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«Foreword – EPIC President 3 Introduction – EPIC Director General 3 I. EPIC – Advocacy I. EPIC advocacy initiatives 4 II. EPIC presence at EU ...»

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Activity Report 2014


Foreword – EPIC President 3

Introduction – EPIC Director General 3

I. EPIC – Advocacy

I. EPIC advocacy initiatives 4

II. EPIC presence at EU events 6

III. Promoting education and training 7

II. EPIC – External Communications and Publications

I. EPIC shares market and technology reports 8

II. EPIC organizes technology workshops 8

III. EPIC in the media 11 IV. EPIC members in the media 11 III. EPIC – Central Role in the Photonics Community I. EPIC venture and finance working group 12 II. Connecting with the industry 13 III. Sharing with the industry 14 IV. Learning from the industry 15 V. Rewarding the industry 16 VI. DAY OF PHOTONICS 17 IV. EPIC – The Association I. What is EPIC? 20 II. EPIC appoints new board members 20 III. EPIC is owned by its members and managed 20 by its Board of Directors IV. EPIC business partners 21 V. Maintaining a global network 22 VI. Membership fee structure 22 2 - EPIC ACTIVITY REPORT 2014


A gain this past year has seen EPIC go from strength to strength. The organisation has seen another year of very powerful growth in its membership which now counts more than 200 members. Furthermore, I would like to commend EPIC on its achievements in being the voice of the industry, creating a range of highly popular seminars and other extremely valuable membership benefits, reaching out to both the industry and policy makers and of course in establishing and growing a real photonics community within Europe.

I believe that this activity report is a good snapshot of how effective EPIC has been in the past year and hope that you too will feel proud to be part of this world class association.

Drew Nelson, CEO, IQE


E PIC has focused on establishing itself in the past year, we have done so by trying to be even more impactful than in the past. Our membership has grown considerably, our presence at advocacy events and industry events has increased as well and of course our external visibility as an organisation and an industry sector too.

Furthermore we continue to strive to support the photonics community. One way in which we did this is by setting up the EPIC venture and finance working group to support innovation in our field, and promote our industry by organizing an international DAY OF PHOTONICS.

This activity report outlines the work accomplished in the past year. Enjoy!

Carlos Lee Director General EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium carlos.lee@epic-assoc.com

–  –  –


EPIC’s advocacy initiatives were not only focused on the traditional advocacy channels of reaching out to the European institutions, instead we focused on reaching out to Europeans at large. Below you will find a listing of activities that EPIC undertook to create grass-root understanding of our industry.

1. — EPIC organized in 30 countries DAY OF PHOTONICS 2. — EPIC initiated a student “Travel Grant” sponsored by Edmund Optics 3. — EPIC member book report by Zumtobel on “Optical Switches: Materials and Design” 4. — EPIC met with school teachers for Laser training kit at Fraunhofer IWS Open House in Dresden 5. — EPIC animated a photonics workshop at “Greenlight for Girls” in Brussels 6. — EPIC introduced photonics to 1st year students at Institut d’Optique Graduate School in Paris 7. — EPIC joined an industry statement on “Fostering trade partnership and cooperation between the EU and Japan” 8. — EPIC was represented by Avantes at the European Commission Workshop on Skills and Education for Key Enabling Technologies 9. — EPIC was represented by Optitec and KTN at the European Commission Workshop on Smart Specialisation Strategies 10. — EPIC spoke at the European Parliament in Strasbourg 11. — EPIC spoke at the Congress on Automotive Electronic Systems in Paris 12. — EPIC spoke at the LED professional Symposium – LpS in Bregenz 13. — EPIC is “Gold Associate” sponsor of the International Year of Light 14. — EPIC publishes a video “Photonics is Everywhere!” with subtitles in 8 languages and viewed almost 10.000 times EPIC video “Photonics is Everywhere!” with subtitles in 8 languages viewed almost 10.000 times.

–  –  –

EPIC co-organized a meeting on “Photonics Driving Economic Growth in the Regions”.

The event took place in Brussels on 21 October, and the attendees cheered for DAY OF PHOTONICS.

