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«Helen, Val and Gerry Bostok It was late afternoon and John had decided to cook a curry for dinner. That allowed me to sit comfortably in a lounge ...»

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They don‟t worry about it because it is something they have become accustomed to. I suppose if they had thought about it, it would have phased them a bit – but they just accepted it. But that is a normal occurrence.” “Like for instance I was in North West of Brisbane I was sixteen years old. We were sitting around a campfire and with us was this old lady who I was staying with, Granny Thompson, and I heard this mopoke call out. When I told her nobody else could hear it. Then she told me that I had better think about going home because something was going to happen. Well that night I went to sleep and I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to write a letter home. I posted the mail and then wherever I went for the next seven days I could hear this mopoke calling out. Wherever I went, to the movies, to the swimming pool or the shops, 1 Adelaide is 878 miles from Alice Springs bushwalking, I was the only one that could hear the mopoke, so I decided to go home.

“Now the mopoke was calling out, when I went down to the station to get the ticket the mopoke was calling; when the train came in the mopoke was calling, I opened the carriage door, hopped on the train and the sound stopped immediately. When I got home the family had just received my letter the day before to say I was coming home because of something I felt had happened in the family. My brother had his leg amputated, and I didn‟t know about that. They had decided to delay the amputation until the night before when I was riding on the train. That wasn‟t really odd.

There was always someone in the family, whether it was our family or someone else‟s that would have psychic abilities. We thought everyone had it. It was nothing strange at all.” “Gosh Gerry, I wish our white people could accept psychic phenomena readily. I thought my psychic abilities only began after my `near death experience‟ but I remember now I used to hear voices talking to me and comforting me when I was a child. I thought at the time everyone experienced it.” My good friend‟s brown eyes just twinkle and he smiles.

“Gerry, Can you tell me how the Koorie people think about the thought of star people existing?

–  –  –

“Well I don‟t know - it depends on the group. But with the Bundjalungs, my people, it is our belief that we came from the stars. Then of course the people you have in Western Australia, called the Wandjinan also had that belief. “Yes”, he nods his head wisely, “There are heaps of Aboriginal people whose beliefs are based on coming from the stars.

Like David Uniapon who talks about the legend of the Pleiades of the Bundjalung Tribe. Then so do the Hopi Indians talk about coming from the Pleiades. Some anthropologists have done work in looking for a connection with Australia and the Hopi Indians, but it hasn‟t been proved yet.” I interject, “Maybe that is connected with the land supposed to have all been joined together at some stage.” “There is a group of indigenous Africans who talk about the dark star and black holes, in Sirius? They have used that story in their Dreaming and their lessons about the solar system since forever – yet it was only recently discovered by NASA.” “Gerry, I have recently watched a video about the Sphinx in Egypt questioning its true age and they brought up the subject of a face that looks like a Sphinx that is on Mars and that there is a race of aboriginals in Africa that say they came from Mars, which I thought was interesting.

The African native does seem to be a different root race, from the Australian Aborigine and yet they could be likened to the American Native Indian couldn‟t they – there does seem to be a similarity there?” “Yes, well scientists had to come up with a new sort of term, they came up with the Australoid because they had Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid.

So the Australoid was used specifically to describe the Australian Aboriginal, I think the native American Indian fall into the Polynesian type, with the slightly Asiatic look. With the new DNA testing machinery that scientists now have it has been found that every human has at least a small amount of Aborigine DNA within them.” “That works out with our story doesn‟t it Gerry - that the human began here and went out around the world from here?” “Yeah, and that is the Aboriginal viewpoint. That we started here, and our race began here - they didn„t come here from another place on Earth, as anthropologists would have you believe. My personal point of view is, the anthropologists are coming from their `Christian‟ view point believing humans began in Eden and that is Ethiopia -the humans then came down around the world. But we say well there was a dual evolution involved. They say evolution began in Africa but we say no, it started here with us.” “You spoke about the famous aboriginal David Uniapon. Is he saying that he believes star peoples were ancestors, or is that from the Dreaming stories?” I ask.

“It‟s from the Dreaming stories. If you have a look on the fifty-dollar note you will see David‟s likeness and his inventions portrayed on it, like the cross blade shear and designs of a helicopter based on Leonardo De Vinci‟s designs. He spoke Greek and Latin and translated Aboriginal Stories into Greek and Latin. David also had a pet invention of perpetual motion, that nobody wanted to know about, which is a great shame.”

–  –  –

“Gerry, David Uniapon also tells the Dreaming stories of animals coming to this Earth from the stars is that right?” “Yes, well they came from - they were created by Baiame, by Wollumbin, or by whatever Deity was in a particular area. In some areas the Deity was a man and in some place it was a women. So for instance at the top end of Australia you have the creator as Warramelangi who is a female who had dilly bags around her neck to collect oysters and fish.

She came out of the sea and mud formed around her feet and so she was able to form a landmass. That tells the story of how she went down as far as Melangi in Northern Territory creating the landscape as she went. In fact that is covered by one of the first documentaries that I was involved in called, “The Land My Mother.” In other places like New South Wales and other parts of Queensland as well, they talk about Baiame and Baiame is a sky hero. Now Baiame would come to Earth from up there to teach the clever fellas how to fly,1 and so when some one was being trained in the magic arts, they were being visited from another world.” “Gerry, we saw balls of elemental lights at a friend‟s property and believe we were looking at fairies playing on the water. The digital camera showed photos of wisps of energy looking like large angelic beings standing there also. Are they what Aborigine would call min min lights?”

–  –  –

“Yeah, I have seen them caught on a digital camera and if they are bright you can see into them and see geometrical patterns. In some Aborigine ceremonies you can see balls of Light, and there are so many it is like sitting in a bubble bath.

