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«The Impact of Financial Structure, Financial Leverage and Profitability on Industrial Companies Shares Value (Applied Study on a Sample of Saudi ...»

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3-Tthere is a clear impact of financial structure and return on equity on company’s value through investigating these variables the financial analyst can predict company future value.

9. Recommendations Through the results that have been previously reviewed the following can be Recommend 1-Companies ‘management have to pay attention to financing aspects represented by differentiation between different financing sources, and in particular investment debt funds in are turn exceeds capital cost, which leads to increase and improve profitability, which have a positive impact in increasing the company value of.

2-Company’s managements should pay attention to profitability and dividend because of their positive impact in increasing and improving company value, thus increasing shareholder wealth.

3-Companies management should aware the positive impact of financial structure and profitability on company value, taking into account the conditions of external environment as an important factor in the analysis of their strategies.

4-Shareholders and investors can through study and analysis of the financial structure as an indicator of e operational and investment strategy to predict company future value as an analysis and strategic long-term.


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