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«The Economic and Social Aspects of Biodiversity Benefits and Costs of Biodiversity in Ireland REPORT PREPARED BY: CRAIG BULLOCK, OPTIMIZE CONSULTANTS ...»

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6.1 T H E R E LAT I ON S H I P B E T W E E N F I S H E R I E S A N D B I O D I V E R S I T Y

Rivers, lakes and wetlands provide us with a variety of economic benefits that include a contribution to the regulation of the water cycle, nutrient cycling and sediment capture, fertilisation of flood plains, transport, drinking water, water for agriculture and industry, waste assimilation, fishing and recreation. Even a dirty river can provide for transport. However, a high level of biodiversity provides a crucial regulating service by ensuring the good standard of water quality on which all other economic benefits depend to one degree or another. This allows water to be used for drinking, has an indirect provisioning value in terms of fish production and cultural services in terms of recreation and amenity.

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