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«Comprehensive Security: Challenge For Pacific Asia♠ James C. Hsiung New York University Abstract This study identifies the origin, components, and ...»

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About the Author James C. Hsiung is Professor of Politics at New York University, where he teaches international law, international-politics theory, and international governance.

His teaching and research interests also include East Asian politics, Asian Pacific international relations, and Asian political culture. Among his broad professional concerns are America strategic stakes in Asia Pacific. He is author and editor of 17 well-received books, including his Twenty-First Century World Order and the Asia Pacific (2001), Anarchy and Order: The Interplay of Politics and Law in International Relations (1997); and Asia Pacific in the New World Politics (1993).

During Hong Kong crucial transition period of 1997–1999, Dr. Hsiung was Visiting Chair Professor and Head, Department of Politics and Sociology, Lingnan University. He observed, first hand, the former British colony return to China and completed an edited volume on various aspects of Hong Kong changeover into a Chinese special administrative region (SAR). Hong Kong the Super Paradox (St.

Martin Press, 2000) claims to be the first such book in English bearing testimony to how the Hong Kong SAR managed to face off challenges to its viability and to make its unique ne country, two systems” model work under Chinese sovereignty.

Dr. Hsiung directs the Contemporary U.S.-Asia Research Institute, a New York-based think-tank, and is a former Executive Editor of Asian Affairs, a learned journal published in Washington, D.C. He holds the titles of Visiting Professor and Honorary Professor at a number of universities in China, including the Sun Yat-sen University (Canton) and Lingnan University in Hong Kong. A former consultant to the Singaporean Ministry of Education, Dr. Hsiung is a correspondent member of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. His office address is Department of Politics, New York University, 726 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 USA. Tel.: (212)

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