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«Eugenio Martinez Anti-Castro activist. Martinez was born in Cuba and moved to Miami after Castro came to power in 1959. He was involved in Operation ...»

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Roy Hargraves was a member of the Interpen (Intercontinental Penetration Force) group organized by Gerry P. Hemming. Hargraves trained anti-Casto Cuban exiles and in 1963 led a team of exiles in a successful raid on Cuba. This team captured two Cuban fishing boats and took them to the Bahamas. Working with Felipe Vidal Santiago, Hargraves carried out a series of raids on Cuba in the 1960’s. This included a plan intended to incite war with Cuba by simulating an attack on Guantanamo Naval Base. He later moved to Los Angeles where he was involved in organized bombing attacks on the Black Panthers and the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). Hargraves died in 2002.

Felipe Vidal SantiagoBorn in Cuba, Santiago was a Cuban naval officer who moved to Miami after Castro took power.

He then joined Interpen (intercontinental penetration force) where he was involved in a series of raids against Cuba. Santiago was close friends with John Martino and had been involved in accumulating funds for anti-Castro exile groups. There is evidence suggesting Santiago was involved in the assassination of JFK and that he was one of the shooters.

Bernardo de TorresBorn in Cuba he moved to Miami in 1955 where he worked as a private investigator. During the Bay of Pigs Operation, Torres was chief of intelligence for brigade 2506, working under David Sanchez Morales. He was captured during the operation and then released late 1962. There exists evidence suggesting that he was one of the two “Mexican men” that visited Silvia Odio.

According to several testimonies Torres had a strong connection to the CIA as well as a connection to the mafia. There exists strong evidence suggesting Torres to be heavily involved in the assassination plot and to have been in close contact with Oswald.

Loran HallCuban born he later joined the US army and during Castro’s revolution he joined the rebel effort.

Castro and Hall had a falling out and Hall was imprisoned for a few months after moving to the US. He then joined Frank Sturgis in the International Anti-Communist Brigade. Hall has connections with the mob bosses (Trafficante, Giancana, Roselli) and testified that Giancana gave Bayo a $15,000 down payment for a raid on Cuba, this is known as Operation Tilt. He also testified that he carried out missions against Cuba on behalf of the CIA with Rip Robertson.

Frank SturgisJoined the US Marines in 1942 and served in the Pacific during WWII. In 1956 he moved to Cuba and traveled around South America, two years later he made contact with the CIA and over the next few years worked as an undercover agent. He formed the Anti-Communist Brigade after Castro took power and was involved in numerous assassination attempts on Castro. Sturgis participated in the anti-Castro leaflet-dropping raids in Cuba and had aided the CIA in organizing the Bay of Pigs invasion. He was also a member of Operation 40 and was one of the men arrested during the Watergate scandal, having had been caught removing electronic devices from the Democratic Party campaign offices. Sturgis is considered to be one of the key players involved in the JFK assassination.

Bernard BarkerCuban born he became a US citizen in 1935 and then joined the armed forces after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After the war he returned to Cuba and joined the National Police, he worked as an assistant to the chief of police as a sergeant. He was later recruited by the FBI and then the CIA. After Castro took power he began working under Howard Hunt and recruited men into the 2506 brigade (Bay of Pigs brigade). Barker was also involved in the Watergate burglary, working with Hunt and Sturgis.

E. Howard HuntDuring WWII he served in the Office of Strategic Services and after the he joined the CIA. He was involved in operations in Guatemala against President Arbenz (Executive Action). Hunt played an instrumental role in planning the Bay of Pigs operation and was then the CIA station chief in Mexico during the 1960’s. He was also one of the key organizers of the Watergate burglary.

Virgilio GonzalezBorn in Cuba, he moved to Miami after Castro took power, becoming an active member of the anti-Castro Cuban movement. Gonzalez was one of the men who went into Cuba for Operation Tilt and was also one of the men to break into the Watergate complex in the Watergate Scandal.

There exists evidence suggesting Gonzalez was involved in the carrying-out of the assassination of JFK.

Sergio Arcacha SmithCuban born he moved to the US in 1945 where he attended college in Texas. He then returned to Cuba as consul in India under Batista. When Castro came into power he went into exile and formed the Cuban Democratic Liberation Front (CDLF) with David Ferrie. In 1962 he was expelled from CDLF accused of misappropriating funds. Jim Garrison unsuccessfully attempted to extradite Smith from Texas for questioning regarding the JFK assassination.

Emilio SantanaCuban born, he moved to Miami after Castro took power. As a fisherman in Cuba he was recruited by the CIA as a boat guide for infiltration missions. He was involved in operational missions until he was separated from the CIA October 1963. There exists evidence suggesting Santana to be involved in the JFK assassination.

David FerrieAeronautics teacher who then worked as a pilot instructor for the Civil Air Patrol in Louisiana where he met Oswald. He was involved in CIA assassination plots against Castro and also in the assassination of JFK. Five days after it was reported that he was going to be investigated for the JFK assassination Ferrie was found dead in his apartment.

