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«INSTRUCTIONS: APPLICATION FOR AUTOMOBILE DEALER'S OR REPAIRER'S LICENSE (K-7) SECTION 1 - Business Information: Must be completed by the applicant ...»



K-36 REV. 10-2016




60 STATE STREET, WETHERSFIELD, CONNECTICUT 06161-0001 On the Web at ct.gov/dmv



SECTION 1 - Business Information: Must be completed by the applicant and must provide the following


• Type of License: The type of license being applied for must be checked

• Name under which business is to be conducted: This is the legal licensed name of the business and all corresponding documents in regards to the license MUST reflect this name.

• Full Address of location for which license is requested: This is the EXACT address where business will be conducted. In addition, all records pertaining to business must be maintained at this location for inspection for a period of two (2) years. NOTE: If you are requesting a license for more than one (1) location a separate application for each location must be submitted.

• Mailing Address, if different from location address: This is where all documentation and letters from the DMV will be sent.

• Type of Ownership: Depending on the type of ownership additional information will be required (i.e., LLC or Corporation).

• The business holds a factory franchise to sell the following makes(s) of vehicle(s) at the above location: A listing of the make(s) of vehicles(s) must be recorded on the application. In addition, for all new car dealers, a franchise certificate/letter must be on file with the DMV for all makes listed for the location.

• The title, name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, and sex of all owners, partners, principal officers, members or managers must be provided.

• Certification: The application must be signed by owner, partner, managing member or authorized officer in the presence of a notary.

SECTION 2 - Certificate of Approval for Proposed Location: Must be completed by an authorized official in the city or town in which the location is proposed. (K-7 - Section 2) An authorized official is defined as the Zoning Board of Appeals. If there is no ZBA in the municipality approval must be obtained from the selectman or town manager of the town, mayor of the city, the warden of the borough.

The local authorities may hold a hearing on the application before it is granted.

In addition, local authorities must indicate type of vehicles that are approved for sale at the location, and if there are any restrictions placed on the use of the property.

In addition an authorized official, Fire Marshall and Building Official must sign the Application for Automobile Dealer's or Repairer's License (K-7).

BUSINESS LICENSE PERSONNEL LIST (K-26) The Business License Personnel List (K-26) is not required to be completed when submitting a License Inspection Application (K-8), but will be required on other various transactions.

–  –  –

REQUEST FOR MARKER PLATES (FORM K-6) This application is utilized to obtain marker plates to be used in conjunction with the business. C.G.S. 14-58 provides a detailed description of fees and requirements associated with general distinguishing number plates. The fees for general distinguishing number plates are listed on Page 5 of this hand-out.



A completed State of Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) Referral sheet must be submitted with each application and a letter of intent from the waste oil company.


A trade name certificate is required whenever a person, firm or corporation does business under a name different from the person's name or different from the names of the partners or officers. The trade name certificate must show the signature of the town or city clerk in the municipality in which the licensee will do business. If the applicant is a Corporation or LLC a Certificate of Existence from the Office of Secretary of State will be required, in addition to the trade name certificate. The trade name (dba) must appear on all documents submitted for the license.


This form must be on file with the DMV listing all information in relation to vehicle storage (i.e., operating hours, type of security, number of vehicles which may be stored, etc.) if a wrecker is operated or if vehicles will be towed into the location.


A clear copy of your CT State Sales Tax Permit must be submitted with your application (K-7). A permit must be obtained by contacting the State of CT Department of Revenue Services, 92 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT.


A CT Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (Form R1325d) must be submitted with each application.

An original and duplicate of this form must be received and must indicate the number of plates being insured.

A fax copy of this form IS NOT acceptable. (Sample Attached).

LICENSE INSPECTION APPLICATION (K-8) Section 1-7 of the License Inspection Application must be completed by the applicant.

Section 1 Business and Management Information: This must be completed with business name, address, phone number, etc.

Section 2A Personnel Information: Must list all personnel (by name) responsible for handling DMV complaints, repairs and sales for the business.

Section 2B - Personnel Information: Must list the names of all certified personnel. In addition, a copy of any certificates or credentials (indicating expiration dates) issued to listed personnel.

CT MV Regulations require at least one mechanic fully qualified to properly service the vehicles sold or repairer with a thorough knowledge of the product sold or serviced. If the mechanic is an employee, the mechanic must be employed at the licensed location (substantiated by payroll records for a minimum of 35 hours in each 7 day week).

Page 2 of 6 LICENSE INSPECTION APPLICATION (K-8) - (con't) Section 2C - Personnel Information: This section requires that all owners, partners, members, (LLC) or corporate officers are listed with required information as indicated. In addition, a CLEAR photo copy of the drivers license for all listed individuals must be attached.

