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«Helen, Val and Gerry Bostok It was late afternoon and John had decided to cook a curry for dinner. That allowed me to sit comfortably in a lounge ...»

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Interview with Gerry Bostock – Aboriginal Healer – Bundjalung

Country, Australia

Gerry and John my husband had run a „Secret Men‟s Business weekend,

along the line of Aborigine teachings and healing practices, on our then

Country property named „Alcheringa.‟ There were 8 men and 6 boys –

and John had enjoyed counselling the people, drawing from his

experiences in handling men when he was an officer in the British army.

It had been a resounding success.

After the men‟s secret business weekend, Gerry was still there when I returned home. I wanted to find out more about his cultural background.

So, for fun, he agreed to allow me to interview him.

Helen, Val and Gerry Bostok It was late afternoon and John had decided to cook a curry for dinner.

That allowed me to sit comfortably in a lounge chair, opposite Gerry relaxing on the long lounge. I placed a voice recorder on the coffee table and began his interview.

“Gerry I understand there were Aboriginal people that lived in the Gosford and Kariong area and they were known as the Kuringai is this so?” “Kuringai is where the name Kuri came from. Kuri being the name of the people and Ngai meaning I am – I am Kuri. Nga is the root of person, like Latin – human, woman and etc. Ngia is I Am. Ngnee is you or yours. So you are or anything belonging to you is Nga Ngnee. Kangaroo is not the name of the animal. Kangaroo is a statement. When Banks, Cook and Parkinson went to Botany Bay and were eventually able to talk to Aboriginal people using sign language, Parkinson showed them a drawing of the bi-ped Then pointing to the animal just as it scampered off, using the motion of movement of the animal as a sign, he pointed to it and the Aboriginal people he was trying to communicate with said….”Kangaroo.” He assumed that that was the name of the animal.

Kangaroo used just in its grammatical form is pronounced in Kuri just Ka or nga and nga is human so it is Kuringai and roo comes from waroo waroo, which means to go away. So Kangaroo means, “There he goes.” “There he goes” “Basically what the languages are talking about, is the translations of Aboriginal Tribes, it is like Comanche. Comanche in the native Americas means human being. With Aborigines it is persons belonging to an area.1 So Kuringai `I am Kuri‟ means this is my area, this is where I am from. Usually one would mark the boundary as river to river – and coast to mountain. So in the Song Lines, when you go on walkabout for instance, you would be singing the songs, or telling the stories. Now for instance if a mountain was in the shape of a dog‟s hind leg, you would tell the tale or sing the song of the route that the animal had taken when it 1 Each tribe has its own area and own language, there are 500 tribal nations in Australia.

lost its leg. In relating that story you would be able to find your way from point A to point B.

“So, if you were going to a feature or a mountain that was in the shape of a dog‟s hind leg, you would sing the song about that feature or tell the story. And then to get to the next point you would tell the next section of the story, it might be related to a women‟s dreaming place, so you would change direction going to that place. You tell the story and you sing the song about the dreaming and how things came into being, and they were `word maps‟ if you like.

A “Word Map” of Australia

“Another way was to sing a song about a bird‟s eye view about the land, so that maybe you would sing a song about the eagle and what the eagle sees when its flying. So down below might be a bend in the river with three sisters being mountains and so you would tell that particular song and you could go from point A to point B all across the country. So that is what they mean when they talk about song lines.

Gerry leant forward, “The other interesting thing is we were talking about how in a role of a Star Being and in a life of star beings. There is a duality of power within the cultural make-up of star beings. This is also the same within traditional Aboriginal society where there were certain roles that men and women had, but in all things it was a co-operative effort.

“For instance if there was a hunt to happen, and there was a big flock of animals or herd of Kangaroo that came into the area, they needed everyone to participate. It wasn‟t just the men that would go out and hunt it was the women that would go out as well. And by the same token the women were largely responsible for gathering fruit and vegetables, men would be directed by them for food gathering as well. So within a Tribal Society you had certain people who were people who were responsible.

For instance the Songmaker. The role of the Songmaker could be male or female who were responsible for recording the history of the Tribe in Song that would tell of the great legends - would tell of current events would tell the Dream Story. Now they wouldn‟t just think them up and say how brilliant they were at creating song. What they would do is go `bush‟ and meditate and the information would be channelled in by the Mob. So it was a spiritual happening for both the men and the women.” “By the Mob you mean Spirit?” “Yes, Ancestral Spirits.” “How do elementals play a role?” “Well within Society you have also „Elemental Beings‟ such as in the mountain country, for instance, from Cape York down to Portland in Victoria. Along the Great Divide1 you have the big hairy fellas, which some Australian call Yowies. We call them „Dulaghal‟ and other areas they are called the equivalent in tribal societies. In North America their name is „Susquash‟ or „Big Foot‟, in the Himalayas they are called „Yeti‟.

“And the little hairy people are known as the‟Greelagogs‟ or „Junjavi‟ or whatever tribal group you belong to may have a different name. There are five hundred different nations in Australia. In Irish folklore they would be called „Leprechauns‟; in Scandinavian folklore they are known as „Loki.” “Gerry, I thought the „Greelagogs‟ were the large ones.” “No, the little hairy ones can go from six inches tall up to three feet tall – they are a different type. Then of course up on the rain-forest country of North Queensland you have small Aboriginal people up there like pygmies - out the back of Townsville and places like that.” “Are you talking about in the 4th Dimension?”2 1 The Great Divide Mountain Range stretches almost the full length of the East Coast of Australia 2 Different frequency of reality as measured against 3 rd Dimensional frequency of matter “No … they‟re real, like now, a separate society. They are there and they keep to themselves. It‟s like the „white aborigines‟ that roam the central desert or as some people call them „Wandjina,‟ fair skinned or bronze skinned people with blue eyes and fair hair, [sometimes its bleached by the sun.] My father talked about seeing them during the 2nd World War when he was working on the road through the desert to Darwin.

