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«Helen, Val and Gerry Bostok It was late afternoon and John had decided to cook a curry for dinner. That allowed me to sit comfortably in a lounge ...»

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He saw himself arrive at a green planet, He thought it was Earth, it had volcanoes. The Mothership blew up because it was being bombarded. It was under attack. He described it as a huge saucer shape. There was an alliance between the Lizard people and the Draconians.

This memory seemed to go back to the time of the Dinosaurs. He felt it was to 60 to 70 million years ago. The face he had seen was very similar to the stone figures at Easter Island. He couldn’t get over the fact that he still knew Fergus even in that time and race.

I asked him to go back to the time of where he was at his home planet.

The one they had to leave.

He said, “The sun wasn’t yellow – it was blue, with blue rays.” He said, “Mikhail was from this planet. That the blue energy was what he saw when he gave healings. I think it was Venus He then proceeded to describe being back on the starship. They wore cloaks of different colours that had collars that stood up high around and half way up the back of the head. They don’t have hair. They had very large black eyes, no eyelids as such. They had an inscrutable look – an expression that the Chinese have. Like the eyes are half closed and they slant. “ “Do they still have the long face?” “Yes. He listened to them speaking and found the language very similar to the Pentecostals. He felt that the ship was from a different time span as if they had projected them there. Its like there are three distinct races of people. Like they’re our type - no hair, slanted eyes, long faces. I get the feeling hair grew after eating the blue light. He remembered it was more important for the race to leave their planet for the sake of their young. The other two races were Draconian and Lizard like.”

Drawing of one of the Draconian race

In my experience in working with people in an altered state of consciousness and after they have been initiated into memories of the Cosmic Worlds, I have found they often jump in their memory to another life in another world without realizing it. It is only after I ask them to look with their inner eye at their body and hands and describe them that they usually get a shock to find they are now in a very different cosmic body. Our soul obviously not only incarnates in and out of lives here on earth, but also in a different frequency, can incarnate in and out of different races within the Cosmos. Fergus by the way is another subject who regressed to our Mothership Rexegena story and who happened to meet Gerry at our property.

In Gerry‟s memory it was new for him to come to a planet with a yellow sun. They knew that there were other planets with different coloured suns. He knew of a black sun. “You could still see, but it was more like an eclipse, the majority of things were blacked out but you could still see outlines?” He felt that the different coloured chakras1 that we have in our earth bodies – represent the different suns from different constellations.

The yellow sun is just one section of the universe. There are people in other universes where there are different coloured suns. Red, yellow, black, blue, etc. People here on Earth connect with the different energy from individual suns through their chakras.

Gerry spoke about telepathy, “Basically everyone in the Universe communicates telepathically and in some way the language transmutes so that there is understanding between the different races.” It is interesting Gerry says the indigenous people of Earth often communicated using telepathy.

He could see how crystal technologies were used by star people. The crystal energy opened doorways through the Universe and allowed travel entry. He was also mindful that opening up to his star people‟s memory helped him even more to see one‟s journey through evolution to be always connected with each life, no matter what race, in a karmic way. A life in a body was always playing out a similar life from another time. He felt the later memory in his regression still connected karmically to the first memory he had experienced on the Mothership Rexegena.

1 Chakra – Hindu Indian term referring to one of seven major energy vortex energy centres in our etheric body.

Drawing of the Mothership Rexegena He remembered there were two different hierarchies, The Draconian, Reptilian people of light who were motivated from control and power and the Beings of the Blue Light who connected to the Source of all Creation – love and making decisions for the good of all. He also remembered that the petroglyphs were writings used from the home planets Pleiades and Sirius and the Egyptian hieroglyphic writings were an incorporation of those and other star peoples‟ pictoglyphs – put together at a much later time.

Later at dinner that night, Gerry was reminiscing about the time he and Helen had been conducting a Workshop at Alcheringa, Canyonleigh – when John and I were away on holiday.

I had asked him how they both had fared for it was not long after we first received the memory of being star people when at Kariong.