1 Meaning, how to levitate, bi-locate, enter space continuum, and shape shift, also to manifest objects and make them disappear.

So many orbs of light … like sitting in a bubble bath “My first memory of anything like that was when I was about 3 or 4 years old and Grandma took me to the water‟s edge at night to show me the Ghost Fisherman. It was a red light floating on the water - zig zagging across the water. She said „See that, that‟s the ghost fisherman, he is looking for souls. They are dead finish. Don‟t come down to the water at night by yourself.

“In my healings I use the colour red light going through the crystal that enhances the healing energy. It shatters lumps in people - it is good for scattering the energy. It softens the lump and disperses it.” “Gerry, in the Western world people speak of seeing angels, do the Aborigine people see angels or something like that?” “No, basically it is Light - Spirit is Light and that is why min min Lights are accepted as Spirit people. It depends on the training of how you see Spirit. You might see a Being such as Jesus but that is how some would recognize the energy, of how your brain transforms it into an image that you would recognize the energy.” “Yes, that would be like different countries having a different language explaining the same thing. I understand that Gerry.” The delicious aroma of the curry dinner John was cooking called to us to stop – it was time to eat.

While Gerry was visiting I suggested that we try a regression to which he agreed. We knew already that he had the memory of being a star person going into the water at Broken Bay and dying there. We wanted to see if he could remember any more.

Next morning he settled comfortably into the Healing Chair across the patio in the Green Room. He readily slipped into a Theta State of consciousness. He was led back to the time of when we received the memory of being star people while standing -on Whale Rock.

His eyes were closed as he spoke. His first impression was of being dressed in a uniform of black and red. “ Black trousers with red stripe up the side of the leg, and the coats were done up at the neck. These uniforms are for special occasions. The other uniform is silvery white - a bit like a jump suit. I am at an academy of some sort and the ceremonial uniforms are part of a `coming out’ parade. I can see another guy here, I know who it is, it’s our friend Fergus. He looks human, in that there is the same skin colour. He has a long, square jaw. “ The Academy is on the Pleiades but there are different systems. I remember being married after that ceremony – then I remember being on the Mothership, with two daughters, a son, and a wife.” He becomes agitated, still with his eyes closed and moves uncomfortably in his chair.

“ Now I see the ship is putting out warning signals of imminent danger – and everyone has to abandon ship – I am trying to get them together. We all leave together, but when we get a few miles away, I can look back and see hundreds of ships getting away from the Mothership. And then the Mothership explodes I cannot believe what I am seeing.

He needs a little time to compose himself before moving on in his memory of what happens. With a loud cry he shouts the ship is vibrating violently when we hit the atmosphere – it is uncontrollable. He is piloting this craft but on the Mothership he was a navigator. Briefly he has flashes of being the navigator going through star charts and that the Mothership was not metal. It is more crystal – a light ship.

His consciousness is going back and forth from the time he was in the escape ship and seeing the water at Broken Bay to his present life. In comparison the water was much deeper then, a couple of hundred feet deeper than it is now. “ There has been a big build up of silt over the years and I feel that the ship that crashed into the water, could still be there. I have seen one just like it in Mexico, when I was there just recently. It was square like a matchbox, a bit like an armguard vehicle, fawn in colour and as he watched it, it faded in front of his eyes. It was a real memory jolt. The colour was the same as the tiger-eye stone.

“I can remember struggling to try and control the ship, but it is too badly damaged and when it hit the water I couldn’t get out because of being stuck in the chair with some sort of debris across my chest.. Four days pass of being submerged before drowning because the lung capacity was quite different. I am aware that the water is cold and that the surface of the water isn’t too far away, but I just can’t get there. There was a lot of pain suffered before I died. In another consciousness I have a strong impression of being taken up to the area of the petroglyphs, but that was after having left his body.

“The rock at the chasm wasn’t split apart then – this was done by the people at that time. He said the body of the star person spirit was there.

He could see a very large cavern under the ground. He felt it was still operating there; it had just been closed with lasers of some description.

He felt that the survivors did the petroglyphs at that time, although they had been re-highlighted by others since then.

–  –  –

Remember the earth was in a 4th dimensional frequency at that time.

Gerry‟s memory was so clear he could still remember in this 3rd dimensional consciousness. He was asked about the two daughters and the son? The son was about five years old. The baby was born after he died. He, as a starperson, incorrectly believed that everyone had survived except him at that time.

Helen Vincent and Gerry had each had a profound memory on another occasion, about the distressing time they experienced while he was dying under the water. They were in telepathic communication all the time he was trapped in the drowning ship– Helen said it seemed so final when he let go – she could remember the moment. They had the recall when Helen was minding our property, and Gerry had come down to visit. It has been amazing how Spirit keeps putting people together on the property, who have been connected to this story. Gerry was still feeling a very strong feeling of separation from not being able to be with his family at that time. Gerry experienced something piercing his side and solar plexus; it was that which was pinning him to the chair. He also asked the Mob for that memory of the pain to be released.

Before he left his body as a star person, for good at that time, he was also remembering standing on the floor of another Mothership looking at star charts. It was very important. It was like a big exodus. It was a survival.

I asked if there was a need to get away from somewhere?

He felt they were being pursued by the Draconians. Before he even got to the Planet. He moved to the ship’s window and observed how many ships were outside. He could see a couple of hundred. He looked at his hands and described them as being green in colour. His head was similar to Fergus. The Forehead was longer. The face is longer. Not jutting out, but up – and down. He saw himself dressed in black, styled like a Chairman Mau suit.

This was interesting – He sounded as if he had moved into a different time frame here – a different lifetime - a different race.

He said they were all going to the same place – they were being pursued.

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