–  –  –

1. — European Business Summit 2. — European Commission Information Day on Organic Electronics in Horizon 2020 3. — European Commission Key Enabling Technologies High-Level Group meeting in Brussels 4. — European Commission Workshop on Education, Training, Skills 5. — European Commission Information Day on H2020 6. — Photonics21 Annual Meeting 7. — Photonics21 Work Group on Security, Metrology and Sensors 8. — European Project: EcoLaserFact 9. — European Project: NEXPRESSO final review meeting 10. — Brokerage Event of ECSEL Joint Undertaking 11. — Workshop “Enhancing dual-use technologies and products as a regional competitiveness factor” 12. — Workshop on “Fostering skills in Europe for Key Enabling Technologies” 13. — Workshop on “State-of-play analysis of skills for Key Enabling Technologies” 14. — Workshops CRM_InnoNet (Critical Raw Materials) 15. — Workshop on “System architecture enhancing the capabilities of sensor suites to improve situational awareness including aspects of sensor fusion” 16. — Regulatory meeting on GaAs and REACH in Brussels 17. — SEMI Brussels Forum

–  –  –




Meeting school teachers at Fraunhofer IWS to explain the EPIC members representing universities and research laser outreach training kit for children. 26 February 2014 organizations present at Laser Optics Berlin. 19 March 2014

–  –  –


» EPIC 1. 2014 Silicon Photonics report. Published by Yole. Beyond all of the hype and tumult, market drivers and technological developments are converging to ensure a bright future for Silicon Photonics.

(268 slides, non-member retail price 5990 EUR.) 2. — 2014 Lasers Market Review and Forecast. Published by Strategies Unlimited, the report analyzes each application and provides forecasts for units, ASPs, and revenues by laser application through 2017.

(220 pages, non-member retail price US$ 4950.) 3. — 2014 LED Front-End Manufacturing Trends Report. Published by Yole, a comprehensive survey of LED Front-End manufacturing, covering main process steps and technological trends.

(MS Excel spreadsheet and 314 slides, non-member retail price 5990 EUR.) 4. — 2014 Solid State Medical Imaging Report: X-Ray and Endoscopy.

Published by Yole (317 slides, non-member retail price 5990 EUR).

5. — 2015 Photonics Technologies for ADAS in the Automotive (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Published by TEMATYS (204 slides, non-member retail price 4990 EUR).

Every employee of a company member of EPIC is entitled free access to the EPIC library on the extranet. The extranet is simple to use and you can easily download hundreds of technology presentations and numerous markets reports.



EPIC strengthens the connections among its members by creating fora to meet, discuss challenges and opportunities, and explore collaboration opportunities. EPIC events are typically on invitation to ensure a relevant audience, and limited in size to ensure effective networking. EPIC members drive the agenda and have registration priority at all association events.

1. — EPIC Workshop on Optical Interconnect in Data Centers in Berlin 2. — EPIC Workshop on Photonics in Automotive hosted by PSA Peugeot Citroën in Paris 3. — EPIC Laser executive meeting hosted by DILAS in Mainz-Hechtsheim 4. — EPIC Meeting on Photonic Integrated Circuits standardization hosted by VERTILAS in Garching 5. — EPIC Dinner on Photonic Integrated Circuits in Cannes 6. — EPIC Workshop on Entrepreneurship hosted by Fraunhofer HHI in Berlin 7. — EPIC Workshop on Photonic Integrated Circuits “Electronics-Photonics Integration and Packaging” hosted by TE Connectivity in ‘s-Hertogenbosch 8. — EPIC Workshop on Sensors for Agriculture hosted by Avantes in Apeldoorn 9. — EPIC B2B Roundtable on Laser Technologies for Applications and Systems in Defense & Security 10. — EPIC Workshop on Intra-Operative Assessment of Tumor-Resection Margins in Rotterdam 11. — EPIC Presentations on Education & Research session in conjunction with Laser Optics Berlin 12. — EPIC co-organizes Workshop Photonics Driving Economic Growth in the Region in Brussels 13. — EPIC B2B Roundtable on High Resolution Imaging for Security and Defence hosted by Selex ES in Rome

–  –  –

EPIC Workshop on Sensors for Agriculture hosted by Avantes in Apeldoorn.

EPIC B2B Roundtable on High Resolution Imaging for EPIC B2B Roundtable on Laser Technologies for Security and Defence hosted by Selex ES in Rome. Applications and Systems in Defence & Security in Paris.