Gerry said, “I do remember being stuck in the ship. Helen was freaking out a bit then also because we were triggering each other‟s memory. I remember being submerged in water and being impaled right in the solar plexus – I couldn‟t get away.” I remarked, “Helen being a healer was helping you with that even though you‟re a healer yourself.” He nodded absentmindedly, “When I was very young I had abject fear of water. Of walking over bridges, knowing the water was below I just didn‟t want to be there. But as soon as I had that memory, all that childhood fear went. The phobia just left.

“This I believe, is the whole purpose of remembering past lives, it is not to re-live that past life before but to trigger the memories of the fears that life brings up. If you confront your passing over, which is about the fear of going from one life to another and when you know what is The Death Knell so to speak, O.K. I died when I was in water, or I was shot or run over by a carriage. You might have someone who is lame and was run over by a carriage in a past life and killed – but when they come to that realization they are immediately healed. Stuff like that. I think that is what many past life memories are about.

“People confuse that and want to go back and live where they were in the past. So that they don‟t have their identity of to-day they still want to live in the past. There is no need to do that. This life is going to be different just as it is in the next life. So that is a good learning experience.

“I have had several past life memories coming forth. When I was receiving a healing from the mob–the healers were all in different costumes and they were all different essences that I had been – when I looked at each one I had an instant memory of the entire life. And I was wondering what the E.T. was doing working on me at the time. It was about the time I first met you before we went to Kariong.

“I was asking why is an E.T. working on me? It was after that I had the memory of when we came from the Pleiades on the Mothership. We were Lyran, very tall, larger head, no hair and I was dressed in a fluorescent white body suit. The memory I had in the black dress for ceremonial occasions when I came out of `school‟ had a red stripe down the trouser leg and a high neck collar. Very much like the British guards.

Very Smart –Good turnout old boy.!” He chuckled.

“Isn‟t it interesting how everything that has happened in the Cosmic races has been replayed here in civilizations on earth.” I said.

Gerry responded saying, “Well I believe it is what has happened on the planet is the re-creation of the lifestyles of various cosmic races. And every time period that we have gone has been a reflection of the time period from other places.

Gerry I have found, “Working with `Unseen Beings‟ now more and more, they may have presented themselves as Light Beings, or Masters etc., they are all saying they are Extraterrestrials. Like it is time they want people to know that they want to help and that they have been part of our Psyche. It is time that we all knew that. That will be a breakthrough for scientists of the many things that they can‟t quite put together, as soon as they accept the existence of other worlds and other Beings.”

–  –  –

Gerry agreed, and added, “What has puzzled me is people like Carl Sagan who researches the stars but he couldn‟t accept that there was life outside our solar system. Because he hadn‟t seen it physically. He needed to see it first.” “Quite right,” I said, “But quantum physics are breaking through all of that. Have you seen “What the Bleep do we know” It‟s helping people to understand different realities.” Gerry continued, “Yes, it is about shamanism and spirituality. What I found really interesting about that, was who saw the ships. He couldn‟t see the ships because it wasn‟t part of his consciousness. “The exact same reaction happened with the Aboriginals when Captain Cook arrived.

Replica of the HMS Endeavour in which Cook discovered Australia When Cook arrived on the shore at Botany Bay people were going through their daily routine – nobody paid any attention. These were strangers, but nobody saw them, they didn‟t see any difference. It was only when they were confronted by the Kurrjees (the Sharman) when coming ashore that they opposed Cook‟s landing - the Aboriginals became aware of something happening - and that is in all the journals of the Endeavour. When you see things like “What the Bleep” and you know the Australian experience, you can tie that up.

“So I wonder what would be the reaction to E.T.s if they are not in peoples reality. Erich Von Daniken spoke about angels in space capsules with the Mayan and in Europe. He could see E.T.‟s but everyone thought he was bonkers at the time, that was back in the early 1970‟s.” “Yes…but a lot of people bought his book,” I said. “If you look at other people‟s reactions to E.T.‟s -it is a of a concept of angel‟s with wings.