Section 2D - Personnel Information: This section must be completed for EACH owner, officer, manager or member, and at least one mechanic. All positions held which are necessary for determining their eligibility as a licensee should be listed.

NOTE: All applicants for licensing by the DMV will have their prior experience verified by the Department. If the applicant's experience is with an out of state employer, a letter from their prior employer on their business letterhead will be required. The letter must indicate the time employed, position held and the specific duties performed.

On all applicants with experience in this state, a phone call will be made to the prior employers confirming employment and duties performed. When the prior employer is out of business, it is the applicants responsibility to provide a letter similar to the out of state experience letter.

Section 3 Site Information: This section must be completed with information in relation to the property where

the license will be located. The minimum requirements for each type of license is as follows:

1. LIMITED REPAIRER: A building adequate to receive at least one (1) motor vehicle for repairs with a suitable office and storage space for parts and accessories.

2. GENERAL REPAIRER: A building adequate to receive at least one (1) motor vehicle for repairs with a suitable office and storage space for parts and accessories.

3. USED CAR DEALER: An area for the display of used cars with a repair department capable of accommodating at least two (2) motor vehicles simultaneously for the purpose of repair and/or inspection along with a suitable office in which business may be conducted.

The requirements for this subsection may be waived for second and subsequent licenses, provided the location for which license is applied is adjacent to a location licensed by such application under Section 14-52, C.G.S.

4. NEW CAR DEALER: An area for the display and storage of new and used motor vehicles with a repair department capable of accommodating at least two (2) motor vehicles for the purpose of repair and/or inspection and an office and parts department suitable to conduct business. Each applicant for a new car dealers license must also hold a contract (franchise) from the manufacturer or importer, properly license by the State of Connecticut, for each new make of vehicles offered for sale. This contract must be certified by each such manufacturer or importer and submitted to the DMV.

Section 4 Office Information and Section & Repairer Service Information:

Depending on the type of license being applied for there are certain documents, required signs, requirements and repair information required. The following is a list of documents, required signs and

requirements for each license type:

–  –  –

In addition, if performing towing you will be required to have a tow record (invoices) and be knowledgeable in the proper methods to dispose of abandoned vehicles.

All licensee's must have the proper tools and equipment to perform repairers and vehicle safety checks.

–  –  –

The following two sections are to be completed at the time of inspection in the presence of DMV inspector.

Section 6 Questionnaire/Summary Information: This section is a questionnaire to provide the Department with further details to your knowledge and ability to properly operate under the license for which you are making application.

Section 7 Notarization: This section must be completed in the presence of an inspector of the DMV or notary.

SURETY BOND A surety bond must be submitted with each application (K-7). The type of license will determine the surety bond amount

–  –  –

The name and address on the bond must exactly match the business name and address that appears on the Application (K-7).


C.G.S. 14-99h requires each new or used car dealer to offer the option of VIN etching, a new or used dealer may also offer the service of marking component parts with the complete VIN number (this service not required by law). A certificate of filing for the cost of this option must be on file with the DMV and must be listed on the purchase orders.

Page 4 of 6 K-193 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL CONDITION All applicants applying for a used car dealer or repairer license must complete a Statement of Financial Condition (K-193). This statement must be completed by a Certified Public Accountant or Enrolled Agent.

K-193A ATTACHMENT In addition to the Statement of Financial Condition (K-193) a K-193A must be completed by a CPA. It must indicate the current and quick ratio for the business applying for license.


Franchise Appointment Certificate: This certificate/letter must state the full business name and address of the dealership, the specific product that the dealer is authorized to sell and if it is a new or replacement dealer. It must reflect that all dealers in the relevant market area were properly notified.

C.G.S. 14-133dd is the reference.

Dealer Agreement and Standard Provision: A copy of the Dealer Agreement and Standard Provisions is required to be submitted with your application (K-7) and is obtained from the manufacturer.

LLC or CORPORATION Certificate of existence: This is obtained from the Secretary of State office.

Corporate/Company Agent for Service of Process as registered with Secretary of State form to be completed and submitted with application.

LLC ONLY Copy of Operating Agreement when 2 or more members as defined in 34-202 as referenced in 34-144. Reference Public Act 97-70 Section 4 content.

Copy of Articles of Organization and all Amendments as defined in 34-101 and referenced in 34-144.


• $140.00 Application fee (License fees - 2 year license only).

FEES TO BE PAID AFTER FINAL APPROVAL (prior to license being issued):

–  –  –

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