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«CONCEPT BY Mr. Rohit Tandale Copyright © 2012 by Rohit Mahadev Tandale. All rights reserved. Concept Solution papers are in draft form. This paper ...»

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FIG. Live images of employees smoking in le defense and their thrown litters Calculation of Cigarette butts per dayWe assume entity X= 3,300,000 sq ft of flagstone walkways & sidewalk are there.

Then, B= Average butts per day on 1 sq ft = 5+ Y=Average 30% area among X I found with litters =990,000 sq ft Cigarette butts found per day in La defense =B*Y= 4,950,000+ butts So, per day in la defense near about 5 million butts littered, which is a very huge quantity we are getting here. This can cause bad effect in upcoming days to la defense and global pollution.

I Approached to:

Mr. Jean Yves, Assistant representative of la defense community Phone: 0146931902 Mail: Jean_yves@ladefense.fr After getting some review about la defense I came to know that la defense is not taking any preventive action against cigarette litters. And particularly I found this is the same happening in other areas as well all over the world. Finally the question generated is “what can we do about collecting cigarette butts?”.

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6) SOLUTION- Recycle Solution I found, As we know from single la defense area we can get 5 Million butts per day which is very huge quantity and the solution is “Collect these butts by putting receptacles and Cig-bins at various locations and Recycle them to reuse”.

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gives us low density cellulose acetate fine powder of fibers. If we use this powder in proportion with gypsum, water and sulfate material, which create mould for producing car engine part industry.

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If we add high concentrated chemical solution that dissolves same HDCA and after steering for a while, that HDCA is then turned to strong inflammable plastic. The basic process is unbound the composition of HDCA and convert to Plastic like melamine, which is used to make various vessels and utensils for Microwave oven purpose. So, this can be used in various scale in plastic industry.

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Now researchers in China say they have found chemicals that could make the recycling of cigarette butts.(CNN News). The Chinese scientists found that by

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immersing the butts in water they were able to extract nine different chemical compounds, including nicotine.

The replacement of rusting steel pipes is a major ongoing cost for oil producers around the world. When these extracts were applied to a type of steel widely used in the oil industry they were found to be very effective in preventing corrosion, even under harsh conditions.

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This we can a very great invention done by Montis textiles. The process they patented is very simple, When you collect all the butts together just follow 3 steps as shown in above diagram.

Collect the dry butts, Only we require is autoclave (autoclave is a structure where butts are processed by heating and disinfectant process to make butts fiber germfree and to reduce power cigarette which cause skin irritants). Then butts are processed by polar solvent and then rinsed and dried. From this whole process we get two things 1. Resulting liquid- which we can use or sell as biological insecticide 2.bundle Fiber like material, which is then shredded to create wool like material. This material can be used to create antique dresses, which has great value in current market. These all recycle methods are easy and cost efficient.



The above all summarized issued I mentioned in this case is to full understand the impact of cigarette litters on our environment.

How to create the business in Environment Management?

A crazy but I think good idea to develop from all point of view is… A concept, which can cover certain following fields of problems ……..

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Idea is removing unsightly litter from the streets, creating jobs, and turning cigarette butts into useful items Fig. Creation of business in Environment management

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We can establish small trust or organization; Litter can be picked up by volunteers or by paid employees. Hiring people to pick up smoking-related litter can cost a business, park, or school a great deal of money. Some businesses also have their employees pick up litter from parking lots, entrances, and landscaped areas.

"Adopt a Spot," "Adopt a Park" and other adoption programs involve volunteers in cleaning certain areas. Some schools can encourage student groups to Adopt a Spot on campus which they clean at least twice a year. Cleanups are also also organized by nonprofit groups, including the International Coastal Cleanup, an annual worldwide event organized by firm to pick up litter along highways. In this way we can maintain clean environment.

For hiring people we can also solve problem of low level employment generation and most oblivious problem is money. So, we can develop some rotation of blocked money by companies for paying them.

Lets understand the Recession mean “A recession is a phenomenon of slowing the pace of economic growth which reduces or by decrease in GDP (Buying power of entity, person, organization or community) tends to block the money” So, By taking benefit of CSR, donation or litter Tax generation ( tax created by every sell of Cigarette packet by government and again it is used for the same i.e for environment management) an organization can raise the funds for such activity, Analyze the economic structure of firm and hire paid employees to clean up environment. (To pick up or collecting cigarette butts).

Trust can take some profit x and can rotate the money from same manufacturers to sub-organization to employee tends to increase buying power, which unblocks the money and also tend to clean the environment.