“You say the Aborigine Clever Person could `shape shift‟ you are meaning they could change their appearance to look like something else, is that right Gerry?” “Yes……The other thing we have is recorded information of observations and writings of the first settlers who were out to talk to Aborigines. In their journals they talk about how the clever people were able to bring gossamer thread from their solar plexus, make lasso‟s with the gossamer and swing through trees. Maybe they were using the `thread‟ to explain how they did it, because they didn‟t think the white men would understand about levitating.

“The other interesting thing was about the shamanic training to teach these people how to jump into trees, and bring gossamer from their stomach, was taught to them by Baiame, or God the Creator. Who would come every so often to teach them. So that would co-inside with visits of E.T.‟s visiting the planet.

“The beautiful Painted Arrow, is a U.S.A. Native Sharman who goes on a visits to Atlantis, through space time doorways now in this era.. He meditates on the fire, goes through the fire and goes into space time continuum windows and there is no barrier to stop him from going down there at any time that he wishes.

“Now that is something Aborigines were always able to do.

–  –  –

“There was a time when I was working on a Film on a set in Sydney – the same time of the Lindy Chamberlain story. There is a part of the sequence where the Director had the actors come out onto a balcony and they where to say their dialogue. In the courtyard in front of them a White Dog appeared and walked across the set. The Director gave an order to remove the dog, but before anything could be done a door of light opened up and the dog entered the light and the door closed shut again.

“This was witnessed by over 100 people and they just looked at one another and nobody said a word. They didn‟t say “Did you see that?” The look was there. So such things are happening in everybody‟s consciousness one time or another. Like the min min lights or the stones that fall out of the sky. Scientists are always trying to give rational explanations – it‟s more like irrational.” Gerry laughed out loud.

Laughing with him also, I asked Gerry, “How do you think it would be best for SETI1 to look for other races in the Cosmos - I wonder if there is technology that could be used with Infra Red Ray or Ultra Violet Ray which are either side of the rainbow of Light Spectrum -there doesn„t seem to be any success using sound waves.

“What makes me wonder is I remember not long after John„s mum died, I was standing in front of an Ultra Violet Lamp treating my skin for psoriasis, and wearing the recommended dark glasses of course, but I was thinking about his mum and wondering if she was now safely on the other side. Then suddenly, while standing in this very bright light, there she was in my inner vision. She was standing at what seemed to be the end of a light tunnel and she was smiling and waving at me. I remember the colour was a brilliant ultra violet white light.” Gerry grinned and agreed with the possibility, then went on to say, “SETI have photo graphs of E.T.‟s which I have seen. The Costa Rican Govt, The Americans and the Mexican Governments are shooting down E.T.‟s.

When I was in America in 1970 SETI was giving a lecture in Ashville and they were showing slides of these E.T.‟s. and spacecraft that had been shot down. These ET‟s had been taken in by Mexican peasants who looked after and had photographs of them. They said that the message from the E.T.‟s was that if you keep doing this – then we will retaliate.

At the same meeting they said, “The whole E.T. star wars thing isn‟t so much about the USA Government setting a grid of satellites in strategics around the outer atmosphere for communication, it is about looking out to space. Another reason why the moonwalk suddenly stopped it wasn‟t so much that NASA had enough, it was when the astronauts first walked on the moon they saw an E.T. craft. They knew then they existed. I was surprised they said that at that same meeting.” 1 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Monsignor Balducci addressing UFO forum in Italy “Gerry, I believe there is a priest, a Monsignor Balducci who is a consultant to the Vatican on exorcism matters, who has spoken on Italian radio and Television a number times stating that, “Visits to earth by the extraterrestrials are real.” N.B. My book “ STAR PEOPLE REVISITED” featuring Gerry – is recommended reading.

It is available as an eBook and can be read as a download or the PDF file can be printed off and bound by you if you want your own manuscript.

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