Wandjina from the White Tribes of Aboriginals

“Then of course, along with other things you have shape shifters.3 Same as the North Americans. The thing with the Elementals that as we know as elementals or hairy men is that we are living in a third dimension or a material society but these folk can exist in this dimension but also in the Fourth Dimension as well.” “I remember a time Gerry, when I was talking to John in Thailand on the telephone. I was looking out of the large bay windows in our office onto our gravel driveway and a huge red kangaroo jumped into my sight, stopped and stood still looking directly at me. To start with we only ever saw the large grey kangaroos never the big red ones. I said to John,”I can‟t believe what I am seeing. I am sure it is a spirit form that has changed into a Kangaroo to present himself to me.” He made some remark about not being safe to leave me alone for one minute” Gerry chuckled, “Well like up around the North Coast area, the little hairy men are called Nimbin. Nimbin means cave dweller meaning of course that these are entrances into subterranean areas, where they are able to come out and exist in our Society as well.” 3 Entitys able to adjust their frequency to be able to walk in and out of 3 rd and 4th Dimension Moving more comfortably into his lounge chair he adds, “When a friend of mine who came over from New Zealand, we decided to visit Barrington Tops, up the North Coast and she was busting to go to the Loo1. There was no place she could go so she asked me to stop the car so that she could go into the bush and do what she needed to do in the bush.

Anyway she ran off into the bush. She was only gone for about ten seconds and came belting out pulling up her pants as she did. She was out there about to relieve herself when she saw these little hairy men come out of the ground – come up through the ground. They just materialised rising up from the solid ground.” His smile changed into his eyes rising bringing into him a different memory….

Little hairy men came up through the ground …

“The other thing that is taught when we were quite small, we were told that you could always tell when there was spiritual presence of our people around is that you would hear the fall of a gum tree. You would hear a branch fall crashing from the tree, but there was no tree that had fallen.

You would just hear the sound. And that is when you know they were about. And when they were about to leave they would throw a stone, to tell you they were leaving, ‟ “When you are going through the bush, you show respect by letting the Elementals and the Aboriginal Spirits know that you are coming. You 1 Loo means toilet don‟t want to surprise them. You call out and throw stones and let them know that you are respecting their land. If you are going through a place and you are not supposed to be there. There may be two paths, a fork.

You may hear a stone being thrown as you walk along one path, then you know that is the wrong path, so you take the other path. So we were always educated about how to respect the land and how to take the signs seriously” I lean forward to check the voice recorder is still running as he continues.

–  –  –

“Its like the Irish, you hear a banshee wailing when there is a death – there are certain birds that sing out letting you know there is a death. For instance if you are in a group and you hear a mopoke call out and if everyone hears the mopoke then it is just a mopoke calling out, but if only one person hears the mopoke then that message is for that particular person. If you hear one mopoke calling out then that is bad news and if you hear one mopoke being answered by another then that is good news.

“When willy wagtails go off their head or behave in an erratic way its another sign that someone is dead. Another sign is the smell of violets or the sweet smell of fragrance flowers, then you know that the smell of death is around.” “Gerry, how do you equate that, when often if the subtle form of an ascended Master is around there is a strong fragrance of jasmine or roses?” “Well, there are other different things that come into play. Its not just one smell. Like if the smell is coupled with the birds and the other side then you get the message.” “Yes, I see Gerry. So that there is a knowing that goes with the message right?” “Yes, but by the same token, we know that when there is a sweet smell around, that there maybe a spirit that is around and not necessarily related to death, but one of a friend or a spirit trying to let you know that they are around.” “Like a calling card?” “Yes, so you don‟t get scared of things that go bump in the night. “But by the same token we may have a radio and the plug pulled out of the wall and suddenly it may start playing, yet there is no power connected to it.

That could be another sign that something is about to happen. Sometimes it can be several things that will happen such as.” He was looking earnestly at me now.

“I was visiting a friend in Melbourne and we were having coffee in the kitchen and a poster fell off the wall. We looked at it and decided it was just the weather, and put it back on the wall. Then the kitchen door opened, but that was just the wind. Then the radio started playing, but the plug was not in the wall, but no batteries. You know to stop and listen.

Other things might happen when you are driving along the road and come up to a set of lights and although the lights are green, the car would suddenly stop, it would stall. Had we proceeded we would have smashed into a car coming the other way against the red lights. We don‟t get freaked out by that sort of thing it has always been part of our existence.” “Gerry, I like the story you tell about „Aeroplane Jimmy.‟ We decide to stop while I make us a cup of coffee and then he is to continue with this fascinating story.

“Well for those who haven‟t heard” said Gerry grinning widely and moving deeper into his arm chair, “Aeroplane Jimmy used to live in Alice Springs, and he may still be there. In the days when there were only two airlines and Ansett was the last leaving for Adelaide in the evening at

5.30pm. Aeroplane Jimmy comes up puts his swag on the plane, doesn‟t bother with a ticket. Now everyone in the staff knows him and when the plane takes off Aeroplane Jimmy is still on the ground but when the plane lands in Adelaide, Aeroplane Jimmy is there in Adelaide1 waiting for the next plane to come in.”

At Alice Springs Airport

“Now the white staff working on the airline, just take that in their stride.

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