A Case Study from Africa: In South Africa a local company is making huge progress in solving the disposal of cigarette butts outdoors. Ash n Ad has introduced a unique outdoor ashtray that is fast becoming a recognized icon for the correct disposal of cigarette butts. Each month the Ash n Ad team is collecting 10 000 cigarette butts and this number is increasing by 30% each month. A recycling program has begun and very soon Ash n Ad will also be announcing its successful experiments ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT- IPAG MBA 2011-12. MR. ROHIT TANDALE CIGARETTE BUTTS 2012


It is recommend that the tobacco industry be held at least ``partly accountable'' for the environmental impact of tobacco-related litter. ``The tobacco industry should improve the biodegradability of filters, reduce packaging waste, and educate its customers,'' they say. Special taxes might also be added to the price of cigarettes to fund environmental clean-up efforts, according. Finally, they believe that all worksites and public buildings should reduce cigarette littering by supplying ashtrays and other ``disposal mechanisms'' at building entrances.


Educate smokers & nonsmokers about the need to dispose of waste properly.

Studies show that smoking-related litter can be decreased by 50 percent or more through educational campaigns. Signs, messages printed on packaging, personal messages to smokers, and presentations about the harmful impacts of cigarette litter will decrease some littering behavior. However, like any public education campaign, the educational message must be continual. A one-time educational effort will not result in long-term changes in behavior. If smokers and nonsmokers knew that cigarette butts contain toxins, and they cost us millions of dollars in fire-fighting and cleanup, we as a society would not tolerate this littering behavior.

Have a "no smoking" policy or allow smoking only in designated areas.

More and more public beaches, parks, open-air shopping malls, and college campus are trying to concentrate cigarette butt litter by requiring smokers to use only designated areas. These areas should have ash receptacles, lighting, seating, and be convenient. Often, the use of these designated smoking areas is promoted for public health reasons (secondhand smoke) and fire prevention, as well as a litter-control mechanism. This approach is sometimes attacked because it restricts smokers' rights (after all, smoking is a legal activity), and it is trying to address one behavior (littering) by restricting another behavior (smoking).

Provide ash receptacles at all entry/exit points of buildings, at bus stops, and other areas where people frequently need to discard their cigarettes.

According to Keep America Beautiful, which is conducting a scientific study on cigarette littering behavior, these "Transition Points" are the places smokers need ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT- IPAG MBA 2011-12. MR. ROHIT TANDALE CIGARETTE BUTTS 2012 to discard their cigarettes before entering buildings or getting on a bus. Once installed, these receptacles need to be monitored and maintained regularly; once smokers become accustomed to using these receptacles you may need to add more to keep up with the cigarette waste being properly discarded. Studies show that more ashtrays help.

Distribute pocket ashtrays. Many types of pocket ashtrays are on the market.

Some are made of foil and are disposable, while others are made of plastics or metals, and can be used for years. These can be purchased in bulk and distributed by community groups or businesses as part of a litter-prevention campaign.

Enforce litter laws. Cigarette butts are litter, yet rarely do smokers get ticketed for littering. The law enforcement solution to litter is difficult; however, as many taxpayers would like to see law enforcement personnel spend their time on more meaningful work.

Other ideas:

Engaging Tobacco Manufacturers:

A Cigarette butt in the environment is litters issue-not a smoking issue. Just as the manufacturers of sodas have no control over the consumer's disposal of empty cans or bottles, cigarette manufacturers cannot control smoker's behavior when it comes to the disposal of cigarette butts. Just as beverage manufacturers contribute to anti-litter campaigns, and have invested in public education on litter issues, so too should the tobacco industry.

Thus far, some cigarette manufacturers have made efforts at anti-litter education.

They need to take an active and responsible role in educating smokers about this issue and devote resources to the cleanup of cigarette litter. Strategies can include anti-litter messages on all packaging and advertisements, distribution of small, free portable ashtrays, and placement and maintenance of outdoor ashtrays in areas where smokers gather. Maybe cigarette packages can be redesigned to accommodate discarded butts.

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Anti-Litter Taxes:

In some states, consumers pay a small "anti-litter tax" every time they purchase a canned or bottled beverage. These funds support anti-litter efforts. A similar tax on cigarette purchases has been considered by some states that would go towards funding campaigns aimed at eliminating the littering of butts. Picking up littered cigarette butts costs schools, businesses, and park agencies money. By taxing smokers for anti-litter educational efforts, some of the costs of cleaning up cigarette butts will shift onto smokers.

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www.ladefense.fr, Mr. Jean Yves, Assistant representative of la defense community Phone: 0146931902 Mail: Jean_yves@ladefense.fr http://en.wikipedia/filters.in, www.Ripplelife.org, Mr. Curtis contact0124 @ ripplelife.org www.recycleinfo.in www.googlerecyclopedia.fr www.caw recycled.org/issues/cigarettes www.treehugger.com/.../ recycled - cigarette – butts


rohit.mtandale@yahoo.co.in 0668046779 ( Paris)

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