing to learn them. The ear being pierced, we shall sit like children at Jesus’ feet and learn of Him; and rubies, and emeralds, and pearls such as deep-sea fisheries never knew, shall belong to us! And our ear will be hung with the priceless gem of “quickness of understanding in the fear of the Lord.” “He wakens me morning by morning; He opened my ear to hear as the learned.” There, too, will hang that precious gem of separation from the world. The distinguishing mark of, “Holiness unto the Lord,” will be in the Christian’s ear like a precious jewel of inestimable price!

When they were selling the Duke of Brunswick’s gems the other day, they found that ever so many of them were not what they were supposed to be—he had guarded them with great care, and scarcely had enjoyed a happy hour in the great anxiety for his valuables—and yet some of them were not worth the keeping! If you will give yourself to Christ, and if your ear is bored, these precious graces which I have mentioned will be pearls of exceedingly great price—such as angels might envy your wearing!

There, young women, put these jewels in your ears, and nobody will blame you for wearing such goodly ornaments! There, good man, you, also, may go with rings in your ears if these are the rings, and these are the gems—and you will not be thought foolish! May the Lord give them to you! As you come to the communion table, come with this feeling—“I am going there to renew my covenant; I have been a Christian these many years; by His grace I love my Lord better than ever I did, and I will, therefore, dedicate myself to Him again.” And now, you unconverted people, do you think I have spoken the truth? If my Master had behaved badly to me, I would have run away from Him long ago! I would not stand here to tell you that He was a good Master if He were not! But, since He is so good, oh that you would say, “I would like to be in His service.” Have you such a desire? Then, dear heart, remember His own words, “Him that comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out.” If you are willing to be His, He is willing to have you! He is so great a Prince that He can maintain an endless company of servants without embarrassing Himself. There was never a soul that needed Christ but what Christ needed that soul! Depend upon it, if you go to Him, He will enroll you among His household retainers, and allot you an honorable portion day by day. Seeking sinner, believe in Jesus and live! God grant you grace for Christ’s sake! Amen.

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