Orest PenaCuban born moved to US where he owned a bar called the Habana Bar. Oswald came into his bar and made a commotion over the price of lemonade and tequila, according to Pena, Oswald was also complaining about capitalism while at the bar.

Tony CuestaBorn in Cuba, Cuesta moved to the US after Castro took power. He helped establish Alpha 66 and Commandos Liberty (anti-Castro groups), and had worked closely with Eddie Bayo (Operation Tilt). Cuesta carried out multiple raids in Cuba, he was captured during a mission in 1966 where his arm was blown off in an attempted suicide via setting off a grenade. He was later released in 1978 and afterwards met with Fabian Escalante (head of Cuba’s G-2 Spy Agency) whom he told that he had been involved in the JFK assassination.

Herminio Diaz GarciaBorn in Cuba, Garcia was a bodyguard for Santos Trafficante (Cuban mafia boss). He was involved in multiple assassination attempts including ones against Costa Rica president Figures.

He moved to the US July 1963 where he worked with Tony Varona. Evidence suggests that Garcia was involved in the JFK assassination, and later in December of 1963 he was involved in assassination attempts on Castro and in providing weapons to anti-Castro groups. Garcia was killed during a mission to Cuba with Tony Cuesta where Tony was captured.

Eladio Del ValleBorn in Cuba, Valle was a congressman in Havana under Batista. After Castro assumed power, he moved to Florida where he was involved in the Free Cuba Committee as well as work for Trafficante and David Ferrie involving Cuban raids. He was murdered hours after David Ferrie had been killed (he was tortured, had his head split open with an axe, and was shot in the heart at point blank range), testimonies suggest Valle was involved in the JFK assassination and had been killed because of his involvement.

Santo TrafficanteAfter his father Santo Trafficante senior passed in 1954, Trafficante took over his father’s mafia empire in Cuba. Trafficante had many ties with the CIA, especially with Allen Dulles, whom he spoke with regarding assassination attempts on Castro. He had connections with Jack Ruby among many other key players in the case, and a large amount of evidence suggests that he was involved in the planning stages of the JFK assassination.

Lee Harvey OswaldOswald joined the Civil Air patrol in 1955 working under David Ferrie. During this time he began learning Russian and was intrigued by marxism. Oswald later joined the marines for a few years after leaving to Moscow and applying to be a Soviet citizen. It is suggested that Oswald was a CIA dangle (having been dangled into Russia as a double agent, hoping the soviet’s would make him into a spy). His application for citizenship was rejected and he then attempted suicide which ultimately allowed him to remain in the country. He then married his wife (whose father was a high ranking Russian commander) and then moved back to the US in 1962. Back in the US, Oswald moved to Texas where he and his wife became good friends with the wealthy whiterussian (anti-communists who fought Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War) community including George DeMohrenschildt. Oswald was accused of having attempted an assassination on the life of General Edwin Walker (right-wing political leader) and also officer Tippit on the day of the assassination. He was also accused and found guilty of being the lone gunman who murdered JFK although heaps of evidence suggest this to be untrue.

William SeymourSeymour spent his early life in the US navy and as a member of Interpen (Intercontinental Penetration Force). Interpen was involved in training anti-Castro groups funded by the CIA. The group carried out a series of raids in Cuba in order to undermine Castro’s new government.

Seymour is assumed to be one of the men that had visited Odio in the Odio incident.

Lawrence HowardA member of the Interpen who worked closely alongside William Seymour. He had associations with David Ferrie in New Orleans and has been said to have been involved in the assassination.

Howard is also assumed to be one of the men having had visited Odio during the Odio incident with Seymour.

Ted Shackley (Blond Ghost)Shackley joined the US army in 1945 and then was recruited into the counter intelligence corp.

In the early 1950’s he was recruited by the CIA and was working close with William Harvey. He was involved in Executive Action (plan to remove unfriendly foreign leaders from power) and many CIA black operations. In 1962 he was working with Harvey as the deputy chief of JM/WAVE. He gained control of Operation 40 after having had been involved in assassination attempts on Castro. Shackley was responsible for gathering intelligence and recruiting spies in Cuba and played a vital part in organizing Operation Tilt. After this operation proved unsuccessful Shackley returned to attempts at assassinating Castro using the team from Operation 40. Evidence suggests that Shackley was involved in the planning of the JFK assassination.

Allen DullesGrandson of Secretary of State John Foster Watson, nephew of Secretary of State Robert Lansing, brother of John Foster Dulles. He worked at Sullivan Cromwell while his brother led the firm. He spied on the Nazis during WWII, and was one of the founding members of the C.I.A. after the war. He was C.I.A. Director during Eisenhower, while his brother was Secretary of State. He continued to be C.I.A. Director during Kennedy's term, until he was fired by

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