EPIC Workshop on Intra-Operative Assessment of Tumor-Resection Margins in Rotterdam.

EPIC Presentations on Education & Research session, EPIC Worksop on Global Opportunities to Finance in conjunction with Laser Optics Berlin. Research and Innovation, in conjunction with ECOC.

–  –  –


1. — Article in European Energy Innovation on “Adoption of LEDs in Smart Lighting Systems” 2. — Article in EuroPhotonics on “Tech Workshop Focuses on PIC Packaging” 3. — Article in Optical Interconnect on “Photonics Integrated Circuits Packaging Standardization” 4. — Article on “The benefit of photonic technologies in rural areas” 5. — Editorial “Photonics UK re-value creation” 6. — Interview in LaserFocusWorld on “A vibrant European photonics ecosystem” 7. — Interview in Photonics BB cluster



EPIC uses its extensive network of media partners to publish articles for its members.

1. — Alphanov in Industrial Photonics magazine on “Lasers Produce Bio-Inspired Surface Functions” 2. — CMC Microsystems in CMM magazine on “New SOI-based Process Platform for Complex MEMS Devices” 3. — Nanovation in Compound Semiconductor magazine on “Accelerating adoption of GaN substrates for LED manufacture” 4. — VLC in Optical Connections magazine on “Mobile and radio telecommunications enabled by microwave photonic integration” 5. — XiO Photonics in CMM magazine on “Controlling transport and properties of light – Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) for Visible Light” 6. — Fraunhofer ISE in European Energy Innovation on “Power by light: Optical power transmission replaces copper wiring“ 7. — ICFO in European Energy Innovation on “Transparent photovoltaic solar cells in building facades towards zero emission buildings“ 8. — Route Des Lasers in China Laser Manufacturing News 9. — ICFO in International Innovation on “Nanophotonics” 10. — VI-Systems in Optical Connections News on “Do we need fundamentally novel technologies to address the ever-growing speed of electrical and optical interfaces?” 11. — VLC article in Elektronik on “Eine elektrooptische Konversion ist immer teuer“ 12. — Next Scan Technologies and VI-Systems in “Laser Marketplace 2014: Lasers forge 21st century innovations”




Created in 2014, the EPIC Venture and Finance Working Group is dedicated to the promotion of venture and finance activities among the association’s members. EPIC’s mission has always been to maximise the business development opportunities of its members through networking, information and partnering.

The new Venture and Finance Working Group takes this a step further through a series of focused activities aimed at attracting investors to photonics, promoting trade investment among members, fostering SME development and cooperating with the public funding sector on the continuous improvement of financing conditions for photonics entrepreneurs.

–  –  –


• Chairman: Kurt Weingarten, Managing Director, JDSU Ultrafast Lasers AG (Switzerland)

• Vice-Chairman: Giorgio Anania, CEO & President, ALEDIA (France)

• Andreas Umbach, Vice President and General Manager, Finisar (Germany)

• Christian Neumeyr, CEO & Founder, Vertilas (Germany)

• Christian Velez, CEO, EXALOS (Switzerland)

• Drew Nelson, CEO & Founder, IQE (United Kingdom)

• Eric Mottay, CEO & Founder, Amplitude Systèmes (France)

• Graeme Malcolm, CEO, M Squared Lasers (United Kingdom)

• Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO & Founder, LioniX (The Netherlands)

• Hugues Tariel, CEO & Founder, DIAFIR (France)

• Jan Meise, CEO & Founder, AMS Technologies (Germany)

• Joerg Muchametow, CEO & Founder, eagleyard Photonics (Germany)

• Maria Titova, CEO, Technospark Nanocenter (Russia)

• Michael Lebby, Chair of Optoelectronics, Glyndwr University (United Kingdom)

• Miguel Melo, Managing Director, MW Technologies (Portugal)

• Nick Martin, Managing Director, Advanced Fibreoptic Engineering (AFE) (United Kingdom)

• Petteri Uusimaa, CEO & Founder, Modulight (Finland)

• Pim Kat, CEO & Founder, Technobis (The Netherlands)

• Ruth Houbertz, CEO & Founder, Multiphoton Optics (Germany)

• Thierry Gonthiez, CEO & Founder, Resolution Spectra Systems (France)

• Wolfgang Gries, CEO & Founder, DirectPhotonics (Germany)

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